Buffalo Bills - 10/1/17 Post-Game Hour 1

Sunday, October 1st

Hour one from the Buffalo Bills Radio Network post-game show following week 4's 23-17 victory over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday


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This is the post game show would show with the bulldogs. What do you buy northwest made the switch to northwest and get back to living. We drove the ball bug there the bills. Test vote you are I'm sorry. The bills beat the falcons want yes they really did the bills beat the hell 123. To seventeen. They are three and one. And there's first place alone to England loses to Carolina this is a real life. Really really use this really is with the falcons did not convert a fourth and one in scorer heart breaking touchdown. As time was winding down to send the bill home with a Damon plucky underdog effort but they still found a way to but it's open wait no they may even though please. I don't I don't know this is real life they got. The benefit of at least questionable replay reviews on a couple of turnover plays one that scored them seven points. I am humbled away I'm blown away by the day and the bills. Are three in one again. They're good mean that is. We've talked a disaster in December and certain cobbled together and you know something from a website and over the years we have set in here and talked about road wins against good teams are I don't know the falcons are great team. Did they were last year. Just. The caliber of road win that has eluded the bills. For. Long long time and put you you mentioned this game in 92 New Orleans against the saints mean that is a lifetime ago well what what the. Haven't gone in a very long time is combined team. Win with good opponent whiff meaning right like they. They just don't have that many games were they have really impressed and a game that was meaningful. And I mean this this counts for something and I think for us is gonna feel like a lot I mean it is the it is the fourth game of the season. And most fans are looking for sort of any. Hints that a season could be a good season. And it's been six years since they've even we've even been given that it's been much longer since they've actually had a really good season. So Dejuan there's you do it though and one we're gonna go to Sean McDermott animal talks more. Yeah I'm happy for the team has guys were taught players were extremely arm got a good hard workers and and coaches. And put to get a good game plan toll across the board him and they stayed with it as a tough place to play. Defending NFC champions and and you know one of the top quarterbacks in the week. You know things can always go away we had some things we like back and so we've got work to do in that regard. But it is extremely happy with. With the way the guys battled very resilient group and actually extremely appreciative of the fans that showed up to cheer us on. Can't say I can't say. Anymore about that is just you know just a great showing from our fans from buffalo people that are in this region showed up really appreciate that. Or. What they could go to the what was that he appeared to be that it would be it would. Obviously you can replace that we've. The last ball over the chance on the last Saturday and ask it in its old. Well we we communicated to guys that are really good job of communicating Leslie Frazier put a minute. In defense is. You know that he you know that obviously worked out for us and and credits it. In Tel defense staff and need the players they were Iran's top of their their game and really all the started back on Monday with the work they've put him. An and we should continue to grow continue to get better. Obviously wouldn't play our best game we've got to continue to grow and get better and that's what that's what good teams do and actually with some fronts but can't say enough about. Just how proud I end of the gas up Qaeda and the staff. And everyone it the in the in the building as for the training sermons this is great organizational. Yeah. Practice group. One of the worst turnovers lead to turnovers that he did that. Yeah it's huge actually knew that talk about 33. Turnovers that led to points. That was that was huge in the game that our players know that they know. What what's stats if you will relate to winning and or poorly to winning so that was huge turn in momentum early in the second half and we just came up with some big plays at the right time and and you know in the offense on a big time driver offensive line took over the game. Backs ran well and we mix in some play action on that it was whose it's good to see I thought thought all logged a game and and then special teams wise what what more could say about Stephen house you know the operation upfront that the blocking. Certainly doesn't kick on his own so the Holden and the stats from Revis. Tremendous so. He's an improvement in. You know it's all three phases played well. Certainly things to work on all three phases. Get some guys banged up we've got to regroup. Look forward to get home and and continue to get better. There. I mean it's you know when you're gonna get a great quarterback like Matt Ryan got a nation you got to make him uncomfortable and I thought we did that at times. Probably could've done more that. It's never enough against a quarterback like this and you