Buffalo Bills - 11/2/17 Post-Game Hour 2

Friday, November 3rd

Hour two from the Buffalo Bills Radio Network post-game show following Week 9's 34-14 to the New York Jets.


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Five and three on the season and one and three on the road with tonight's 3421. Loss. To the New York Jets the jets were all over the bill's leading at one point. 34 to seven it was close early in the second quarter the bills put their first scoring drive together thanks in large part to the rookie wide receiver. Three wideout from buffalo 39 from the ten yard line treatments that consistently second quarter shotgun formation type projects. Looks like he left Wednesday. They Joe's one of the few bright spots tonight catching six balls for 53 yards. And his first career touchdown however Jones left in the second quarter pretty scary looking knee injury he did return in the second half forehead to leave again. In the fourth quarter. The jets ran away with it in the third quarter a big reason was the run game he saw the bills all night holding the show McCord just 25 yards. On twelve carries and had a 194. Yards of their own on the ground. It took the middle. Breaking tackles across midfield. The. It's. That was a 51 yard run by the law Powell Matt Forte scored a ten yard touchdown on the next play both backs had over seven yards rushing. The turnover battle another reason for the loss the jets had three takeaways with the bills having. Non Tyrod Taylor finish is 29 of forty for 285 yards and two passing touchdowns both 35 yards and a touchdown rushing but a lot of those stats coming. When the jets were up big in the fourth quarter. Next supper turned new airfield where the bills are still perfect face the NFC south leading the Orleans saints next Sunday. Buffalo Sabres were an action tonight as well brighter result for buffalo fans at Arizona but just barely the sabres despite being up five to one with eight minutes ago. Hang on for a final score of five to four goals from sabres by Kyle oppose it except Griffith Evander Kane into. By Benoit poorly out Wright or Riley to assess Jack eichel and Sam writer. Each had one. This bill's game wrap up is brought you by independent health premiere every date your unexpected independent health Red Shirts are here to help. For the Buffalo Bills radio network I'm Judy bsc. So that was seen on film fess up to them so we can sit out they just outplayed us. Special office out of all going to be running anymore. It's called Olson three and outs are so they executed it very but it reduces. Filled starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor following there. 34. To 21 loss on Thursday night football. We'll bring you some of the reaction live from the locker room shortly sale collecting some sound now from a New York as the bills that get dropped to five in three. Big opportunity for them to up push it to six and two but. Falling short to me. Better than originally thought New York Jets team to go back to the phones. Got a bunch people on hold let's go to Sean entitled ten show on your on the post game show welcome. I'm a third during right on that. They. I really do I think god Tyrod short a lot of deployed in the pocket I understand me. You know the line broke down over it but. There are a lot of called. You know by that vote earlier when I. Called. Where. The war on you know. Net use. Derby. But all of the Jerry your call that was horrible they're horrible. I have when I looked I don't know always said Sean so it it's tough to tell how bad or good the call was put it it did seem like they followed Jerry to the sidelines looking at. They look like they're looking to call flag anime but listen that we know that referees are doing that to Jerry Hughes he doesn't have the best reputation around league. Well I know that but it's it's I mean even harder or what they played them replace him yeah you recur. You know you're good stewards of the way that erupt and that not even the same graphic. We're not yet where you know he didn't call it that what you aren't saying he didn't even hear it broke out. Yeah I it was a weird one. Ted trying to pick a greedy to lie. To be honest I thought Tyrod Taylor took another step tonight. If I'm being honest. You can you can wanna kill me for that but I think. What I've seen from Tyrod Taylor is consistency more so than I've seen and any stretch of his career in buffalo. His last three games have been lights our opinion. The two and one in those games. So no one until. I maybe wanted to but. I thought well OK well. It played great against Cincinnati the team to play against Cincinnati but I'd like his last two performances. I have I think if he can get to needed figure out ways to stay consistent. I think is I was gonna find its way to bring Kelvin Benjamin Becker beat to bring Charles clay Beckett and teams have to stop putting in the box against. Joseph one buffalo year and. They Julia their bowl. Yeah I just want to know what. What was probably what the light on why they'd. Have run in the Baldwin the jets were out and about prop like you've gotta you gotta pass the ball to open up the run game. I don't know what. The problem was there you can cut one item that. You know Joseph thanks for the call I I think they're