Buffalo Bills - 11/12/17 Post-Game Hour 1

Sunday, November 12th

Hour one from the Buffalo Bills Radio Network post-game show following Week 10's 47-10 loss to the New Orleans Saints.


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This is the post game show which show that the bulldogs. Brought to you by northwest made the switch to northwest and get back to living. 47 foot to ten New Orleans. In what turned out to be one of the worst losses the bills of over at. You see that coming into that album well 47 time. It's the fifth worst point loss. In franchise history that includes striking. The top five. He saw the night game against New England. In 2007 to 56 and and something called Baltimore colts 43 bills nothing at the rock pile in 1971. Terribly that. 1968. All when 48 ball below six I would bet that. It. Daddy's big it was and it gave this as a baby. Yeah he put me at the speed. Actor and and and extra cases of beer and I was in case interest. Never do that I'll edit the hot I'm all of the correct. The at the wheel it's not game or released a very multiple game. Colts 47 build six in the 87 strike they have this 47 time on the heels of the jets lost that. I might have been. You know we feel like a lot of other people inclined to rationalize. It shortly. You know old. What it beat the bills were infallible or some thing all the other contenders. Did pretty wild card to head you don't teams maybe like that water so similar now so. And although we deal. This this was put those ropes. It's just everywhere you look that it isn't just horrendous. It's. I mean defensively they got Ronald too weak on yards on the ground on the on the notes 200 yard rusher. This was not Nebraska. Vs TCU. This is to get up the ghost recon guys I've got there I go 33 go to TCU vs the breast hundred. Always cal. So what we defensively that's jobs that's fallacious and you know. I'm all parents. Mean it's the way this game went it was not. One where I head. The box score Oldman let you know sort of it was unfolding. It was pretty apparent the bulls leading dominated. And when I started thinking about. You know we did here to view expressed about stats of the game. I gotta get. Those things ought to have those pages open up my iPad so like click the box score and it popped up. 419 to 190. Really yards with about ten minutes to goal in the fourth quarter the first down at that point where thirty. Hopefully you're not ended for 84. 2138. Toll yards and 32 to five. We're the first doubts that's from just looking at the scoreboard here. And I think the bills when they had more first downs of that because that one touchdown drive look mighty and Biederman. There first I don't know yet legal door that for worried total 198 is what we got Oka and thirty to ten. So this scoreboard right now at the stadium our poll what's your way right it was forty Clementine and say it's always been here for awhile. This is what shall with a Bulldog look so McDermott shortly what does he say these these games we haven't had a whole loss but you know were on this. Show every week. When it comes negatives McDermott tends to electable candidates get back to you. He's appointed at all in his post game press conferences. And I've expecting that today but it might sound strange yet goes. Pretty much its right to saleable everything. I mean I don't know why don't we go to town hockey coach says we played well when they went to one. Down nothing after and play our panel football coach is it to say about that he's not gonna give us this week he tried to tell me so. It went well today that there's going to be problems I don't I don't predict at all that he does that. You don't know go to I think he's going to targets on any one. You know his quarterback is defense. You know apple world putrid today. The office performance. You know it. If you already run out of the gym gear almost no matter what. Bought into. Bills just court not after their first possession which candidate field goal. It it's just not hurtful moment till the final. I'd that Peter and let them. Touchdown it is nothing. Developments today. It is time for the express march that's the game express Smart not your average convenience store in the end. I hope passed Tyrod Taylor and on two drives. Taylor nine for 1856. Yards no touchdowns and one interception. Pretty much balls right Charles play. Bounced off that was intercepted. Biederman seven for 1079. And touchdown pass to nick O'Leary Peter it's first of course NFL. Touchdown pass his first appearance LeSean McCoy eight for 49. That led the rushing stats Taylor three for 47. Kelvin Benjamin three for 421. On the second. Bills play. Team promising. Taylor missed them twice at the end of that drive you know. And the bills took a field goal for three nothing in Benjamin's only other. Stats two catches on Peter we strive at the end toward the touchdown. DiMarco three for 41 Colbert two for seventeen point three for eleven. New Orleans are you ready are you sitting down for. Brees. Eighteen for 45184. No touchdown passes no interceptions one rushing touchdown for Drew Brees. I was always proud that today if you read Drew Brees to rush for more touchdowns than Tyrod. Ingram 414131. And three. Cabrera twelve for 106. And one