Buffalo Bills - 10/29/17 Post-Game Hour 1

Sunday, October 29th

Hour one from the Buffalo Bills Radio Network post-game show following Week 8's 34-14 victory over the Oakland Raiders on Sunday


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This is the post game show would show that the bulldogs. What do you buy northwest make the switch to northwest and get back to living. Welcome back to new air field. We're the bills have just smoked the Oakland Raiders. 34 to 145. In two. I don't feel right at quickly what do you what it wouldn't you wouldn't sometimes now sometimes silence. And speaks volumes. And they smoked though this game was 77 late in the first half. They forced a fumble that goes down as a fumble. The play where Matt Lotto return the ball the young drew Washington coughed up all the way it's their game from then on. Just a decisive. Excellent win. And so. This is a legit season right now five and two at the jets Thursday night. And have all the conversations at the one about the playoff drought ever want about the patriots. About the quarterback. But what about the quarterback I guess the one about the draft can wait that. One I think is gonna have to wait at least for a while Gannett would have won about. Have won about culture. If you want this team traded away their highest paid player on Friday. Aaron Hill onkyo and raise your hand if you noticed that it wasn't on the field if you. Yeah it would notice of what he's been here he's not here and all the it was on this team. Yeah but he that that trade. You and I have taken more than a hundred phone calls in the last year or so or more about that idea. Can't you do that if you don't want them around if he's not worth it. Can't you trade them a lot of people talk like of course you can't have talked like that. And we tend to zone well you really can't I never assume that they could trade him there's there's two facets to it of course you have to find. Someone who wants to take on the commitment that contract represents moving forward. Also have the good with some 24 million dollars combined. Or reduce your next year of that money. How badly do you not want a guy overall. If you are willing to do that mean you're not paying him anymore and so his salary isn't on your books and you know so there's that's that's that's not nothing. Bought wild. And that's right just churns along. So is it feels to me like another. Validation just like last week when I've got a guy who signed five days before the game. Going over a hundred yards receiving and you have to Thompson. Taiwan Jones making a big play down the stretch to run some clock it's that the pulls up. For game winning field goal. Today. This team on the field of urged time after trading away. Are sold arias. Immediate it was emphatic that it looks like another strong day for McDermott in the area or what he is trying to sell build. Tune this team and its database. Now with Halloween coming up they're just the last few minutes it's thriller. It's it's it's my family's. Halloween music mix it's thriller it's the ghost busters the human. You know you throwback uniforms and this feels like you know like I don't know what you're it is. Right now watching them win and feeling like it might be good and hearing ghost busters and thriller like I don't know what your watching them win and watching them. Do wit in a way. Italy last week I even admitted to it to coach -- are a bit when he was out with us on our local show on WG -- our flagship on Monday. That. I was really tense you know the the box go ahead by seven and I'll bracing for. Collect on the break the heartbreak. And the of course it OK this he liked. The split. The local last raiders possessions blatantly gonna happen. I mean it was unlikely to be the right field put the Dakota. And got an onside kick that you could have been taken out you know hanging out by a thread here and have some nervousness. Instead it was like very important three are barely even noticed that it was fourth down in the us and all the bills of the ball in Los on the court opinions. But oh OK I guess that's how this is gonna go great escape meets 477 it's over but I came from. Our usual spot in the press box took him to the broadcast Booth here or reduce the post game show. At about that baby was 4714 by the but it it's 477. It's in the fourth quarter like you're going to win pedestal it's felt to me like I was really able to listen to too much of the broadcast but it just felt like we were still supposed to be paying its action. But now a team like now would be credible if you lost and it oldest team had. A good lead in the second half against these raiders last year it lost that game but we are great shape 47 seventh that it's such a good job there today. Can't believe so you don't wanna start to be careful be cognizant of the clock. And they are still label to run their offense. And drive the field and score that draw it was just it was a twelve play drive. And they overcame. True. Second don't want it to hoping I'm that. And those are maybe the biggest passing plays of the day Taylor now that the road to take. Was great to open it was over the middle which you know something that he gets criticized Taylor for and take exit that in just a great jobs away from. Wanna get up or down. But it out of the ball there and then. Shortly