Buffalo Bills - 12/17/17 Post-Game Hour 2

Sunday, December 17th

Buffalo Bills Radio Network post game show. Hour 2

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This is the post game show which she opened the bulldogs. Brought to you by northwest made the switch to northwest and get back to living. This portion of the bills. Post game show here on the bills radio network brought you by independent health for your every day to your unexpected. Independent helps Red Shirts are here to help. Bills 24 dolphins sixteen. Bills eaten six at New England next week. New England at Pittsburgh 772. Quarter. We are able to see this game sometimes we don't get to watch leakage but today at least for now we do. Ben Roethlisberger too long past our team was riot. Looked to be bothered. Roethlisberger did buy a leg injury. For the moment he stayed in the next play was the past two inch. O'Neal brown in the end zone throwing complete. Brown is being helped off. Looked like. Lower left leg for brown and he does not look ready scout he's got arms wrapped around trainers or doctors or whatever on both sides. There's he's on the sideline now. And LC Roethlisberger was. He was on his back after that play that the bright the long pass and as he lay there before even got up you sort of like seeing the league. And nobody got up and started making his weight too and minus predictions for a grabbing at his hamstring but behind the sole. Penalties got hit again. So you know there are there are couple of huge stars in the league with not been seriously hurt this year. And Antonio Brown is is one of them and he is not looking good right now it's a fantasy playoffs. Bulldog irony Seymour. Field goal for the Steelers good 107. The titans have a field goal in San Francisco they trailed 63. The rams are first and goal of the one. Leading in Seattle already thirteen enough. All right here's John what does an excellent job. There. Oh what bill. Yeah you know I agree. Look. That all Mitt I don't operate wrote you are not exactly that would not be sweet brought up. It I don't either. He's gonna shock points Alex next girly and again rams' forty do nothing I Alex. Failed on. On. Blood in the build Gulfport out worked out I mean too many times I've seen as just go in out and we got a lead. And I was desperate to leave ourselves I mean there are quite looked out work out what club on the ad one played the clay by. But yeah Joseph tiller. Yes you know that. Gordon foreign port down list are thinking of a different play which is for me it's like there at the Miami 37 in the threw a pass. Not believing in themselves wanted to do it. Because they're too close to blog and not close enough for people write down program plan so they tried that and yet I was in L. I don't even mind to me you're gonna do that mean I. It was it was like importance it was what it was like a real war on six outright so it's certainly a passing down. You know you're gonna be asked mightily yet your your best guy. Yes. Charles played singled up one on one you know find it shouted at brown. He might be their best guy but it it says a lot about the overall. Quality of the receiving corps. You know he made a couple plays for them today. Clay. Here is Jane excite. Those are gone alleged. Oh points mango when it first and foremost. To get on the negative side that we need to pass rush. To leave us. The first point I see a lot of guys. You can tell that the talks with blinders not really sort of back the date date China letting go when they blitzed. But desist from sport can't get it done. Entire round second point I believe that if he has a couple more terror though it has to seem to two with a replay these. They're even dropped all the scenes are geared more than it is easier if you get those whose core. And the receivers there's a boss I believe you have an earlier game. I mean our our. You can't. Body today you can't you can't say Tyrod Taylor would have 300 yard games bought for drops. They don't they don't let it drop that many passes that this team does not get open and he's usually. Fifty a 150 yards away from three yard pass if you're if you're thinking oh there was a long one today that repeating general look at it. You might think Nate Jones let him down and dropped it all the my B defender of Barry I am very good job. Of eat he actually put his hand on jones'. Com. What didn't pull up until the ball about the misery sorry made contact but it was subtle enough that. Jones didn't react to it but if Jones made diesel more savvy fields that aren't there he could you go for a ride on that and probably get flat. Because you would see the guys him there but the hand didn't really do anything in Jones made never to get the ball in the got pulled his arm at the last minute that that. Request my head is dropping that ball went off. But the thunder beta route employees do to prevent that ball from being caught it was it was not on target with the group tomorrow. I mean that's just you have to have that under it. Bullet he Taylor he did put up to 66 today total to which one before passing in 42 rushing and there are plays you have that. The touchdown run he made. You had a player on the first write the bills scored a touchdown on their first drive for the