Break Room Hate Mail - Not So Impressive

Wednesday, June 13th

For once someone isn't MAD at Tommy... They're just disappointed.. and that might be worse.

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I wanna remind you again I'm on your side cancel category winners this is gonna hurt you weren't right where Delaware or order her because I think there's a question and everybody else's. Let's get it happened honesty do you the only guy that maybe has done. What these guys politically would you have done and I think that everybody at work right now on the way to work it takes up the wait for this and make them it's a little bit better today and I. Break much disguised weapons at five to BC about to take the week actual physical letters sent in with stadiums. And Italy letters want us fired or sponsors and giving us money at things like that and this is different effect. This letter who loves the show. He loves you oh. Why is he sticking it to him he's disappointed yes not Matty disappointed I don't always disappointed when you listen to this crap that has nothing to do with the actual show if I. Asked Tommy would you take the most price EDE in the war. What widget. Yard you'd be much Arnold taught me beautifully artists is all right calm down. Sit back and listened to two days. Hate mail of the week. It's letters for Duffy and Cammie address the delivery truck for a living and was pleasantly surprised about a month ago when I was driving a maverick and Pittsburgh. It's our Tom DeLay in his front lawn and the big fan of the break room and it took everything I had not to go out and say hello. But one thing stop me I've heard Tommy brag constantly about as long on the show I saw with my own eyes. And I was disappointed what's up front. Early on but it's not all that he makes it out to be forgiven if you really is working every weekend on his yard. I'm old what the the Yankees doing. I live in the middle class neighborhood in child life. And I'd say most lawns landscaping in my neighborhood is better than Tommy like it and running already Teradata enterprise lawn. Wasn't all that it's cracked up to be torn between now I wanna get out of my card say hello. It's like I didn't know him like I thought I did and that I was doing better than the guy who I guess I looked up to you and I solicited the show every day and all of you do a fantastic job but my image of Tommy has changed in I don't know a full ever looking in the same way ever again. Sincerely. Joseph. It IA as UPS's blow understated their employment. Are relax. And Shanghai library commodities future. Why because I haven't bullet shots coolest thing and that'll replace. Everything is gonna be okay it's just one man's opinion in your yard it's been if we are very nice to bury future. We have. Something we think were really really but I am OK that's it for you what's on the beach sports for Kinney it's making them from we'll have our. You think you're good at. Is question. It's gonna make you fly out cats right okay. Action lashing out at people for example when he virgin Mary's absolutely you can this latest. It back pretty hard. At this moment and you need to choose your words carefully. Never do because you don't makes a lot worse that you right now don't mind it would. As it might not be your fault is huge because he doesn't want to look for okay what she looks. Will forego it looked out. Regarded. As you drive by it every debt. Did you drive and only talk to you is it possible Tom and that you have oversold what your lawn looks like on the issue. Are never on over so. Folks listening and talking about. I said it's beautiful. It'll kill asked spoke solicited Schobel picture in their minds what your lawn looks and. If they really like you'd probably over thought what a lot actually looks like because like someone twenty or someone. You assume they did was freaking awesome. To disappoint yourself. We do this all the time. Russia where you have some Richard job that you might maybe someone got their before you make some genetics works hard. And you think everything they do is perfect here so when you find out that it's not around it's going to affect the way you look at the Euro write a letter. He was that that's achieve energy. It's an honor. I disappointed in Devoe level that he held the highest standard. But this guy pictured on suck CPC's better than you. I think it takes at the neighborhood he lives it on the west side all the of the law ones are better than you bend in the ones in Pittsburgh all the orders mean he signals the target of top one and a neighborhood in which it's immature neighborhood according to discuss burden has never. That's according you'd go yeah yeah you'd figure the top line I know there might be a neighbor are guy guys that up on OK all right. All seasons this happens to everybody at some point to what you usually. Actually Tommy over selling things is affected my life too because. He likes to tell everybody how large a man my boyfriend is so every time like we gladly meet somebody this is a show. Pursing they say is. You're not his face Tommy says maybe it's because he's small you just deal you know he paid the bigger picture view and then my boyfriend is old set after that because. Ultimatum sound like African giant. People. And in their discipline and a sea of just that your your best you and him and maybe they got work by the bats every guy were the people admire. It's a sell yourself that's neat when you called out. For your lack of liberties bragging about and be gracious. We'll see you more than lashing out because he shot it looks like the whole time you're angry that you got. I.s so we discuss it worked years ago I was cut medium here in the produce department imagery highs are told she stores voters grows generalists. So he he was working on his car he bought a a Vega which like a small corridor compact but a lot of guys who stuck to supermarkets and Sarah. So he's been working on his vacant for months all we hear about all breakers that they get man it's it's just about ready to go. It's to be a kept going I gotta get it street legal stink is so bad