Buffalo Bills - 10/1/17 Post-Game Hour 2

Sunday, October 1st

Hour two from the Buffalo Bills Radio Network post-game show following week 4's 23-17 victory over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday


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He'll let the falcons are undefeated no more as the Buffalo Bills noted in new owners Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta and pull off the upset win 23 to seventeen and here's how it all went down after another uneventful first quarter the falcons go three nothing in the second quarter with a twenty yard field goal for Matt Bryant however buffalo. Turn right around with a nine yard touchdown pass from Tyrod Taylor to Jordan Matthews that happen and with a one yard touchdown run from now in front inactive bounty Freeman. An. 52 yard return for a touchdown. The shotgun snap here comes pressure right up the middle Ryan unloads its incomplete. They'd let us know it's it's the but not no whistle don't Wetzel. They're both today. Bill but rhythmic pressure sixth best drivers yet Preston brown and others the flag on the play. And it wasn't an incomplete pass earlier in his funeral when the real thing. Touchdown buffalo. On the very next drive Ryan has picked off by Micah Hyde deep in bills territory and and the bills' offense went back to work killing off nearly eleven and a half minutes off the clock in setting up Stephen house go for 24 yard chip shot. Exactly five minutes later the falcons give back in the end zone with a three yard touchdown pass from Brian Johnson hardy to tie the game at seventeen. And Tyrod Taylor starts very next drive with a big 34 yard pass to Charles clay to get into Atlanta territory eventually set up how ocean up for this go ahead 56 yard field goal that. You have 55. Maybe even a 56 yarder. It's not snippets down the kid is on the way and the kick. The falcons get the ball back with plenty of time left in the drive down three but Micah Hyde comes up with a another big interception return to 35 yards in the falcons territory. And then after another 55 yard field goal from how it's gonna go up by six. The dogs at one more chance to take the lead but come up empty inside the buffalo red zone and the bills hold on for the 23 to seventeen win. The bills are now 31 as they get ready to face the Bengals next Sunday kick off that 1 o'clock with Merv Kelso and sell on the call right here on the Buffalo Bills radio network now here's a look at the express parts stats of the game express mark check it out not your average convenience or. Tyrod Taylor went only twelve of twenty per 182 yards but throwing that one touchdown on that Ryan went 2442 for 242 yards one touchdown and two interceptions Osama quite carry the ball for twenty times. For 76 yards while leading the way for receiving was Charles Oakley with five catches. For a 112 yards around the NFL the bills next opponent in the Bengals they get a big 317 win over the browns for their first win of the year. And the bills 31. And they're atop the AFC east why. Well that's because the Panthers getting 83330. Win over the patriots in Foxboro the patriots now falling to two into quick look at some other scores the rams getting a 3530 win over the cowboys in Dallas earlier and one in the scenes like in the dolphins twenty to nothing while the lines they hold off the vikings 314 to seven win currently ongoing right now the Eagles with a thirteen nothing lead over the chargers that one in Los Angeles the 49ers pulling a 63 lead. Over the Arizona Cardinals. And the Buccaneers Lee at thirteen nothing leaked at home over the New York Giants this game ray picked recap ease brought you by independent health. From your every dates here and expected independent helps Red Shirts are here to help. I bring Wilson for the Buffalo Bills ready network. This is the post game show which she opened the bulldogs. Brought to you by northwest made the switch to northwest and get back to living. Power to the post game show the bills upset. The Atlanta Falcons 23. To seventeen. That really happened there are three and one and that is first in the AFC east. Alone. New England loses a home to Carolina 33 to thirty they can't stop the of people the patriots. Terrible first month and these further. Patriots first month of the season for the patriots on defense that should be easier all the should be easier or my donor. I was rushing and excited video excited familiar accuse me of being excited I'm I'm excited. The jets are to ensue for summaries and federal what they think they're doing. And Miami at her. Is. What one and two they wanna run away and lost to him but he did play via. Opening weekend I tell you might be except. I don't know all these years rebuilding year. Together for toward these games so much of this drought we've spent together these road games sitting in this studio watching these games. Don't have a home game now offer two years running. And I know I'm different. When I'm invested. You know what there's there's been plenty of these Sundays especially late in the season despite their lofty in the homestead is where you're sitting here just watching news. The three hours to go buy open the