first time. This season and is the first time since the game at the Bengals last year that they don't score a touchdown on their first possession. And he made a play early in that drive that was just an old. Eight if not nine out of ten quarterbacks are dead you know and he gets out of there made a pass to BB McCoy who was on that a match play advocate laws. So you know that's Tyrod Taylor Tyrod Taylor is not bad walk away from bass of passing yards but he is. I think around here as we talked about on a regular basis on the show. Under appreciated. For what you can do and those are examples of plays that most quarterbacks would not me there are other plays that he doesn't make that other quarterbacks can't. But those are really special plays and they're probably. Two plus schemes away from divorcing with them but some. You know today in his perhaps his. Asking here he he had his moments up it'd. Funny to hear that that's their first opening drive touchdown negated a fan. More money but apart anyway. It started games will couple times he did it quite well you mean they had long sustain drives getting the games. All that jumping you know opening day against the jets in the two weeks ago when entity interceptions epic. And those are those were good opening drives that well. Today oh. Whoops. So first opening drive TD all year not good not first group rival year all right capital needed for such though yeah. Eric has Axel Eric. They are. I'm I'm a lot about football. I think everybody thought it it. The Oakland. They don't. I'd sort albeit. Like you guys guard I mean that might be wanted to but it is so while overall. There's no way you're serious rule would thanks Aaron I am not a rookie that is next night then you you look very good at being able to redeem them. We'll get you that you know an hour after a bills game is over that you went to. That's not easy for everybody. I then. They get they get us. Looked their way you're wearing your visual way today. Couple very thoughtful and operational looking at their tiebreaker and well then. The last one of the coin toss and how that would be pretty long but credit certainly is well on how many reasons well that figure is well. Orders. In Portland. What other comical but. A real original article they it was. In big cities can be. Where nickel project has some very typical thing. I have listened anxious. Yeah I have no opinion on that. Maybe maybe somebody who pays attention to that would be able to tell you yes easily or even maybe go likely I would guess yes. But I have no like informed opinion on whether or whether he's got all having all of me talking now about 121000 yards. Which would put him in super elite company. He joins a group of thirty men he might be the thirtieth. Ticket 101000. 121000 it's pretty rare. He also today I think it's lined up with carries and he got to the 101000. With in a certain amount of carries that has him doing it. The fifth fastest all. I'm in the guys at a model list our Jim Brown OJ. Barry Sanders and another guy who liked him. So that's I mean that he leaked company. You know I think if he would stop playing right now I don't know because of 121000 I think it's. You know. The when he made the trade for McCoy. It was not that it didn't Presley that much I think most. Bill's fans were really excited and I was in just a little excited I was excited. To a point I was excited that he was a famous player in the derby attention paid the bills mr. decree that but I never thought like you would make them good. And they actually has yet meet them good. That's saying. A lot about a trade like you can't judge a trade just by that is most trades would not be good trades if it was only about whether your team so we became good went from bad to good. By making that trade. But one reason why I question that was. Summit like this. What are the chances. We get a year three and the guy is still producing for or we almost the end of your kind of known as shown no real signs of Wear Jarrett talked which seldom. But those are our local show on on Friday. And yeah I mean they gave him that contract extension and it didn't look I get a couple good years there your three I probably regret your form and maybe with that was my thought when they got them and here we are. He's still got two more years after this to go on that contract then. Mean these. I mean who knows this this this. Group. Being in McDermott have done. To put a lot of housecleaning. But the woods really surprised me with a wave McCoy is gonna end this season playing. That if they were gone from him if he were to be some kind of cap casualty or something next year I would fully predict he started running back again next year. And he shall no no science he had a lot of mileage on them when they got a lot of colleges rotting in right leaving with the Eagles but he'd just keep churning it out you know that was. Really what it was about for me just not just his age but it just mess of model workload with the Eagles but they are what I mean almost. Almost three years it and he is going strong. It seemed like he may he was hurt on the where he went over 101000 yards which wedeman it'll all lucky timing it I don't know what exactly we're gonna announce right that if any