Buffalo Bills - 11/12/17 Post-Game Hour 2

Sunday, November 12th

Hour two from the Buffalo Bills Radio Network post-game show following Week 10's 47-10 loss to the New Orleans Saints.


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This is the post game show which show that the bulldogs. Brought to you by northwest make the switch to northwest and get back to living. Today turns tonight here at new air field and has that happened to the bills' season. Well flowed out five and four after a second straight. All we lost. The jets'. First last Thursday night 34 to forty wanna game they led 347. In the fourth quarter the saints. 47 to ten here in buffalo today but game they led. Thirty to three with 844 left in the third quarter. 37 to three. After three and that it was. Backups are not away. This is not only kept. Brees and their except for the running back to orbit the both good they use these bowl guys that this northern third guy until. Midway through the fourth quarter. Any eventually scored touchdowns and Apollo fourth down. That they threw a pass for a 37 to three but an aroma how much time was left maybe seven minutes. Probably around here you know the report and as you'll think guys. Yeah there and there are some. As a lot of carnage you'd see them look it was a lot of places. For evidence of just. How old band. The bills got handled today. Will one example. It would be a third quarter drive. That began at the saints six yard line. Time which they handed the ball off nine times and world. Before finally calling a packed house at the bill seven. And reason and equity in so. You're apparently not and he four yard drive all Russians all rushes the ball. I mean. Mean when does that app. In the NFL 2007. Purity good receivers to throw prevent that pass I mean that is your thoughts. Mean at that point scorer is crooked is all well. You know what's happening. News an old mystery about it and. Still just cannot. Couldn't do anything to stop. This portion of the bill's post game show along the Buffalo Bills radio network is brought to you by independent health. From your every day to your unexpected independent health's Red Shirts are here to help. Much over the Bulldog with you again this hour talking about the game. Bills five and four after their loss. And the playoff picture is that I don't. Is wild cards you have two teams the AFC South Pole won the table one close games that I. To go to six and three Jacksonville winning in overtime over the chargers. Tying the game late in winning in overtime charters go to three and six with that loss. Kind of a classic chargers lost to him a lead weight so we have a six and three. Wild card team right now that the jags titans Tennessee all we got Cincinnati rallying to go ahead of middle of Cincinnati. Who was also down three and six. And then you have the bills are five and four that's the sixty. Miami is four and four they play in Carolina tomorrow night third underdog. That you have the raiders. And regions. Both of whom are off today off this week at four and five. To get the dolphins the dolphins lose to Carolina. The bills go to LA with a one game lead. For the six spot. After Ford five its Houston three and five are at the rams today. Our day off now 76. Houston Houston is up 76 we don't want them. If you have the Broncos three and five home to New England tonight. Since. 37. So I mean you go to give up. Knoll. No yeah you in all it did it gets harder. Road games the next two weeks and in the patriots at the next home game but. This game. It is there's appeared at its its role in damaging to I think it's likely to see your team. Give up 300 yards between nick just shot. All over the field. So it's it's harder to say a this is the game likable support balloons of all my purse because it's fantasy game. And you know if if I we're gonna 22. Wins and losses. I would rather beat San Diego or Kansas City or any anybody everybody else up under the carpet games left. So it wasn't thinking of on the table this is a game that I could. I can afford to lose more than any of those games the conference record I work purposes. Now. GR it's just hard to really think that way it right you watch your team. You have to remember that. Those positives are still out there yet speckled as a positive. Here's Jason Russell Ortiz. All right guys I I think jet to date might outdoor game I'm going to be great street veteran that one but. I've got a positive note and leaked back I got that the Peter in the locker room and board are coming at all year. Have they tied it at his first professional bought out. And thank god for the streaker really because you really apple crowd laughed at the end of that. Thank god for the street and the story of the bill saints game as a confidence high quality performance by industry. Those those law enforcement ever ago you know considering this for a world if you pass set up. I don't know Atlanta are don't think so that it jailed the streaker. Probably that's open I should be making it. To actually. Make it on the field. That's exactly and you know the fans are speaking fans the fans are speaking on the matters disguise. His son news for cynical game. Or it was as far as bills game and honestly it's happy about it. I'm not giving you know whenever and whatever father son memories the last lifetime I'm not in the pocket. Luke is whether us now although Luke. Hello might. That one played at clay that you mention that went down and an interception. There that's got to play and I might spark than lose this and nurse I think