show go home won't comment Wilson just discipline pick a more important now. When it's early in the season. And this is so what's new here that that that I think is easy to like but McDermott. Not everything but small mostly hit his style what what they're trying to do here. We've talked a lot about just how meaningful that can be. But I want it to manner and I want this to work for him. And to have them in a spot you're aware that there there in this game is the reason for the third quarter and it's like. It's neat it's not fair game but they certainly haven't had a great look at. Winning this game. My whole demeanor changed my reaction please I mean I'm just tense armed I'd there's some pasting it goes I only get at everything and what makes me think just how much I missed that. You know it's not forced to dude really it's real it it's got to be real. And today it really was so I don't think that means I'm excited I don't know if you are but I'm I'm excited. I am I. No one will care but the big game like this early in the season when you might have something we don't know yet if your team is good. I still do have this much white left us and I have the Kama wonder what will be different if they're actually good like are we gonna. You know. What the short sound different of course but. Like when the sabres real quick when the sabres got really good like ten years ago. TV cared about our show so TV would comment on the sentinel there have more listeners or viewers and we had but still it would comment and they would take our picture. Just because we were talking about the sabres and their viewers apparently wanted that so I'm just stuff. The Who knows that he is a Fanny think about what everything about it ES began or. Flexed in this on the night what ever reason to stop the makes you like being a fan in order that it's. Our turn to released and it should. At least to be. Awful on a fun week media on a couple of weeks of Europe and the Bengals next week. And then you got a body. You know hopefully they don't let everybody down and lay in Hague in Cincinnati but. The bill should be a story. In the league this week. Vick I mean it. That probably not going to be ahead of New England losing to Carolina and home. All right so you're bracing for a bit the bills but the Monday night countdown show you if you do that before Monday Night Football. The bills will be a story Tony Dungy probably on the Sunday Night Football in America show. We talking about the bills to former Julio Jones speaker sure maybe but I think they will be. Fans are gonna have. A week or so here to sort of popped their chests out and enjoy the bills being talked about it I think this is a significant win. In the week. It's a good opponent it's on the road and it's a new head coach in late you know those story lines work for the TV people. Especially when the team sort of wins and old fashioned way. But like these guys are playing defense run run the ball and likened. Like Tibet like eight to one somewhere that if don't she goes talk about that that's what he says he'll running and defense are still the place Bora right. He go 30550. Is the number Trevor is next I Trevor. Hey guys I want you you know. Been a long time before. You can allot cute games like last week I thought are sure they're gonna blow it. Again today they're unemployed. And here we are green line. Sure I believe. Well depends on what you're asking me to believe it or what what do you what do you want to believe. I said before the last break that up with this win does for me today. It is puts in a spot now where I look at the rest of my schedule. And I go. My defense shows up I am I mean every one of these games I just think the Bengals will be the same way mean that the should you believe should you assume that you win in Cincinnati because you wanna Atlanta no. I mean anybody presidential leagues events or know that that's just not the NFL is it possible of course it's possible possible anyway. So you know you can do that much it's it's really hard to predict the league. What you just wanna do as much as this one join me to say because it's sort of coach speak eat but you just want to accumulate wins. And then when you can't predict next week if you lose next week it hurts that much less because your still live it you won three games already and only. Mean nobody's won four right right it's all that accent I mean can you assume they'll keep winning no. But. They have fewer games left that they will need to win two gold the playoffs for the first time in eighteen years about that that's good as or something right. Here's John whether a site John. I don't think guys stick micro that thing. There's. Odom weren't Acura Merck closed the pre season game yourself which they seem to be pretty burners forest every scheme because off the side. All that there's there's something. That they're not really telling anybody or. Do you think our. If they're not only birdie there that's on us well he's not he's not been listed on the injury report she's not miss practice time because of it. Bought. You you're noticing something that I'm sure a lot of fans are noticing and has not lost on me. And then there seems to be some