a team that is very set and being a running football team run first football team. And adding to nights is much as you would like to see them may be. Pass the ball more thought they played better when they went to a two minute drill I. Thought that they played better it's it was and I know that there are factors that teams play a prevent defense having us like that. Body thought they'd look better when they went to the aired the problem was they just really struggled to protect the they didn't open any holes I thought. Really at the line of scrimmage the jets absolutely the jets were pushing the bills' offensive line back. A yard to yard every play the biggest issue with this bills running attack is if they can't get to the second level. They won't be able to have any success. And they couldn't get to the second level tonight they were far too focused on the Leonard Williams. And Mohammad looks at those the two players who really killed the bills especially in their running attack it will in Rochester a year on the post game show welcome well. They are that you pick might call it here we are. Not the only night absolutely atrocious on that in our iiroc. Look like I'm sorry if I want the outcome looked great play little bigger appetite at the Argo and in my act is guilty. And I didn't Daschle eighteens didn't have hurt the bill if it does seem that every technical walk up there they're Monday nighter tonight. We get it parent. I deny that the outlook it all the harder will everything you're young and I'll opt out. You know all these till the real deal but it I can't repeat yet again we did. It better. And I hope we are not around that they this quiet you that you make out the right I did beat. Yeah I mean how. It sucks you wish you wish they were better and prime time I also think these there's and I games they're topic and some of the players talked about it after the game. Third difficult there it's not that they're difficult to get up for it it's just you're asking a lot of a football team who to come up for Q never in an emotional win. And home. Injuries it listen it. I don't love these there's and I games a lot of players in this league a lot of people honestly don't love the third that big but better this year depend more. They've been better than they have been in the past let's let's just put that plucked up yet primetime games have not gone well for the bills. What bigger personnel. I mean I thought they played really well on Monday night lash against you know I thought they did enough the next game to win that game they simply didn't do enough in this game. When this football they got out they got out Kosher Sean McDermott said they got outplayed. I thought really when it came down to today is the Ron and ability to stop Iran and it it really. It's football and it's cliche and but the game is built at the whole game is a cliche essential. And and coaches speak you gotta run and you got to stop the run to be successful ask any coach and they'll tell you the same thing and they did neither of those things today so that should. For at least a little while. Proved to be hit pretty good saint. When the bills run and they stop the run their very successful when they're not just like a lot of teams when you can't do those things you will struggle. 830551885222550. Will get to another call here Muller brake Tony. You're on the post game show eventually Tony. They hour you'll get all the obsolete the worst game that this scene has played all year. He can't blame Tyrod Taylor he was one of the best player that's okay when you got two receivers that bubble ball I knew that side at all. Okay when you have a defense that as a tendency to get turnovers and get on and started on. Art so I appreciate the fact that you mention. That hey mister Marcel Darius they do that that question in the essential book pocket and quarterbacks face even really like packet that. What you are bad. This orbit there are. Part of that quarterback in panic. Okay well. They know that from the center it was more evident today a little bit evident the raiders independent journal restraint and we forgot about that. Well that's more than the government to work and that they were horrible against. He offensive line the putrid the right guard got repeatedly beat. -- like I you know all that that would specifically. Where your problems were coming from etiquette a pure bred. Pockets actually Brady your main security of the got our investors you can think Coke there'd be about twelve X tiger K so you know the game. You'll realize what the real problems. There in the right direction we're gonna have a new look and in ten days because we've got a new toy company and it. And let's hole. And prayed that they weren't from this bill Barnett. And are a lot more efficient. And sleep smarter than they did the stupidest game they played BetaNews or at. And just you know there was a lot of I don't lack of discipline it's so that's all I got it or had not restored five century. Tony you've given me faith tonight used that was a great caught that you made a ton of great points and I'll probably be here because I had I'd like Ted that he answer question if you would. I was interested to see after I tweeted out today that I thought they really were missing Marcel