Break Room Hate Mail - You're Stupid, Stupid!

Wednesday, September 12th

There's a man who says that it's okay to be called "stupid"!  He would like Duffy to "be a man and deal" because you're better off when it's all said and done.

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I need to be the toughest guy in the war and got it lets everything roll off your back and if someone in pol. Looks at you and sincerely calls you stupid in front of a couple of other people. You got problems oh yeah Japan that's great and I'm gonna feel good about that I should. Do that that's something that should happen despite that fact this week's pay out the week since Gergen. Who's spent the yeah yeah I get a break process classic weapons X five WC and that this story is exactly two weeks old. Two weeks ago he not here. We tell me to take him thirty when Sydney informed yeah I love tea bag you hear these great until I don't go to bed and I've been trying to talk to management about that yeah Megan graft. I don't go to thirteen we hadn't had her vocal. How. Right an area. We had a story about former bills' head coach current browns defensive coordinator Greg what kind of and it's a huge asset that he was suspended. Memories but I've only gay parent Eads. Northern anyway. All the hard knocks into the media after a practices he was calling his players still. Not joking. Say they're free interface to save its other media members you are stupid and head coach of the browns hue Jackson had to come out publicly and say yes. Asked Gregg Williams to stop calling his players' sorted out stupid that discussion we had is. Your Boston that you you would New York I think yes apparently not what gentlemen. We take your letters that you write letters actual physical letters written down with a stamp cent does he wanted to aspired to calling this little bitches running back. Happens Wednesday's 8 o'clock it's hate mail the week on CMF. Duffy you are stupid and a giant being that upset about being called stupid if you are being stupid and take your lumps and move. On learning experience and are better off after it's all over you can't tell me that today's day and age. It's too far for an employer to look their workers in the and tell them that they're just. Smarts because you can't deal with someone telling you you're stupid tells. Stupid this and into the shell also tells me you're stupid and it's OK to be stupid it's not okay to be a a being called out about it being a man. Deal and it stupid. And James. On the Godlington. Johnson utilities. Would be due to. Her. Attention yeah. Plus it. Letter from Wednesday on two radio station. There's a part in his letter. Where this guy thinks he's making a point but he proves his own stupidity. And I quote his letter because you can't deal with someone telling you your stupid. That lets me know your stoop. He's rights and that's exactly the point. There's this great motto top prize. And if everyone followed it the will be much better place to be Smart enough to know your. Gambit to numbered if that's good but I think about that for a second I think about that Smart enough to know your doc always right about everything. He is carried your he's going to make mistakes and you should listen to what other people left to say even if you don't agree with it so desk guy who writes this letter. I know one stupid and I don't need it pointed. To meet him or sometimes you gotta put some money and see with tomatoes. Aren't. Damning cell like this week had this happen in this building in a roundabout way. As one of our big bosses one days that if you're not doing this you're stupid. And you're gonna be out of a job soon. But he said it to the group. In Arab and so like everybody was kind of insulted. But did they can also go low he's not talking about me yet that is to say Diana Lewis got about half as wave calling everybody in the room kind of stupid if you're not doing what I'm telling you'd do. Stay put myself on that in salt test at age brought you find two people three people in the world Kenny Tommy and I they can let things roll off backs more than anything right we call each other stupid in idiots all the time. Were boys and girls. Right and if my boss if my whites and sincerity looks me in the face and says you are stupid that's an issue. We have because what you put a finger in somebody's face the game's over you (%expletive) them off as W what's a for veteran affairs yes the context that you're saying it and it out of anger all hard disrespect as you're telling me what to do. When you call me stupid you're kind of telling me what to do. Nobody likes and you're in yet and your you know saying I'm smarter than you and you're not doing what a what you do right now so your stupid. Attended this guy's letter right wing you're insecure about being Smart everybody should be insecure about their intelligence. Don't look at this idea that you know everything that super dangerous and it makes people not like you and it also shows all all different kind of insecurity. I know everything. Every big and this is healthy and should be but that's throws guys. Most guys. Don't wanna be wrong. They don't look like they don't know what you're talking about. As we held dual discern dude you can tell of some cock made me think oh yea yea I heard about that hey you know. Didn't hear about his sit still be left out of the room where it yet so every guy is in no edit every man is in no at all. But you'll start talking about it they go yeah yeah yeah hey I heard about that and the other guy does that. There's really ticks don't realize that be wrong in a realist be leapt out of the story. But if it's something as stupid yeah I did you sit game last night. Yup yup it's not all damn if you didn't. Your watch one minute you're right I did I guess like something harmless like baton is different that look someone in the face I'm right your wrong and Jewell were stupid yeah. 