kind of an issue there but he's been able so far to play through it does that should that concern you well yeah. He's he's the most dangerous guy they have on the team. So. I beat him. Continuing to be a factor. Is vital to any sort of I mean their their offense is still this is great when it is this is they are not any kind of pulled offensive team they need McCoy. Without him I think they're really you know bad. Here is sandy and actual sandy. I don't bother I think to take my call to think I'm pitching like out today really. And if you it is hard not to get too far ahead of myself but if you. Ponder something it and you know look at the cities we had that plan has quite New Orleans and Cincinnati and you're warrants in. Miami in the in England thought twice that seems a little early in the process. And estimates are real and they take one week at a time one game at a time those games are winnable and yet goes up against country are you warn Matt and. I'm giving them the patriot games. Her. Yeah that's for sure. While the but their weight their road we'd better than you are to begin wet so they're not impressive by their own standard but they're going to. Right so they do a few there and that's not winnable there the winnable every year but it's it's so what you wanna put them in you know in the bag already. Yeah I would wanna do that or what I what I am what I'm saying it is. This there there it will still be their defense is what the problem is there's there's still scored thirty points today against a team the Eagles could get in the hands against. So there are offense is going to be a challenge. I think my defense was up to Atlanta today I don't hate their chances of me and all who slowing down New England. I just want. It to be interest thing Kim can they get to December. And have a well three years I mean the last three years. Nine and 78 and 87 and nine. Not bad. Mets winning half your games over those three years they were not a bad team in the last three years but it was still to me it was it's still was forced. The way the playoff picture played out it was forced New England was. Probably way ahead in each one of those seasons the electorate that's just a given maybe they won't be this year and whether I'm playing them I'm one of those given days or not. It could still just be funded. Have a realistic shot I mean how many games the bills played in forever. In the regular season there was no playoffs in the regular season that matter. And that's what today does today makes that more. Likely that's that's big right that's big is not just making an attack it's being close. And having more than one game in the last seventeen years that. Meant they knew they could go to the playoffs if they want to Pittsburgh game which even and that day it was not you didn't know that date that they would make it. If they ones they had a chance at it rafter had a very little of that. Even in the you know weeks leading up to week seventy all right we'll see what. New England ultimately he has pleaded it's important to point out that they did score their points today. Against the team that is thought to be good defensively Carolina so. Can I count on my offense to exploit their defense or defense is where they're weak. And you know the Carolina needed to get to 33 today to beat them so. That needs to be said. But look don't worry about to me whether or not get this guy wants to mark the New England games down his wins. You've got three already use your if the goal is ten let's just say like you trim the players on leave at ten wins. You'll find seven wins the pick out of there for now. I've got Cincinnati I've got killed by got to Oakland at the jets again and at the same thing at the chargers but I. All of the colts. The dolphins twice beat Atlanta who's out there early and that you're not supposed to be able to beat whom I scared of now. But you know I I am not really like I don't got to go to Kansas City, Kansas city's really good. Are. Deliberately. Mediocrity two and all of them right. Don't worry about me and I mean I'm not completely until the summer let's hope that they are in a position to have those doing when games matter there was a lot of ways to have form with today but. When you get this far is now I know will be the patriots twice. That's when it can sound I think it's crazy. Bill is whether us next hi bill. I don't show. Okay they've got bug. I just wanted to give credit to Doug Weight reciting the them how go that is worth two games at least as far as I can see. And also letting Steven Gilmore goal even though we're only four games into it. Looks like a good move letting Mike you'll sleep goat that looked like we missed them all luck and he and Micah Hyde and he signed Jordan employer. Like a high it was a different today who turnovers. So cruel to Doug Whaley on the big scale up Brandon being. But slowly give credit to look Doug Weight looks like she did a good job whale. By that McDermott had a lot to do a lot of those Mo Larsen not Venezuela by apple okay. Yeah I was right he did have a desk now regret at during those you know that period. Here's Denny next solo Downey. Well Denny your calling to say you like what's happening