thing. But on the guy out there and of course he returned to the game in short order. A low the latest out of town with stuff that matters to the bill's going on New England Pittsburgh and out Tintin. The rams are now all 27 Gosling in Seattle. With 326 to go in the second quarter Robert Woods with a touchdown catch Gurley has two TDs rushing and they have to Google's. And the 49ers are inside its warning against Tennessee leading six to 3841. Left in the half the New England game has nine minutes left. In the half started post letter to gain sort of leader than the ram it 47 offerings. For staff now. It really that I mean that's that's really wants this really good if you can be. All right next up. Tom. They were put on. They are geared to go big disservice to oh buffalo. Our thanks I'm great good point. I do too but by being here I assume was arrested by sitting here doing this show Erin is Axel Erin. They were probably got guards who brokered forward or not positive or negative however the end or were they that he's got a penalty got called on fourth down. And I get older that Kyle Kyle Orleans it's. Public back next year because. You really do go Washington. And he was walking back to the auto economy he grabbed all the biracial a patent what do you can't do it. And out pretty impressed that some leaders there and that the one thing that I did like is again I mean Albert partners agree you know there was. You get toward the end of the game and now I can that would like 6789. Seconds left in the want to either point five seconds plus a united really thought they could. We'll look down a little bit more before that and I think that reflects your colts. More than anything. I didn't notice that the only time I thought about it I looked in the did on the play clock down so meet your rice out of like yours. You stayed sober through this game by you're talking so maybe you're right. I think with that site with that sort of thing though it's not coaching it's the quarterback I want I want that sort of presents an understanding from my quarterback if it can't be coaching in the coach can teach a quarterback got to throw it right really the point home. In this case I am a veteran quarterback. And it maybe maybe it happened today I don't know that it it. I'm veteran quarterback and a first year coach element quarterback to have a sense that. And so when I kind of thing is a problem for team I tend to look at the quarterback is more corporate. Brady in the great the great quarterbacks most of from probably know are totally on top of all of that stuff. Don't get on the they can't be coached. To that point. It's. That's on them to me yeah. Not Kyle being that that that should surprise no that he was someone who would ever beat you one. Who would have gotten after all Washington after that. Just ridiculous and Malia I ice build up I saw one replay of the play is long over the Miami players like it's like propped up against the wall. Behind the mine's Jimmy Bentley near the goal line. Buffalo goal line and he just I don't XY and at the ball or a player or both but I mean that was just. Nobody was really doing anything to him but I don't know what the Cochran said something to all McDonnell by. Just not know before. You know in some cases you can at least understand a player reacting in a moment because. You know something physically it's been done to. And you get caught that you look bad that you still would say you gotta be better than that. But you can be a little more forgiving if you understand completely took a jab at over at it's operative speaks after some thing. You get a reaction that the emotional and it will be harder to control this just didn't look like an actress it's just not. It's not Smart. We have good race and Axel Grayson. Hey guys I'm all done. Our London's public art keep at it you know we got to port ought answers were then again there that we were but very. Which I'll play opposite that might add that up next week party acres about the parent you know you can't step up to. So I'm in the winnable game actually I think we can't win. What he is where it is not winnable. What would not want that if if if bills and patriots is a winnable game are there teams that are not winnable games. You know I. Think any one or. OK. I guess I don't either to literal sense I don't either so we can which it is winnable into the garbage biko's. You know fault if bills and patriots he went and they all are they don't what we're right well I think is. How many years service right drought is seventeen years I've been sitting here fifteen Cubans that are all on. And and then and then some clock and they play New England two times a year. And I bet if I not that I would be insane enough to do this but it Metafile kept track. Comments Mike my comments by feelings about bills patriots games before they happen leading up to them. Third then there'd be less and less you never know. But he used they're used to be he'll probably be used to be a lot or you never know. Kind of know what we do you do. I don't UP I mean you know you can at least you you your template that Buick you know appointments to. Knowing it's tempting I got them. Good luck. What bills. Gold gold should ship shatter my expectations. By beating