know anytime a quarterback like this has the ball. In his hands and last drive it's it's touching go and our guys stood up. And it was gut check time in the did a great job. They see him as a matchup problem for. Or not. All of them. Well let's get a good defense and I think when does a great job and they hate play fast. The Charles Charles we felt like in Rico flood which you get Charles in some areas and and that we were able to do that early in the game. Do a lot of credit Tyrod threw. And some great balls down the field to to Charles in particular and and teammates and contested catches which were not easy so great focus great concentration. And on mental toughness to. These wells are completed so to. It opens things to quell the critical nature throwing the ball. Well that's that's always important when you can stretch a defense Natalie horizontally and vertically. We wanted to be able to. Do that we wanted to play aggressive. Overall and you know I guess I just say go back to the work they've put in during the week and they set themselves up to have a chance to win a game like this and and they earned their right to win and you guys know how big that is more we believe philosophically it's. Please broke. And say hold your horses a little bit hit. Now one step at a time now we will listen this is a great win. You know. When what you say is a great win but it's it's. It's an excellent Rex the next game and that's that's. Will we have to keep our focus on news is. After we take 24 hours to enjoy this and non get home safely hopefully used to. Thank god and turn our attention to this event. And now. Secondly there and I have an effect. Yeah I don't. I just came in here when smell like Herman Cain your son. And control that. True. Birthplace. This is it. Yet this game you guys work hard you know still a long way to go. For a touchdown his swing and management. See lakers confusion down Phelan the president. Well just that it was a fumble hand. You know there's a lot of plays that happen every year in net. Window basically where they're not sure what number at the other end and I thought he visited a great job all game and you know but that's what we preach on them all sides of the ball is to scoop up those pleas because you never know there's every year two or three of those. You know that. Go that way. And that's why we do that and guess the issue there every day in practice you see is do the same thing in practice so that was a critical part in the game for sure. I. I hope we'll ultimately. And fuel and where they could have gone the lakers. Lest we changed fortunate to blast of yeah we. Now we get a good group of guys on this team that believed. Sean McDermott after a very satisfying bills win in Atlanta. 23. To seventeen Mike show in the Bulldog here on bills radio network we'll take your calls throughout the next. Almost two hours 8030550. Or 188550. To 550. And let's look at the express Smart staffs of the game check it out express mark. Not I say not Bulldog your average convenience store okay so. My thing. That they. Don't or won't or can't throttle wide receivers did not change today Knoll did not work completions. And a total of twelve for the game. 54112. Charles clay a couple of big ones McCoy three for. 32 into the Jordan Matthews. Touchdown catch one of two catches on the day for him. The rushing stats are better than they have been the last two games but not great. Twenty for 76. And between the. All the way Rivet took the ball away they got the benefit of I guess in all of properly interpreted rule put it's football sometimes you just never know that the Matt Ryan. Fumble. Would not surprise. Anyone watching if they had ruled that an incomplete pass his army is moving forward but I guess the way they exploited on the telecast. It is it is is correct in the ball was loose. And so he really just as forward motion sure his arms and forty pushed the ball forward. But he was not in total control of it so they ruled that a fumble into greatness when it was Smart enough. Notice that there was no whistle on the play he schooled student. You don't want to really chased them if you knock the ball I'm about to throw ball and you knocking it even if it's all the way out of my hands and you're you're you're sort of wrapped around me. But the ball like lands back in my hand and I just portion. In the air forward. Not a pass I guess that's not a pass I did that remind me the next night. I'm watching an NFL game and it is that's not right because I think it will happen I mean today there once and that was not needed to have control it'd reestablish control of the ball what. I did they win I mean yeah that's how they want. They they got points there are. The A dot points all with two other turnovers only field goal but still points. On the had to drive to get those points you don't you know and some troubles Google so they were opportunistic. And they did an off. With a book with a depleted Atlanta. Offensive means no you don't know some new. They were they were down key guys there and maybe it's a different. It's a different outcome it that sequence at the end of the game down the bills ten yard line it will Google is on the field went. I don't know maybe they did it at the end zone maybe they convert their first and five. And ended up with 31 in the fourth and one and turned it over on