at instantly. Night for 48. And one Michael Thomas of course from the beginning 9417. Team this is the first game the saints have ever played. With 2100 yard rushers and a 100 yard receiver. The last NFL team to do that game was the bills. Two years ago. So we'll have the derby shortly able take your calls too. That'll be it joy ride eagle 30551888550. To 550 I don't know. I don't wanna quit on. You know what these games happen. The fans usually tell you were the very worst things you could ever say about it. You know when it's the draft. It no particular order outwit the draft. The thought they were terrible the other quarterbacks play real time start date and Peter may want knots you know it's probably. Are we going to be a lot of that and I don't do I don't like that currently date they will. You gotta hope they won't anyway but. They they still are going to be tight for a wild card spot with seven games to go and and this one's. The least important game and it beers' Victor it. Where they. Errors. Here highly dubious mean. Yeah give me time credit they'd be. And and I got to coach better we have played better that's the obvious you know this is not. What we expected and you know we've got to take our look at things. There's. He's made an eight. Even worse. Hope and in case of there was a play that poorly again which I don't know you know it starts. So it's a fraud. So it's up front and win the line of scrimmage that's where that's where this game one is a front we had a better job there. It's. What. Walked over issues. As you know technique known fundamentals it's it's always you know combination of that. You know effort you know. But the effort was there announces. Get prepared all week long. You know just like they have in the past they've it prepare you for the time and in. And you know again give them credit we've got to look really at this tape them and you know ten balance of front in order to stay in your gap to gap integrity had mentioned to you guys before. We're getting knocked out of our gaps. And they were not fitting Iran all the time that we need to so. That's where it starts at the line of scrimmage. I take pride in what you do you know and we'll put a lot of time in those guys relax and obviously there are a situation where they could do that in the game with a lead like that and then we got to stop and so. There's pride on the line right there. I feel goes right right at the start that it seemed like it was. Tough sled the rest of the way it did anything change on their part defensively in these images are not that much really. You know again give them credit. And it has some good things that you know we're gonna we gonna get into a rhythm felt we got into a rhythm in the first series and and confinement after that so. Does multiple things we can do better. Mark. Character here. Thanks. You're right misses this is this is nice to take nannies you. An easy pill to swallow. Especially home and our fans deserve more and and so we go back hard artwork to get more. You know we're building and you know we've continued to. Two be honest with ourselves we look at tape and allegations before we got out coached and threatening him coming out playing so. If they are look at. Well it just comes in his diary Naples play. And I thought it isn't that things move the offense there. And so obviously goes into the end zone so as a positive. Cheers. It's our as a starter. Return play. Really. You. That's what we had Calvin targeted you know the first series there are few times and and second play W as the game in hand. So we can get into a rhythm after that to your point. What you. Or. There we had they are look at it you know it's like we've got to look at everything else and can be an established line of scrimmage first and that's that's where it starts when you throw the ball around ball you have to have a good line of scrimmage from which to work well. And that legacy before it's on both sides of the ball. You know we still and still be in and evaluate at this point so it's still too early right now. But he Apple's line. I just you know we've got a certain standard and that wasn't up to our standard. And you know really that the standards not changing its so we looked every day to accomplish is to play at that at standard to. To do our work at that standard and today. Was not indicative of of the standard was set for ourselves around here. I take it one game at a time one game at a time. You know he looked too far ahead he keeps itself in trouble so the biggest thing we every group we get three set but regrouped though for doing it this week there were 504. And nobody selected I told you before nobody says this is easy just this is how you get tested in this league and I'm gonna hang together. And get things corrected if things corrected him were building. You know to do that so we've got to go take a hard look at this film learn from it. And coach better play better and most importantly hang together as a team. The question is about the streaker. I mean sport they're probably I don't know what they're probably as a core relation between. Hollow. Watch your team is losing by and whether there was a streaker there are most records and blow while losses I think so. Yes being naked