Break Room Hate Mail - No One Parents My Kid But ME!

Wednesday, October 4th

Every Wednesday The Break Room finds the meanest, angriest, listener letter sent into the show and reads it for your enjoyment.

This week, a father wrote in to say that unless you're the only focal point of your kid's life, they're bound for failure!


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Usually the most important person you were kids like I tried bella ideally earn you are the ones that they base year. Or your DNA you'll. GAAP. Arms as a departing only you know and it's. Perhaps a mile that way you say it and here we are but it does hate letter that we this week. It was as if your kid is being influenced by anybody but. You and it comes off the conversation we had last week here you were terrible father he'd observed that children. He eats very passionate about is an idiot that would give me that sessions section. The break or righteous classic rock many 65 to be easy at Seoul last week it discussion Saturday York use high school sports coaches. To talk to teenagers about seat to mayor accents because there that study's lead to eight years ago. It's it's meant it in their thirties the majority admitted their thirties said they would take advice from high school coach over there month. Pretty crazy Jozy affected. Coaches can have your most mothers are dumb. That. Story and set a guy I'll repeat it because he wrote us a letter every week we do its physical. How tight out letters sent it out with a stamp. Amp become us our management people tell us we don't know gotten we get one week we brought it back it's today's hate mail of the week. To the break through the numbers you read about the number of kids who list sports coaches as their biggest light influences. Can not view rights a father should be the biggest influence on a child's life and if those numbers are. Well this country has a serious problem. You need to make sure your son or daughter sees you as the one who will lead them through tough times. And dispense advice at the right times any outside influence on your child can and will be dangerous. I can understand not being man enough to handle it and how men like Duffy and Tommy who throw their hands up in the air and say. When what has to happen. It is you gripping the bull by the horns and letting your kid know that your the one who knows best and you will show them the right path. Any amendment cannot. Doesn't deserve to have children if you'd expect their kids to be completes. Disappointments. Our tech note my name is Doris this guy's a jerk. Public exist on an interest publishers and things one he thinks it is kids are listening or have listened to correct. His kids were influenced by anyone else that's impossible. This might they keep the dumbest man it's ever listen to the Shelton and it's quite the accomplishment in my adult people relish in all of them yeah. People it's impossible you can go to a school yet they're gonna friends tonight he has got a world them yeah everybody is influenced by everybody else threatens other assaulting or its peer pressure it's like kids do stupid pigs. Your kid could admire you know how they get ridiculously well Fella. And. But there will be another adult and is liked teacher coach celebrity parent friend. Who your kid will see it decide in his head that person knows what they're doing and I should be more like them it's human nature and you change over time rent yes. We can't you don't do that are once in cults. Or home school. Aren't exposed to the world it's comical here is our commercial bad for those kids gazette you don't get right. Everything all the experiences that mold you it is which remarkable day I agree ideology. Part of a high school school whatever is learn the other part of it is learning how to socially crack the human ass right are you getting girl. Yes. Your mailman. Where they graduate school. This is just ridiculous letter. Just a neat for his kids you know influenced by anybody feels. You should be the only voice that you were Kiki yours right then you're not always right yes. It should be all right. And 2226 I was going your forgiveness. At some point will tell their ability to be a good parent. Right button and I say the right things my lead like it on the right path any parent who raised kids successfully look back seat things that they could have done differently. And here's a great to see him as you can having outside influences on your kid you can always blame those outside influences my parents for the kings of that. His advice screwed up nearly skillet to crowding xmas. You know when he goes up to that school the school they may be go to them at our I was supporting affidavits are pointing at things outside of his input and it was great present he was like. I'm a great dad. Is it. Graham with those jerks a given that statement kind of it was a wild with this guy say we can baby Abby this guy almost sounds like a scared parent where you're afraid that you are scared every parent is scared there that's my point where he's gonna try to prevent any kind of influence just in case they do start reading with a bad crowd. You want your kid to be a clone of view. You want your kid to be eight Edgar version of you a smarter Erica harder working more well rounded version of you at bat. Takes people from outside the home should they. Anyway I like it doesn't even need that world he was doesn't even exist. So he his kid is being influenced by outside. Forces right everybody is so like he's sitting here getting pissed supplement of us at the he has absolutely. No control over and is not a bad thing just get on the world like you get a raise juice up a little. Lindsay boy rate a little mama's boy and little homebody. Even worse and that's somewhat what he's crazy political ideas that only you haven't Bill Nelson of bullets when just the thought. That he wouldn't want his kids immediately whereas Japan's. That's what that's how pansies gift for Richard did you read you this way. That opinions he was antsy about others EP cruel and your blood pressure up Tanzi is is called the pressure. Ticked about this it's worse Emmerich did all well placed this world would be needed men 400 years ago. Only kept making clones of themselves and let anyone includes a take. Nothing ever know what getting smarter no social change no economic change we'd all be wearing stupid and it's weird jackets and a giant poppy so top is up it would change much but it. Rest of us and who would