Darius and a lot of people came back to means that I'll always played 40% of the snaps. You know he's a needing care was trying ball as probable block. And the net how I don't know 40% how many of their sentences and were down. Not only that Tony out of the percentage of those 40% of snaps how many times you double team. I'd saved. Over I'd say maybe 75% of the time he's double team you know that does that leaves Shaq loss and at least Jerry Hughes that leaves Kyle Williams one man up. That makes a big difference when you can choose who you're gonna double team any giving game knowing that you don't have a presence like Marcel and. Alienating you know we got traffic so they right action you know we've got a. Shall be the go to these foreign and I think we're in for a ride so come on you don't get it's going to be a slow go. Well we're gonna get there I really believe it. Well they anal third and one out there finally we got a group of cardinals what are they have a vision and you can see. I agree Tony thanks for the call and up have a good night. Our it'll throw 551808550. To 550 as we mentioned we'll get you some sound from the locker room sale collecting some sound so get some of that before we get out of here we are going to be going to about 130 tonight. So if you're hanging out if you can't go to sleep may be yet. Had one too many Jenny creams and you'd like say yell about this performance I'm here for you I will absorb both the Jenny. And Europe motions tonight it'll thrill by 518550. To 550 you're listening to the Buffalo Bills rated network. 416 left. Jack Johnson and Kyra it looks looks to the end zone but he protected get some separation down in the according to John QB update Thompson. For the second buffalo touchdown for the. Are welcome back to the post game show make theory here following the bills' 34 to 21 loss. On Thursday night's against the New York Jets it'll 3055188550. To 550 taking your calls. Your reactions tweets texts we've got at all here tonight that the post game show. Let's go back to the phones because it got Robert Hurtado want to who's got some stuff talk while we got our. Their ideas on our gala at they're accurate or earlier of the play caller is not there Eric thank you are in light jet had their run defense all world. I've taken maybe they shouldn't bother Bobby brought on largely pitted towards in the game. Bomb I mean every you know irate dog and ironic that I had it all thought I just bigger hole final and there are well. Yeah Robert thanks for the coli I I agree the play calling part I I I think after that first play they got really spooked about moving outside the pocket that. I thought game plan wise the plan for the jets was cute takeaway aid. All of wide rush from their outside guys traditionally on that first play of the game you'd see especially in the play action if it's if it's sold right. What you're gonna see in what you planned for and that plays at defensive end to washed down you plan for that defense event to go hard after that play fake. In that allows pay Taylor the extra one or two seconds especially his speed and ability get the outside to get there. I think after that play they really get spooked off of running. Roll outs to Tyrod Taylor it and I thought they could've used Patrick DiMarco little more I am a little better tonight to be honest I thought they could've used him. Shipping that guy if they were going to. Played deep aunt and go after Taylor every time on every roll out. That that means you need to motion DiMarco over you need to have him chipped in the go out and bought behind him. I agree I I think they could've moved the pop little bit better tonight I think because of bad and more effective on first I'm bypassing. Odd ball on first down at a shotgun formation. And and using play action a shocker information they read the read option one time it went for eighteen yards and it'd run again for the rest of the game. I need to see more from the shock information from the team I need to see more of more of a run pass option for this team I need to see. They started they started to transition back to the three step game Taylor and I don't really like that I thought they started. To really thrive when they completely moved away from the three stepped in another moving back to it and I and I don't love it. Put a lot of Lancaster one year on the post until next. Yeah op. Exam box I mean they could've made adjustments and app trying to mop and me who get single covered outfield and about. And an icy Tyrod Taylor any is that as in the capable wanted to outfield. Without with a lot CME lockyer. The problem is we don't have these receivers or get downfield for in the contract. I'm the single coverage on light the every man embarks on your your opinion please. I'll say this one I don't know the offense really has a ton of play calls that bet that legal vertically I think that he. I think level we have to start to maybe understand about this offense is the deep plays might be like those twenty yard crossing routes. They might be deep bins they might be corner routes I don't know that there's a lot of play designed to sockets for a ton of verticals. I just don't think it's part of what this offense. You don't I mean I still know that there is a lot of