thereafter the errors as another daughter probably and so tough down and distance and Taylor throws an ice ball out. On the sideline on homes. That was just about perfectly placed. And he made a lot of great poise they managed to you know. Wanted him errors the third quarter ended in the switched and the men quarterback sneak on fourth and happy ardent ago how great a play it is Taylor's. The touchdown to hold early in the game. Where he's just. I didn't think about Daria say I think about coil back very much no I mean Taylor just did his thing. And that passed a holds a great play floats one to him in the court not quite the quarter the side of the end zone holds taps his feet. It's really interest them with a guy like most about that played by Taylor is that he he sort of spun around a little bit he was he was scrambled around in the pocket. And he took the time to current reset. But he reestablished. His footwork and I think that allowed him to put that ball. You know exactly where he wanted to put it as opposed to I think I think it's it's easy if your dad went around once you start to sort of keep running round and not. Reestablish your fundamentals won't work and then you know that I can lead to. Some errant throw body heat reset and then found Olson. Yeah I mean he he made some big. Released today. Bills five into. Blasting the raiders 34. To fourteen Mike show in the Bulldog on the post game showtime now. For the express Smart stats of the game check it out expressed Bart not your average convenience store Taylor. It's very typical to what he for 47165. And one at of course no interceptions the guy never throws an interception. Taylor passing yards almost about half a deck of but their carton who won 65 to cars 313 is that yes. And so at one rushing yards for Taylor in a touchdown. In this game to the very familiar stat line from the bills quarterback efficient. I think with the rushing touchdown of the passing touchdown today Taylor is that for his career with the bills 56. Touchdowns. Rushing and throwing fourteen interceptions. What Shawn McCoy 47 for 151. And a touchdown late salt the game away car 31 for 49313. Touchdowns who picks Massey. DR straight Washington. Six were 46 will be the raiders on the route eight for 62 to lead them as well receiving lies he did have or are receiving touchdown. Corporate grant 35 catches each and not big factors right. Cooper I think at the start this game was booked within the raiders just brought the field easily. It looked easy anyway. From my vantage point in the press box to start the game Cooper I was fearing what's really get off. In this game but Howard Simons is with us in the brought button and after you left. The EP match immediately noticed that they started having previous white follow who. After that first ride that was like the an obvious change that you could see instead of just playing left right which Google's McDonnell lot. Under this coaching staff. White started following Cooper on the field and he barely was hurt again and really garbage. Yes the bills have a rookie where you can do that at and we had matchups against Samari Cooper. Apparently it. It's the raiders the rest of the day. You know they had they had the you know another drive ticket to get to fourteen. And that also look much like their first possession. We walked. Not quite output was put it it's Watson. Who didn't seem very typical. And you know him from the first lied to that drive in between of this game was just was just weird for them in that overs there. But a lot of passes and looked the ball out of the bills really. Did get around lake and got Karl date because their passing game seems to be predicated on getting apple out there past. On what that sometimes does make it gives it limits your potential we'll make bigger place. And took the ball's getting out your throwing short and flat in the bill for the good job tackling so even though car got two nights number. Over 300 yards passing. It was them to an effective to him. Yeah me too. So five and two. New England 186. In two. They had a game we'll tell you more about them as we go here Sean McDermott. Right beautiful day in Western Europe wasn't. We'll go ahead and open up to questions. First. Who. It's. But Leslie Frazier and defense to step putting their game plan together starts there and players you know for the time during the week you know we really embrace. Next man up approach he saw that with. Them a lot of make another big player to. Trails to make him play. You know so it was good good flew defense and thought throughout the gains. And you know that you have weapons is tough office to slow down solid against Kansas city's. Is it for years after now if not more good good quality quarterbacks so. You know publicly good team defense overall fourth quarters. The first possession. Trade. Vote for a little bit with that one line in the slot. Outrage today in a good job he knows it. Pro Bowl receiver. You know good good matchup for trade and the challenge of friend horrendously. And you know so there are some things he made some adjustments you know they had success in the first tablet makers of the takeaways are big in the game. Obviously it was fourth zero so that was being gets more special teams as well so. You at all anything about his familiarity with the mare