Break Room Hate Mail - Save Our Jobs!

Wednesday, November 22nd

It's important to think about how you can help local people succeed, especially during the holiday season...

Sometimes, convenience still trumps loyalty & that's what seems to be the issue in this Wednesday's Hate Mail of the Week!


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Let's discuss scrapping these five birdies yet let's take out the week actual physical letters mailed by people that want aspired or what sponsors a stoplight town all of his stuff and that's this week's letter comes off of that story that more people we buying. Up Christmas present online and in stores this year. This woman who wrote us a letter. She misheard the bore no kidding because she believes that we said people should not buy in stores which is something we would never say because both he and I are record as saying we'd enjoy shopping in stores over sharpened our got to see this stuff election. That beat. From a culture media and let me set but she race. Is an interesting point in her misheard. Misdirected. Anger of letter and sit back and Joseph I ate Thanksgiving edition of hate mail of the week. To whom it may concern I will not listen to show that encourages the loss of American jobs. As a retail worker myself that's really afraid of losing my career. Shocked to hear the break room cheering for the death of the big box store you. Crazy. Those are people with families baby B come these are people who bust their ass today in and day out for eight and I've worked at. For almost fifteen years and every day I'm just afraid I'm going to go to work in here that the store's closing because people refused to support us. I support many businesses that employ people in the community. Public wegmans employees like if I buy milk online. Or bakery that's other customers at their cakes and pies to their front door to body weight support. Physical retail it may cost a little more in a taking a little bit more time. But it's keeping people employed and it allows them to have the same Christmas you and your kids get to have. Sincerely Christen. Is she heard the break me down I don't necessarily disagree with this one aren't. Is important to spent any physical place. It's easier because those pieces employ people as people whose jobs but here's the deal they Diebold my age a sort of English up people your age. We're comfortable with the Internet under shop on line it's on the illegally and Kenny. Compared to mean. I'm thinking came he's more likely to do senator as an order washes Netflix and and Oscar and a guy goes out there and I they I think all of my generation goes away. It's got to change. It's an unfortunate but his is the way the world it's already change can't you generation is part of it because we've had stores years he came for. Essentially have been. On the collapse. Both. When a victory to disclose. Such highlights as it is closing aren't right so he can't say it's our fault because you guys it's easy when your fault but it is. I can say because I still IKI can't I got to look at that thing. I got a shot by a medical doctor touch today as C and got a Triad on I don't know what it is when you made a lot of guys your age. More comfortable just get in a box of I don't like a throwback a botched the senate back I'm not comfortable that. I don't right on the line is I. I if you're a little different leisure collector. Yet there are certain things we can only find through that network and it you someone is gonna do most of their Christmas shopping online I probably will but I would affect you lazy. I do you prefer her. Huge you might be in store shopping only because if you got got out you saw it only because if I buy something. Mine and I don't like I'm too lazy to return it kind of just keeping it a Kenya so I'd rather just go get it and Seton. No I like it to 6000 argue with that out of your way to support big box stores knowing that people around us friends and family network he's placed it picks I think. A husband and me sitting at home going to be the demise of the ball right most people go late. Well there's probably played people going out the ball side need to be there. If you think that way everybody takes which increase the problem indeed it was Black Friday is it starts tomorrow at 3 o'clock the store's opening up giving me the mine bodily. But the stuff cheapen the stores now yeah. But we need your money this is there a time of year to make up for what people losing you know you router it was shop online again that you need like a flat screen TV for like 30% of its not true to appeal letter about it and 35 cents CVS. But that's over a month went crazy deals are on her are you more likely to sit behind your computer and order right because listen here's the deck there's something on the way. Why is that we may not like if you choose to not shop at big box stores let's come. These sites right now they go above and beyond trying to bring new royal free shipping Utley to bond potential lower prices. And eventually. If the Internet is so successful at taking business away. It's possible that these big box were to disappear completely. The horse carriage and when that happens. Is online shopping going to be as it expense and two great that they reject operates because of that and there's a competition. You've got to compete. The events that has got to come a lot of compete with them but let's just give it will be a time where there is no competition in the shed so I mean for the sake of having an option to keep. Amazon and all these places honest you should go your way to spend some money these big diesel prices exactly it creates an option that you have forever. Amazon's reason to treat you well. Will be Iran of trying to. From the Euro problem of engineers the tournament 100 which is like seven year. Did you visit thousand going out of your way to shop in big box stores to support the community. Robs in the breaker Muncie MFA rowdy boy brother. Are you ready so. Well armor distraught and because there are like battered let better there weren't too. Our R&R six foot three highway 230 are are they got a site or in what. Saturday brought look at Sox I'd go to all the holes I go to JP Belgium and the soonest