says on the screen here. Yes they do all of McDermott's instill this in that's winning mentality world around us were blue collar team. We have the personnel on board which altered now. They can win us games. What we look forward to coaching or we left before which camaraderie among teammates what we lack the sport is the ability for. Report the awful community to buy into these cuts that. We are on board right now the pills are for real. And we are complete this Cinderella team OB ISL this year bought its not just the stuff that. A bet I'm just gonna turtle beat think particulate call. OK Denny thank you bet to real gathers there there's the news. Hello Bob neuron post game show go ahead. Exactly on the that they're great win. And it's really cool. It seemed that we have. Orientation and heading in the right direction final. And it caught them and we're not gonna win the Super Bowl this year. And you know all. We're not moving forward. In that direction and dawn. You know we're just getting beat Craig India but he never bought. Who knows. But its initial negative always Bob Wright and understand it didn't well now you know bell and since then. Along yummy too I'm just kidding. Edit super cool or that we're winning. And we hold. It seems that you don't we don't want an edge off of one blip but get coached they knew what he was one. This is I'm not gonna say the thing that bothers people who were in this great mode that the bills were four and two last year. They were eaten six. In 2014. With dog were all that's the last two coaches like if if you are convinced. That they are different then great I'm not gonna try to talk you out of it I'm just saying like these these sort of blanket statements like it's obvious that there something different now. I'm not there you its great that you are. But a lot more has to happen before I wanna be there they've been good and they've been fortunate in in these in this game today they were definitely fortunate. With the raps with the Jones injury those were big factors. So. If you take those things which were difference makers today in effect their kicker can't mess from 55. You take those things as proof. That McDermott's. Really good or great you know that's not something I'm going to do yet I think that sort has really faulty ya logic. But I like him I mean why would not. I like him and the I do I do like what he's trying to do I don't know that I've got like enough material to work with to say that it's really working. That the the things that he is standing for our wide very able to win this game today. But the defense is his league that's his thing and to meet the guy who wants to give. Doug Whaley hat tip for the free agents that they brought in. And decisions that were made in the off season to me that you should be complementing McDermott for that he got the guys. That he thought could play especially on the back end here Micah Hyde had two interceptions today. Reporters bin impact poll the corners have been good for debut as white. Made a huge play today gains force the ball mobile for you look the game with a knee injury will seem while series that is. We lead the overhaul. That they made. To the defense is where where you should be walking. And that is entirely to me McDermott's but he. And bear getting. They're getting great play out of their defense right now. And that is that's that's what I think is most meaningful to take away from what McDermott has provided for console far. More than the culture and on all the stuff forgot I think that that the scheme works. Detailed fits it and the went out and still win the best they could. Where they had meats especially at safety. And they're winning with forty points. It may be 40 with forty points we have given up one touchdown pass in four games and they play the falcons put. So are you go over with forty points that's good it's just hard to sustain it. 8030550. Is the number this portion of the bill's post game show along the Buffalo Bills radio network brought to you by independent health. From your every day to your unexpected independent health's Red Shirts are here to help. New England loses on a last second field goal by Graham good note 3330. Panthers were panicking thirty to sixteen the patriots rallied in the Panthers beat them. Epic gone the jets beat Jacksonville in overtime Jacksonville hurried. Politely punted on the jet half of the field in overtime and the jets kicked a field goal and be done got a rude. As a returning the favor but they did do that to the jets who. Many had pegged for me be a team that would win one or two games all year 12 in a row. And Miami lost what do showing by Miami this morning in London when he did nothing shut out by new war Owens. Point inoperative the dolphins. Without Ryan sand hill maybe he'll finally get some respect because they have scored six points combined. Against the jets and saints in the last two games. Miami will. Wolf that's right. The saints. Rush out by its seats followed how do you do that terrorists that it they that takes some effort. Currently in the league for games Denver leads Oakland ten opening six minutes left in the half. Tampa Bay leads the giants thirteen ten