downs so. I mean did the bill's credit for not breaking there in a pretty tense situation but Atlanta was not at full strength by. But you know of that is what happens. For we spend every working day talking about how this team has not been to the playoffs in for console long. And what that means a bit. Amounts to whiz if we're just always either bringing up or hearing about their mistakes draft picks I think they can't see the future they don't know. Nobody knows which guys you draft are actually gonna be good you just take your best gas and then when the bills are on the tenure playoff drought may draft. Whoever Aaron Maybin Mckelvin bigger guy. They draft a guy doesn't work out like well that's why did they don't win. There are teams in the league every year who are this good. And make it and maybe this team will make it New England lost again New England these two into. Whiff. The super close home win over Houston mixed in there that's one of their wins at older one into an all. They lost to give up 33 points and lost to a Carolina team that it looked terrible and was shot down by the saints last week so messy NFL. And it part of what's amazing about the drought. Is that the bills have not had that year and I ever feel this way in 2008. The 2008 they were 405 at one. End. Even nine years ago it was they are two thing for a year when. Cam Newton is playing hurt against them and Julio Jones gets hurt game against the new jolt went into this game hurt there was never right and left it. So that happens in the NFL what happens other people ball. Right an end this year so far it's going right for them it's not to say they don't deserve their wins mean that the defense is really good and they're playing really well there are nice story like that in taylors doing enough and they're not they never turtle war with some that is loch. But they have not heard over since week one. And tipped balls bounced a Micah Hyde in the he runs for thirty yards you kick a 56 yard field right exactly. The recipe you brought are getting to the playoffs but so far so good charters. There is some luck involved here I mean if you even consider V nearly officials' calls the replay reviews. Some degree of luck in those things do often feel like coin flips on close plays them like I can play. The the point of the ball is on the court won't. But you don't let that rule can be interpreted correctly as if people players controlling it. In the official's opinion. That the ball can be in contact with the ground is moving around so you get you get the benefit of that I'm really I'm just got a long way to save my idol one of those huge turnover place. The the hide interception or the Matt Ryan fumble. Courted very easily gone the other way we'd be arguing about them and room bills got screwed or not but it just would've been another day at the office in the NFL where you'd like hello. Oh it was close you know I understand why they overturned that. It would have been what its. Well good for them up coming good for a good for everybody that. Follows this team loves that because the world do for shall walk and if they're due for some luck and you know you you get some and you make some. 4317. Bills in Atlanta today get the win at Cincinnati which won today its first win of the season. Week five next week on the buy the scope sue couple calls here is Zach is where the size neck. They got site are great value. Oh the heart rate. Just fine. Here with a beat when it privately. Throughout the opinion. About a lot of the opposite bracket after years. Spent direct. It is talk that buying into the but once. In my life I think we have a good GM a competent coach. I don't know why you like if you look at the water column called defense that looked at the upper the only. I'm ready I've been a drink the Kool Aid. Here we created it all on board are rated a hill on all I want the three more games in December I want everything we have. I got it. Copy that article a bit ago. I'm immune if they have a year where they get to December and are like. In first place. This be really wild I mean I just. It's not that I I hate to sound soul. Like blown away by that possibility I wanna sound blown away by that possibility like it's just that his soul not happen you shouldn't in in decades. It. So I get that way if that new England's week thirteen I believe if that New England game. It's like for first place or something and in December. Paul tell. You think you had one of the teams he's all these other years. When you know when their five and eight or whatever it. It is week thirteen Sunday December 3 is the first time receive New England. Museum in three weeks later again. New England would represent the two toughest games on their schedule before the season starts from certainly the road game and then there's this one I mean this one today would have been right there. Maybe with doing what it Ballmer may be right below it. And you wanna. Here's Ryan next time Ryan. Good guy and a couple quick appointment and it with a question I have listened. Are all the previous caller said. The buy in although he got in at the end of the call but there's even not a lie and I think they've got discipline that everybody can appreciate ever due out yeah. The guy's unbelievable. Can't you know I don't. It would make you realize how bad Rex Ryan really like that my other