and things for two years at school. Does that make it different in your thinking ever when you know what guys not. In all the players speak. And I just I think familiarity certainly helps. Do it again this error you're not used this but this area always wondered about if this is the real purpose like this bill. Why do you think this team again I don't know if you're why you think this team could be if we see your. Yeah you know odd moment to talk about this team I don't know what's in here in the past that with all due respect. I just know that we come out every week you guys work hard. You know they respect the process and for the time and when you put your time and you care about one another. He tell you work. You give yourself a chance and that's with a hole. Earning the right earned their right you fill in the blank and you know for us it's about earning the right to have a chance to win on Sunday night doing things right away. On the field doing things right off the field money to send. That of course. Tray just shorter. And looking I really appreciate you know all the time in an effort that myself wouldn't this team and and really we wish him well those things are never easy. You know especially the timing and everything in players are funny and extremely well and came out the right mindset today. To take care what they need to take care but we wish we wish Marshall nothing but that. Made you feel good. On the fourth goal to go forward there just your thought process and his confidence in the office line confidence in our quarterback. And you really that's it. But respect for the take away run the team is our time and only can you remember. A stretch it's lasted this long. I mean that in one week it's multiple takeaways per week for the stretch. Yet those those tend to come in bunches sometimes and are doing really good job and are both special teams. And also defensively and then on the other side of the ball. The respect for the football that we have that we keep to the ball. We security and covered up when we need to cover. And that goes along wait your point. Where a group play well. He's an athlete. He's an athlete. So that's a great play I don't think we came up with that don't know. Great Plano which we would come up with them to. You know so. What are some things we can do better about the same time this will be no quick turnaround in turning yourself Rafer Johnson asking. Well. What future. You. It. Yes lament golf course you know get the crowd and gain in and does crowd's awesome you know running it is special to play in Western New York. And now they guys feel that and they appreciated as two mines that. These fans are awesome. It's hard to come in here with with an offense like that that's actors in them when you had a twelfth man. And I loved it I love it. But there. They ate huge I mean who we need to challenge of their special teams units that are built that way with with 84 and third in what they do both dangerous. So we were able to guys took it to heart as big challenge for it to be personally and and but they set the tone at times with the coverage units and and in both thought Colton and and Stephen had a phenomenal thing is we'll treat Ferguson mentioned in this because nothing happens without read as we all know. The course. They're street affects your game plan given that happens on Friday night. Very outward future events like that. You know these guys are resilient relate to make a nine. You look at the look at their I. Was Khost target rate to to play a football game on Sunday and that's that they had. Going on and and I appreciate that and you know they put in so much time during the week that. You know they were going to be denied and that's that's true essence of respecting the process and so. You know when you do that giving yourself a chance. Or. Question private tyra. Honestly. I thought we moved the ball well when we needed to move well you know like adjustments we made Rick Dennison and and now office staff and in the communication experience silent with. The players coming off the field you know sharing with the coach and staff that they were seen him and vice Versa so the adjustments that are key. And it it will continue to be Keyon communications. Will be big for us moving forward so I thought we had some key drives when we needed it and I like how we ran football. Late in the game that was important. The almost. Previous four weeks. What is Jay what is written you. Well probably you know I take my answer from last week and and pulled up on this recite that those demands are again this week announced it's now not that. The disrespect by just feel like that's the yeah honest truth. You know just about our work the communication had over the by. Coaches do the job in the players the players take the game plan and take ownership of and that's part as well. I found out here from. Today preaching. For. Hang on I don't go back to south question effective equipment out from Salina but did a great job also now in the run game but also protecting Tyrod. Tyrod made some big time throws for the game time and I stepped up in the pocket getting hit some good things there are found open receivers against separation. You're going against polio Mac and we all know he can record game as well as 51 Irvin so. Going back to the writing wasn't