that was thirteen nothing now thirteen ten. Final two minutes of the half there are seen in LA where the Eagles lead the chargers 167. And the 49ers lead in Arizona at the two minute warning six to three. More of the post game show coming up after a time out were the bills beat the falcons 23. To seventeen. Mike show with a Bulldog here this is the Buffalo Bills radio network. Where registered comes for classic rock. He's 65 WC IMF. Sworn in water fountains at the buffalo ten yard line. I've formation play action fake Bryant players what time it did complete. Can we expect her to have a real simply. Buckled. Gonna come. That was John Murphy on the call as the bills come up with a stunning upset at the Atlanta Falcons at Mercedes then stadium 23 to seventeen. The bills defense came up big once again forcing three turnovers and Matt Ryan is he throws two picks the Micah Hyde and gives up. Fumble return for a touchdown Richard Arabia's why. Those guys worked hard players were extremely hard got a good hard workers the coaches put to get a good game plan toll across the board and and they stayed with this is a tough place to play the defending NFC champions and one of the top quarterbacks leak things can always go away we had some things we like back and so we've got work to do in that regard but on this extremely happy with the way the guys battled very resilient group. Extremely appreciative of the fans that showed up to cheer us on. That Sean McDermott Tyrod Taylor was that the issue once again for the bills going 1220 for honored in 82 yards and a touchdown pass to Jordan Matthews we'll Charles clay was dominate mere five catches for a 112 yards. The bills now sit at 31 in the standings elects based. Cincinnati Bengals from Paul Brown Stadium next Sunday kick off is that 1 o'clock right here along the Buffalo Bills. Radio network as the angles they get their first win of the 2017 season beating the browns' 317 in Cleveland. Patriots all the the Panthers in Foxboro 33 to thirty which means the bills they hold the top spot in the AFC east as the jets they pull into a tie with the patriots after 23 to twenty overtime win. Over the jaguars elsewhere the Steelers get a 26 to nine win over the ravens the rams got a big 3530 win over the cowboys in Dallas and the saints beat like the dolphins in London twenty to nothing four games currently in action right now as the 49ers and cardinals are tied up at six late the second quarter. The Eagles holding a sixteen to seven lead over the LE chargers that once also only the second quarter the Buccaneers holding 1610 we lead on the giants' late in the second and then went about three and a half minutes left to go. In the first half the Broncos holding at 107 lead. On the Oakland Raiders this update is brought to buy north tower automotive sales service and selection to the nth degree that's north town automotive hybrid wells and for the Buffalo Bills ready network. It's communicating Leslie Frazier put a minute and defenses you know that obviously worked out for us and credits it into our defense staff and players Iran's top of their game and really all this started back on Monday. The work they put it. And we should continue to grow continue to get better obviously we didn't play our best game we've got to continue to grow and get better and that's the good teams do and actually with some fronts but can't say enough about just how proud I end of the guys up had a and the staff and and everyone it yeah approach things and has this great organization. Sean McDermott and the bills let me. Very nice flight home. Unless. Once. The bills beat the falcons 232. I gotta be me I don't know big there won't. 4317. Is the final bills are three and one more quarter of the way through a season. Where very few people put any high expectations on the bills at all and they are long and first wingman. He's struggling on defense and the bills are great on defense through four games one touchdown pass allowed that that's there there was a short eat today. That for Atlanta tied the game with seven minutes left the bills had the lead back less than two and a half minutes later. And held out. Mike show over the Bulldog here 8030550. Or 1888550. To 550 told free. At Cincinnati next week the vandals won their first game of the season today. They did manage to. Put together. An eleven minute ride in this game eleventh warning for all of the. Lack of explosiveness on offense and no receivers now being targeted just at the passing numbers overall. Leaving you'd be somewhat wanting. I mean I just got to think that that is the that is McDermott's utopia is a lot he had hit driver mean TV it's so let me you've got. Focus on it because they ended up settling for a field goal when they were at the one yard line at the end of that drive when they were. What you doing whatever they wanted. Running the ball and they just they just really weren't doing a great job on that drive. And and that was the drive in this game that I like that occur when the good news compared to reduce pain. But then they couldn't punch it in but still an eleven minute drive your. You're in US at the very view it how'd they do listeners and all these factors of