too yeah I mean this guy did not factor at that did Ali. Reach it we show it on the radio they showed up at. I know he'd ever show isn't it wasn't it was immunity here what what the sale. Or else el Amin on the sideline media and a and point that's way to sideline reporter can really be useful that's when you made money it's wherever. Like I did it. I mean he really got his adult what the real one it's. Buying. Or potential jail time is there but he. Ole. We got to eons old need an end zone dance. So I tell. All right everybody we're talking about it 4710. New Orleans got beaten out of the bills the wall. It's quarterback it's the Daria strayed. The meanest team off today once destroyed New Orleans you mean Washington is the guy like Pepsi just get pushed back. Rivet anywhere they want the Rick from hold up the middle right from the start I mean just part of the game eleven yards fourteen yards nine dollars was just wanted the maybe the other a lot of moments where you motive badly your peak. A moment. Perhaps the streaker. Is that something the for me as far as the point about the bill getting blown off the ball. Errors and a come on. In the fourth quarter. Winner the no. Actually yes he felt he slips on his soul. It's. And and still people. That's what. Is happening there. It is not like rarest of things and if that but he got to the hole yeah that fell well it was got a table and well. In school game at net that that that these are all built. On the date three ought to read. While girls. Trying to make the playoffs and that happened to your girls in the world's might be great. You know all the bill that at the airport Cisco last separate physical was bull and on the road right. The bills are thinking about it if seventy your wealth and had a pretty each year and appeasement has been. A key part of that. And I'm mean that is trust. Okay we'll take a break. It's 4710 seats that's the final to a traffic Ryan. There is traffic and a lot of people left early we'll find out right out if there is traffic what's go to that. Grateful for this day for the duration of the game you might as well to stay in the parking. And throws something on the grow because everything all around the stadium is packed up at this time. We have McKinley from southwestern all the way up to mile strip jam packed ever rolled likewise your bumper to bumper all along southwestern. California is bottled up from southwestern off tomorrow stroke mile strip itself under speed from McKinley all the way to the through nineteenth. And back. Through nineteen is a slow go all the way to the 400 and ridge road off for the ninety seeing some congestion along the nine years while even seen some. Slowdowns along route five through what Juan. Traffic being brought to you by Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more car insurance call 1809 course of an auto or visit Geico dot com today. I'm human events on the Buffalo Bills football network. Like so. February he'll talk about today's bills lost to the saints. After this this is the Buffalo Bills radio network. The Buffalo Bills dropped to five and four on the season and very Porsche showing it to New Orleans Saints. 47 to ten its bills first loss of the season. At home the bills at a very early lead at three to nothing what's nor let's touch the ball they never looked back. Takes now first and goal from the one acts in the high. Recent development dribble to the left side by. Now. Ingram. That anger touchdown with our new orleans' first tried it was the first of six rushing touchdowns. By four different players the game was still within reach at the half the bills trailed by fourteen however the saints came out in the second half with two quick. Two quick touchdowns one was set up by tyra Taylor's third interception of the season. Third and twelve Kelvin Benjamin wide left side. Its name and I. Looks down a little fired down a little bottled. Offensive lineman who sat quietly. It is ranked in. Ingram constant and on the next play for new warlords in total the saints rushed for 301 yards the bills at a 198 in total 75 that coming. In their final drive tyra Taylor finishes in nine of eighteen for 56 yards and he picked with Shawn McCoy. Had a big run early but had very few have opportunities after just eight carries. For 47 yards. Next up for the bills are very important game in the standings against the LE chargers in LA kick off his next Sunday at 405. Elsewhere the titans beat the Bengals lead late DeMarco Murray touchdowns he had three on the date. The vikings' top the Redskins 38 to thirty led by key ski and four touchdowns. Detroit since Cleveland to a win nine Steelers get a field goal in the final minute to beat Indianapolis. And the jets follow their win against the bills but he fifteen to ten loss to write its Patrick. In Tampa Bay. Four games and action right now the bills next opponent chargers go to overtime with jaguars all square at seventeen. Grams of three to nothing on the Texans seven minutes to go in the first quarter. 