Break Room Hate Mail - Truck Pool Dad

Wednesday, July 18th

If you're a kid it's totally awesome, but as an adult living next door it's easy to turn into the "no fun" police

This may be the first time Tommy got a scolding he didn't deserve...

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I would be Lleyton your reputation is so bad that you are now getting in trouble for things that you did not sake it's it's it's a effort to cap progress but Lucent here's the sake we'll tell you who said what to somebody did say this yes that this is angry about it. But his funniest part. Wait you hear about this story and you're going to say exactly what this guy is angry you're at fort not say maybe I've cleaned up my act into week two weeks. So yeah break from rats to class. 65 to BC about to take the week 8 o'clock every Wednesday actual physical letters sent to listeners tell us we spotlighted aspired and a stamp mailbox this year. Ed this letter comes up the story we talked about the week of the fourth of July you were not your nerves vacation and we had Dave did you get our good buddy from Democrat and chronicle co host and Sheldon it would make newspaper born. Newspaper boy was here practice. We talked about age family in penfield. Who had done something to try to beat the heat wave that was happening at the poker a father had put a TARP inside the better pick up truck. Feel the water and eighty cool in his driveway for his own red neck country club you got it. And it was cute little like you want to get on brick actually aren't so. David Andrea it was beside were positive balls about it he was talked about how his neighbors would not tolerate something like that probably jokingly thanked. Sit back and enjoy him a letter every man who was not here today is hate mail of the week. I am so sick of the smug attitude of Tommy on your morning show. A wc in math I've been a loyal listener of the break from for years but I can sit back and deal with that judgment. Other man US lacked opt his entire life. It feels he has the ability to criticize what everyone else does the last straw. Was what he had to say about the pooled for a bad showed up in penfield during the heat wave it's the dad doing a cool thing for his kids. The remembered for the rest of their lives it's the bonding moment it doesn't matter what town they have been. Doesn't matter what the neighbors say the best fathers have neighbors that he then. Because that means they've created memories with their kids how about that little prick an obvious high horse and stop telling men who actually had kids how to be a man because you're not really a man until you've raised a well adjusted adult. Sincerely. Anthony. You. Acceptance and listen they dismissive. Of critics are. Just so you know. I've got I would lay in my neighborhood. Did you just comment on the statement if your neighbor up his pickup truck he stirred in my name. Did you jump around all right next door what's your first thought they get you down comic shops. Our job. Although I like you don't call to quote the water departments life easier illegally use and water. I think you can do. You don't want you can't I that's illegal use of water you can get find that paying dead six months in county lock up your column. It called police on my neighbor with a kiddie pool people's different bag doesn't think taking up but you've gotten this is. Rednecks students down so a aren't so I would say look bro I would tell my regular. ID have his opponent to beat me detritus of Italy gates someplace you know at a town OK I can't be doing this. Have fun somewhere else and then yes I don't let your fun its Arab it is fun but I don't what is seen. As trash. So do ensure you are you a trash you interact your treasury tracks blood. More trash. But we don't trashy person older friends also turn yellow hose all know posed by all her friends are rose Sadie which tracks just to trash them. How to stretch and I hope if I. A tragic figure my body that make you trash burners literature and the rumor. Literate. Be clear told the subset of the end. For being angry at him for Satan subjects that he didn't say what he was here that follows it up with the exact sake the guy. The guy thought he would have said if he was hearsay because I hang now reviewing Cammie. I am also tray actually call a stretch did you try. I got treasure a plateau. I. Would wanna see that in your neighborhood. Is that your wife would not tolerate it. Hi I am professionally might get a truck loads. Your high end. Ivy League educated wife eight kids in some Hong keys and stop redneck truck if I had a pickup truck. My wife would encourage me to do this promise security I think she would ninth senior float faced down and it. There are a couple of very interesting thing work first of all it really interesting how people cure the show and because and program it was was not present it all it did Andrea. The DNC we love dearly sounds nothing like you can it be noted that dumber you boots. Just busting balls at this guy got very upset a fifteen minute conversation. Greatly you'd expect curious your Tommy's voiced but. There's a sentence in this letter that I really really Twitter. The best father's quoted a laden the best fathers have neighbors that hate them because they're creating so many memories with their kids and that. Do soul okay very true. So we get. We get some people in neighborhood picket the crept up yard. Any chaps my hands. Everytime I see here's my problem music wrapped up emails don't do anything away also just kids toys but they all summer OK and I all winter I think it is crap out they're having fun aren't we to put it away when he died why why does everything all several long. Gotta be strewn through the yard. Play OK BT similar look junior and I put it back where you got it all art is he raises a responsible child. But I hate when I drive that I beat up nicely this guy's