ointment I mean it's a walk. And it's not there's no way I'm gonna. You know albeit off all week be festive rewarded Christmas Eve I am not gonna approach that ominous got to watch it. Well I am not gonna sit down like down twelve. And like you know with my hit it behind my needs healing in front of the TV hoping to build it on opposite expecting to get slaughtered. And if something else happens I would eat the Christmas. My my it is in this is probably right with yours like it's to win the next one. And hope it's almost outbreaks to weigh in like let's hope that beat beat the dolphins to get to nine wins. Hope that you get the help around the league. And for for. Multiple reasons including that would. That you into the playoffs for the first time this century and it would also alleviate. The result of this season being. That you missed by one game and you'll also started the computer wants randomly in the middle of the season against a good team they're a great pass rush. Which remains. Totally inexplicable. And we can all hope that it does not Golan. Like indelibly in the minds of bills fans if they were if they wouldn't just missed this year that that actually happen. That's not to say they would have won the game what happened is they were completely unfit to compete with the chargers because their quarterback was so bad. That did not need to happen they get a healthy quarterback that's played a lot it's decent but they decided to sick. So they could do that. I'd rather not have that be the idol bottom line on this year with five interceptions. In the half out right the first wanna make sure. But I'd really like that not to be oriental. To. Let's go to build next solo bill. They dare console on this I can't be the only both of them thinks that they need to keep it real by. Like Atlanta Olympics and who knows there. There are absolutely. Unwinnable games in the Foley and it put the ball will go PepsiCo to Foxboro. Late December epic you know like. Well either at your first of all back an oval. They would decorate renovate it felt good but it also delegate almost an adult I'm waiting to go out. And I would love to see this in the playoffs. But I'm disparity career not gonna happen we got we don't have a quarterback who can easily absolutely great today. If we report now that we have the threat to heal the minutemen have web. Or I don't think we have a chair and. OK I gotcha thanks bill good thing that he was good enough the days of the you were losing and have a problem I think the level of my stomach at all. But I'm also like. Hanging. Out at every you know not hanging on got to break the drought this year what I'd like them too but. So I don't know that this was not a nerve wracking game to me at all. It was pretty. It's. I'm here were were a better news. Port Richmond road to three times thanks. Body against sorry it took weeks out of the cave might have a good Christmas will see it didn't feel you have any real tension at all. Tencent patriots Steelers Steelers driving. Titans now down thirteen three in San Francisco. Which opened Bulldog at new era feel happy holidays thanks for listening to our post game show it's really good. Let's check traffic again with Neil. Still hold pretty packed up around the stadium are worst area right now heavy congestion on McKinley between southwestern and mile strip. Miles or you're seeing a slowdown right around the June 19 entrance that's obvious to nineteen at the slow go all the way up to the ninety. On the nine do you opened up a little bit there's some slight delays but once you get past the 400. Then the congestion starts up again and then we're heavily congested you're going to be tapping the brakes all the way past Walden in the yellow real. If you're heading north into the city your best buy you may want to squeeze over over five right now we're five all through will launch in the sky way it's wide open and an easy go for yeah. If you're heading that way traffic being brought you biker who were collision make the right decision insist on group a collision I'm Neil McManus on the Buffalo Bills football network. For the post game show coming up much over the bulldogs this is the Buffalo Bills radio network. 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Geico expect great savings and a whole lot more saving your money on car insurance has been in Geico is playbook for over 75 years so after the game get according Geico dot com. Geico so easy a caveman can do it. The Buffalo Bills taking care of the Miami Dolphins toy Ford is sixteen. They improve their record to eight and six but it didn't come without some drama at the end. Dolphins needing a touchdown less than amend last also needed an onside kick. Marquee lights it up onside kick attempt coming up here. Markey who sit down the field probably. To open to recover back of the room 36 yard line the minor miracle came up with a Princeton brown and enhance and so men are. Recovers the onside kick. Luckily for Preston brown after Miami recovered the onside kick Jay Cutler promptly gave it back to the bills. The go listening. Feels much more seats up front Cutler gets rid of its players now. No good today. Interception of the game for the belt that's one thing but there. Here's why. Today