just run in the office when it passed in the house on Simon. Theory. You were appointed as we feed her zone preaching a message. An accident. You have to have players for. Yeah great part about it is that these guys every one of them prepare. All the way there 63. Mean guys on the team that's in this way we look at that's our approach and you're watching. Guys work out even known in northern Iraq and play they're out working out there trying to get better. They're break neck growth mindset and when you're doing that they know that you're you know you're playing away potentially from playing in. And now they've seen guys step up Brandon Tate met a lot of trails and Andre homes and those those those names. Really personify what you said terms of the next man up mentality and their ready in the taken. Taiwan last week he was ready for his opportunity who's it going to be. Next week and that's exciting part about it. It's. Oh. So our. Maybe fake. Now Matt had a net look like at least on the surface in a big game and a you know like I mentioned before the great part about that as he continues to learn. And make big time jumps in between one outing from one to another outing and he makes he's made the most of his opportunity nets you know I love those hard decisions. And on the Ramones a good football player. You know it's a good thing force could promise and then when you're developing young players that are getting significant playing time experience. That's being. Guns. You were on torture. This school I was really cool. Can Communist I think the officials were worried that there is something else going on there but it was. And it was straight just sheer. Wrong. Guys just happy for Brandon knowing how big a play that was to mean all effort we got some key blocks. Late in the play these guys finishing plays you know and his grit their teeth news there's a lot of fun to watch. But mr. Bills over the raiders 3414. I thought maybe he would be asked about his kickoff strategy right from the opening kickoff today they did not. Want to kick the ball Paterson it's team but he was not asked. 3414. Bills now five into this is much over the Bulldog on the post game show. Four lines open 8030550. Or 1888550. To 550. Right now traffic. Years Neil McManus. 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Saving you money on car insurance has been in Geico is playbook for over 75 years so after the game. Get according Geico dot com. Geico so easy a caveman can do it. The Buffalo Bills approved to fight in 22017. Season and he stayed perfect at home for no with today's 34 to fourteen win. Over the Oakland Raiders the raiders got going early scoring on their first drive. But it just seven more points for the rest of the date. Meanwhile the bills put up their highest point total of the season and scored at least thirty points for the second straight week Tyrod Taylor started the scoring in the second quarter. Second and goal from the sixties it. Taylor what's this time out here. Audrey Holmes caught his third touchdown of the year on neck catch score was still tied with under a minute to go in the first half. A bills defense that it's consistently gotten turn over all season came up big again art takes the snap. How could I hope of and rookie Matt a lot of scores his first career touchdown on that play in the second half more turnovers forced by the bills a lot of forced a fumble on a park that's out of a field goal by Stephen housed on Micah Hyde interception. Set up another field goal Hyde is up to five interceptions on the year. The raiders remain unable to move the ball in the third and for much of the fourth up 4714. Which is a few minutes to go Shawn McCoy but the nail in the coffin. Offset I formation of the web site double tight end. It's good. Yeah. McCoy had a huge game 27 carries for 151 yards and a touchdown Tyrod Taylor finishes twenty of 2761. Yards passing touchdown. And a rushing touchdown final score bills 34 raiders fourteen. On the out of town scoreboard the Bengals improved to three and four with a comeback win over the colts 24. 23 Tom Brady throws for over 321. To thirteen win over the chargers New England now six and two. And the jets losing another close game to Atlanta 25 to twenty. Two games currently an action both NFC games Dallas up 73 on the redskins' ten minutes ago in the first quarter and the Texans a fourteen to seven. On the Seahawks nearing an end of the first quarter. In that one. This bill's game wrap up his brought you by independent health from your average major unexpected independent health of Red Shirts are here to help. For the Buffalo Bills radio network I'm Jody B Osce. Congestion as you can well imagine we have slowdowns all around the stadium at stop and go on big tree between the 219 an avid southwestern a slow go all the way from the stadium tomorrow stripped. If you're a mile strip that we roadways slow all the way you from the 219 to McKinley and up to South Park. Once you get under the through nineteen that's gonna be bumper to bumper all the way up to the ninety's thinks are opening up a little bit near the 400. But that's gonna change soon we can well imagine driving being brought you by crew and collision make the right decision insist on Peru a collision I'm Neil McManus on the Buffalo Bills football network. It's this. So. I. The