49ers giants and cowboys. Falcons just getting under way in the first quarter both teams are scoreless. This bill's game wrap up is brought you by independent health premiere every teacher unexpected independent health Red Shirts are here to help. For the Buffalo Bills radio network and Jody B Osce now for a look on traffic here's Neil McManus. Wolf one of those brave souls they did say for the duration of the game you might as well just stay in the parking and throw something on the grill because everything all around the stadium is packed up at this time. We have McKinley from southwestern all the way up to mile strip jam packed ever rolled likewise your bumper to bumper all along southwestern. California is bottled up from southwestern off tomorrow stroke mile strip itself under speed from McKinley all the way to the 219. And back. To nineteen as a slow go all the way to the 400 and ridge road up to the ninety seeing some congestion along the nine years while even seeing some. Slowdowns along route 53 wood lawn covered being brought you by Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more car insurance call 180947. Auto or visit Geico dot com today. I'd Neil McManus on the Buffalo Bills football network. Ten. Had good for god. 186 yards were Mark Ingram. That. And highlights what's so. Hard to distinguish for each other. Our problems through the old bills. However many yards. All Portland's 47 time. And if that's not bad at novels and a trip report is you can't even leave this game apparently. Bingo trappers like don't leave. They don't leave article here. I can't leave me don't we don't live my life with a four. Point reheat. Food do you get into a state office. This stadium today. Over the bulldogs here forty seven's at world's bills 54 at the chargers next week joke crystal yeah. The chargers aren't overtime with the jaguars Jacksonville has the ball first. To start OT. And as noble field. So while that. Score went final. 8030. By fifty or 1888 by fifty to 550 for your calls here's Troy would just like Roy. Their dorm. I trickle ahead. What. What have to process. That's that's one of north apart support because the process and they want. The new World Series Keenan. And kicked us in the mile. Then after that because from the point. And there's two brings bird bird bird really bothered me today one was Ingram quarter cart Stalin in Joplin who stand. And that there he jumped the dude who heard some morally grant. But the guy next one which which partly shut them out into the field. But no real people with the air inside a man that's not cool you know you don't children there are straight. The next thing was in the third quarter. Tyrod Taylor got hit from behind a penalty. And then the big fat guy jump on them there and thank income and nobody did not. That told me that you know this steamy cardinal got. Well Ari Troy would you draw those conclusions. Not an old not not all those examples. But you know it's irrefutable but they got big they got dominate physically and I don't know that means that they have no got to put it that they are gonna have to find a way to win some battles. Aren't script because they are getting while Ole. You know I am not I'm not one to lick wanna on two. The ourselves arias trade and he was not any kind of dominating player for them he was just a part of the rotation. You know plain old 50% of the snaps the last. But they played three games since he got. Kick off this team and they have been flat out what role in two. Any justice Floyd. So there at the final way to get Kyle Williams and the bulk of Washington to work the not. One old. Because the audience that that is what what I mean there's there's there's political around could mean huge ahead of offense that was putrid. All day long but that the thing to me about this team. Early on this season I I gave me some hope. For this being a different sort of season by different sources I mean actually this action within the play up was that their defense was solid. And they gonna keep you win games and give my help that's a chance to kind of figure things out. Band that it is not happening these last two weeks well. It's the only way they can make it's the only way it security that's why they are right because they're not. Going to they haven't really. You know throw one people to beat them if they can run you know which what happened to them today then fine but we talked about it every week. The turnover thing was lucky that it was touched severely in their favor through the first seven games that Little League and ball. Lost 147 games out did you not have a good record. With two respect. And last week they were buys three today they were. Zero point one total corporate team and equipment and offering in this game missing too early and throw past. This game to beat the bills so how're they gonna win if they're gonna win defense. Ronning. Smart safe. You know Tyrod Taylor recipe. And that is of course not it does not allow for. You know. It over the top ranked big plays and just sort of you know that kind of dimension they don't have that the open Benjamin those not. Probably does not bring bring them that and you know it's exciting as the Benjamin trade wise and still is obviously cool that they they have him. Some of the things I was thinking about it and maybe conservatives too strong which is okay. Why he's having Calvin pitchman on the field to take them away from a goalie don't have. You know big talent at wide receiver but