is white sealing the game unpublished order section of the day the bills finishing their season at home with a six and two record. The last time buffalo six in two at home 1999. In your report for the bills cornerback EG team suffered a knee injury he's being evaluated by the team. Up next more ball floats the AFC east leaders the New England Patriots speaking of New England interesting game going on there. In Pittsburgh against the Steelers Antonio Brown but this game he had X rays are on what is an ankle injury he's being evaluated by the team there he's likely to not return. In that game they're tied at ten with Pittsburgh having a ball late in the fourth the late in the second quarter there. It's getting ugly in Seattle the rams all big. 34 nothing on the Seahawks meanwhile the titans in 49ers San print has thirteen to three lead over Tennessee. Scores from earlier today the Baltimore Ravens winning may keep pace in buffalo when he twice haven't attacked in Cleveland. The Minnesota Vikings clinching the NFC north with a 34 to seven beat down a Cincinnati. Philadelphia Eagles needing a goal line stop to help secure a first round by a third fourth when he nine win over the giants. The Carolina Panthers running Aaron Rodgers returned picking off three times in 31 to 24 victory. Other games Jacksonville blowing out Houston forty by seven the Redskins to beating the cardinals twenty to fifteen and the saints take down the jets' 31 to nineteen. This bill's game rip proxy by north town automotive north tower automotive sales service and selection to the nth degree. And they're cleaner for the Buffalo Bills radio network. I suspect. Well look first down fourteen mark of privilege not McCoy and there is ten. Yards blocked ports JD. But Shawn McCoy the bills beat the dolphins 24168. And six with a chance. Trips Yost our hockey Bryant who watched the bills from TS. Did some math and as the bills that 48%. To make it if Tennessee loses its game today at San Francisco and he trails. Thirteen to three. Wait in the first half with the 49ers at the Tennessee ten Arco go apple. And then Travis also put out that if the bills sport the next two games. It would still be. Just shy of 5050. If Tennessee loses. Week's seventeen to Jacksonville. And we'll see what that could be really picked me Jacksonville. Has a chance of the two with New England loses today. That it would be 85%. At nine cents a so it's a life here you know but Travis tweeted up pop fork as well after that. You know this is like when I say look at Tyrod Taylor run around unscramble what he's also been Yugo but they'll want to roll. Does he miss her as I do it's fifty people on all. Other assault receivers open all the way you're epic game as you can see all feel that you're looking for it but if you watch any quarterback you'll see. The Steelers have gone ahead of New England 1710. Roethlisberger to Martinez Bryant one handed catch eons old 25 seconds left in the half the rams lead in Seattle at the half. 34 and often. Three for girly. Com. I sought Antonio Brown calf bruise me return by the way from Rappaport at. All right let's get to Kyle Williams. Kyle Williams been a big subject conversation with this possibly being his last year with the bills nobody knows. Released is saying anything more definitive than that but this of course was the home finale Kyle Williams with the media. Two more games. I'm very. Very much today today process Lorena God's. If it is it was a good way in. We've got to Morgan thanks so health club assigned to read it again Richie Rich. It says that. If anybody says you guys written statement. In August we've been laughing at you guys don't like right now when they were just he does that right now. You know it's it's no surprise if you know day in and day out east in the top of these guys you see the way they work. You see that way they care about the teammates in the way they care about preparing your body wants a win tonight rise willing to prepare as well there. These guys are willing to get renting and pay the cost money that Saturday. The other records not perfect we wish you could be better. But that's why we our ours because the gas in this round. There were some turnovers obviously with it acting heated defense. Yeah you know suck you don't want to waste you know if you get if you get pressure on and he's got to get rid of the ball faster. You know we get turnovers in polls until we get sacks you know what will take those turnovers they they can swing and future. It. And it's it's fun it's good it's good to get up in the morning and go and you know everything you want from a viewing in get to work and you know help your teammates and get ready prepared and so it. It's all it's all a lot of fun. Little should be especially after the whistle at times you expected to get there and what does that mean for the you know two weeks from now when he asked which other. Well I don't know that it means anything coming up you know a couple of weeks. Sparse piano one thing you were off the field on fourth down and have have a penalty their op I honestly I don't know what it is. But at that point the game were off the field on fourth and one they've got a kick another field goal you know that's dumb football no