match I gonna make your street league and that's a cool this Vegas going to be right. So the day before they sit in. To work. Really all I am and we had to park way out value in the employee parking lot in us it'll walk to see debater race so rod break everybody's given up their coffee break is dead have a snack. The doce this dead end street legal barely so. Custom Vegas. Dude it was in July up like we started laughing at him like we crushed this place. So bad. Check this out is gonna be tears because he was getting like you visit to Warrick he had he had they'll put up ridiculous. He was a whole joke meant he was jumped on that agent look at every idea different colored guy he was a child right. Please call typical realizes what Google wins and yes I think that's what is look at who wrote this letter is feeling about you'd need can't believe it's your one is at which it's nothing and then a series would ask an up believing you've. You can believe in me you believe in my yard. It is it that. Heavily cut to book a little bit again the second guys is Tommy's lawn not all the great Don is on CNF LYE Donnie. Arctic. Three werder. Mother optimal. I was in check tire and I let it straight and and I'm Erica like you're certain. Acrylic go to my note about it then share it. It's it's it's an outlet it's not a they no clue as to what's. They're embedded IOS that is net net loan Hollywood I. I would I would think that there are more guys particularly look nicer on the west side and are on the east side. Oh OK. Okay excuse me observe my numbers. That I don't beautiful islands. I indicates expenditure like that. I disagree can't yield low your loan any car. You may live in child. It. Not that it takes. Robert error that trip the Europeans. You may eventually yeah. Dodd Mexico but racy Richard started to do it again. I would hate that we got writes letters loves the show loves Tommy out works is it delivery driver sought to clean his front very. Haven't got some basic mechanism along got a Governor Walker got excited sit old Tommy's line is not what all he makes it out to be a despondent at Rio. If he really is working every weekend on his yard. I'm old what the the Yankees doing. I live in the middle class neighborhood in child life and I'd say most lawns landscaping in my neighborhood is better than Tommy asked planning out that Tommy and his prize lawn. Wasn't all that it's cracked up to be. May mean not wanna get out of my cards alone. Would you give this guy to Eddie got out of his car every it was a resolution it can around cementing her children inspire him. It may never know our kind words that the guy can on the right direction in life. When it comes over excelling yourself it's a problem at work it's an even bigger problem in your marriage. Or my onerous on there what I use so much. Life. You head over heels in love with your pardon right back. You because there was strengthen them that you didn't see some day is that a statement later they call it didn't hit it to your Yang there were exit they could do we looked at WY. So when the first time your wife handles something wrong way. Or when your husband falls on his face the Sheikh you to the core you're right because when you get a get a divorce I. You relied on someone I gave them up. A part of me and they didn't know how they were talking there aren't like every action the media anger makes it a thousand times worse because you feel even more stupid because not only could about handle. I thought they could put other bad there are you totally realized he. Just in Europe African re Heiser and not a good way to noon. I mean there is a good realize there. Would that person you would Myers shows that they're not perfect it altered everything you know that's what you need to be cool the best of the best he'd take a mistake and little things aren't. Coming back anger like I said just makes it worse in this situation at the rest below are supposed to do what you just people take a breath. Put your head down move forward to do better the next nor defend itself. Stay near ground will he was a little or nothing just actual large check ask genetic changes guys I pray. It's like verbal arm twisting toy giveaway makes her uncle what you want to join that debate doesn't necessarily mean they font or there's telling. Remember little baby objects with anybody and I have the arms of Luther king asked the baby and it you lost that respect he can't force them to give back. Area Eisner recovered. You you're never gonna recover this guy's eyes and women who will recover and eyes and their husbands may never recover in the eyes of the wives like kitty it you have this experience with your boyfriend yet. Where he counted on him for something you believe. Can Majorly deal breaker kind of thing. It's what I the other. I also I've I've known him for so long that it would have been hard for and the like lie upfront about something that you know. It's the ally he really feed like it when you initially meet somebody like you have an idea of the way they are. Changed. Later and I'm alliance and to get exposed to it could be something as simple self confident yes if a guy has a lot of self confidence that'll certainly falls on his face and then it's not a lie it's just the way he carried him. Yeah I EI DC good dual project trader and sir I got it does she spent all the money and it's a complete disaster it's got it happened it's happened every guy yes and they quoted edit the like actually supposed to look exactly. Idiot make mistakes Tulsa OK and you made a mistake by native pilot that I'd drive by it as my yard guy every delivery got into the does that guy don't yelled to advised by the way we get like. We get the FedEx cart come around UPS guy the mellow guy coming around Ali changes in any Canadian and now I know one of who's that guy don't want that doesn't help helping us think. And the way that guy. Stick every delivery just set your delivery driver that seems like a bad idea we'd ever get deliveries it's always a neighbor. OK maybe not the residuals physically easier than to sort sort of play I pullen and their improvement.