the and that play characterizes. Hitler's. Inadequacies and starting quarterback source at all. He still needs. Play opened early so he was late and so are. So involved. In that sort itself apart from her that it's still to leave him. Like most. Starting quarterbacks would a slightly behind them continent. To be kept at. A very similar plate when he had a few weeks ago I can't number. You can't expect expect every pass to be perfect. So if you have the guy's thrown three interceptions this year too which have bounced off girls. That but. In reality I expect them signing clay open early. And well. He like I guess he didn't man I mean the he's got a tough job. It if you take a quarterback in trying to find. All play that he doesn't. Play well on it shouldn't be too hard and you can talk you can spend all day talking about it and how we didn't you know. He didn't do this right on this play. You don't know what the play once. You don't know what his reads were. He is losing by four touchdowns by then maybe he's hoping to not have to throw a five your pastor Charles coy I don't know that but you don't either. So if he's leaked to getting Charles clay for a five yard pass being maybe got a good reason. At the pass is right to him is it affect like all hundred out of a hundred no does it have to be. For him to avoid criticism as it happens is that how this is so. I mean I think he's been good for them all right I'd is that they're terrible if it can't say that anymore. He's been good for them he has made some great place for that maybe you saw or didn't. Chip Kelly this morning on ESP and going through these are these out of coach and yes Jim Kelly. Going through some of some Tyrod highlights from recent gains have been stellar work. And you know what this guy I was at the game's sole. Charles clay should have been thrown to shorter and the guys have a pretty good year today was obviously not his day Wednesday was marquee programs. You know Tyrod could've thrown it doesn't matter because he didn't do this but he could've had a much bigger and amstel were they can be musical but all out. Yup. That's it couldn't they couldn't tackle Steve. Oh because you don't pay Taylor is. On Tony's apartment to part of the story today but he's dummies pitched. Next week it is he's pitched out of there were eight for 56 yards he's on page two because of what happened. So old cute you know coach some shots at him I mean he's got its critics so eager to hear from them. He has Daly today he was a runs. The protective 300 yards rushing. It's gonna keep that on the because that that to me but Taylor. Is. Never going to satisfy something. But it bit of this team is going to have any kind of a second half of the season. Day apt to find the equity to stabilize. The situation of rock on these guns because they are beating exactly nobody. Tyrod Taylor eight that Peter and or names here at quarterback if they cannot. Tackle Pete. Amidst gateway apple. By the way this team they played is doing a lot of trampling itself. Bay are hot and they look great. To think that. You have Drew Brees if you need him. Russert took throw it to throw you back in a combat team would loosing is a nice luxury for the New Orleans states. Their defense has gone from laughingstock. To excellent. Like the bills couldn't handle that either it went both ways as rejecting did too. And it'll seventh straight so maybe they're really good. That's there's at that say. What set noise on the streets are really. It says that I mean. You know the score response or 47 I easily not bad at the the best team the goals of team this year you're looking at the fifth. Worst. Defeat at home in bills history by a margin of victory. The bill score tossed out at the end to like. If you're 471037. Point loss is their fifth worst home loss ever. Two games go back to rock pile. One was. A straight game thirty years ago. Real games in the stadium's second worst loss to sixth novelist was a game in Toronto. X. All right here is David Axelrod David. We don't have David all right well it was it was old are you there it's. Hey guys that though. I actually fluent in the area Friday just that game under my wife and associate saint bands that she's very happy that I would say I'm not too happy today. Well Mike pilot and more so on the defensive side obviously the L over the last few weeks. And we were stopped and rush defense but having traded away mark both are it is beyond what sort of impact. And only debate game more re looking at a abysmal against the rush by you know. Turn our pass rush it now so guys like Lauren dog vendor Gary you guys were known creating a quarterback. Edgar breed adult day and that's the other thing often the line and obviously good but we made them look like the best line a league battle against the run but getting the quarterback in. They can't get the property quarterback like pure breed that much you know my question is where our pass rush I said. Where is about and they have not have a good pass rush. Note to simplify things to the extent that. Alexander is known for it I mean I guess it is last year if there's no. If he's known for throwing that would be the thing but it's a one off Europe in a couple of tournaments career. And bottom. Not one. You don't want it to things like that you don't wanna go well. Now they're getting blown over so you can see what Aureus met you really can't say that. You have to look at what he actually Matt. Not just that he was on the roster what he actually meant in the games this season play for this team