they're also have a winning seasons and while. Is that going to be and I thought I'll that first drive that we did catch a pass early in that drive but those two plays late. The second one more than the first one right before they kick their field goal they were not on time with each other no so that is good to be expected right. And if you have an offense like this where your best receiver is gonna give you five catches you know when a game that might even be running back. Almost always want those Benjamin. You know like is he going to be that five catches but I guess that's good enough somebody else might have caught. Read what he's catching five and like. Mean you need him. Well I don't know which needed to do but for that to relieve that are here just was not it was not to be as an exciting is it wasn't it was a it was a simple. All of you know. Powell they were thinking about making the playoffs ending the drought. It just did not seem like the kind of thing that would make a big difference. Now Anita and and and that to me is. Is emphasized. In Indian like today. To be where you are behind it eventually. Way behind with a lot I mean this game is. Five minutes into the fourth quarter and it is promises. To be in its over. Yeah so you have got a horror and you know of oil and a half or more. Oh garbage time. Just pile up notes. Which you're seeking to which insult our children in the last week against the giants and it just never happened. They are sort of sitting there thinking you know tailored to an apple 250 yards passing judgment gonna catching eight passes. Because you know it's going to be. You know twelve yards fifty yards twelve yards and you know be bald until they get out the way that Thompson got to seven I think last week but it just never it is never materialized just that. To be that bad. Drive home the point just Howell. Lacking before their power their passing offense can't be that in in a situation where most teams most weeks. Will pile up some stats. I'd step on that. Yeah basically. David is an excellent David. I know that. I am so here's my problem. Overall you know iiroc talk about you know. The profit in the room when the Buffalo Bills. But did the loss to voting that ended actually that was that was not lost that was not hospital. Pulling the trigger that ended naturally. Larry I tell you should know that hilarious axle O'Leary. Hey guys. Call. That you've. Yeah there was. I have to litigate it suggests that some day there. Want to argue that the lineup and why did what. They're destroying when. You know you could say whatever you want about. The Steelers quarterback. Are. There there's a way I don't remember the last you're. I don't know in law won't. Bull option yet and I I really. You know artists. Questionable. People it just let it sit in the religion on all over. I don't know. I don't yet winning more than two regain their right now that was. That was horrible but look like. It should flop it up and coach what we're gonna. I I don't know beyond that in their heads but they were manhandled out and they could have been to fourteen. Two players who are trying aid to war repair that could still happen so I don't know if they were worked at general Holland would know that but. I don't they were meant him via. Yeah you and what two or three d'antoni is. You know cost 300 yards rushing and it might not be that. You're not meaning it. Any team is it's just gonna get fat argue all day long if the meat products are a little holes that. He's got pulled up on him up but watch. So I mean they're good Democrat picked a figure that out it was going to be any candidates each year. And in this two game losing streak to become a full on tailspin. And you figure that out. We are beating any. Brandon is actually LaBrandon. Yeah I wanna bring up the back. Please call. Late how many time we got to try and run the ball or even wrote Michael all. How is this guy on the. Well if not I'm not the guy usually goes along with the play calling was bad. Theory especially when. You were manhandled it was like us being play calling is bought billion miles per but don't Tolbert voyage to make a boy. To say something about this and it's more organizational and it is about this game. But I don't know I mean I I think what. Here look because both ways that they got a lot of credit and they gave themselves what your credit for what did the changeover. The the roster in terms of you know. Because it's everybody else's word culture that's why you trade marshaled our Aureus that's why you signed by all which is not order which happened. That's why you do that why is he on this team. Because McDermott light that somebody could set examples not because he's gonna be elusive break tackles or anything. Now you're into November and you need wins and maybe you're better that you thought he would be record wise and like so it's it is glaring to me. Bet he is. A pass target for this franchise. It's good it goes both ways you wanna. Get rid of tail at you wanna get real Watkins you what you were rated. Good luck because those guys are good. And you can find yourself left with a team of good guys. If you will as opposed to good players. Yet there were off. There's a reason why team rates regardless. Right there there there were Koppel. Plays today. Denying it is in front got my dad and I don't exactly 39 here's a pass over the middle to Colbert percent. But it happened twice. Great. Thanks for coming quick what he even late here. It's it's thirty in third in 132. I'm gonna pitched up at the Markel. They're saying look you're not I have LeSean McCoy on the field when you're down by thirty points. So I again. The options are limited but. There's no other running back on the active roster. I mean there was actor for his right. Taiwan Jones got hurt. And you have had been herded and out but there's just no regalia they they picked up another guy in Tibet today right right. 