point McDermott. Phenomenal you can tell that guy is the coach that. You've got equipment and he worked a single bit that the defense is great. They're gonna say though there's and I think Ellen would question. It don't make you wonder where that he would he would help any Lockett interest. But here's my question my question I would need at all time. We talk a lot over the last several weeks and probably last month an app and turn it about. Stockpiling picks in Cairo on that Aaron I'm not crowning guys I'm ready by any means but. I would tell you. Between last week in the week against top competition. That got drop in app of the people that most in the NFL but it idol band we know would it work. It's time we give that guidance given the rain get in the contract. No no no the game ended five minutes ago is definitely thanks Ryan is definitely not time to do that. He made some throws he missed some other ones I don't Charles clay is and then the second most receptions on the team was McCoy with three. Like you know today isn't I think you I'm I it I love. You but collide today is not the time we're we're going to be talking about signing him to that contract. You you have no reason to Russian of that. The bills have earned themselves leverage with them this is another point from last year and they used it last year in the got him for cheaper like they know. The he has had a good month. 8030550. Much over the bulldogs the bills beat the Atlanta Falcons forty I thought that maybe the falcons had a little bit of a Super Bowl hangover today. Is that what you say when it took it took until whose subtle and guys took him a few weeks for that hang or have as good rap video. Back with more the post game show and actually this is the Buffalo Bills radio network. Blue eyed gesture comes for a classic rock. He's 65 WC MF. And here comes pressure right up the middle and a vote is incomplete. They'd let us know it's it's. No whistle don't let go and they're predicting. No but terrific pressure six man advisors yet Preston brown and others the flag on the way. And what inning complete after living here we'll we'll we'll stand. That's down buffalo. Yeah I guess. I think just the referee was so nonchalant so it was like go to this the TV announcer said he was waving his arms whatever that means. And then Nam veteran showed that either religious reference that a couple times by blood or some Russell give you. The ruling on the field if there's any doubt. The question about the rule out the oldest foes on I didn't do that there was a penalty on Atlanta. The after the play so he's like you know. And we won't be enforced on the kickoff. What watched the basically just basic the rapist that is went what. Embassy here plus. What are you looking to be like that for what if the ref just say that into the microphone and why guys looking at me like that. Phil's 43 falcons seventeen. Bills three and one are they good this a very good win a good team they beat. Julio Jones. Means a lot it would seem to Atlanta. That he wasn't injured in the Super Bowl. It just looked like it when Atlanta was way ahead and stop using them last year's can happen to Atlanta when they stop using Julio Jones or not or not not able to you to problem. Yeah well look sure I mean it did the bills catch a break with with that injury. Absolutely. But still took to pull that together. And hold it together. Get a couple of feet that's a 56 yarder and a 56 yard field poll. While all a bomb they even got. Got by kicking from the one. Originally from the six I guess because it took a penalty. There when they won't play he made wriggle out fourth and one at the goal on fourth and goal of one. Instead just wide Gupta tried and maybe get it wanted to burn a time now we can't believe they're trying to get happy garden after app the distance of the goal. There to make a difference on going for not. So they they got they got away with a you know some things. But it's a great win I mean I don't want I don't why it's been too much time qualifying it also must beat the over the moon with this win I would think. I'm super excited I was prepared to. To be. Sort of still in two this season for them with a loss today. Especially a certain time Lawson by a three quarters of the way through this game even of the bills have lost the game it felt like I was getting that game. You know they were stiffened up on defense and they gave up some yards. But they held Atlanta out of the end zone all that and I'll think did a nice job well. On a very potent offensive team so I'm. Added brass and I think yeah baby me either good and maybe New England is vulnerable. The fact that they gave up 33 points to Carolina team that could knock into the end zone against the bills two weeks ago I think is notable. Doing their favored next week. Cincinnati won big today they came as in Cincinnati yes. You do you think the river on the road yeah. I wouldn't assume then I wouldn't. Rule out either a wouldn't I don't know you don't own team normally by three I might gas Cincinnati by a less than three. But I'm curious. Here's Curtis on the post game show next I Kurdish. It was going off hikes. I you can restore more on the little bit wanted to make a couple of points in the comment. Nor England randomly in Europe it is a benefit. Would it be great discipline them for political gain in December. They