touchdown. Bills over the raiders big 3414. Yup. Mike show for the bulldogs do air field all the bills that don't really is just dom. Their top draft picks in recent years they traded Marshall arias away stunningly on Friday. For the season Sammy Watkins. Ronald Darby. Like. Throw people use the word core to describe what they were bought like the top the stars the team. Looked like Tyrod Taylor would not be back but. Each and this coach clicked. They gave it a shot. And they're good and that is hilarious and great I mean it's just it's fun when you. It's gonna be provided you can't predict these bill seasons have been soul like. Over the playoff drought not just that they've missed of people spend a lot alike at at one and water to one. I was feeling like that's total was coming here. Maybe got. All I know I mean it it it's you know it's been the temptation. To save these are not those bills anymore or is is very high you'd you know you just you just don't know all at five in two. Last time to build apartment it was 2011 I lost seven and heroic. Solely that that happened about not not to take you back there are and try to convince you how much you or I or anybody able to you in that team when they were bought into what they were Ivan. And that was it some by the end of the next season he was gone. Awkward so that we we've been there before but this team mean that play right there that's that's meant a lot hole. Okay. Two weeks on a roll making big plays. And Leonard Johnson I believe is the player that force that ball. And here you mentioned RB Willie Johnson is a guy who's obviously be part of this completely overhauled secondary. And you know all we do is this seemingly make plays that they're at. This guy forces that over to Michael I made with another reception today ultimate ball from Preston brown you've been here he's not exactly and race or anything. The the the names of the players that are impacting the game on Larry Holmes catches a touchdown and it makes a big reception. To extended another drive that turns into what touchdown. At least the third quarter in the fourth quarter. You can please out of guys that you just simply. I don't think you like football available bills fans were expecting these guys have any impact on the season. And not only have an impact if there impacted positively there making the the plays that we do things. Let's take your calls at 803 over by big deal world a bit late getting started with that impressed that he was long press conference was long. So wells get a couple right now Jason is with us hi Jason. Buried out here judges and thank you. Are. Hey. Just won't wanted to do a PayPal commands you know suit Sean McDermott and I think either real leader. And that is kind of wanted to get some feedback comment I know our own Ivan too and you know keep it up also on my New York. Well who's gonna say that who's to say anything. Critical about McDermott or it's on like a he's conservative I think and they're probably will be games. It in my opinion that will get them about booking to make that point but if you want feedback on whether he's a good leader. Mean it's his first years ahead coach and he has this team going the right way. It and it seems to me like lose like I said last week I think this this this game the players who made the ways that matter in this game. All our. That they've been sort of reinforce they helped drive the point home. That McDermott has been trying to make that he'd been preaching here so we've we've spent a lot of time trying to. Just determine exactly how impact for all that stop is going to be culture family our heart were all all the stuff. That that he talks about is there's no real way to Majerus. But he's. His way he has worked. They debate created Marcel bars states rated Sammy Watkins but he treated while Barbie we traded some of the best players we thought they had on this team. And they're getting. And powerful plays from guys who. And we didn't really even think about. The LT mighty. Commentary about how that stuff I think is over rated in the locker. Today what what isn't overrated is you ports of turnovers. And they had four. The raiders had four in the bills had done so you're gonna win most games when that happens. I think there there is lucky in that end. They are getting those bounces those mistakes that older teams are making at certain times some of that to the bill's credit and some of it is just. You know the sport but when you get that. Mean you couldn't you couldn't look like you have all the culture stuff right there at your plus four in turnovers and you know maybe they do that right. Let's go to met next time that. Big argument that you can't really measure pathetic and yes it's that. We got five wins two losses. Reward in the exe setup for a playoff run it all that they're a bit itself on being attributed spoke for you later ourself. Okay thanks. Patrick next hi Patrick. Hey. Sean McDermott was tired and we heard trust the process he made three great trade in my belief. And they've paid out we don't eat walk and we don't need areas and we don't need Kirby. And it's been good bye. You know it was Tony 77. And my girl or girls on me. Teary eyed is because we are believing in his system and it's hard not to believe it is system that's working. And it's the first time that