Breaking Thanksgiving Tradition

Friday, November 17th

This sounds like the most amazing dish to ever hit the Thanksgiving Day table... Dainty Tommy doesn't agree.


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We have to say it's a drug Thanksgiving from ray Blanton. B minus of headgear agreed that meal even among people nail it. Patients Canada. Thanksgiving anyway. Does it but it's the same Ole same Ole Turkey stuffing potatoes and I agree adult it's it's a kind of crap bestseller don't like it looks really Turkey is the least fun of all. It was just all sorts of me by death was. David at the time you buy a frozen Turkey and cook it outside of Thanksgiving Day you don't you know the only sit Turkey were consumed would be so let's have a salad sub Pia. A sudden so. This in mind I liked doing Thanksgiving for the first time for him I fights of the last night on Twitter and it looks delicious ready for the Austin. To read Joe's Turkey remain jittery creation of a bank and no question that garrido as you covered terror has gotten into random acts that. There. That fried too you know you could take out. That's gonna do horrible they're horrible Kate takes it out I know put on calories on the with a three day always I forgot on targeted now. About it they don't just they have a recipe for the to read austerity they have a recipe for flaming hot she got her feet bit of a recipe for fun still needs to I felt that at all of that edit. Just we get our message that I've seen just crushed the bag they need to beg motion under pressure being expressed again essentially brought agreement to this I want to Zoellick. Lightly site is that enemy of ours which is a health nut but it's eggs and by the way. Are appealing and beyond for this. We need to do with the with the chips on dirt I did like him look chips onto your friendly yes I did. I got to Turkey to did you 6000 sounds delicious anyway. So I like I said it's the first time she's cooking for my family Thanksgiving. To like show and its last technical we'd need to do this we get to Turkey's of people aren't what's refuses. She refuses to do this not because she thinks it's gross but because she's afraid of upsetting the tradition that has been laid before us from my fit. It is starting tradition kind of because this is the first time she's cooking rate but this is like a joke. Did she have to Dario is a broader turkeys that are traditionally. Could be topics like so it's is this is going guys do and he spoke to which we Guerrero frat house. Traditional verse is good Thanksgiving I want a cool new Thanksgiving I think it's exciting features to Turkey and gravy at school during cool rains garrido was right. But it's hard to take the reins of the ones that came before you and let my wife is so terrified that she is gonna go out of line and upset my aunts and uncles and mother and whatever aren't you I can't buck the system so it's a problem only happen. Happens earlier this week and sell my wife texted my mother. I asked her to make green bean casserole. And he either but I'm not text back very tightly those I'd hate veggie casserole I've always made it. Like the tradition is Sosa. You aren't even make sorts of the best the crappy vegetable belt that nobody eats anyway because my. Other experts casserole she's always has to make it yes I want to know how many metric tons. Other veggie casserole I have personally put into a kitchen trash how I. On a Sunday evening because treasures Monday is that what is that stuff like that doesn't. The McCain doesn't is everybody except fattening crap we'll tell my mom finds a way to make you catch that was put edit the readers and I know he's in there it's just she's got it to crispy onions on top it's good it's good I. That I want it that may quit the with a can of mushroom soup. Different visited dirty diapers oriented in tool bowl Hawaii really well cancel Thanksgiving is on Thursday. And maybe you'll make it. But here's a piglet you been doing the same meals since the rebels showed up here and it's not because it's delicious and Clayton is not because it's fine. It's because 400. It appears no what is wanted to upset the people that came before the color sane is that I don't say not hard. Is the reason we continue to eat Turkey. Is because we don't want to upset bop hooted wanna upset her back labs at her. At who was where will have to get demands you think it's so Thanksgiving is the female Super Bowl it. Because. You're judged by Europe Thanksgiving dinner I don't know anymore I know a lot of guys who do the fried Turkey thing and they take a lot of pride and that. Aspect Turkey's easiest part of you were those who manages an article. Not silly I know and I ruler of Hussein has to break from the guy who never took any thing and head to marriage is not last. And you take shots you let ms. I don't know how to cook anything but my thighs Keegan bigger consumers employee is. But I know guys that take threatened they're dish or their specialty but it's a mom's day. Like she's gonna prepare this meal you're gonna come over the house and all her. Mom skills are on display rate as she deviates from that Europe home. You help. You Thanksgiving how which crushed up she best degree don't bag atop the eternity what he covered up some steak is lousy third. Chiming Tommy's point for him before off the rails. The Turkey do then my dad is different whole presentation his mom mom oh yeah it is my detect it pays its third day on each got a clean house usually just showed how good news. Jeff so heavy that leads to atmosphere which leads to control and here's the funniest part talk about the tradition action as a would you sure when I'll put the snack bag. Some some good man forget what put him back at the Rios and I'll buy you charity element Assad claims of NASA says that the figure ever try to be there once we re back and say what you he'll give you about a turn negative when it ever done either one you don't know what society you would try that if you didn't know mr. Rios that I was pretty get an ideology is to Rio's bid. What sounds like white trash Turkey which Allen is that what's that rich white trash. Is right track. Apology not all beats its. Is admits that he would Jesus got here with the pilgrims and he was at trash. 