the replay reviews of the health of key players on Atlantis team. An eleven minute and 22 right even the malignancy three point keeps the ball away from that. Former an eternity that's just a great job. Here's Jeff with a snacks I Jeff. Thought our guys were great well. You know well the view that be your fault that you are all yours. Well the relevance to build additional. Europe and reception. And mortar and you'd you'd think this win is going to be explained away by sit up and Jones into or the Super Bowl and go or should only being closed wherever of these. Rent and bills just having played so well. And I got the belt in our question even more for these movies closure is that there. The Google the credible or border execute it could either change their mobile rocker arm. What that went so they get recognized actually out of all the water. Okay well we will very. I mean they'll get some credit and other people will hold give Atlanta a more blame or. Pretty gather lawsuit Jones injury right because of the way they won the games they won. I think the call lay that out smartly. There could be. Asian and I'm imagining Dan Akerson remember Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison tonight on NBC. You couldn't go through the highlights all the falcons they won't lose it all look awful long should the falcons are you worried you know holding the lead barely beat that this team and barely right now the law but bet that that that will be there Atlantic is the team that is on the marquee there at that they're the big the bigger story. But I I think as the week goes the bills with a new coach at 31 record. Will get though won't get their share of credit for what will that. The falcons lost Julio Jones mid game and lost Kyle Shanahan before the season and both are big losses they also Lawson who. Which felt like a big loss I guess because it's Jones wasn't fair I think he's not good really but. They were pretty slim after that. You know. It's again though it is the league right committed super boring to listen to and I get bored listening to win and I hate that. When coaches talk like that or one announcers talked like that but it is believed that the falcons have three wins. And that's good and if they keep their pace up dole wins well you know it that's. That's gonna go work and the bills are on the same pace just whether or not they're good is on the talk about which it's you know. You can't figure it out really like it's just sort of take the win. And goal play the next one and hope that. Date certainly turned the ball over three times and you don't turn it over all or AJ green assert what happened when the bills went to Cincinnati last year they want a close game. Event. Let's go to Michelle next time Michelle. Connolly. Oh god don't creep I mean I blew that they different that the bill that hair is there. Complete thing that Lou. Air clean them by eight and ninety bella did. Backyard ball. And what you won't weigh. And their product or brand now they include I hear that Islam is now. They're talking they're going out together again and they're willing Alley these two week actually today and I think that. Are partnering each other's. Now do you think that helps and I don't know that it doesn't so right. Light and I you know I mean I think get how I work that you remain and I would be. Very met Aaron comet and although I don't polling actors and night. It's easier to get along when you're winning so what comes first if you have Bruce Smith and Thurman Thomas etc. on your team are gonna win most of the time. That team did that team also famously fought with a itself. But they had great players and they want a lot and winning makes you happy. This team so far is winning so why shouldn't they go along parent I I have heard cell make the point. With Andrea I'm sure he's made with us but I I'd do it at her to make it more recently on maybe the morning show without Jeremy. Here our flagship in buffalo. That if his observations. From being around the team in the locker room is that this is a very close knit group of players. Well whatever McDermott wanted to accomplish in that way. Seems to be taking group. You know what what does it really give you I don't know. But it if I think it feels good to be on a team where the guys get along and and that they they feel like you know. McDermott talk about loving woman in football family. And respect and all those things. I think it's I think it's fair I am not gonna argue with. You know again what how old tangible he can you measure to Mina in Ireland home. But to do win this game because of that I mean I I don't think so is that is that why do the replays go their way. I don't think so but I like it. I white I don't want I want my team to be tight. I'm not a lot of camaraderie there I want them to be good it mostly and three and one is good. Is there a threshold for this that works like is it. 90% of the team is it to be a 100% of the teams and B 51% of the team will present the team has to be best bodies. I don't McDermott's for a lot of work into it mean that they're pouring a lot of effort into. Work guys' lockers aren't all that kind of stuff so there that are they respect that. McDermott