Break Room Hate Mail - Risky Behavior

Wednesday, May 23rd

A woman said The Break Room should be under investigation for what they are encouraging kids to do.

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If your teenage kid is not partaking in some kind of risky beaten her and it should be a red flag right next door Arab. It's a simple I think it's even more than that about quotes this. Let's do with little light threats and getting out there NN yeah the breaker rats to classic rock and a 65 do you see an avid is he met the week actual physical letter sent through the mail with a stamp for people want aspired to tell us were stupid in the management should play out there. This comes off the discussion we had about two weeks ago. On the newest craze people are freaking out about kids are partaking in the jewel. Schedule would they couldn't solve a cigarette is yeah the fixer but now. Seeks. Terrorists. So we talked about how teens smoking sings if you will and it's at eight national all time. And how jewels or replace that parents are freaking out about their kids smoking is this the and we may. Is that if you take the jewels away something else is going to replace that Kim Gordon amount exactly it's a fine and maybe the devil you know. And he's better than that don't injury that maybe that we need your kids start you know shoot heroin into his odd ball. You'd be saved those jewels is probably what young daughters jewel is all football team apparently a woman listens to the show and heard that. She got really upset and I sit back and present you care today's hate mail of the week. To the management of intercom Rochester this letter to inform you of the reckless actions of your radio station employees when it comes to health and safety of our children. Encouraging teenage kids to smoke and broadcasting that live on to the air. Jewel abuse is no joke. As young as twelve sneaking a cigarette replacements into their elementary and middle schools. And puffing away like it doesn't harm their bodies. And now. You have your company's employees encouraging. After jewels what's next cigarettes are we going to encourage your kids to smoke we. My load a bunch of heroin into needles and have our kids line up and take it it'd smack. These mentioned seems pretty fired immediately. And it's completely. A disgrace for the safety of our children. An I for one won't stand for I've contacted multiple agencies that deal in safety of our children. So if you become subject of an investigation. Don't be surprised or just keep in mind that by continuing to completely shocked jacks your industry and company not only doesn't care about the well being of the children of the Rochester area. But your complicit and even encouraging. Of destroying their house sincerely. Leslie. You guys. This is like I said this is the only email letter re gone on the subject it seems like the settlement organized a letter writing campaign I'll either go where iron over something she heard on the radio. Which seeks to beat thing to do lately when it comes to the break group in kind of a date it's like general but it ended the regional discussion was not encouraging kids to jewel it's what comes after Julia right after cigarettes and keep the pot smoking after the pot smoking keep the jewel so it will logically be something else what is that going to. Finally when she scare kids at a one of those things some other Greg gonna gravitate toward something else that may do we know about yet but these men. Who doesn't understand looking the other way might be good idea so we don't have some weird asteroid that's legitimately dangerous showing up and markets go Hillary noted tied. Capsules. Talked to those that was made that tired and yet I think Angeles. Where her. Show when amount. This goes to greater point I. This woman can't seem to rapper had a round this idea of kids and risky behavior and I asked parents both of teens now and folks who now have grown children. You should trying risky stuff eight good thing Boris. I'll get tickets and organize for I think it's good for different reasons the probably the kids get a taste a little bit light brazen get a jump on abroad have some fun OK I don't sort it's not what I was kind of like so they're not surprised by later right I mean you know when they go to college to learn how to narrow they're exposed to all these in these drugs are that's better argument with Tommy Horton. I say it again I feel a chick is part of life it is worrisome as a parent when your kid in starts getting you do risky behavior and I know it's stressful but. What are Maurice Richard Kidd wasn't trying to get went over you a one you. Would you be more great picture kid what's it take risks or doing something to try and fitted because all these things are tools that child with a major social skills like how to buy dope it's not even spring I don't know how to work a dealer. Successful folks I hate risks and and that has to start somewhere. Whether or not you wanna admitted being successful also hinges on you feeding it with a group unless your kid is a kind of super genius brigades may lead to fit in somewhere along the line when it comes to work. And act and involved sheet and the way that they think an actress Julie ship and that behavior has to be learned is well at a cutter and a ball. I know that I will regret saying is that years from now where my oldest daughter's fifty but I think that risky teen be well hold on hold all to a certain point is it positive. Aside now girls gorgeous or girl it's the stupidest acknowledged it still but it's the right thing the girls don't need to be taken a wrist protector as you delegates separate kid. DH is a need to be out slot. Girls taken risks that sluggers and takes a rest most pockets I will cut it got myself the killers are gonna demand thing and it's just so there's been a terrible thing but it's what guys do OK unfortunately but you don't what you daughter did you get your client you should trip. Your son connected a girl pregnant have the same problem. I understand that but that's a year encouraging net she's you the girls and me either way they can end up in the same place where the girl has to players average one and out the other girl has to fight him off. What we don't know. I think what do you live in theology do you daughter out with a cookie jar both of your kids boys girls whatever should be taking now because she what rich girl risk which. Seek smoke pot rate should just smoke if I you know she's also bill and what's the issue smoking a football team to. My dad's Buick to daughter out what do pot mouth. All