plays in the playbook that dissent receivers vertically don't mean. Yeah here. Think somebody like Tom Brady what a terrible life. Yeah but you know what I think if he was played behind deadline I don't know that he would it in the idea that. Debt all Taylor had to do is get the book ball out quickly like McCown did which I think I saw a text or tweet about. Is ridiculous McCown had all data throw he wasn't in the ball out quick. He just didn't have any pressure in his face so when he got the ball out four seconds it looked like two seconds because he was able to step up into a clean pocket Taylor. Oddest third step had a guy either to his laughter it was right there replaced tonight that know the quarterback in league can make. That Taylor into the got a slight that maybe you can you know Tommy what you've seen the past few weeks I thought. There has been a consistent app for for him to make plays from inside the pocket. May be moving around reestablishing the pocket making really accurate though his play from inside the pocket has been dramatically better over the past two or three weeks. You're out there I don't know a whole line was terrible and I Greg Reese a lot. They took a big step back I thought they had a great performance last week I thought according gland. Played the best game of football he played a bills uniform last week and followed it up with the worst game of football is played oodles uniform this week. I hear. Thanks for the call appreciate. You have a Gannett. Tyler severed just go what he got a manner on the positive job. You also are a wonder what took the Mike Tolbert I know you say it was put Iran first Xiamen and it strikes me as strange that you and personal many quite call it some other dynamic and shady and you know couldn't we have. I'm back up shady if we're gonna get run pristine. I get to do agrees on that I think he'll like Tolbert I think lake I think they Lakewood he'd bring. To be honest that it we all were sort of under the impression is gonna have more fullback role not a backup running back role but Jonathan Linda's gone they don't really have a better option. Joseph Boehner it's not really a world burner in Taiwan Jones is a lot of things and nobody is a traditional NFL running back. I don't regret the running back position Tyler I 88 think. It's worked thus far but you saw today it and I'll tell you I was hold my breath when everything goes after the first run the cheating ahead. It almost looked like midway through he stopped running full speed and I said all that he'd looks like he almost came up lame there he didn't come back out to start the series. Tolbert came out of that old elf the I think if marsh if he goes down it was comical goes down the season offensively is off. Yeah into the strange I'm surprised me and she Jonathan wants him to get to got to keep up in the process. That's right on it that's right thanks Tyler appreciate calling for calm from out out in San Fran and listen are are thrilled by 5180 fighters to fight if you another update a sports we come back Jody B Osce. You're listening to the Buffalo Bills radio networks. The Buffalo Bills dropped to five and three on the season and won in three on the road with tonight's 34 to 21 loss. To the New York Jets the jets were all over the bills in the third quarter being a one point 34 to seven it was close early. In the second quarter the bills put their first scoring drive together stakes in large part to their rookie receiver. 31 out for buffalo 39 from the ten yard line treatment sentence of release second quarter shotgun formation Tyrod takes. Looks like he left Wednesday. They Jones one of the few bright spots tonight catching six balls for 53 yards. And his first career touchdown however Jones left in the second quarter but he scary looking knee injury he did return in the second half. Before having to leave again in the four solitary had no update on T Jones. In post game the jets ran away with it in the third quarter a big reason was the run game they sup the built all night holding LeSean McCoy it's just 25 yards. On twelve carries and had a 194 yards of their own on the ground. It's him into buffalo power. We're right we kept up the middle. Breaking tackles but what did he. Yeah. My goodness. That was a 51 yard run by blob pol Matt Forte scored a ten yard touchdown on the next play both backs. Head over seven yards rushing turn over battle another factor in the loss the jets had three takeaways while the bills had none. Terrance Taylor finishes 29 to forty for 285 yards in two passing touchdowns source 35 yards and a touchdown. On the ground with a lot of those stats coming when the jets were up big. Next up a return to new airfield where the bills are still perfect feast and FC south leading New Orleans Saints next Sunday. Buffalo Sabres were an action tonight as well if greater results for buffalo fans at Arizona but just barely. Sabres despite being up five to one with eight minutes ago gave up three goals in the final minute they hang on for final score of five to four. Goals from the sabres Mike Kyle oppose a Seth Griffith a Vander cane into by Benoit who we are also find the score sheet right Reilly with to assess Jack Uncle Sam right hard. Each with one assist on their own. This bill's game wrap