matter what happened or what the penalty was I don't care to talk openly about your mother. You know handle it after the game right there you walk away you get off the field as a big crucial point in the game they get the ball inside the two when he went on the field goal that's a win for us out. Yeah right there we have to be smarter and we're gonna have to learn from that movement for. You won't do had been pointless to talk opinions here and I'll start there battling snow let's. Had to take a moment on and off field today. At least for a split second appreciate what place that's. What I mean it's I don't think it's ever. And ever taken for granted or. Ever not noticed it you know as they've they've always been in the forefront of of my appreciation what they do what they stand for who they are and you know hopefully I've been clear about that over the years and if I have and I apologize that should be better. But in mean those guys are are awesome. It's been quite the privileged you know to this point play Foreman you know like I said am I gonna get there we still have some games well like him. What is that what I mean I mean nothing at this point honestly you know we've got. You've got two games against division teams and we have to keep working we have to go and so right now right six. This means that work. Still in there. Compared to years past affected you mean football all the way through weeks and it's. Well it's great I mean like us of these guys are or will prepare they come in and they work hard and and they get after my plate mark you know they don't quit you know it was a tough stretch there and these gasses grounded and out worked their way out of it in and came back from a and that's a testament. You know their character and toughness and in the way that they handle themselves. And you don't wanna go there but I have to go back with us with this would the fact that it could be your last game and you knew that my degree in. Your kid's mother have all that served that could be your last in mind that field I don't know how many kids they'll. Have played a nephew who is there's a lot more than just walking uphill it's. Well I mean. I was second live in a hypothetical world I don't know I don't I mean let unless I'm not I'm not trying to down play them and obviously this place is meant you know a great deal to me and my family and in playing here has been a great honor and a privilege you know like us at our fans have for this organization. At the same time. We have two games left and and I don't know what the future holds you know so we'll figure all that out together as we go. That right now I'm I'm just you know I guess I'm such a step by step guide. I'm Marty you know like a candidate knock out this film and watch it and get started on the mainland market. You know I think I've always been there you know I've been through some pretty major surgeries and coming back from you know kill season. You know needy and I'll let you know also nasty stuff so there's always been some. You know who knows out there so I discount and license you know what the only thing I know outages work you know and I'll go work and you know if the stars a lot of things all the way they're supposed to. I'll be fun I'll be able to go out there and given what I've got so. I don't guess what kind of always lived in a little bit about not knowing. Amman. You know I don't know about that I don't know about that I'm not gonna go down that road right now. It is believed in coach McDermott message this whole time while you guys have been mean it's one thing lead training camp now eight wins into the season. The process. Really is take. Sure but you know I think. Whether you preach process are you know you have other key points that you you are phone. There is a process to season there is a process of building a football thing. And these guys are into it anyway whether your record records great or it's bad you know there is you know some some aches and pains that go with it but. BN at 86 through that process you're speaking of it is a good spot to be at this point. Kyle that Kyle Williams. After the bills win today whose retirement questions you guys is not ask me about that right now because of that thinking about it. I appreciate seventeen different ways of the same question by. It's really kind of you know. Joy this year. Bills 44 dolphins sixteen Pittsburgh with a lead at. Over at home. Over to England at halftime 1710 San Francisco now sixteen to three at a Tennessee that would appear to be a good score. For the bills 34 nothing rams and Seattle that would appear to be a good score for the rams to crack he. And gamblers. Who bet the ramp as the rhythm and girly owners in the fantasy semis. Let's get to traffic again here's Neal. We'll not a problem all afternoon and it remains so McKinley parkway. Between southwestern and mild stroke. Extremely slow along that roadway to do nineteen you've got heavy congestion right at at mile strip all the way up. Through to the ninety's. The ninety we're seeing some congestion ease a little bit you're wide open right before the 400 and just a bit after a ball once you get to the 190 interchange that's when things really slow down for you through Cheektowaga. And passing