'cause nobody's stupid. Except you. But most people everybody's a minute to something. It is different to still those who don't see it go in addition to big does not have any information to make up. Informed decisions stupid is no which is still doing something wrong. And every gaelic but never got much to feel like. Every guy Aysu. Had a little bit of information you don't know about you you know either roach talking about listen to me aren't yet. That's kind of calling you stupid in a roundabout way. Can handle round about I got into my boss telling me I did something wrong in a roundabout way of telling did you ever do it again around about weight but it just straight up look me in the face well we got problems would switch like that. Bob Brady didn't do it that they're the bus call us all stupid waste ID he was Douglas hit it he's. Ended up tied days gigabyte no orders LA's not that. We have this discussion in the room when Toby was in your program at some guy called up and rightfully so it's as you when Tommy call each other stupid all the time where do we do but. I said at the time. If I was at a meeting. And the Boston you up and cold used to and I would have a problem with that like that would be easily we might see something out of our report. Are journalists he would do. You reduce infant. I would do it again. Yeah as I say stop picking on ice to address pace debit. Pretty special needs a day you pick us specialties co host we're talking about you know the week a ball your boss call you stupid to your failures does happen joints in some places where is acceptable and got it right it's it's still like rough man. Exits at the guy writes a letter saying is if you can't handle your boss calls you stupid to your face that mean you're stupid if let the military. And right if you're going off to war one and putting your hand in his chance you could die OK being spoken to that way we you have to like it depends on exactly but it's these idiots who think that that mentality works at. Every job which was beaten. You're right and that's kind of what happened upstairs yes we're about doing only. And he has a radio or. And it also kind of makes me laugh like. It's the guys that Internet lifestyle that they can work at a replaced it's the guys like soft full metal jacket and decides Erica to implement that there all rights. Like bro you Wear a tie she ought to ought. They don't have or any of you thank you Wear a tie you don't you don't have to diss arguments are also America I'm. Would your bigger than everybody in the room normally don't you have executed a week it's it would since it would immediately. This is something to Jimmy I don't think you'll have to deal because I am looking another man in front room and your stupid. Is a lot easier to accept the TV did it teach you what everybody. That's a thousand time I go to. Even necessarily have to say stupid though like if I'm giving them by Blake. Here you're. Belittling me in front of people geared Unita meet its its all disrespect to what they use the word stupid or not it's still I think Abbas could still do that to a woman like. They usually enterprises that to a woman I would hours ago Boston renewal women cynically or soon we'll just talk down to her okay. Where does he realizes he can't be that blunt with her. OK but you can result stay on message right. This is a softer touch in your right but either way I think I could get just as mad if you use the word stupid or use the word. I don't know I've just tried to get softer term for immediate that's just that's not. Unintelligent and but it like stupid is the it's the C word pig to a guy who yes I think you're right because I can't give anything. Yet case it's basically this you're killing my bus calmly in a hole and essays all this stuff that would bother me call me stupid sincerely I got a problem users from some LC were reducer and had to face it. As is accompany you always get a said WC IMF or the break from FaceBook page. My dad is this guy go right on FaceBook all the time about how he speaks teens. Think they know everything about the world but haven't seen crap then sit back and give him his rock solid opinion on United States foreign policy even though he's never left the State of New York. That's that it's every dead but it's this thing right and kids don't doubt that. Jimmy do. Did you see it all over FaceBook man session right now at the Buffalo Bills. Every guy that's ever played high school football. Can fix this team right now why can't you go to Yahoo! yeah you guys see the obvious go get this guy you need to do this is it's all that was all over FaceBook on Monday every fan as a GM we have we have white guy here that owned a minor league. Football team that says they are crazy not to reach out to him to straighten this out pro he's an owner. Jam and GM yes yeah. Of a flag football team. Trades and got it get always treated at. The BC MF break groom got lazy is a weight worse were honored to be called a stupid stupid would set me off of my boss called me lazy in front group of people that would crazies get not there. I can take ladies. Please don't. Yes it's. One thing not bringing New York kind of cut corners but if you actually fell Q were bus ran out busting your ads work in overtime. And Debbie called you lady that would pay as you are all quite the opposite I think if I know like bust my ass I'm called lazy I'm not insecure about it I'm good daddy are because what if they trade somebody that you know blaming me why did you work of art is that let me extend still didn't. Little more time to get studies editor 10 o'clock or. I'd like if I was so nick ran as of 23 Saturday afternoon. If I would have slid out of form that's on the disposal out and sit here and they give Tommy the credit for doing it and call me lady like he's worked hard Tommy obviously and get a mile and ID to 6000 stupid is the males Siewert Tommy figured it out Marcus I see an apple like mark. I mean opry and out stupid. And. It was a stupidest call we've got all the anybody questioned like that was legitimately still. I am curious tell you would have waited and hoped that what it was when I told you a couple of denied. I'm okay all right. Question before guys and a so. This is this sensitivity is just it's it's in of course that is man has it always this why are. This is triggered a time they'll be like we give our fathers went to some factory job and their boss called stupid they have had a productivity for us for a regular day. What would it take for you to work for a guy like that like isn't there about a money what looks a lot I mean is there it would be something like a hundred grand a year. Are dead that would soften blows Thelma suffered a stupid blow. Six figures aren't legs and I guess that there are guys listening to the show right now the main may never be a lot of money is not a jobs need to survive and you deal with the is on. But yeah aces record every MSC to pound interpret for the guys counterfeit something you ever get used to. Herb it's just after awhile doesn't mean any way you can get numbed motivates the daily you know your big guys always this doubt that crap on you tune it out. Two if everybody knows the guy calling you stupid useful Scranton is kind of you know bonding moment for everybody well you know he's just saying that but everybody knows he's. Pulled it 'cause they're cut evidently he rhetoric gonna. Our senior associate media bro. That impressed.