that the pluralism and yeah exactly got your money and Bart Starr's it don't wanna Kerry closed at that people like sodium regulates a mammoth Thompson. Tiger I go I go I'm like yeah I that they don't carry soccer people I have 1416. Inch seek you know what I mean. I ravenous under a quick I feel your pain but it but I don't think Kmart closed as they don't have Sox precise fourteen feet. Yeah but this thing where you're you're did their exploding. Bennett you look around there's a lot of people my side in the world facilities to be joined I don't think around anymore called casual male. Anyway it. Is still there is exciting to replace Ted Kennedy's in my in my big guys just those stores are carry it all a product that I want to. A yeah I I take appreciate it was two point before in your story IT group they carry products that you want to hear those XB like a lot of people which is causing this problem regardless of your big earthy guy you're gonna go online ligature John Norman issue. Say UBS underwear reasonably your boy praying he's a lump of coal does he show up in desert a lot of stuff on my music in a fighter and and. Dad means that has but the thing I wonder if a lot of these stars make their money because if he shops online from the east stores and hats are returning you go to the store most of the time but you keep your money back bug but unless you like you wanna return it for something else you do are there speaking as a large man aren't much like rob just ones I can't Michael's online because every large and extra large double extra large is different feeling. It urgent register there are some place is why I Wear an extra large or someplace I have to buy two X you know like. I don't know your largest Easter gut sort melons flies at that and a burglar coming announced the or you could we find it. Eight deeper cut from TV's movie to everybody knows though give me another line but she's a girl. I'm excellent you don't she's ultimately she's a girl did you did 6000 woman's rights as a week says you need to go. Audio Lleyton to shut it big box stores this holiday she works retail she's afraid of the go to north and help these people are you willing to sacrifice potential pork item and convenience. To support folks community jobs at a great group axiomatic Johnny politely. I'm doing good event. My feeling audit is. Arguably the consumer. Because a big box sort of staying at competitive as their competition. Yeah it is simple economics it is. They blew it if you can go to bed and didn't set a date in order to big box stores and himself up it would and has won the first. Are you gonna spend the entire just support that big box they're gonna go buy it but. The spirit actually read but I think what the difference here is and is OK so these big bookstores pushed out mom and pop it right right every week and they swallowed up these places and John we didn't fully understand what can happen when a place that we knew was there. Yeah disappeared I think now we know after watching his mom and pop places close. Option a barge shuts down. It affects the community a negative way and it jacks prices up on another place so happy that hindsight even you're spending more it's important have that option. I can agree with that at the same kind of big big box stores have compassion when they're pushing the modern popular. Security today Andy and now your fighting. A losing battle. Because this is just the way of the future and Nike's write your always gonna buy the cheapest you can get. So yet if it's that's means online that's where it's gone and he's malls will turn into something else. And I don't know accidents on the also occupied that mall space eventually. And maybe some deal common answer to compete against the online again who knows Johnny. That's good at it again RY. Consumer market. I mean eventually yeah. I have site takes the bag ever happy Thanksgiving. I go to the mall and it is l.'s original the horse and buggy stories and open up anymore nobody makes about buggy whip I think part of it's also negative perception because like there are people who just go to the mall anymore and you people don't like crowds they don't like the parked on the fight. I said in my couch in my underwear and I ordered myself when I'm done but the great deals at them all the seat he's going to the point there's one of the interesting to see with a proposal to issue. We had three coming in from Matt Doug 2701. How many Rochester people bought Fuji film rather than supporting Kodak it's all about price and convenience it's changing a hint that sunny and a senator really good argument because Fuji's no Mon no longer either ages became obsolete and the time I guess writers like mark timeout for at least thank both of those things are gone because we don't need them anymore that they. Something else showed up sherbet to his point you know it's all about the price of the fact that there were people buy energy film cut into the company that was supplying us with jobs and it's right here in town Jewish day Jabil let's just why you should I call right back and no we're probably not for lazy Charlie's in the breaker my senior vice chief Jackie lightly. I stopped codec and all that they're closing down because management mismanaged. They coordinate these screw over employees so what we either streak and trot. Not a source close and not because at best pitchers like the one role that latter yes I Cherilus city over that. Sure. They say on the home a little boxer tampons support milk water which is that the Toronto. 000. What a Cheerios are valuable and spoke about it at the bench it. Judge basically did and it the uterus so a total budget milky deadlines but it's going to be delicious cereal. I wonder if the jobs lost in the closing of the big bucks or if that happens are made up for by Amazon exit they are resides somewhere exactly. And is a second is in the Demi and play that's what they do this. They don't need as many people to move the merchandising get it to you and the community gets gets Amazon gets those jobs fine. It's the ones outside new shaft that. Nuys attention. Fame thanks so wrong them motivated more people I've timed this state homeless morning radio. Get that yes or did you.