up pricey by north town automotive. North and Arnold sit up sales service and selection to the nth degree. For the Buffalo Bills radio network I'm Jody via us. This is the post game show would need to eerie he brought to you by northwest make the switch to northwest and get back to living. Filed back to the post game show and a theory here before we continue taking your calls us pause ten seconds for station identification your listening to Buffalo Bills radio network. Do what our might it is portion of the bill's post game show along with Buffalo Bills radio network is brought to buy independent help. From New York every day you're an expected independent health Red Shirts are here. To help let's go back to the phones. Let's go to Matt. Nacchio in Rochester welcome mat. And you with the about Dallara F. I'm doing great and so Greg game era. There wasn't the best. Heidi I've watched batter but I've also watched a lot worse in the past you know ten years so what are unit. Are well to say a couple things. First of all all I look horrible and I you know just the line this country has brought it right you really at least. I sure can I mean like I think a senator earlier according Glenn came off of may be his best performance Isabel. Last week and then played this week in May be followed up with the worst game and Iverson imply. Yeah I'm wolf I mean Tyrod and scramble bunch and that's what causes the fumble that one kind of tough. I also think. Even when he didn't have to scramble there wasn't much of a pocket for work with it and I said to. It seems to be the last few weeks Tyrod has. Look to them better and better a more consistent in trying to play from the confines of the pocket today he just could cause there wasn't. Well I agree with it and you than I never really about power lover but he looked great this season and get out of that but the other thing is. Defense what they ever covered up as you know honestly what wouldn't what about that. We'll race this entire season but what happens tonight against the jet owned just yeah. Right. Thanks L I appreciate the call and I'll say this I think one of the things you looked at today is obviously I I think the past few weeks the writing had been and the well. I I really do I mean you look at that Tampa Bay game they gave a pretty urged emas Winston you started to see the first first cracks. In that bills defensive foundation and then the very next week obviously they struggled. Against the raiders through the well are in really struggled a sports I think there were some. Times through the passing other then those three interceptions and three turnovers I should say. It it's almost time they weren't great against. Against Oakland but Derek Karr had a couple good as those it doubles the cut everything off deep in me and throw underneath. But I think for the past few weeks there had been some running on the wall that that their might be some leaks in this foundation in. I think after we aren't out. Thanks for the comment Matt in Charlotte you're the next man up on the post game show welcome mat. Yeah. He's quite it was me. We think about the sit and opt for the air and drink and oh yeah I'd call. That would not dopey eyed. And it much we want a lot lot Hughes in the sportsman like conduct the line judge which is going back but it does against the guilt judge went down there with them as well. And it and don't if I'm not wrong that did was there some sort of contacts made with him to. Wait what the what the referee I wanna say one of the things Romo pointed out the broadcast was that he may have made contact one of the referees. I I didn't see it but I was that is that if you're talking about you once thought. Yeah I ED at I think there are helping that was that I don't know I think certificate but. But anyway it the other point that want to do it in the per plate. Your. Game we ground and then we. Wait the good guys. But out but don't try that again at all and that's been the most productive what you put it earlier about out Byron outlook on the weak side it's. I think we can what that's been my department of pathology here ya I'm. The other two and don't want to prop up a look at what it. But there doesn't that extend them are under threat after. Death is the papers are incredibly well at the line of scrimmage. And it isn't right got out of the pocket wherever I was shaking down incredibly. Good which haven't put that all year. And then the last couple view I'm a quick thing. The odd that you know we have any other credit act there like that it wanted it that was scary thing he will get into art art and normal Kerry. You know and and rot I don't think you're the guys in the open field immediately that I can get the call in my movies played. Scramble. You know there's an art but has he been immediately buddy. Shell. Yeah I mean that'll I think that's always gonna be at least an issue sometimes. I think that's always going to be thing that maybe fall's tire around but. The thing is you know he makes other plays it and that's kind of what you have to look at is the place he does make. Compared the plays that he doesn't and sometimes trying to find that happy median and there but. What was your out you're your second point Matt I wanted to seize it and I forgot your second