Buddy Cheaters

Friday, May 25th

Can you be mad a friend for something you'd probably do yourself?

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I'm making new friends is an adult man you are right it's only there's tapper a bar you can go to where you can meet Tuesday and poker. At least not the alleged hook. Well. I. It makes sense obviously you feel and how being excluded from folks that you brought together completely chat you Wear masks and. And after that you thought about some beyond that something from our most guys feel yet. At the breaker ratcheted classic rock that is it's not WC MM so it was I had a course bringing meaning to heavier on FaceBook and always video and see some folks you know from back in the green and yeah and their take your pick with a woman. And you fly into week yeah. She's from ray bridge so why we. So it's mutual couples. That they met through the husband. Though that couple gets divorced the other couple still tying him with his ex wife. When muted even know this woman until he brought her in it was his second wife. I'd just be clear here little confuse a couple was friends with the guy and then. Guy gets everything now the couple becomes couple friends divorce happened brand and it looks like they have decided to maintain their friendship with T wanna even though they would not know this woman had it not been her ex husband. And on they don't hang out what him anymore I WE US man why because it's saying. You and I ain't. And then now I introduce Jimmy door and I bring cameo as gimme my friend neighboring Iran and now we're all friends rented it. And and also new to go to Tucson open. But you don't tell me. I bride. Jimmy into the group Matt you it's like oh you've managed dissing me get a new France. Yes like a bite of a guy brings another guy into the group he got it feels like why I introduced him to the group you guys gonna go golf putters out you don't call Maine. Also not your buddies but I'll money outs if I needed gotten. Another button. I am forced to include the first body and everything we do to yes he's like his representative you have to clean room with that due to kick off put Dag gone and let it go deuce at that and include the other guy that's but it huge bag. But the U introducing misguided he knew better than new guided that your friend you're kind of like wanting that to happen now right like you want them to be friends and relatives throwing out. Bull bull why does mimic the controller that kind of friendship can control your friendship should can rip it mantra to control every aspect of their lives all day of law and the dreaded Napster so. Overall has stopped go to work in the morning so yeah. At certain friendship has nothing to do with who you like war and it has to do it would be loyalty to the first person you expect respect the fact that I introduced you to don't act like you to just met each other somewhere and write your buddies. So I was laughing yesterday but the thought about this overnight I I think we. All adhere to this world without even realizing it so you're saying that I. Have to clear with you at least have to give you the offer ahead. Just to edit you find out that B and the fragile and reduce the group ahead without you can go to be upset that strategic six easing do you follow these rule you're like I mean it makes it sound it's like yes. All men are little insane okay. This except that I would he go back to the divorced and right. The meet this woman through the ex husband. They're forced to be friends with a woman through the rest time because your wife decides when it divorce happens we're gonna meet the friendship with. Even if it's your body but she's always gonna side with the check that's and he didn't do what it is partially with your divorce on the low voltage and friends that disappear oh my god man what a magic act I was Clinton because they were tragedy but I see them now they won't talk to only might listen to show. A quality showed injured as hypocrites go. Your foot and broke if you have friends. When you when you like for friends when you pledged at first you're gonna have to abandon him because you'll likely decision it sucks so you'll do it to Brian. And breaking your beer right the evidence I'd been but she's force in my rule on the I don't like that. Carolina you all also. Don't like to be controlled that situation like you were the one being introduced to somebody UN want somebody telling you well your front of me first you can hang out with them without me. Europe's we are keeping them sorry president makes the greens get so here's a thing and all you may be right about this although we may follow this rule even though we didn't realize it. You cannot. Out loud seat to a friend you cannot hang out with him. Is that makes you look like it at street cycle and everything to us and several ways hints that this is this to me out but what. Thank you like well I mean. Ozzie going dolphin with him Helio attrition at time allow. Don't call it text you saying ankle and a clear to us Howard wrote about. It. If you wanna feel this that's fine I understand your right men are possessive and why do you like him better than me I get that I get that. But if you directly look at your buddies say what you just said I'm bailing out that guy for the rest of my life I don't want eighty head case whatever this is for every guy's. Nabil like dead. Let let's say it is if this is a season when you're outside dues have really get what really Super Bowl in golf and ambition and whatever rate he. And if I aid if we have a common. Activity we elect to do and you guys go out and do what I'll be dom really does stuff like we all meet at the golf course a rematch hunt know whenever. And you guys go out produce of you don't call me like. You Stephanie okay. On a sounding Blake get crazy girlfriend though like you didn't tell me your entity that what did you call me tell me you're gonna do that I wanted to be included too. I don't know if you're doing and oppression or me or present I. Current government's. Seizure I meant tee she's right what would unplug and you ain't that all yeah I don't think anybody yes it would buckle. Selig the do you like to play hockey they bring a new guy ended in to that thing and and they go off and on another leader do something else without you you do it at that moment now you're the lower bros here's your eight. If I get this upset about it. To touch against guys that surrounds a lot of people and and guys that select group of friends in your guy who's always got to Bristol and yet very small area so look it's