was really not that much but. One thing one thing that works in marshaled our uses favor today is that he didn't face Portland's when he was here. Get the raiders aren't right or was that right there was for the raiders to really get that all sorts for. It's up the Tampa game and he was traded right for the raider game is that what it was just. Well. Anyway I don't I don't think he was making a big impact I don't think so either but it is it is you know. Definitely. What they are getting at all that the eagle but maybe they could use that they could use it. Other guy yet and maybe a rotation could use. As someone who does is his skills I mean. They're gonna have to consult. Mean it is if you. What wall what are you what are you go to. You're doing receivers didn't give you the ball abuse that took you go to. If you you can't you do not rush the passer well if you are getting twelve ample ground game. I mean what do you what are you go to. Have got to get that figured out where this thing is going to spite. A lot 20115. In two to six and then that kind of thing. I don't know your beating it with that with that defense mean you're not beating it. He beat the colts that I don't know Kareem out much like the look of defense of for a couple weeks old Gordon to reverse whoever meticulously at an awkward for him in there sure. Marlin Mack. About canyon Drake and they're coming out. Couple of updates to bots of Freeman is out for the duration of this game Dallas and Atlanta has a concussion. So thanks. Mean that sarcastically. He's got a serious injury. But you know you put a guy in your line up and that he starts ago he gets hurt right away not yet simple hello. Faculty. And mark he's good one and 83 yard touchdown catch for before oh. You think you could just won't play that was. Here I got asked how good it would run super fassel we don't appeal to catch the ball score like that jet. Though I don't know though that is about fifty yards from the ones that got. You that would be my guess but I don't know maybe he caught a screen pass and broke about two tackles. If he went Earl Campbell the giant cap. I don't know we'll find out in the highlights maybe somebody you know already good for New. Orleans 47 bills ten mics open mobile blog here let's check traffic again with. Still extremely slow long big tree from California to southwestern California here under speed on that roadway between mile strip in southwestern. Haven't you are slowing up two mile stretch seeing a bit of clearing go all want mile strip if you're talking about South Park and McKinley your backing up a bit when you get near mile strip on those two avenues. The du nineteen still seeing a good bit of traffic there in the ninety you've got a full house all the way to the 33. Traffic being brought to you by the horrible collision make the right decision insist on group a collision. I'm Neil McManus on the Buffalo Bills football network. Thank you deal will have more calls coming up 30550. Or 188550. To 550. Fight and four that's the buffalo bills' record following their first losing streak of the season the saints cruised in buffalo. But the 47 to ten win New Orleans these red hot they've won seven games. In a row the big story of the day was the saint performance on the ground. 300 in one total yards six total touchdowns three by Mark Ingram won by Alvin Camaro won by tree Edmondson won by Drew Brees. Out of the shotgun looks looks Paul wants you to weigh compressor still don't feel. Wolverines a seven yard scramble for the rushing touchdown. Interest in stab breezed to this point is clear still has never throw a touchdown. In buffalo the second half was all New Orleans the score was thirty to three of roughly eight minutes to go in the third quarter they at one point had 24 rushing attempts in a row. Without a pass the bills offense wasn't able to get anything going and there and either Tara Taylor faces nine of eighteen for just 56 yards Andy pick. Eight Peter ring came out with the game way out of reach she did put a nice strike together late and through his first career touchdown. The rookie from Pitt takes us back to throw books must now wait expires in. It's caught touchdown he found that O'Leary two yard deep the end zone touchdown buffalo they quietly at the end zone with a minute 54 left to play in the game. The bills had a 198 yards in total 75 of that coming in their final drive. Next up for the bills an important conference game against the LE chargers in LA kick off his next Sunday. At 405. Chargers today heady three point lead over Jacksonville. In the final minute they end up losing in overtime and dropped to three and six on the season. Elsewhere the jets followed their win against the bills with a fifteen to ten loss. To the Buccaneers Green Bay gets back in the win column. But he W over the bears in Cleveland dropped 20 in ninth with a loss to the lions Tennessee and Minnesota also among today's winners. Three games and action right now at the half the rams lead Texans 97. Giants a thirteen to ten on the 49ers at the two minute warning. Four minutes ago in the second quarter in Dallas Cowboys lead the falcons by score at seven to three. This update is brought to buy north how automotive north tower automotive sales service and selection to be and to greet. For the Buffalo Bills radio network and Jody B Osce now for a look on traffic here is Neil McManus. We'll put some sort of clear out of it around the stadium but you're experiencing plenty of slowdowns as we get further away from Orchard Park the 219 