point durable what's. As yet it was it was about this I. Yes yes yes yes that's the spot he so I thought it was a great point and what I'll tell you about this game alive up they defended its a well. Is there probably isn't a better guy to run despite inherently. I smaller linebacker he's not a great run fake guy he's not a guy that's gonna stand in their take on you know guards in this league. But what he is good that is what he did on that play. Err on I'm multiple plays against Tyrod Taylor is stay within the confines. And he immediately at a time there's a gap in time Tyrod moved outside the tackle box Lee was right there and he really didn't break away from Aaliyah and eight point that's the one thing about Taylor. The last few weeks is even though teams have spied he's broken away from that spy and is unable. To make plays when his feet aegis to do that today. But thanks for the comment I appreciate. You don't throw 550 point 88550. To 550 date even Connecticut's. Thanks for calling and listening to the post game show thinks it. Yes well I enjoy the show I was very pleased to write without Tyrod passing in the receivers I thought they both did very well I I had some. Friends in here that aren't really. That people while we've look at why the bills keep running. Every time they run they get stopped why don't they adjusted and throw more passes. When they finally did that they actually had a chance that the work for the 3COM. Heard over data can't actually win that game. And and Dave are a lot of times people will say all wells too many driller was garbage time they're running a prevent defense I don't think they were running a prevent defense. At least not with eight minutes left in the fourth quarter. I think you're right I think was the same thing against Carolina Dade they finally. Went to the era that last drive and that's where you saw them move the football it's where you see them move the football but this is an air about this isn't an air it out offense Steven. It is as frustrating it is at times I I agree the III think. The first and second down plays you can get a lot of positive plays on first down and this isn't the kind of offense that can be successful playing from behind the chains Mets did it all night. Right well then make adjustments but yeah most famous mobile light and all of well armchair quarterbacking here looking or. Make adjustments that have the red isn't there all. Who do other things it'll pass more and what they've sort of passing me look good of you mentioned but they're they're all on the Yahoo! wouldn't use that as a call against. Yeah yeah I was the unsportsmanlike conduct with a referee had a week off it was something he said if you make contact with a but that was yeah that was play. Well what the point there look like supposedly he was being badly held another terminator could you being badly held all right and do. You kind of got frustrated. But I. I was really surprised with the bills inability to get pressure on account. I thought in the trenches ball offensively defensively they lost the battle the line of scrimmage is the most important part of the game and you know it. Tradition has traditionalist we'll tell you and what I said earlier in the show is yet to stop the run you gotta have a good running game and or to win in this league and they have either eagles' night. But if we won't let their political path that's right you know it looked out of without. If you give it gives the pass to try to sort of definitely started looking. I also think Dave that they didn't really run very much play action today obviously they didn't establish the run so the play action wasn't really you know useful for them but at the same time. I think this has to be an offense that's okay with allowing the past to set up the run not always have the run to pass to set up the pass. Right I agree all the whole army of of the rough ebitda and hit it dead duck contact us. On Tyrod yup I saw that too got. They shouldered the replay the the blog on the NFL network of the referee was looking up. All night at ninety degrees away from from where it should be sure to watch an important player out Kyra that whose job it was look at every league of I eighty degrees away from a in it was probably showed it on replay it was obvious it was a three steps in at a late hit that. And that what does that that would have made that ended up with a first out of sort of well. We bought the outer loop the change of possession or whatever. I hear your brother thanks for the call and they soliciting on Connecticut when we comeback comedy to the player of the game. Hand we're gonna kind of put a ball on this one organ and the south at 130 sovereign go to break come back. Like you said Monica wreckage the player of the game and be it took a more calls your listening to the bills. Post game show this is Buffalo Bills football. Yes. BR player of the game jets running back Matt Forte a seventy something yards two touchdowns. A nice little game for the hundred year old running back. It's probably gonna be all in her one name in the I don't know we'll see. Time now for the locker room report live. From this stadium was so compassionate brought to buy like storage it's your life story with care here is. Richie and Cagney. Are