be very uncomfortable but great situation while women. Couldn't vote goes black folks also we know you gotta go the race card that you brought up in beginners and the do was race. Broads okay brides and Blackstone to read things that you. Get to that private school it's hundreds of the this but where did it black people completely different unless they're got a list of liquid which gathers. Did it did six does crazy guys they get it has to say a week who has it set. That folks are influencing his try the Earth's showed up for the third got twelve of his family. But this to be parent bill allows outside forces to influence your kid you are terrible parent deserves. Most interesting parts third and it right. You mentioned the wife. Mother. All this letter that reason yeah. This guy it's all him. What's the sizzle yeah sounds like just any other parent and an arrogant prick he in his these kids eat only his advice advice another parent I actually wonder how many men feel this way to say. I think. Rune has it's impossible thing Gilliam to me what you're divorcee figure what's bitch. You're expletive bitch. You want ear that includes your child she dies. To want to do not want it to happen. You're crazy to think that beat influence on sun is not important it is very important that George Sutton has it Figo and whatnot had no way ago. He handled check out well. We put it does have them credit modular and it's helped fuel and appear out of it I don't ever kid to have a mother up a lot. Steve hitch bullies yet the defeat up when viewed telecast on and if you don't understand it would have Felix can be hurt and it felt opinions. You're going to do some pretty awful the winner of the exodus of your seat yeah. In spite of sits across I don't know what I did torture you'd have respect for your mother and I voted in respective level and that's but that's exactly what we're saying is you did what you're that did. Which is not respect. His partner but I learned to read a haters are learn to respect him and I had to get on the world exactly that's the point. Is it to you it's like oh yeah. And elegantly Utley got a glowingly. Yes I guess indicated it out Tommy's made it clear with black people different tests at the same thing as dealers that out the world yesterday. To pick evident. Brown rice bake and it it's only right if only I had listened to my parents I would be in much worst person. It was like assuming you're at least is that it. Immediately that you need to keep the other thing is did you 6000 calls and you imagine this guy might be a whole school. Yeah it's it's the level school does a great group of CMF eight feet. I'm doing well thank you. We come when called school for fourteen years carrying. Real tense he thought I had no it doesn't. Yeah a little thin and then my kids went to public school them. And out they were so much farther ahead of these public school kids as far as socializing. Being able to go out and problem solve. And I will go. I mean girls are finding guys go home school community is huge. I felt like I was still. I'll meet you syllable I would you do that that I'm sorry I agree that what got this question in all honesty why did you choose don't you kids were fourteen years. Well. We we didn't like. What was happening in the public schools they're all about a little robots sit here Buddhist who does do there's there's there's very little creativity now in the school that like when. Tommy and I want to school there was a lot of create review it's a private school. Itself. But there's there's if there's so much going on that's that's not right. A purple or. Was he got well adjusted pansies. Yeah but I don't like her hero. Let me says yes. Question why do you but why do you think your kids were so far have let what was it that showed you that they were so far had a public school kids. What what is so they're great what they got in the public but having to do socialize. Know what doesn't buy article can't just told state poll. There are out of borrowed in the world. What he called out about school that Doug. Had. Asked ultimately. Got what I'd be outed it to be so it becomes totally creepy. Would you bully media predicament. What do you make goodnight to your point lake. All it was part of school lake the excitement as senior buddy after. Hanging around in eagle is balancing social and yelling well thank you can't get away from your teacher Jamal. Is right what you needed Jim credits their home school kids will go to the line CA ball that's not really school. But I guess yeah I mean they're not like. You know trapped in their homes now but they don't go to school so like yeah I get it they can go to the mall on a Saturday hang up the difference but that's that's hanging out his school. With authority and deal when all is what you and almost like it's either but whenever I mean -- it could argue this is the show though which makes me nervous about teaching June oh in his input by the way every home schooler goes. I was the Harvard of home schooler rate my mind on that. But so he's just your mom's home school tried my mom my sister had a crappy homely sister pregnant sixty mocha situation yes. Yes it was a situation. Senator school programs steps did you play even go to school. Pregnant yet he eats your teenage girls and you can't and your mascot a prick to keep it. The color printers are so Morgan. My mother paid for the whole thing I tried to do it and he was disasters god into but it's bit. I've never met anybody else you got it thank you okay let's get security unique situation to Asia through it was so blessed that anybody I've ever met. Makes that claim that Bullock and in tech it's all might god he was is miles ahead I know decade decades of idiots. At a busy. And it regular guy you sent to a completely different school because you and you're an idiot. Idiot that is edgy with the university I wish you audio. I was struggling. Wasn't an idiot with like these. Solving its hardest part of being a parent and if by this up for myself personally you never know. If you done a good job. Are you in the yep because it's a ticket kids are just a ticking time bombs that Google is saying is they're adults when the finish line you can drain 1821 Eric's career mortgage deals with each flight they really say you've never stop raising your children so little in this generation now. So you could go you're great you have a light deal whether or not you were a good parent. Who wicked death than his time off for could be here I'm.