4710. New Orleans what do we do now which opened Bulldog at Newark field. This is Buffalo Bills football. It's. Been one. Got around the rim won't buy a lot of sinks into taken over this ground. Magazines. It has kind of quality but they'll know what its people here from New Orleans they have their fun. Yeah the caller mentioned earlier that. It was Ingram not his first touchdown. Jumped into the crowd something that I don't well bill's winners on. Celek got the tradition here that is of course green back right so he jumps into the crowd and a caller called in before and said there was an bills player to get a lot of there. And I've been trying to decide if that matters to me like I I I. Expect a lot of people. Would have thought that. But it's kinda it's it's a little bit. High school holidays aura or the collegiate hockey guy and Italy it is not use. Who what why why this is ever on an opposing players is in the midst of the celebration that's ambiance. Almost never bomb. Are you could be wrecked you know on the scene mean I don't. Are getting to seeing obviously. By I don't. I am not disheartened by the fact that. What you know. Rolled home a gold there and grab him by the face mask and read it stands. What I mean. You think it's the kind of thing that McDermott would've thought to be human thought that. This is that kind of cold technically how the his collegiate attempt to regular dirt out of all lecturer at the Lipitor dirt picture we we think to ask about that tomorrow them on show our flagship. Well what what. You know access this team has the experience and enjoy aid. The last time I played here in this stadium. Yet Brandon Tate made a great play on second and long or second and 22 of fourteen to vote there behind the sticks. Any did a great play in the whole team. Swelled up on the bench on the sideline around hate to celebrate that play and they got that I got enough attention. That McDermott was even asked about it. It is Monday press conference in the house again. That was emblematic of they heavily in the culture in the process all this stuff so you don't have you know opposing players in the stands. I understand. Why you need to spirited about it. But again I don't know what I'm supposed to be it Colbert instigate a fight because the guy Jonathan's hands. I don't know about time some bills player runs over there it's probably over anyway I don't. Bothered. Body the bill's not reacting to. I I doubt but I'm also not bothered by someone who is upside was bothered. Your blood being bothered doesn't bother me if that bother you that you know bother me that while. So mine aren't bothered by the fact that you are not honored by just don't be bothered. All right thanks for article I've done Greg Greg Hartley with us here's my children and Aetna -- And what does that he's making he's actually carved it into what you know he's making it would sculpture I see him. A that's the Jay is Axel OJ. National football program director Marco Dan's. What did you heartening Davis was. I wanna get shot out to all veterans don't veterans week. It's true we have poor remote get out and do their own veterans weekend. If the circle wanna call up coaching era I think he let we freezers where he's been over there. Reducer in our federal ever QB adjustments. I don't see you this scheme. I think the same thing over and over and I'm getting tired of it in sort of built strip are pretty sure. Napier as governor and Arum you know make internal out. So I let me sit out. Figures. I mean I just pathetic I just roll my eyes at that. At about about Taylor bean took two point coaching points to. I know everything's terrible. You didn't expect a good season. You got halfway through it he got a good season. And now everything's terrible because today it was terrible and go last week was there also like OK thank Sumi thanks for that. Thanks for the insight. Taylor is not sitting because the guy had a good drive. Right the how many different if I might. Decided to think about this republic of up with ten different. Quarterback things over the years in this playoff drought bit. So back up goes in and those are faring airmen and OK let's go and it'll calls for that guy to start. They have a chance year that eliminated or anything. And you're looking at the it would it would be crazy. It would be seen as crazy the only the only. Rome they're rays for a Peter men should start point is if inside the organization. They see him and the blown away by Adam. And there would be murmurs that wait to see him play we're not doing that now. If if he orders start. That would need to be the reason why because you don't you don't know to turn out watching practice you don't know how good he has. But until he went and showed that which is all likely. That Google would be seen as insane. Around the league. I mean I think that's right. I also wanna say that. If Michael throw another game where my starting quarterback plays three to have orders for 56 yards. Staying with him might be insane. 