don't great point you guys there's about two meaningful games in December we're absolutely. The play of the game more offices hotels where that's a thirty yard catch up but don't go below. It shows that are around. He has an above average change he came in should they be let them win a quarterback. An average team does he did he's 79 when quarterback. Guards we'll see how this plays out barring injuries obviously couldn't Rangers will be factors that he's. Problem. They might have one thing you Curtis they might have won with Matthews. At the masters was giving them a lot of production but. He he looked to be heard he left the game here is what his hand or wrist wrapped they said. To ignore sentinel locker rooms that might have an injury with Matthews maybe bomb bomb is what that was. So yeah I mean that lets you know look that opt obviously that's gonna happen. It's football the other throws to Khaleda that the two throws to play. Our error of the highlights of the day till the touchdown to Matthews and Maurice is an ice ball got out. Real hard roll or anything but he'd been put it right where it needed to be there. But with the two throws to play. Our jaws for slights I mean those are you know. One rolling out his right there and the second one is a great job by clay because. Taylor decision they're just in time to beat the safety. And I mean it is ball contact. And as that place happening I'm sort of bracing for a ball rolling around that sleep is going to be hard hit its own bill it's a tough catch. And clay did a really nice job and I'm of that but I think both throws were money droves. Here's Mike without semite. I have to go into. At first time caller call should the they have to and don't amp that it kept colleague. The electorate wanted to take on it the year I it was very pessimistic with the team out excited with the higher the third and everything else but it really didn't expect very many wins that. I would say I think that the comment here after watching all the games so far. That the government shut in the process over the last time. The bill's going into the half with the ball you know after appeal court. Actually taking it can mean think about and her last week. You know I would actually epic game I went out about the tactic inspection thinking that you take in the next thing you know their vocal range that week. Even though Taylor and that net thing you know we McDermott called players that built on claim they hit it good eaten you happened I love the competent than that. You know the one to say and excited for the future of the game and that it is. Thanks Mike I am frankly bracing. For another shoe to drop with McDermott in game management because some other stuff. Should get him beat the field goal from the one yard line and there. Classic field goal to death but the bills' kick to go up six. Giving the falcons forcing the falcons into a touchdown which. With an extra point would get the bills beat they did not score and so you have lots of decisions in a football game. Some of them are mathematically sound and some of them are not but one team is always gonna win and sometimes it's the team that makes those bad choices. You know he's he's living on fifty plus yard field goals in these two games and if poster goes. Fifteen for seventeen this year whenever. I'm fifty plus you know that's huge but is it likely. And he didn't come to buffalo where as a guy who always made 55 yard field goal is just you know he's made the last 450 to 56 or whatever it is. So why am again like. Teams make what I think. Are bad decisions strategically in games everywhere but they don't always lose everybody can't lose via. The port at the end of the app the only question I would have I too expected them. June Neil and I think I kind of expected and did not really be aggressive last week too so I like the point. Doing I'd say is keep doing it heat index series evenly you what is it sixteen seconds you come out in trial long one. And it doesn't work. A second down is to give up and often elderly walk from hole if you're willing to take a shot on first down to what on second down to a until the tar it was a mean whatever we know what what's the worst thing that's gonna happen there they're gonna intercepted at their thirty. And there's ten seconds or less whatever just chuck it down there are two or three more times and it would happen. I think maybe they don't want to kneel there because they think he would be disrespectful. Gotten. There's there's also that possibility. Much over the bulldogs here the bills stalled in the falcons' 4317. Timeout this is Buffalo Bills football. Blue eyed gesture comes for a classic run. He's 65 WG CMS. Right and towards the North End here. Even announced its net as good as his pit on the way looks long enough it is not. Fox money's even hot yeah I'm 55 yarder. And the battle now leading by 623. To seventy. That's a scary one the bad guys. That the eyebrows go walk when you pick a Wakefield gold glove from us three to six points. Because you know you went a good team if not very good. On the road there is going to be a penalty there was one. Holding call against the bills like you you put. A team like that into a position where they don't have the decision to make they're gonna have to score a touchdown. Under their next drive. That can work against you we did