Libya war and oh at home. And B it's hard not to be emotional. It's the first time they've started for no homes since 95 which is so long ago maybe that's boy it was sped out of it you know. Girls were important picked it up. 3414 of the final march over the Bulldog on post game more ahead. This is Buffalo Bills football. Registration defense is that put a good game plan together starts there and players you know for the time under in the week. You know we really embrace this. Next man up approach he saw that we. Them a lot of make another big player to. Trails to make play. You know so it was good good flu defense of thought throughout the gains. And you know that you have weapons system tough office the slowdown facility in Kansas City here. Is it for a year and a half now if not more good the quality quarterback. Great help for your man out of Mississippi. Or second year woods has experienced one that would be his second year in the league visit it is your rookie it is our. I mean we we all know this but if you look at. Bill Google bills draft pick history. 20111. Targets. To Erin Williams. 20121. Gilmore. 240 glad. 2013. One EJ Manuel to Robert wards. 20141. Sammy Watkins. To Cyrus Quantico. But skip eight names and I think that Glenn is still on the team there have been trade rumors that deadline is Tuesday. I think all seven. All of those other guys were on this team last season. Sorry it's williams' lawyers got hurt. Gilmore of course what is still here Manuel started in week seventeen last year what was on the team last year. Watkins of course while Joseph was here yes he lost 2015. No first round pick because a lot straight Darby. 2016. Shaq Lawson rag and check Lawson is the order 2011. Through 20161. And second rounds radical was traded to replace them but he was traded this summer. Record close. Thanks Barbara Jo we're by the total Ryder list what I say before Daria swat teams aren't try to override your list what what's on the west. This is six years off drafts and I'm just giving you the top two picks because it's more convenient for me from my point but just give up the top two picks. And they're just they're just launched. That piece if you will of their past. We're being flushed makes Zoellick you know if they get a bad job but they have just you know. Rip that from this team. And in that it is for watched. For draft picks right caritas is it meaningless slow traffic and this huge capital Williams laughed. Complicated you know his injury history Gilmore left for money. Glad to still hear each day it was cut woods left for money lock ins it was a conference was okay Watkins. Literally leave for money but they knew that they didn't wanna pay him eventually sell. Darby. Redlands Donald that. It'd be sitting here at five into Iraq. It is I mean. It it it was required like Utley reached celebration I think for the people really like to talk about this team. And if it'll lose steam because it just is not something. I'm I would have very need to be said Odom what sort of put my money down in August it shouldn't brag about the journal. Much of Obama down on his team beat five and eleven. The beat five and 2% and it. Replete with all of that in mind all the things that they have bought the choice that they have made. With the roster. And you sort McDermott talked about that you're you're kidding beef please help negative perception and in need that play necessarily. But still I mentioned Leonard Johnson. And that's (%expletive) up a lot goal scoring a touchdown and forcing another formal. Oh wait Iran. Ryan who was the guy last week with the strip sack of Winston Brian Davis Ryan Davis gave up power to mr. power he wants Howard Simon our morning show host our flight to buffalo. Notice on the fourth three play Oakland's final possession. It's. I think it it's important. And Davis. And Terrelle worth. On the the only guy that's your thing here you know it's almost more like. Names from a video game that doesn't have a license I mean that the game was stopped hanging in the balance there are. At all but still. Kind of Oakland gets touched down there. You kind of have something nailed JaJuan. Of course it's about salt this game away yet that comes right after that. So here it is like its fourth in the end you know your name here on the feet and and that's working for them. Keep getting keep winning turnover margin might agree for keep doing that. I don't wanna sound like critical because that that would be ridiculous by. This and that is that is how you do this right well. If I think there is Louis Missouri is locked in randomness in that idol it's any accident that the quarterback doesn't provable. That's nearly getting bounces and getting turnovers. Can be at their camp we look there also it I mean this this is a team that we have been brought Ian Charles Tillman did teach them to strip the ball. So called the the turn over that a lot of itself causes on the part. That's not luck I mean if what that you did it when it rolled around on the ground. But the forcing of that it's not like he has tears after the ball where they've waited it out about recovery get it. Replays were out. We're not clear Tolbert. 3414. Bills border calls next hour on post game show 8030550. Or 188. 550 to 550. Which over the bulldogs here at new airfield this is Buffalo Bills football.