56 yards. I mean. This game was better to just pile up garbage yards and he gave width 56. His us. Scrapped its. Sole. I don't think a change should be made probably could changes in the halting McDermott said as much but. Taylor growths that are at 56 yard pass. The heat to me buyout was not under great duress in this game. He just picked up 56 yards he had about what was it about a forty yard play that was such a dumb way so. Who was about that catch coming up the right sideline. Tops is way up field and just needlessly bureau stupidly just. Grabs. A potential tackler on the at least what he would ever not all of that so. Whatever forty yard gain or so ago when OK you know who you like a forty yard gain there that's negated and if there's. Kind of quirky thing if there's no penalty on the saints on the same play. You're holding penalty happens like forty yards upfield to return yards back from their you have a thirty yard gain. Because the saints or approximately I don't know exact numbers. The states heckled on the scene plea for roughing the passer. So it's no play in in that the United States the saints roughing the passer helped the saints. Because the bills and first down thirty yards of field and they were in the next play is the pac. Which is right to play Gloria are that Taylor it is clear the bull by which all. And it's a stat that goes on Taylor for interception even though what. So bandits you know walking touchdown in the out rout is on by the game over to her leadership regarding China and other team that guards and they also penalties and they also have stuff for him and apparently. This. Is not a hundred. Candidate has eighty now. One of the riot keeps going. Erica on. 47 times the score so there which one. Which opened old dog new air field this news. Buffalo Bills football. Buffalo Bills lose their first home game of the season today to the New Orleans Saints and it was by a lot final score 47 to ten. The big story of the day was the seat performance on the ground. 301 yards and six total touchdowns three by Mark Ingram won by Alvin Camaro won by tree Edmonds and won by Drew Brees. Out of the shotgun looks looks pump one ticked away from pressure still no deal. Wolverines a seven yard scramble for the rushing touchdown. Brees in his career still has never throw a touchdown. In buffalo despite the bills getting nothing going on offense the game was still within reach. At the half the bills trailed by fourteen however the seats came out in the second half with two quick touchdowns one was set up by tyra Taylor's third interception of the season. Third and twelve Kelvin Benjamin wide left side. Smith yeah. Looks down a little fired down a little bottled. Took my avenue sat quietly. It is ranked in. Anger at what point should an on the next play for the saints Tyrod Taylor finishes nineteen at eighteen for 56 yards. Andy pick Nate Pearman came on in garbage time he went seven of ten for 79 yards and the bills only touchdown. To nick O'Leary the bills and under in ninety yards in total 75 of which coming on that final dried. Next up for buffalo it very important game in the standings against the LA chargers in LA kick off his next Sunday at 405. Elsewhere the jets follow of their went against the bills from last Thursday night with a fifteen to ten loss to write Fitzpatrick. And the Buccaneers. Green Bay gets back in the win column with W over Chicago Cleveland drops to 09 with a loss to lions Tennessee Minnesota. And Jacksonville also among today's winners. Three games and action right now the rams lead six to nothing and the Texans six minutes ago. In the second quarter just getting going in the second quarter and two other games giants lead the forty niner 63 at Dallas leads Atlanta 73. This update is brought to you by north tower automotive north tower automotive sales service and selection to the nth degree. For the Buffalo Bills radio network I'm Jody B Osce now for a look on traffic here is Neil McManus. Okay here traffic is moving quite slow at the moment especially all around the stadium self power. You have it and big tree all very much under speed at this time. Miles strip he got back ups from the 29 team. All the way over to McKinley. Who do nineteen news bumper to bumper year all the way up to the ninety's the nine the very much under speed through the 400 ridge road. And actually you're going to be tapping the brakes all the way up until all Walden in the 33. Everything you're about an alternate route to a South Park well South Park from. Southwestern all the way up until mile strip does clog very well as is route five. You learn to some backups along. Would lawn in the skyway there. Trevor being brought you bike route collusion make the right decision insist on robo collusion I'm gimmick offense on the Buffalo Bills football network.