Break Room Hate Mail - Where's My Death Gift?

Wednesday, November 8th

Sometimes complaining about someone being an ass, makes you look like an even bigger ass.

& that's exactly what happened to our latest angry listener who wrote this week's Break Room Hate Mail:


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Expect a woman to be upset about something like this and I say that try to be as one of them massages you are men gets upset with something we said in regards to this gets upset because of this person diet in his life and minerals is a book. Poll. A week yeah break arrest his classic rack minutes but the BC I've got familiar with. We do certain we get dozens of letters weekly. Male with stamps out September some typed out all of them try to get this player. It I don't know how angry disguised but it didn't go to our management and and it was about two weeks ago we told his story about a guy that we do who. His good friend died. And at the weight. He bought a very high and worse and gave it to the guy's daughter is kind of be reaping TVA. We haven't had a discussion about Powell would tee schools and terrorists are never heard this you thought the discussion mr. expands why else would you give a check them we thought we try to grandstand at look at what I'm doing Miranda though he did it at the week he didn't do it and it area but. Gentlemen heady an issue with our current ex sweetie sit back every week we could be one enjoyed this week's hate mail the week dinner and a. Her comment I understand it wc in a morning show was supposed to sound like a bunch of idiots making jokes. But I don't understand why they can't put them on the side when it comes to serious topics. The death of a loved one is no laughing matter. I was appalled to hear try and copy can me laughing at the thought of giving someone a death he would as they call. They'd at least seemed a man who went out of his way. Comfort the grieving woman with them every thoughtful and expensive and back the amount to be some sort of sexual deviant for trying to do a nice thing. These people haven't taking legal action against you for your slander is beyond me. As someone who just recently lost the great and this really hit home. To someone. That way apparently didn't receive any gifts when she passed and maybe it's because people like army and nothing I mean views generosity. With selfishness. Not everyone who does something nice for human being needs to be labeled a sexual predator. I'd like your shell but sometimes you all need to grow up. And Sandra. Couple things here and one it's obviously it works tool for the U. You lost your great Dan Ryan noted great and is because it sounds like you're a lesser hands. That would actually be better be great and cabinet sounds way you're not I believe it is your grandmother's sister right. Rick how that second on Burress or grandmother or. Grandpa and several Craig Khalil and it's now is a great aunts. I would expect. A female who lost a family member to be set a game and now to be so angry. He's great. It passed away at this also happens to write this letter and hurt in the assistant bush also selfish selfish of me to want dipped after I'd like Hulu. Grandma dad what do we do it. Oh. You are you waiting for relatives that have muddied Dicey to open apparently that's different notes into accident there's little doubt that's called a legal binding contract it's the exact seat ticket that you want you to visit relatives you have that have money to make sure they don't forget to keep you will well it's nice to see filming now and then and see what's going and don't feel him as he can't argue that we stock market don't buy it should. I can't I might around. I don't wait for wrapped up dip because my great game guys that I mean that's a thing like the older the person that dies I mean both your luck you're not. You're not gonna receive all that money. You're talking. Give it to you and inheritance this isn't an inheritance yet for this person brought a gift to a fuel role. And handed it to set spurs that that the two of lawyers in Wales. And I never to somebody just bringing a gift to a funeral because somebody die too who said she gives money to family my friends of the families possibly help if that's true that's a little different if they need it. But this is a rat to get a day has nothing to do with the dead person it was a purse for this girl yes I did Selig look like your little one trait yet they're not understand what they're C united Selig distracting them with something. As I don't understand the torture of age were you can. Figure things out you don't need to gift. My daughters I would want to daughters to. At five to seven years old relate somebody diet which you gigs but but I can give a pass on a little one. But my guess twenty year old woman doesn't need a person because somebody died with him yet to check it personally was in late one bit. And it was a father has its what's a purse gonna do for that's just it. It was a knockoff and yet we made initially was going. Is your father DB dispersed before you guy has no meaning to the family so any time you have these person is high interest can't afford it's only because your father died again reminder that. You would feel. Walking around as possible and it does need to sit and urged crews would agree it done. I putted a huge one on eight. Great aunt Sadie guy you should assume we got the top of the break let's edit picked up oil money. Yet there I wrote that letter because he was as that he didn't get anything one anti. Or hurt comedy a part of anybody giving to death gift. Now but I have heard of people just wait you would sit manner and wait he earth dump them to come their way when someone has. That's a different situation we're not talking and in an inheritance. This is a rapid you have to you're bringing to grieving person. For no damn reason. Got it like everybody has a rich relative you wait for that pay out lake. By thousand dollars shows up at a million a turn that down. There what did you to have it go party well aside old to takes the company preacher for this you brighten its two different day. Just as bad person but your faith is this emergency