2226000. Last night we finest picture for you to read it was Turkey too much stuff ships much adoption credit on your Turkey to do fine in the tour de socialism it's also they're big fried chicken looks great and I say tell I like we have two turkeys get lucky couple. Let's do one like this might waste refuses to break tradition which is interesting because. We look at a time now everything is about breaking tradition. Evident result we know we are now we know everything's accepted. They got a weird thing. Men in my religion this is what I am now you ago would tell everybody just squeeze it on the tables tables overloaded as well into the special deals for special. Who won't deter yes yup. This is something that did not happen. Back in my day. When you put out the invitation for people. Does anybody have any special food needs a good that it just didn't happen like back in the day and like nobody was considered departure Allah nobody's heard about gluten free organ not a problem like this is a broad needed. That's it good this happening now you don't want some needed to I should elegy can't I want you don't would don't shrimp is gonna kill and you don't have a shrimp allergy. You have it you don't like seafood now I have a drink eligible would have any PH for a I would do I know what you would I had to go to a hospital when I was gigs to assure proper I milk it exert great. Swelled well. I hospital for school could die I thought he'd stick. So it was like everybody's. It pisses me off of all these allergies in this guy's got days that I can't do that one and I pray over here and I want to do this. British out of the woods and running it got egg start and people in the IQ than the Eddie Cahill. Medical reasons can be frustrating and understandable what. It's to be given a good three by choice the folks on diets that are forestry can write about the one that he did Aaron died on Thanksgiving give it up I'm hot. How many times has your wife had to adjust which she makes based on your preferences here's what I did in his own Yahoo! lion OK I need around I just don't think wow that was sold or is that. Act as worse. It's not a guys I don't I don't eat. And meet me I don't say that I don't I by the way I use when you say with what you put on your plate you don't have to say you know but I don't say anything I don't buy it and I don't put any reached I can't eat this like any dad I Ali regard Donald. Some alien and at that table. We took note not related to get at least to show it to be CNET break we're talking about new food for Thanksgiving nontraditional stuff happened because your wife is afraid of your mother's diet. I you're gonna put like some lasagna down. Maybe some ravioli you. An Italian families desperate parents always did every Thanksgiving we edit Turkey in my mother always middle is on your place of American and we had it and their bucks. Well all of that and we always are can always for dessert. Like desserts free rein. Although we need to tweak it up fuel ignited a nice piece of lasagna Nixie circuit I love it but it's on American and it's a tradition as American missiles idea now it's. It's academy polls in that weird form. Two weeks and for at Walt Casey. That is he's saying to check out picture humble for you take CB tradition I just alluded. Oh like a picture Opel chief part of Richard Dawkins right yet and it's chicken Turkey don't get colds and stuff and this stopped and it stopped pitcher Paul Ole. To pump call your possible it's several different flavored highs peeked inside when another. So it's at a later pie in supply side up I it's I dictate its I'd apply. All I got literally going to Doritos all my god as and you just go right to mount hope cemetery of formal Hulk as you've done. So it's cherry pie apple pie pumpkin pie covered eat cake. It's so much high pitched. Quite high you stacked replies jury is stacked upon. A stacked up pot like I got three. Hot pies can do we all three of those not bars and coming apprised indeed I don't. Where did you say I. I studied lies but you sound like an expert. She has no you say which he figures to its ultimate decision that I felt pot pie. She says he's yelling at me I eat around like I see a look at your face and you say these things that's my father thinks the I want to topple. Rate and wanted to do which opponent to crumpled assume that your turns out I got a special recipe for unit men's room. In my little place there at 2226 article ponies ultimately placed there were talking about states we traditions changed not because. As you know another shot and seven ties in one. I'd buy it sounds awesome but they don't change because you don't want to stop it. They don't change because it is afraid of her mother who's afraid of your other areas got the break was also female on female shame it's ideally rather. Morning guys every Friday you know aperture you say that the Rio Turkey I thought it was so get out but now the more I always capital. There it should have I would try to me just got me to admit I'd try it and we should of stuck in Turkey why not close up on you know it's like. And they're the tradition and my dad will not let me take over person's needs. Let it happen and it sucks multi Scott. Or that is why do you why it's like I've made somebody gave it to be at. I wanted to publicity your. I'm separated. So you got to make two trips I want everybody at my house I don't want to go anywhere and that he too well when I'm sorry go was elated or really. Every every Christmas to you go to my Iowa Tommy's house it's awesome he's got the barred the food this setup. He's got a beautiful place. All of which I got a bite you eat at two different number I drink diet I have this you are you don't I can't have like you have a couple of shrimp cocktail is Andalusia Illinois just get there and they still. Whether he got a pot because guys are issues but it's nice like I have been like I would of its total work I appreciate it I don't have but I would that would take on all this week analysis establishment LG what do you for breakfast. I had main food with a split like that apple. Iceman food apple app on ads in cherry tomatoes institute it's patently hit an apple preference to. I'll tell you all about it if you don't start no we're not asking I don't know Apple's shut up but he get that W when he beat up by. To pump pretty it's not a personal choice to let you hear that either I actually kettle Christmas while. There is Kaymer. Has. That's what they did it for today James Brown who and why would you not just in clowns don't street to begin and who. Before it about right as cynical as close gun shows up at the end is enemies desperate right late thirties. What are rock or do you can't mess with that Turkey it was an adverse global real cute outfit when you really get everybody gets a slight and Albert in the burritos and and a. A lot of talk. You're right OK as did they help. Every bit of the bugs that are about the minute but you know what you can't take kindly traditional written so one day of the year he'd get a stop there exhibit three at all. All in one America. I suppose speaks to. Well your knowledge to keep drinkable go to help from you can't count average. Eggs but it may take care we particularly to get his get is that the BC evaporate group for bad that those bad. I've wanted to do ducked for Thanksgiving for fifteen way to dock yet. Second electrical worst bird ever it is like Richard Atkins I don't know it's like. Half a Turkey. A duck Sox says he went to the ducky says no duck yet fifteen years he can't break tradition we can't do it's dark. Reads duck what are you Dutch. Google. Sure multiple CH ER do you ideally it sorted out they do that it takes to make three highs at 100 Pinkett. In the of than I don't think it works. It's been done obviously. Why you pitch or only some pie and be. As well. Via. It's time. It stacked up.