not ultimately work against the bills go as they held Atlanta at the nine yard line. I'm thinking Atlanta it's easy you know from your your couch. I'm surprised Atlanta didn't run the ball in that sequence like they had success doing that here in there they had enough time to do written and with out Jones like boy you saw that struggles. Johnston hardy and Nick Williams I NC Gabriel all de Su nu went out. If you had you read back ups and and you saw them hurting for that and first and five in person five. So and that I was that and they did Ron and I think on what maybe one of those plays but what third and 14 and one. There was time for them to get the yard on the ground that they needed I thought there was a quarterback draw there available to them they. He threw we threw it way down these beyond two with a guy plays down to the left lower and so we just a room built from the Syrians. Always get rid of it the bills did do a good job of getting pressure I did not think to check. What the overall sector numbers on the day were but they were in the back field. A lot I think they did a good job of harassing him. I've only got one sat here on the day for the bills don't. But they did a good job I think of getting to him and making him feel some heat. Mike show the Bulldog here bills over the falcons in Atlanta the impressively 43. To seventeen here is met with us I'm Matt. Guy yeah I want to go back about a month and a half ago the villagers were at decades it's for pork it will be gone dark. You can look in shambles we're looking at taxis and trivia time maybe fifteen to forty years ago that's affordable without you we are. Atop the AFC east for you want to just regarded with a basket yes now and that's fine he'll junkets were. All the spew that's hurt everybody to understand that commonly abused. Boy have we gotten the last fifteen to twenty years right up our back. They hear that that we get tickets then what what we can do is we did it today that Jeremy is leading us to victory every day. We got called out there right tackle bills can't waksal got auto close to that we believe opt out there and yeah sure we are you want. It's just what we got backer then back at the back next election out what you got salt. Well being and I'm not saying about the summer mean that that's right. It was just like decided. In the summer that the bills would be bad and I was really feeling no differently. Except. You never know about defense. And the bounces and the injuries that there's stuff that. The most. Knowledgeable. Analyst can't Mel. And it's just. It's just so all of us like. When does it ever go our way but even today I'm sure there were plenty of view. Expecting Atlantis to score wet because that's what happens. To the bills you just can't. You can't always know that's what makes it fun. You know and now I mean to me. Solid the lid comes ripping off this thing I mean were were four games in three and one is no license is a great great win over very good team. On the road and what it does for me today is I look at the rest of my schedule and I goal. Heavily cool MI really afraid off. If Mike defense is is really this good and I think I think they are we today is a big step. For for for them to to have to do the job they did. On the falcons. I'm look at the rest of the schedule I don't know what who who might not going to be a game. Can only got a feeling I'm gonna be in games and that'll leave you with well can I get an awful lot of McCoy he can he stay healthy but as John Kerry. Sequence in this game where McCourt is on the bench Tolbert gets banged up and they are gonna handle all the DiMarco. Wow but to be good to be an automatic passing situation I don't ever running back right now to hit them all too so I'm gonna have to grow it. You might event but there were ahead right there they never had to do the thing I thought would. Expose them today which is play from behind the never had to do that means 73 or whatever but they never release candidate. Once they got the touchdown from white I'm that fumble. Whose it was their game down so I mean really the I feel like until you until further notice until we see someone angle real crooked number on them and maybe maybe they'll come and maybe you won't be. Lose you know you don't Moby is meaningful something like big baby are as good as I thought our defense maybe it's a bad day whatever but. I'm just really impressed parent that they went into that place. And held Atlanta to seven seventeen points and that's just a faint I signed up for 24. Went into this game to budget under 24 I don't think I like my chances of of getting enough to win probably argue that but still I'd say that's a great job. Seventeen I mean I'll take it all day long. Bills become the first road team to win in that stadium which is no it's the second regular season game there it's also their first win in the playoff drought over the falcons. Leaving only the saints and the Steelers as teams the bills have not beaten since the last playoff appearance. They will play the saints at home leader in the season in buffalo. 8030551888550. To 550 told free. Mike's over the Bulldog with another hour of post game talk ahead bills 23 falcons seventeen. Bills three and one at the Bengals next week. This is Buffalo Bills for. Ball. Where registered comes for classic rock. Well IT six glad WC NN.