taller. Because you have inherits. And Malone. Waved from ho girl dead. Episode had a relative that you visit can days. You want to create she's hanging out in the eight. If you are they because you you have it's that they wanted me to have it that the fund with the money will tell you since an oil drilling victim what did you tell leave it to a charity years and now I want to respect their wishes. I would that money distributed correctly makes you about it Hillary's I got his doubly good I had it and that was a lawyer. And she died. As she said she had all this money turns out she didn't. It was all gone but she always lied about much punishing but then I found that she spent hold this bunny on a casket. Like a lot of money. Music ridiculous amount of money for casket OK I'm on a good ago cut that the that your aunt that was that your mom and you when I was an oil. You should eat your rental. Let us sure but Alonso for you'd be upset and did not get something pushing an average kids. Still I was like entitled to it yes I was legally I was entitled to I was in the well let's do what you got you yeah. To which was overspent on the casket that's gonna win im not sure she's okay now it's sitting in some stupid you. Ground rot away he just is to sit right alama pocket you were just as bad as the guy who sent us the console lets you just seven years you you're upset that your not receiving something because. Of the death. But Mayan dialect in meanest thing is the only spread about how Richey what is now let me play down your relative but everybody covered if they pay out I was like dude you've got to be give. Reality. To me and I. Person whether she's she's an eye on players that money she says she got all this money. And next thing you know grow. It was like monopoly showed up neatly. Are you got to be kidding me it was yours what was mind a while whatever I got was mine yes. Chumps. Battery jade and articulate to launch a leak guy writes a letter upset. Let's discuss the night ice age should get a gift I agreed to he should just. Really ups utter even a whole migraines and it would be Bibi should it. No girl goes without price that thousand years old. He's got money for the UEC interpret what garbage and those guys did he's tiebreaker let's see evaporate and how rather. I meant less and where the ball. Really insensitive people may have eaten are you bet stupid that you couldn't make talk about and lied about comedy I. Yes we announced it. I don't know what joked we make what's been done. You know you make about the aren't a letter. Knowing it because that was about it it's not about yet it's possibly dying man. Okay hold on the B regional quotes from the letter that these gentlemen sent asp up up up up as someone who recently lost great and a quoted letter. This recently hit home for me I would have loved someone to comfort me that way so am. He writes us a letter not to say I'm upset by it died he died laughed he wrote us a letter to say I would have liked to have gotten something when I hit your card something. Did I just think you guys are really insensitive and cruel let. Yeah well I don't I got a group in my bed physical. Danny's. People here they're wanting your. And I loved silence. And well you mean Saul yeah. It was brilliant uses eco. So I gotta get thinking of Buick kipper Debbie of the death that a family. Also had this thing now couples so and so. There's couple's baby showers which couple wedding showers where they used to be exclusively a broad nature. But now my chances get dragged it is that I know guys and had to go to baby shall they used to be typical brought that is Satan now it's couples with two brains yet. That gets got to be bigger as were both going down and I can drag this thing all of that's it that I did that was too though guys to beat by the cells as a husband beat. Shortly Shalit don't you just go at the end to grab the gifts at Dominic card take them home that's it. Satan with a wedding show but now it's couples took them blowing you'd better tell it too many voices could change this. That is there otherwise I'm not so why I never heard of Mays is at their reg kids. Don't push present. But you gotta get year old Lee and gip for crap about the kid no you really agreement which we. And I have to July. I don't you ask presented according to I'm all you baby students out there. This precious gift of a new life whereas might give bail to not like he's give me give Clark a blip on a show this can backup big if you give me give. It's. Right here so a group that does when they do it by in my pocket. They are of the baby shower everybody wants something you have to pay for eight pushed present in you weren't tiger life. Finally I had value well you'll. Mateo us anyway here's. It newsroom we're gonna out OK again let's let's imagine this scenario that never happened and all of the saga okay I'm. Probably going to be a grandparent it's important acutely and wanna think kids have an advocate and it was means by levels at while we got to get her a push present also. So yes I will be sucked into the pushed President Bush crowds it's not the same unless you hate yourself now. Right now because once that Kiev starts role in. Everybody's interest you price jump on the bandwagon so tell me in my life static and says don't we go see the newborn in the hospital. We will also have to get a gift because she gag gift. All for all all of Thai people what keeps to the hospital when babies get like a flower yeah but now. Dallas got the idea physical thing okay. I get bing bing Canada a flower thing I regular thing I know it's happened and you wait and see you always laugh and even Ivan writes. I had a rail market down budget crap bloody human right okay mine controls can write your phone in ten years. The NFL go to full time umpires I was told I was wrong and maybe reference around player buyers you know it's. Actually combined baseball and football which you don't write like meg a sport do people all time refereed America yeah. They talk and Rex. Is Neely there. Is he does it. Himself back to check adds I was right to full time I get to break the route to a cute dude dude dude we billion dollars a year in court.