almost like. When you find like when you find a good friend like you hold onto it and cherish it got so much that night. That I cannot accept wrangling. Not a Christian. Tunnel vision. Friendship tunnel vision but if he committed to these yet yes they should be committee TV mom and to be accompanied his tweet is it to be symmetric so Tommy operates friendship like union shop all expect I've bid security blast hit first out is Tommy some kind of friendship socialists on the monsters. I. Toasters locals of the international brotherhood of Brothers and yeah it's weird I start to look at outline easy for the other guys have written anything about this in this accommodate it turns out there's kind of been a study done along these lines earlier. No I will admit this publicly. But for a ten dead. Seeded people FaceBook stalk a friend who they haven't heard from in a month and checking up on the body that you haven't heard from. What do they do wait why did they not hanging out with meat. Who else is it going to say it's natural curiosity. Keep my. This is it seeing what they're doing when they show up in your feet BC's you going to go out of your way to search to see what the were often will you admit that you've done that I think everybody's done. Us. Bomb bomb bomb the astronomers at the ballot and I got everybody got a base what bases herald this is on there's what I did I. You what you think about that you only think ex girlfriends and family members you don't think of friends that have a cold Julie while Ed. Even realize I had done it until I read this they last night I started thinking about guys they'd seen in awhile and I did check up biopsy Tuesday. The one thing the phone has taught us all. They'll we are all obsessive stalkers. Do that we can that we have to be looked at around as he was going on and we want everybody go work go and that's what the phones all about. Would you do if you found a guy you view was searching for you on FaceBook. Now on interview and it does say hello and I don't reach out to you used to see what your up to is it called. Veronica de Celek he's period in my window we'll kind of means FaceBook page is do we get there until I got older of the drapes and areas of it is all out. We don't want likewise as gov sending it about me now it wouldn't you know. Isn't so great many misses. So cool immigrate from you probably so that the technology saying you know technology Natalie gives you access to see what your friends are up to and but it makes it harder to get rid of French you don't wanna be friends with anymore. Zuma money internet's let's get back in the day withdrawal whatever excuse he wanted to teach a body and can't do that anymore to see if you're not social media got I don't. I don't do FaceBook Twitter. Your wife probably India your kids definitely Garcia yes and if you use them as excuses. And their social media stories to light up with what you've told your buddies you art busted and you look like Tuesday and yes and I saw that in mind that we got to a point like now we you have to have like a breakup discussion with the no. It's reader. How much we appreciate it just like fade away anymore it's up Colin but I can't do that and again I just. You can't sit here and say that I'm jealous of friends hanging out with a their friends that I have Facebook's stock meant to see what they were up two I've heard from them and Engel followed backed weird. So weird you know those are all natural thing to do but I wanna had to sit down and have a discussion liquid getting the ball worst. He's probably gonna say 08 man. You know it's not it's not you it's me. Yeah I like like all other than they when you get a beer tonight. You don't wanna do this you domino what you don't you know we do Jeremy directed to me is over yet listen my mind did you change my life to kids over the place I don't know much more I can be hanging around cells and you really need to drink I'm not at this I would love to obviously you're not this year also. Yes and rowdy I say. Get out of my way out of the bush. Told me you don't let it go I don't want you don't Holler break open women and you're right they break over the you you would dance about it. You come up an excuse it's not you it's me it's a bad part of my life I'm looking to open my eight. World a little bit more deserve better that's okay. So you're gonna tell me the same thing iPad wanna go for a of perjury today that the cement idea I'd answer about what you need right now and you deserve better than when I come off. Talking about in French I'm sorry I have other things going on my life and I need to broaden my horizons and I am so as we heard that you're a part of it right what's. It is not a were banging and and looks Facebook's friends. I can I got the break it up with some guy I. That you are friends like I've forever and you keep ideologically and doing what I am okay. Oh you already alienated. A two hour. I think. Even just pilot ignoring this guy and like you know kind of push Hamas and I united we'll do it another day like. Guys don't usually get the hit steel like they'll keep trying so I think you do have to address that point you have to say something to have to put dead do know answered hedges. I did this one time and there's a guy in radio done hauled that. There and relate to guys. But we really semi because we're in the business again acquaintances JAMA took a little bit deeper than I did so I talks and crap bottom. Not directly big event I didn't aiming for to get back to medic had backed home. And net check his ass so bad he left me alone so you clued. Talks and crap on a guy hope Pickett's back Tillman any bail you and thinking about the risky running never do if you talk crap on a guy. And he hates you and it turns out that your circle of friends Alex in better than you you lost every hole is somebody not girl like me. Everybody who your real alliances everybody likes a likable guy. Revenue sucks to be your right like you're currently you have what group a solid four bodies right OK at its most guys three to five guys there. You know who's allied with who who's allied with whom everybody allow. Get me when you I'm so and its defense you know when you're with them just you and them like get your money at top crap on your other buddies and like can seem like you guys are you know. It on everything and then when you make out the other person you're probably gonna be the plug every idea socks because if you gotta do this half past one. It's not meet you whatever you meet crap. Amaechi is the opposite to me it's the only edge of the the switch it up.