Break Room Hate Mail - Too Good Looking

Wednesday, November 15th

Apparently this EXTREMELY GOODLOOKING MAN, lives a life we don't understand.


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You got a bigger track not doing its bad guy but did you can't say I haven't handsome lead to an organized and you're reduced drag Bannister then we only got worse on the planet and that guy was there is guy who's Hanssen tells you you don't know how hard it is to eat good speed is diluted. That is dealing with the today's hate now the week it welcomes all the story involving eighty millionaire a billionaire on our. Who's. In the breaker boxes class crack that is it's not that he seat maps. We actual physical letter sent to step in the mail some tight summer it out of people watched fired and people that our sponsors it's up sponsoring thousand. People want just tell us how much we suck it today it's the third. Aren't we tell the story about Alex Rodriguez former New York Yankees really rib super hey it's yes and how. Would he was on his first big Jennifer Lopez the musician actress who he's not there's got to smoke programs he was so nervous. He got up to the table at dinner and walked to the detriment texted her you look sexy ads path. We went there and talking about your guy with that kind of money the kind of reputation rent the looks good as he'd probably intimidated by anybody. Yeah very Yankee Ike could just cannot say to a minute to topping your games ever since written and you're acting like a thirteen year old. Did it. Torture boy. It's safe to say general text it I. We left wins giggles and really pissed off one particular man mr. good look at who is today's hate mail of the week. Tommy Duffy and can mean it's easy to criticize people who you'd think Kevin easier and you but until you've walked a mile in their shoes keep your mouth. To make fun of Alex Rodriguez for having confidence despite being sold good looking but he never been good looking yourself. So you don't know what it's like I and the very good looking man several people that means that I could be a model. I've had a very hard time meeting women there are several factors. Don't assume I'm confident because I'm good looking women expect me to carry on a conversation because I dress well and look good. That's not my job this is a 5050 exchanged along with that most women are intimidated by my good looks. You know how hard it is to convince a woman that she's in my league. So not only do I have to tell her that she's good enough for me. But after talker in to going home with me. With ugly ask Tommy Duffy they can just say stupid like blow original thought and they believe it because of them. They are out of their league the hardest thing is dealing with hot women they feel like were equals on everything because for both public. Not the case I'm smarter and network Carter tell me how easy my life is never having lived Smart thing to do it. It's. So doesn't even compare and I initially thought this was so over the top did it was a joke yeah us until. The guy he wrote this letter wrote beyond FaceBook and Libya began wondering what Google the united Arab zinni and eight major gap and he did by the way. She deserves it acted diet you. Average Joseph and he was she just kept rates on FaceBook color has some ideas at how addicts OK a burst of yours that meant if you want to tell me your handsome and not pants. Reported if you're probably beating women and you're not pants. Annuals and have a big game. He also says he has game. He's good looking guy game. He's the total package to to get that bad idea isolates and I got to go home player of the cells. He said he saw his picture let's say to think he's looking to be honest I know he makes handsome man are you a movie star. Stars I look at and nick it's hot list I don't. If you're good looking and. There are few of his plan program you. Never have a right to complain you know about any business like the this is like the this is an equal let the captain of the football name complain that oh he gets to do is bang their head cheerleader I don't hear. You sold many perks and pork being to get a chance yes good looking people in general either way get past. So rare. I saw they send out yes that each. Up better at this he'll want growing about it and try whether it's. Or no negative turn that could do Google try to access lifestyle that I see. GL OD a TE I think it means came truck was I think it was appearing to cave man where. I think is a vapor starting to operate with a club like you only drum roll reject. Out person lived in caves. A person is regarded as being old fashioned or it's your choice. Workers to order a board. Do you listen to any music you like that have a game like any. You and I not a trick now those men and unattractive you do. To be attractive agency gives you get a free pass just eight and a half game you let everything I don't have to talk to women like a desperate man errant lineup for acknowledge that helps me my job you Ingraham of them awfully okay. And I. The senator. I could stick my job and it's gonna benefit me that way everything. Is easier to like he's easier what you're attracted some for you write a physical letter to respond. Well the bench. This ha and it face says it was cancer as people that eggnog and act like that with that letter and one of the rating is to get some good looking cancer. Tweets and eighty at least he is at the BC that break. I am anti hate dudes issue is confidence the issue is that he's at it yes. But he's he thinks he's a handsome Dick. We know you've seen notes. And that. Let it out at price bacon I honestly can't be re elect is right about how good the keys to us I got a set. It's just. It's this this she has. But I do know dues that. Recruiting guys