yellow real Molly's third does see things open up. Quite a bit once you get near the 33. Still over five an easy goal Oreo all the way through would log in over the skyway into the city. And heavy congestion at the Canadian side of the border crossing right there are you may want to head north. And try either Lewis to increase in or rainbow bridge for those of our friends heading back to Canada. Traffic being brought you by group a collision make the right decision insist on group a collision I feel McManus on the Buffalo Bills football network. Big deal for the post game show right ahead much over the bulldogs here this is the Buffalo Bills radio network I am Tito beverage founder master distillery in Tito's hand made vodka in 1997 we became the first marker distillery in the state of Texas and we're still making the same smooth stuff after all these years Purcell OK you in the pot still working with our dogs virus sides having fun intention batches and I'm still wearing the same hat even after all these years and over to Tito's vodka dot com to learn more about what else for doing on the same cheers Eddie proved Tito's hammered vodka distilled -- bottled and Austin, Texas Tito's vodka dot com. Fans tremendous job this year at home six and two record to step in the right direction. We establishing who we are how we play at home that was big force. Sean McDermott with a nice message for the fans after today's win the bill's co six and two at home. For the first time since 1999 their last playoff season losing only to New Orleans and New England. Pretty good it was a pretty fun here right six wins out of eight you know on. And you know. They're alive they're there were couple what was the boy is the best. Team the Tampa game it was the best game here this year I mean it was I was top. We contested in the you know somebody called us earlier simply it is not my stomach waiting for from the middle wrong. Today again ever really doubt that his team never felt tense. The Tampa game I remember telling we that we have Shawmut to honor local shall we are both long flagship. And Michael what you know there's there's a generational fans that. Went win when Tampa what I usually the senate worked on it went ahead even. The 27 one point seven points the right we're yes that's right in the the bills tidy and then event than one. After. Table fumbled the upper thirties or threesome score like that seven yeah soul. You know that that team that was a rollercoaster that game felt like. You know almost also lost to me. At one point pretty late and you got the opposite outcome late part to be that the Oakland game was on. Like patrons. What they hammered out the second half of that with turnovers and ran away from Oakland the Tampa game yeah problem with violating the the old schedule. I just say that I never do that. It. Assume that all lose yeah. Now I read our earlier story I was here with you for that I'd never do that out every game is different every year is different I don't think these guys are somehow. Emotionally fragile because J. P. Losman didn't do well like I just I just due to parts I do not look at it that way while I don't know what we think they hate me or anything but I just if you have a dark cloak some times that I am kind of embarrassed about it admittedly but it does com. What they did in that game that was odd usual was they had a long past when they were losing only right and then Tampa was nice enough to fumble for them. And they want you know it there's a lot isowich randomness and at that. OS is to be I think that's it's it's it's right to always keep that in mind. All right well. 86. Tennessee got at the sixteenth and Clinton at halftime and it Delanie Walker touchdown catch with San Francisco. In the lead sixteen to ten but titans' loss is. Probably good for the bills it's not quite definitely but it's probably good for the bills we should be looking for that opened for that here. In the next hour or two. Pittsburgh 1710. A friend of mine from Pittsburgh tweeted that Mike Tomlin said Antonio Brown will not return this game I didn't see that anywhere else but he was hurt. In the first half and Roethlisberger wants to but I think he's playing through it and back could be a thing to. 1710 Steelers as the third quarter starts in Pittsburgh the bills will be in New England next week Christmas Eve 1 o'clock. Posting to follow. Mean just off of a loose they're just like two weeks ago with every year off for the Lou you can still do it ignited 780. And PD New England I mean just. Are we nobody's gonna give you two were shot so. Wanna hit 400 you've got to be loose right puke yet or. Yet if you know you're obviously for each. It's ten I mean you know your do your great shape yet but you know law that he can go to Kansas City Nagin for a great. Oh Todd the engineers like I did like Kansas City yeah. The hotel was like just you know an off eighteen years. All the negativity thanks for listening post game. Has been fun as always it will be back after next week's game here in buffalo will be continuing discussion about today's 2416. Bills win over these dolphins. Much over the bulldogs on an offer new airfield happy holidays Merry Christmas to you next week this it is Buffalo Bills football.