extremely slow here the ninety interchange. When you get out of the ninety going to be a slow ride for you all the way home did you pass bridge road William and the 190. He's found ninety also very slow all the way up to transit of 190 could be a good bet for those heading north experiencing no delays along that thoroughfare. And refined very slow. All the way into downtown. Traffic being brought to you by Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance call 180947. Auto. Or visit Tyco dot com today. I'd feel like bands on the Buffalo Bills football network. Tough losses back to back we still suit filed before and now. Because it's and we have to regroup refocus and find a way to a particular group where we're doing wrong and prospect we know we have the talent to go out there compete with anyone but it just brought us hone in on what we do the best thing going there. To make it happen. Tyrod Taylor at the bills go to out are to be saints today. 47. The seats in the Steelers. The only two franchises the bills have not beaten during their playoff drought seventeen years long. The couple weeks ago like maybe it was about and this year and it still might go. Go to bed tonight with the lead. For the succeed in the AFC. By a half game over Miami which plays tomorrow night in Carolina. Which show the Bulldog here from Newark field. 8030550. Or 1888550. To 550 to reach us theories Steven next go ahead Steven. Are on the lone all the opponent Iowa are a lot be prepared after earning a day's top purposes gain. What a play calling I just don't understand you are currency all the way you'll get your we are now on the record label and I am sure it only at all. And a lot of yards and put Tyrod Taylor at all. It. Amoeba like you'll like. Like like eight collision ought to look boy or it's a dark by the Il. It just never works or like adult to what to look Shawn McCoy. On the left or right side which alternate. That that are obviously looking for. It is never lose all our second play never were all positive yards. And it just it becoming ridiculous they cut and a big. Game. Hasn't been to any it seemed like. You are not call her character benched you know we're still well it's like hold on your life. You know our defense line they need to put their big book and on hand there and abolished and it is it embarrassing. You know I I don't they were so there are split the difference is he was. Dental or individual he'd be ashamed themselves the pew poll that you put one together then they need to look consult here. Potential next week. I just want more oil wanna make news is that in all I'd like Ramon hallmark. I just think people in small I like map quality used to own it you like Hewitt in the right place right I'm alive. And I think maybe dish in the and there are more Ramon Humber but that's all I got a thank you. Thank you. It whole lot of always and hovers at that point about second down I don't. Pretty sure that hold up I'm I'm almost sure that marshaled ours was not holding that even the wind together. Bought the optics are just people we bet. They have got trampled it in two of the three games they have played. If he's gonna conveniently leave the Oakland game out of this year which was he got treated to leave the addicted. It was played and eight noble. But since then. That may have gotten over. So why don't put harbor this snaps he was playing. And the impact but we're getting out of the snaps I don't think there's a core relation. He's supposed to be a great player he's a super Celtic player he's a highly paid player. And you traded him because you don't like them and that's spider reached on board with that and now you're getting. Circumstantial evidence suggests that. Time. Here's Dennis with a solo tennis and blow. I I wanted to say something about Tyrod Taylor okay. C shouldn't back girl was is there's. Old receiver absent where he dropped it. They let him throw the ball more than maybe didn't get something done automatic all the ball and it's just great. Nothing but turnovers. They said they have won her over. The what do helped Tyrod numbers too if Thompson caught that pass but. Thompson homer. These are not guys that have been highly coveted NFL players. I mean that's but that's the whole thing. That that's what. You don't do this this team has gotten a lot of credit for winning without. Having to put it mildly a star studded roster. And so you look at those guys and go wow what a coaching job right. Your number comes up in pro sports if you do not have the players and it was never approve it really this year you can't do that and bought. That this team has an off. Good players and I wanna called cocky for the Daria strayed mean. Dario was a headache and they are trying to establish a certain higher professional standard than what was here. Understand that at Watkins when his injury history and what you want and they'll roll these things that there will be there for those moves. But like you're talking about the circumstantial evidence of their defense. You you are. You are. Asking for future rate talent to wait for draft text that you adopt on waivers with tops in the bear weight Thompson who had. What this is his fourth gave my thinking he said two good ones if you count the jets' game as a good one lead they were down 347. When their office showed up and he made a couple of ways that his first game here was a pretty good story just Tampa. And so you know great but who easy respectfully whiskey the bears who have no receivers caught up. So what should happen what should