The Break Room's Big Announcement!

Thursday, April 20th

It's back, baby!!! The Break Room and WCMF are bringing back the Rochester City Ribfest this summer! Not only that, but they're making sure a special part of town doesn't miss out on it's festival this year!....


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What is it only as woman about it festival season is right on the corner and wait and us at WC MF had a major announcement may we are bringing back two wonderful days this. Slap it together to things that went away. They love hate to break group matches guys many 65 to BC Mets too often black city addressed. You have one way amateur tradition went away and we were all there is that about it because the food was phenomenal folks put together we're great and the atmosphere was. Here. We find a week later here the Barnard carnival. Another Greece now find it on ability garnered fireman's field that was going. Gone on we said he on the show so there is closed down to calls did it ever ever in your child that was but it bothered him which fields of what are we gonna do now what we share their kitten well against the dignity today WC IMF is proud to announce. That we are bringing. Rock city best car all of music festival. That's happening we get up pork on and not only are we bringing back the rib festival Memorial Day weekend and kind of its new location. And Barnard fight its field agrees to back babies. I Summers opened its. Back so it's a huge barbecue favorites across the country you bet before you know he got folks from Memphis from Nashville to California top rivers it's a meet certain Angel thinks family friendly forty festival is like a music kids own. Reached out grabbed all that stuff. Portion of the proceeds best part. And a benefit the first responder to the vine are. First responders from the bartered fireman's department. Which will help out with the revenue lost from the reports out of Eric veterans dealing elect him saw us really from dry route on a drug rep yeah when you're doing. Now and those on my return so repent and I hit both have a love so you like him saucy I knew I could draw Arab. Yes poker tour asking what drunk. The publicity still upset over here but as much as backed the more we can as the tenth anniversary trial will be. The Barnard fireman's field dice ready to go come on summer we'll have more details before it even more excited. There is something. That I cannot talk about. That we will be announcing that it seems like at the works with us they'll be part of this the break. Well the break room. We'll have something there guys are gonna go abuse to yeah. Figured creep kept little bitch don't contain more than that in the beginning and that makes it that's coming back Kenton. The greatest thing about. Rochester. Is are your hands down Wright got lazy on some not so green Bausch lomb is good but. Forever and ever and ever no matter what happens Rochester. Adds my humble Peyton did the best to assure the country. Nobody minds lives in Memphis but clearly got a good barbecue he says the best barbecue Collard greens he's ever gotten our sticky lips he died in that era peek its CE comes up and that's the self talker you have got. And we at the white it's. Yeah it's that's unique to this area or examined like infecting agers agreement is. Anders alleys of food you got it does a couple of food shows one of the men in jail he caught a bunch crappy yesterday ordered him he was buffalo in Canada at a garbage plea. Oh and governor arena but I didn't of those existed there I'm sure to Rochester trade that but it slipped out any major's government. How dare you read a garbage played awful. But there was something about these city and it of their good bad for just produces the best food on the planet does what you're making like for example let's just food truck things turned. On rodeo yeah the date these like go over your downtown you can have clutched a food truck every socialist league gore made. Dad yeah yeah. Most of it is most of it's like high and food high in meatballs. It's all enemies in an outlet is about this town. That makes us so good at bad food recipes and do it the weather then you know I mean comfort food craziness. These were in the dark for so long. Okay dreary day to maybe need a little Mac and cheese to Cheerios. Can also be the mix though all of the folks that ended. Settling in Rochester on a different ethnicity and all of the mountain is all that's a lot of colleges within a small. Area to either get a lot of kids that stay here from differently I don't even know that that can be now I'm talking Italian team right now. So this the best restaurants in the country in the Rochester and a lot of folks black folks moved up from the south sell roster so he had to soul food to get GA I Italian soul food. And then he got eastern Europeans with their comfort food with a rogue ease and all that stuff there and edit all slept together is the Greeks the Greeks comic best agrees. It's quite what the hot dogs but I is it a good thing. That we are so good at bats. Well it depends on news which you mean is that a good thing all okay health wise for the doll all benefit of the computed for mankind now. But we love it because it's solutions. Make it's that America. All got to diet in Rochester New York. Western New York is the hardest city to go to guy and any mom and hot hot hot dog hamburger joints and pizza joints again here. I got all that other stuff bring up your and we we have to change here whatever that are but the local stuff is out of the guide him. It did Tom walls built grazer and so yeah. The doomed if you don't be fat and how if you go to other cities rang in late this error. You know cities our size are starting to go healthy and walk in day to read you don't see we can we don't get away if I a lot of fill that reservoir of what Heller good to. The body of world's largest it. So of team lay his boat vote. I have friends coming