yard. It's got projects don't he's got guys got he's got latter's out of site building can one guy in my neighborhood right now he's pulled the a jungle gym pretty kids. It's taken them all summer to do it. He's got lumber and it's and we dollar's drop saws and you can just sit there is to be our regular it's got a soft afloat with thank god damned thing. Did you hear that parents Thompson to disease is a saint toys wicked if you try to reach out. State where kids I try to date he's just so I wish I'd by the way you started this project in June. He's not even halfway through July. Pay it Joyce said juggle Jimmy villages like let's say November when you're freezing he gets it gets stuck to the. Slide V best fathers have neighbors that hate them because they're creating so many memories with their kid whether it's truck pull the fire were the giants like oracle doll and jungle Jim Flick that's going to be a lifetime of memories on every kid every kid had a double dip nobody cared. Jungle gym you're noted jungle gym and I do what discredit to jungle gym I can show yeah. Our governments have the messenger I don't even want to know how that would sexually work pursuit had a yogurt Jim. Brawl broad not playing well all day don't Biersch drone is not a decorative ideas. It's at an interior design strewn. I would think you'd be out for the pulled. In the truck bed because. It's easy to clean up like expected to be there forever it's like like they set up does yeah cool we heard killed in downtown flushing down a slick eventually got president go to and eventually to get to drive that truck that's gonna go away here's the thing that choice. If you if you had the idea. Pivotal editor of potable water listen I was an eight year old to be the coolest thing in the world yes but here's the thing. He'll leave that thing out there offer that's what's gonna be ninety rank yet at yeah Philip indicative pillar of the dead leaves out there what's. Gonna get bugs all getting again you can get feces in there feces yes he would get feces it slime how does that affect you the feces and because you can hear your infested child is down oh released in the neighborhood like some airborne virus. Rumors and CMF. It. All merry go more and probably not a hundred mergers so wrong here and a guy who did not part of what you're there I don't know exactly what you was. And that I. So go to parliament. The probably you would bet you beatable retirement computer. You're a bad day you're grumpy old men and you don't since grumpy old. Oh and you can't let that instead follow up with my neighborhood salute that the outlook I didn't Ronaldo might what was it might slow all of our political analyst. All he can't because it's a public program see your prophet I hope you know they're not going to be open so you went through this that it that it. I'll go to public voted down hole real art and they're a and are about but instead drew didn't get to work out great for my job. I'm talking. You don't know about you know I don't want to know actually kid. And Goebel don't read Dartmouth community he's. I write out illegal let's let. The good that I was communities it quite that any eat in the wild card and they do well edited and Georgia to vote. I got that they've got cheap statute. Known in or outside low. Remedies to culminate our Calumet I called the cops that's illegal. Personally you can't turn your cause your car. Dual role and she coos. Just so it is a matter it's the same thing as like I can't I can upon drunk behind the wheel my car and it's part I submitted DW. So that is a solution reveal. The department of transportation's gonna wanna have a word Rivera also the one under par for illegal use of the city well. Remember the other day I told that story about I was behind a funeral procession getting on a 490 and I parked his car in front of the general Don is when that would explain what the law was we talked about the deuce and once I know the log I didn't laughed at that guy. Barbara I I know the laws when it's obviously beam broke. And finally got a little bit a child abuse. Cassettes vehicles not designed to be a poll. You just can't turn anything you went into a pool at Georgia Camden there. So you're an expert right your expert about all these things and you would send your neighbor is thank you jungle gym and with a drop Saul. And Tommy is he harbored or he's on CMF away atop the character for months. Yet so are under time. What isn't definition of the drops out because I've ever heard. Which is so we did coming up and down I don't know if you call it tickets circular saw a thing. So shut out at you don't. Why don't says Saudi console war it was. You've got to tell you I've been I don't have the exact wording but I know what I saw markets this. Yes well one. Get a question for you end up what's worse in the neighborhood. Data mixed in makeshift school in trucks for kids or. Thirty year old man playing with fireworks of his buddies launching them in his backyard. Their ball terrible you want it's not you are the Sega as an adult in and a nice neighborhood. Was that nice. And by the way that's. Did I that this was self Florida. If we we do things different Ali in Dixie okay but now that I moved up to the north a more sophisticated on a Yankee now. And at some hillbilly. You nailed. A bigger and yes I did fireworks ones. And I didn't live there was a Condo he is renting. We take one more bubble formed by two to 6000 you're taking on your title to your nobody's agreeing with you because everybody's cool not. And it will get another letter from this guy if he still listen to the show that was agri what you because not Christmas. Outs not get deep entry add up eight college educated world. Writer who lives on the east side but that's impressive yeah that is really president Canadian this obvious to most every country a better that a writer. Is it better or whatever they get them.