happen is what's awhile to throw the ball that dropped the ball. You know it's it's a nice story when the idea he shows up and suddenly and pick up on Tuesday he's got a hundred yards leaving him. You know and it's. Brandon Tate making a contribution and its Taiwan Jones on non peak down. That it did you know keep the clock will be egyptians and with it at all but hey wow you're year. And its culture and its family and it's winning him like that that's that's great. Women when it goes your way when when it starts in the cold the other way. They're everywhere I. I didn't know the players on the team next year. We can really talk about that because of those X. They traded one way it ought Benjamin Benjamin has felt like that would be Otto you've been pretty high on the list of talented players on this on this roster right now. But next year that was what we've been sort of preparing for this year once that next year draft. You can really load up still like tree is quite a lot I watched him this team got out and just try to pick a couple of players to focus on. Now this. Isn't it great point right now because they just ran the ball to replace it certainly there was one pass play of Michael Thomas. After the game was relieved Orlovsky was really good Thomas. Was on the right sideline. And you know with re easy you have in thomas' good. If they were guys are used to playing each other in the know what reason is timing is all about the you know what he wants it looked like what do what that was was Thomas. Was going deep he caught the route off. And maybe you look back or maybe after a few seconds he wasn't getting open he just knew they had some understanding comes back and wait to stay right with them. The play could have been three different place was Thomas missed a short route their way had. At least he opens it up. That whites with them in the comes back and reasons up rolling right throwing the ball out of bounds actually toward Thomas was a passport Thomas. What was right there a problem he's a nice Boyer that's a pretty good job. The bills did with with previous point. Let's go to Matt next hello Matt. I don't want. I'm a local port where Ali is the suspect they were terrible but. I think it would Tyrod Taylor I mean the inaccurate Brooke I mean I hear it and you guys are talking about read earlier. Like not knowing what to street where are you missed like argument why. One of Omaha. I have regiment just got year and he wouldn't have any. Any any practice time with him yet like it's gonna takes aren't for guys to. Nor a badger had nothing to do. Up into that bracket I've. Chart does he doesn't know exactly he might not note it's logical exactly what you know Benjamin is gonna do mr. Robert Abbott on the one Indians only just it's it's over. Please edit it edit that holds on the on the whole voting system on OK I mean it was an open break it. Yeah all that are not like with his screen pass that. Like even to recording or even like no one could pass through clay goes all the work behind him on terror are paying Tyreke and inaccurate pastor. Yet I mean deadlock at things like the run down the middle like today I mean that was. But that's only compliment I can get into the act and also to like Apollo the play calling that are directed McCoy only get a budget that is ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. Like I great thanks team. If you think Taylor is an accurate based on like a reasonable standard of quarterbacks in the league is wrong. You ought to say you'll that I can see just wrong. I mean. He wasn't good today nobody was good today if it if it doesn't make sense to you. Why he and Benjamin wouldn't like look like a well oiled machine kept on talking about reason Michael Thomas that's what that's what good looks like. Let's say Tate Taylor should be breeze either just. It it makes total sense that. He encouragement with the ball would not be exactly where it needs to be for and that's you know it could be his fault too. I just don't like. This sort of piling on him is what the show sounds like after games like this because the tightest on a lot of good things for this team. And they will be very hard pressed. To be better than he has if they goal locking. You know we got to see Peter today. There were flashes it was nice it was one drive. For a team that was down 47 to three. You know and we still don't know whether he could've somewhat good. Week before the season. It seemed right to think that Liederman would get starts. For the season was all all the different ways but it's looked like Taylor would probably be leaving after this year but hey they're fighting to win. If they speak good then where's he going anywhere. But you know here's Peerman on the field today and it's possible that you'll starts. I suppose I mean it it. If they if they don't figure out how to tackle people. It's gonna get very real that note it's because the season walking away from them to the extent that it would only make sense to. Which is what we thought we were in for when the season began. That it would be that kind of year here. Not really much of reflection on Taylor or you know is failing stories attributes that would just be. Hey we are of such a record right now that we have to find out what this guy can do because we're starting over at quarterback so let's start doing that. That is not still to be that likely. But the and they go on the road here the play San Diego and Kansas City. I can't tackle anyone. In this business there's two games like it's gonna become a fourteen