you don't McDermott corrected. A reporter after the game called the unfortunate is that we're fortunate we're blessed men McDermott made me think. You know god wants the bills to win I don't know like people have different opinions about these things and different views about I want talent. I think talent is more important than that stuff. And only god cares who wins. I think if you have good players like the ninety's bills did you gonna win most the time and these guys have solemn. There are a lot of home. And after next year's draft is still the ball I mean that the I don't wanna put it next year's draft would was so much of the conversation before the season started and I thought it probably would continue that way. And maybe it will get to that point but who knows what happens. That hasn't changed. The conversation is changed but the reality of them having those picks. Has not changed and if they go into that draft. You know I'll offer but ten win season and beat that they don't pick a side. But. That's all the more fun that makes it all the more fun they can it be they will or won't pick a quarterback that's still has to play out. That could go either way and and you know he's still you still have those picks so there's a lot of value and that. And our local draft guys that like the other guys. Not ropes only to make an effort to do that I want them to draft players and important positions. I bet they'll make an effort to do. I mean and I don't think I have no question that they will rule. At least think that there are doing. And and that will be a cut a deal breaker on some guys verses elevating. You know different different different players because of who they are and how they handle calls. I don't think that's just window dressing I think he he he leads that. Any Yarborough one of the new guys silk Abacha go on hand in the locker room after the game talking to players including. Eddie Yarborough we'll have that for you here as part of the locker room report. Sell. Gives you that every week on the post game show silk podshow which brought you by like storage it's your life story with carriers sell and Eddie Yarborough. It's the love you know at the deal on it would be an identity. When I say like I've never been a part of a lot homers this so much loved by. And I wanna like I got there and I'm running down I'm trying to run fast. And I'm trying to do an extra effort leave my feet all those things I'm not doing those things from me at all conduit for. My leadership when it seemed like Jerry he's been you know he's leading the way and he's one says examples on policy so it's definitely just got like Jerry Hughes the ones driving the strain but. Again brotherly love the one that his power play and make it I mean that was that you guys have been stopping this season when you're 93 and Carolina that's a great. He prints remembered except it was a loss today and a lot of the big news because you turned you've got a turnover. This are you know it's what the testament to our coaches that are close Fraser RBI coastal lawful. Made me a job was saying hey turn the ball over turn the ball over one thinking about what practices they've got to get the ball back. Got to get the ball back to this day was actually the first game reaction at the homeless goes off Wednesday which is exact moment recovered. So you know just those things is like our coast is just keeps you don't you thought he thought that was the doom we finally got it was important ones. What's at the time out what are you guys talking about what you look at for coach calls a timeout just kind of walking through that whole thing for the wind blows just. To see what formation or came out in just got a good feel for their door and then it although us we're. Well I think it practiced weird drive and try to get their practice do like situation Lexus is a football. When I say we I don't know if there's not a team in the league bit. Does this was a football practice as much as we do I mean fourth and one situation I mean if it can be a situation from Mars and chances are coach McDermott and Archie was still the so definite time and as they got me. This is the first those first order we've driven hundreds on the practice of just resist them. The kind of see what formation they came out of an an adjustment that was what you were thinking that you're running. Out. Exactly you know Atlanta is a great offense at that's no secret. But one of the things is as substantially to our rules and making the play we're presents itself through this victim didn't do what they did a fourth one you know moments of hope for the you know that office courted Atlantis so. He yet he sits in addition to it you know you does that kind of ready for everything could you know. Not that in time you think is going to be run and then with him again you can YouTube via play actually don't know somebody's gotta be you know I think these. Some extreme words there from any Yarborough called Steve turkeys in a magician. A power land I'd want the last guy but that's what happens in the league if you have a lot of success those assistance than to go to the to the top. Kyle Shanahan leaves and Elliott Steve Hurst