they coming to Miami you guys keep a few more sacks obviously than you used to that looked like to pressure was there a moment. Yet now they do anything different that surprise us they just outplayed us you know they outplayed us they'll coach just. You know hats off to the jets they there with the bucks tonight wasn't our night. Peace prize this team. Which people game like this after all the good you've done for seven. You know if you never surprise in this league with stuff like that. I know our bounce back you know were resilient bunch who work hard we have all the right traits you two to overcome this. So off you know back back to buffalo she's rest over the weekend and then now focused on them saints you cannot review quality of that against the raiders what was going. You'll EO we got off schedule we we in those early first down runs it you know around ourselves third and how long situations. And really kind of flagrant you know no dating cover on the back in and again after the pastor on the front end and you when he Europe we'll turn it loose like that it's it's difficult. He said there was as much energy seem like you guys didn't have as much energy as usual and silence. Yes you know it's tough ministers in a game that saw it through all I'll wrench our schedule it's. It's. It's absolutely ridiculous that we have to do this. That's fizzles or scheme is and as as much work and preparation that that goes into this to forces play games on forty weeks it's totally unfair. And oh and you know whatever league makes money off of that and that's all they care about anyway so we we just keep trucking I mean we are tough group of guys in this locker room and back to drawing board back to buffalo and saints. I'm more positive note the addition of Kelvin Benjamin how exciting and what what kind of dynamic did you bring Jack Kelly he's big you'd. They target. Just him walking around I mean I'm excited C employee easily. He's stud he's Milan played loosely and to be nice to see you in a Buffalo Bills uniform it place. Richey and Todd needle there with some pointed words about the NFL there in their Thursday night games. Only the rich getting a lot of people are ragged the product on Thursday has been great. It puts a lot of these players and a typical position on short weeks' preparation wise. Especially teams who might be banged up like the bills are I think the three days. We ate it and minimal rest really hurt this football team. And and it showed the product on the field let's get to try to get to one or two were called before recalled a night here let's go. Choose and who is. Dan in Tampa. You're on the post in shall combat. He thought. Certainly engaged I want to say you know this guy is the thought. I mean three at midway point. And we've seen a lot of good that's for the first of course season. And if anything it probably it was a wakeup call. Because if you look at it and it raider game you know a lot of the strip a lot of turnovers that we were getting. They look like early. Debt instead of actually doing that form tackle that we've shown in the first you know few games. We regret register and that was allowing indicated actually I think they're gonna run. Try to wait for that turnover is that actually play defense that we normally do. The other thing you know just hearing had little statement. Saying a little disappointed. Because. And typically it is from like that. The irony outplayed that the way it all these. I know that we get an elite you know few days have an update on the game. But do you use that as you. You know it is here in the end up being incident like that that that does not edit it and let it go forward but I I think it'll uses time. We're gonna hit. Tough stretch you know what. New Orleans. Charges have been a patriot. And I think that I think we're gonna be able to learn and grow would typically today victim of the people look at. Did I totally agree with you on your point about the talk about Ritchie when they were talking about this sound when it came in. Into the producers studio I said the same thing as it was their two teams have played tonight and just about every team on Thursday night's got to go through the same thing so I agree really I didn't love it but you know. Listen it really get beat down like that you got to seize up and I guess but. Thanks for the call then enjoy the rest your evening and thanks for everybody for. Hanging out tonight and knows a late one's so if you stayed up to. Get involved I appreciate it and death I will be back Saturday for sports talk Saturday that's on the flagship to BGR sports real fight fifty in buffalo. Standout scene of those games Sunday so nothing on Sunday some back. For sports talk Saturday Saturday and that'll be that'll be at the weekend itself. Thanks to Ryan gates for hanging out things to dare Kramer Jody yes the and our intern coal. Who's. A great guy just a great guy that call he deserves a third term. As WGR. Intern and I'll make sure I put in a good work for call. All right that do for mean eight unity. On the post game show until next week and the bills take on in Orleans saints and hopefully go to 63. And do it for me here on the flagship station Buffalo Bills to be your sports read a 550 and the Buffalo Bills radio network.