flood the patriots went for and if it will get away from them. If they don't figure out what the holder doorknob and about global mean I guess I understood what Taylor is use the quarterback and we always talk about. Women's team and we talk about whether or not he can sustain it whether you should be here longer than for this year or next. When he throws for 56 yard we wanna play the other guy Liggett and I know. To me this defense is in crisis smoke right now. All Saints 4710 mics open the bulldogs here back with more from Newark field after this this is the Buffalo Bills radio network. All things right now around new were quite manageable the problems don't arise until you get to the main line ninety which is heavily in just all the way from the 219 and beyond. You're seeing stopping go traffic all along the ninetieth Ferrari says the pew exit. If you're pagan roots far there's your way home it's a slow go through would Marvin over the skyway in the downtown. And for our Canadian friends are heading back home over the border. You'd have to settle in for a bit of weight. Traffic at both the peace bridge and rainbow bridges very heavy at this time you may wanna opt for the boosting queen sting crossing which seems to be a bit more manageable. Traffic being brought to you by career collision make the right decision insist on group a collision. I'm Neil McManus on the Buffalo Bills football network. Lineup because that's the price high school means this it was the longest game in my life you felt like this every time we get out there you're like okay we haven't heard or whatever first down OK second when he first down for me is just is embarrassing to get beat like that when they disarmament of all the rest against the united about it we did. Round. Golden bears having never been a part of a team like that. And what time. I don't partly write anything down these games but I did write down today in the first at one point. The first downs were fourteen to four. Fort warlords was thinking about he was going to be blow. Score fourteen to three or maybe even closer. First downs were fourteen to four. And then they were thirty to four. Well the saints had at least 161. Downs in a row and probably war. At least 161 though wrote the bill had many other first round two or three at least. Always big run Taylor's big run. It one more. Fourteen to 430. To four. Bit 325. And at the end 32 to ten. Anchored. In Sean McDermott's. News. Conference. At one point there were 24 running plays a role. Ya know that are that ten play drive that 94 yard currently drive an act almost edit it definitely was brought. Outlaws. And come back and Kurds in the ever to us. One more ESPN's stats in full Mike wrote this ready for the the saints. Had six rushing touchdowns and no points. It became the first NFL team to do that since 1941. Oh. You have to go back to where it like nobody ever passed the Bible was a game got to look at the ball was actually made of light up. Six. Some of those players got very sick six rushing touchdowns and no punts. But NFL first in 76 years. We have been talking all this time and never got to the locker room. Interview we Jim that in Lorenzo Alexander with reporters here at the stadium. How would you describe. The effort of the defense in now this group of guys. Everett was there we just again didn't tackle well could stop Iran. Against a team like that we drew was that they now. It'll put up points like they did so. I now have the latest for you as far as what we can do we've got a team working. To give back to the basis of an every man being in new gap and making the play when they can't. You guys rallied to win in gods that be consistent with it how concerning is that it has to go back to back. Army you know whether you wanna start Craig bad habits. Forced our dad yourself and that's what happens win games like these kind of go back to back you start seeing a routine of of things happening so we just got to be professional look at the taping corrected in. Have a better just total effort on defense the next game I mean if all the way you've got to make the play means when it comes through that mental state at this train. We lost the last two games guy will physically. Slow on the nuggets got the disappointed frustrated. But since John can't let that. Affects your game today so you have to get over. And move forward and just come out better energy focused for four quarters to 300 yards given up on the ground as it was a defensive player was it Jews hide your pride actually. I mean he's just frustrated I mean this this is a physical game he says the man will remain anti gang and they looked at the necessary talent to but what in the world. And you know as well as a former. It's just it's just ridiculous on call in we have to do better affront if we ever wanna have a chance of a win another game. Were they doing that it is tough to stop. On them did have a lot of window dressing in Tampa we prepare forty knew that in the day we have to be at our gaps and get a guy down on the ground. That was that was I mean but you know Ingram in Nam Kumar two good backs and they outperformed today. The locker room report rents or Alexander there brought you by like storage sure like store with care silk but she'll part of that. The bills all the five and for making them one of six AFC teams right now with a winning record. Six get a hang in there. It looks pretty tenuous right now yes. 4710 New Orleans much over the bulldogs knew her appeal thanks for listening this is Buffalo Bills football.