Steve search easier and three and won the bills off to Cincinnati. Story. On the Cincinnati. Can run Cincinnati this show always a yeah we've got more talk about we'll get back to it after a timeout. Much open mobile blog here this is the Buffalo Bills radio network. Where registered comes for classic rock. He's 65 WC MF. We're recently had to make cuts it to keep the record. If the bailout throw it deep. Whatever Charles blades that's what it. Yeah. There's a flag on the play tonight. He got Ecstasy DT Antonio. What a great adjustment on the ball by phone that way it's gonna go against the dolphins apparently. And Charles clay over a hundred yards today. We'll see what happens with this season so far so good for the three and one bills upset winners in Atlanta today. I play play this is not seat chuck clay meaning anything really like it they said all summer how. He needs to get the ball more and Mikey the trouble or 84 times or something last year like. Were they think he is rock. And he caught what do we catch 57. Woman like that councilman. For OK so. He's catching. Three passes a game is gonna catch five passes a game he doesn't on that today five for 1120. A couple of beautiful long balls from Taylor to play just like kofia. Good throws. And I've said this earlier particularly on the on the second of the two. I thought clay did a really good job accountable as the safety got there is a good as a throw that just. It could not be a second later or imparted intercepted even. They had Taylor had to get it in their before the safety guy out there and seek to doubt there'd just kept the ball that it it was a big hit in clay hung onto sole credit to him he said. You mention all those targets last year his completion. Percentage. Was very low that's either inaccurate throws from there were some drops. And even earlier this year today he did a great job keeping an eye on the ball many needed help needed every one whose votes he got them. Here's Tony without sites owning. They. It's one maker quick comment. I love everything that happened today and so far this year and I believe that a garment has really got the scene. Focus and well prepared. And that and a I've been watch in the NFL game day lives. They don't show no bills. They're sick. All the what is that wanna get awkward just do Blackburn made guys do. He'd be called. You know okay thank you toning Allah keep you posted as a sign off by the way that it. Told a radio caller will be here well Belden I actually really like that I wanna come in tomorrow. That's when you wanna be posted LB you don't I know you hated by apple blog I think we view I don't think you hated. Some people hate it can this be real here and just try to force donors wrote that. FL network isn't covering the bills more because it hates the bills. Just not a really relevant team in the league and blew away changed. Today your world I change in the coming weeks you know maybe if you have to earn that it's. What is that like this idea there are lots of writers who make fun of this the like yeah I only hate your team. Vehicle or doesn't hate teams. Who just doesn't Culver teams that are not that he first thing and these guys haven't that is not is not anybody to get them. It's just. But seventeen years amiss in the playoffs look at a small market that's what that is. So boy change let's hope but you have to earn it you they don't mean that that's been blamed for not. Talking builds more. I hope they get it I mean fed fans. Do care about the trip. It's one of the reasons why I'd I'd ought to point out even before this game edited the bills won this game. That they would get some of that recognition so. Early returns from here on network not so good and we'll see how all the rest of the stuff builds you know. Starting with food the NBC highly trophies still tune in for that start and about an hour shall from now. And then late Monday night countdown and all that will level the show was on in here. Usually the ESPN shows listeners really important soccer on. Tomorrow you know that kind of alive in the you treat wing grows and all those guys like we'll see how much almost airtime bill's point out that we can't be listening to a show like we're not able to just sit and listen to them through which are one reason why you might have soccer run record as a router so my watch indeed probably a chance to do you know. The late games one more. Time here Denver at the half leads Oakland 107. Tampa over the giants these rest these games are in the third quarter no Tampa leads the giants sixteen time. The Eagles lead the chargers sixteen time and the 49ers and cardinals in Arizona are 66. Arizona faced with fourth and 48 at its when he Geithner like we think it'll do I don't want it to chances and I found out last week that they point more than any other team port down. Yeah but they do that here on fourth and 48 probably know. What do you know it was a 49ers ball they made a few 096. Forty niners are us all of that while. Much over the Bulldog in the final bills 43 fell and 178 Geary with more post game talk here in buffalo thanks for listening this is Buffalo Bills football. Blue eyed gesture comes for classic rock. He's 65 WC MF.