out dies young pot luck you're gonna talk about Osama bin gave it a lot pat bishop about jets look at the potty session he puts it that amount what do she put an amount no boy girl risk needs to happen to Christian Mel parliament quiet. It. Be acceptable risks to our beautiful that it jewel would be one of the acceptable risk but I guess that's not the case anymore for this woman smoking also cigarette seems to be completely up to went up which certainly funny it's amazing how fast the exchange for him because. High school I it's somebody's at 1516. Whose parents knew they smoke cigarette out and do at home. That would never happen in Dedham Annika probably good date but. Above my brother sister smoked. In high school announced a detergent. They smoked and our director identified with what they're smoking lounges in high school bedtime because a word for it but since I graduated 2004. Yeah right like that's not that long Nobel have been smoking though Alter cliff. And any seems now even like pot. Underage drinking had switched right like when I was a kid and are you got way more trouble for being a possession we'd been having he can't bear can't be I think that's exact opposite to what Hitler look the other way a lot but he's way more strict and underage trying to. I feel like crazy rule to live in turn around get no more. I feel like those are all risks that you would not be happy your kid is Dayton. But you would understand and almost be a little bit relieved if you file your kid was sneaking away smoke pot were secretly drinking were sneaking away but the cigarette roller boys. And girls I'm plutonium you to got a slider to cigarettes burning out coliseum. He didn't Billy trouble I think very few that daughters specially who can. Take the wreck of risks and no has knows how to handle it and she ever really don't get in any trouble or anything I think there you're way better off if you get remaining. Sending your daughter off to college not seeing any of this stuff before and all the sudden. I'm alone nobody's watching me and cut all this stuff. I think it is very a.'s figuratively right she's gonna get pork like she's at ripped us that's what she's saying actually no she's gonna get in trouble. I just got and is what you're going to send you know how to navigate this new for a kid may I am with 200%. Pretty much every kid I know that flame got it out. School which is somebody that could handle being on their own. And I think that this kind of contributes to that to the opposite of Tommy a man who only is on his own because he's only on his own all the time because I notice duck. You post. We woman write to see that we were encouraging kids to smoke jewels hidden jewel abuses she put it down low as say in the WTO water and evidently don't know I think. Upbeat apparently find out which are key easy engage in risky behavior and vomit stuck in the pot and the beer and whatever. Happy to protect your furious right you have to fake debt and yeah yea you don't wanna look like you're encouraging a pain in the exactly like. You are actually furious the moment that they were call the chief on the doing this and rely idea idol I could hurt you but. I don't know I wondered. Like when my dad caught between these things and I looked out I wonder how actually upset he lets. You can't go too far on something like this where you fight educator doing is doing these things and you elements oak. Think he could tell it's a no you can't I think you can be OK with it but they can't do that and right let's hope parity ally. And it's it's it's it's interesting like the way cigarettes were accepted it then underage drinking was except when I was acute and now it's completely unacceptable. What is going to be unacceptable. To take everywhere program OK don't be that guy that is they aren't gonna play caller fruit. What risky behavior our kids engaging in now or twenty years from now how dare you how clued you that shock. Order a ball so I don't read curriculum boundaries to deal but I it think that is if pot it's widely legalize it predicts that starts to happen with the Merrill want. Where people start seeing things that didn't expect from legalize marijuana and I am just guessing here where that becomes now a tablet to dark rooms almost going to choose jeeps pick but though to some cigarettes legal. Over eighteen. Was legal over 21 but cigarettes booze for kids now educated and cigarettes can't all the abuse they kicked Satan. Pot could be illegal but it won't really brutal little ones but let's say yeah that would be illegal thing that we are taking kind of got its stance however it's fine now twenty years now maybe that's. That's. Anita joint ticket through Willis. You owe him a little bit to bring you get doubled wrote him. Larry how you gonna do and thank you for you look all that really isn't a few well she's still. And I know I hit a night of of human bodies have kids that are teenagers right now and they're now. There an absolute hell and it's we were so when I was a kid. Because is. I was out of sight out of mind right around without a Trace of my amended note out of the public added. Jerk casting I was going to see your parents more and held when you're a teenager there works I compare today because I Delilah aides here are downplaying now he had eighties. Easy and needing care. But today. Would dev phone you can watch junior all the time keep track of Ryan Church or so you're kind selling 24 hours on alerts. OK so you're gonna need that phone's gonna drive you crazy you have just are gonna find ways to get around it and you're gonna to find ways around that. I guess but I was a kid there's only couple options in life right now there's a million. Yet but I'd rather have it that way I mean I'm sure there are fathers now listen and have kids in their twenties and thirties it didn't have the option to. Keep their kids and that those of the day it's stay up all night waiting for that door open you're still gonna be doing without phone check and in. I have the ability to check I have the ability to make sure everything is okay where these dads did it was just to Mikey it is sort of thing. The kids are still gonna get in the hole the trouble and a pain. You're gonna have all the electronic options and it's still not gonna stop it yet that's the frustrating thing you're so my Aleman. Go to bed drunk at 11 o'clock at night when I am when he thought it was still work but I punched out two hours or donors and I was embodies are some that are bank is subject I think there. I came home. I was a scratched up and he went to school next day I'm a great guests.