that also say they're good looking guys I have one body in my he's gonna look at is the day get all the ladies but he even had a plan as he aged at state note that he knew he was gonna stay good luck and so. His plan was when he turned 58 he was gonna become a male model. Because like older nobody gets his few guys my age limit noted. So all of it is quit my job the Belmont that's a good look at pretty confident at their buddy is good look at on him by the you don't guy a model you'd. Again it's. That's ADP you know in the movies but he can be in those magazines with a guy weren't a jacket. The guy that you. Like get a satellite can ensemble and declared it dead right OK I get recite the underwear guy. But that no none those guys are old guys together early unattractive Leavitt he thinks he is that do silly things like. Older guys underwear too so I'll be attractive sure it was older guy in underwear. Based publicity company economics is at Louisiana for the pre removed eight machine would showing up in our fees Broder and we're talking about the other week I writes this he says you. Speaking of Tommy and I don't know how hard it is to be good looking man. This is coming from Rebecca. My boyfriend is extremely handsome and he has the same problems you guys are being a couple of Dicks talking the way that she wire the light is harder for attractive people it's a fact. When you're ugly. People assume you'd need help when you're attractive people assume you can help them. Show like well. My man is so good load should. Is it sit still occasionally saying and I'm also good yes Obama's road show to. I why did some ugly people need help. Look at Tom what did you do I played good test hospital at W reduction in the death of electors are ugly the people and upload and sooner he'll offer could. He doesn't help that he's at the grocery cart all yet again always good order. Sincere question. I scale of zero to ten. And what do you think most men would rate themselves. Would rate themselves. Out but if you asked them try to undermine how they think they'll ask you right now and OK not. I'd be completely sincere I scale of zero to Ted. How attractive do you curricular. 89. Seriously though they don't seriously. AA is I have on a solid eight below nine or not an eight for your age bracket. All for my age dragon I might be in a lot of OK no that's silly security. He said I wanted as far as who Lula mystery walked in the door. Behavior on a job cuts go into the the depth of nude photograph of me. You really accurate and loading that you are Savvis center. Advocating very close to say. We have some of the I can't tell PG getting you know really low market which I need to be sincere here OK for Tommy age bracket they scaled it and how Hansen is Tommy. It's. Or is age bracket. I would say he's averaged so I get my diet that's that's a teacher was a truck was that it eight boy yourself gee nice of them were groomed. Like any try to lead that. Department immigrant we talked I can. Easier to add my age bracket pretty average looking like this which got an old story out every pitch so what do number. Five to six a roundup it's almost ten. Really the topics that. We do fancy it's a better look at that we actually are the most guys give themselves and you see now. I guess it's not the be just be person put it it's got. Have a problem saying guys looking I legitimately don't know what makes men good looking good guys thanks in the. It looks at the time it was a no. Other guys that I see march rolls lights again against. America. Yeah on the same taste in men with Kevin Love is easier like mad crush yeah I don't get that I don't understand that he's tall good looking directly to the cattle. Erica. You biker like right all right now discerning eye and those guys. I don't get it and well they don't have to get manga are very jealous of guys that are tractor and preach Jaipur and yet it's possible and it actually explains you were. By your hatred towards me again almost 65. Occupied what did you do. I didn't think these are both of you know is that I almost since March due to whose. Numerical evidence that Roy I'm sorry. It's go to the phones with it almost six finger at TGI theory can put that six. It's. Denmark was the U. RI it's a marvelous old Derek Jeter the breaker it's a brown was like he. Over got a different what I love about what you do is move you are so up front with everything you Leila open. YouTube put in tears spring to them read in the city where newspaper and who in the face of the male in the didn't pay the worst day contest. But Patrick Duffy. You're in you're in the city newspaper worst they can test it is and it what does that commercial car. It's serious. Dude I'm looking at it is that does that stand hit the paper nineteen of this city you are in the city they're learning the worst they kinda and that's your picture in some. Poor girl cringing from newly actually it actually makes me. I'm looking at it right now polo to the current and newspaper yeah. A well and that's what I like about it is so viewed and do an open model airplane you're ugly strength in what we're talking about they're putting knew him. Didn't put his name out there it is pat Dobson does not own I'll just try to get it looks like you kind while Atlanta ugly guys look like you hold citizens' lives checked and I haven't the relatively. They did set us up FaceBook I was going to die because they didn't show read some hippy lefty rag city news agent does is very serious now he's a Franco. Pitched in new is coming into semis looks like you're about why can't be based on the Haiti and the week we got the number not a bad day of the month amid because it would try to America as well goodness that must be as in the breaker mobile Sitka. When you take a break.