to town. Never what do you wanna deal with like all you have to try this food and that food likely to go to wegmans and you'll analysts food well I barely got. I admire what friends but your public and that's may take we go to wegmans like that's the best thing she wants to do when she gets their place and be Khalifa world's most popular president David cohost the show merit at all we did with her death was taker places to eat yet. Bananas cucumbers. Yeah it was. A it is going to be the BC Mabry Becky rock city at best can be Memorial Day weekend forty festival and bringing it back to be Barnard fired its field it'll be west side festival in which the best side festival. But all the details lead to more information moving forward rocks at best is back and how this city. And besides that I want to take credit on the west side brought. The food. Almost that good food is a way aside traditional and its belt here's what these guys done. Which almost rivals west side of the ready at the lobster polluted and and and and it touched noted that Utah attorney said to name them load those catered. What I worry them right so there are restaurants on the east side it's dictated that figure at a French for a day but it's not just cater to its pro we're talking truffle tops. We're talking loaded tots were talked hot tots all kinds dots all the east another go at high touch. And the beside restaurants haven't braced. Todd pots down there may top. Shooters shoot outs airport where they do that be taught us a hot you talk we want ban. Adult into tot all its parent and I'm hungry and books and acutely felt a true. A correlation yet they I notice here lake. Grown up in South Florida and make him appear a persona on out. We get pizza and it resorted pegged to the the blue cheese that I never saw that I moved here now it's all over the country but. I did you know your pizza insulting was like what he's doing. I get it makes sense to me I get there at that a ticket might pizza was got enough crap wanted to begin with and put more stuff fun. If you go anywhere else in order wings like in the country they give you ranches aside you know blue and it it really throws me off is legal is does not energies that. My sisters and Korea goes Stewart aren't. My sister will carry a bottle of red stressing that there but if she knows there will be cleats you know to get the you over grants went to break well that is so sexy feminine on the girlish oh how you get stuck with. It's just guys yes and women in America and other when you've got a warm and probably other whip do that explains a lot of different. He's better when you're dipping to keep it cold that the adult diapers like Ramon that can lead to. Well you sister that the concerns that the you do would you do series occasionally Gary health and well the Lotta healthy options here to another line during nine. Well that's okay candy and Fletcher accidentally known for the healthy again I moved to there's never a line there I start on a radio. I want detail how little ones you pick up small and on I was under the starving comedian some land rights policy you Lilja a 148 pounds when I was a grown I had your affect. No no no I was an affect. I route to Rochester again jabs at no man's he was a skinny effect there was a commercial that they were running back in the Yankees who looks that 120 ecology and within a few short years. I was a 185. Pound UPS. Sixty yes sixty pounds of girth. On I'm 55 on a good day and yet but I blew up. In a matter of a couple of years I've packed on all away but. We would get off work great. In a whole game would go but the blue lunch or a picture so we hit all these joints and in a garbage plated and I'm doing gigs at night them played an enemy not the archery pizza. I just it and when we you'll sit on your rants and I just blew the F. And it didn't take long for his sake. I don't say they say like when ran a little coupon of mrs. Bullock adorable but how fast they gain weight tea are a baby hippo what I showed up. And I just packed into a full grown. As a whole included like three years hippopotamus then. So skinny and when he did which Jews support you know and and is commercially. Look at this man. Tiny. Unfunny. Ugly as sin. For just three dollars a day you can feed this struggling stand up comedian who has absolutely no chance of being successful. Look at new his bug eyes see the pain of failure and disappointment. And don't let him start. For less than a fancy mocha coffee drink that you ordered in those places slammed full of punks every day you can't Manfred down. And embarrassment. Think about giving. Won't to a yeah around. Yes it is a funny thing is done but how bad all the food boxers bad flu and it's so there are guidance over again if you've ever tried to go on a dot. He's out of the way you have to go to finds of the TV. Yes you have to make these have to make your own food has to do yeah. Restaurants that survived really well they're successful other cities for example there's this restaurant called salad works it was every out of for awhile I was how. Health care goes out works every single day and its now closed yes. 'cause it's a salad. And it's not only does it salad joints are more expensive then. Just go to Burger King get it got their whopper and it takes a while ago which it would be a fifteen minute standing in line unless there is still at bats this on a unit that you know what's giving got themselves. Chicken administer retiring he'd used to the TV all the restaurants and I you know what parents sisters judges at the Richard her. Its sister and killing. All right so Bo story screw salads rock city and this is backed by no sellers anywhere at the festival is about has brought it back Memorial Day weekend for event may 26 the 29 at Barnard fireman's field new location degrees west I had the best sad west side with the west side glass. So more speed tells the com. Rock city read this Mack sixty friends to BC com.