Break Room Hate Mail - Nerd is the Word

Wednesday, January 10th

Every week we get dozens of hand written letters sent in by listeners to express their distaste for The Break Room


This week- we read you a note from an angry father who wants parents to stop caring about their kid's popularity!


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If you are not concerned with how your kids it's it'd school yeah Yule. Are bad herald and and it comes off of our hate mail week this week here in the pre group 965 wc and met it was two weeks ago. We discussion even about a study that was done this he said if your kid is popular and fits in. They're going to be disaster president Tucker that how kids that were identified themselves cool cool kids were high arrest for drug abuse violent crime bankruptcies divorce all these terrible things. I didn't believe it. If your high school for the popular kids to do the dirty. The public budget battle disasters and the kids didn't all become successes true it's a lot I don't feed our kids to feel better about themselves that's fine but should bite witnessed an adult. Because through when you're saying dirty catering and has seen. When he says acute. You know he's he's CCK yes you bring bunnies that sealed it I would date abuse and her partner and oh yeah no I figured I think Smart. What I said originally you said no you write as many forms of their I was at that ball horrid dork. You dork that dork pitchers sweat shirt combo today but not men and chipped up to blame really my issue that I'm. Couldn't dork shoes and week letter. Addressed to be president of Entercom yeah intercom did you commentator Dick and the company that owns us we don't have a president you know but this. Guys it's referred to children. Elvis guys Cabrera and well he's obviously resentment or it happens every Wednesday at 8 o'clock physical letter sent with a stamp. To us trying to get this fire in Dallas we sucked we hate weaken it happens now and Tia Matt. To the management at intercom Rochester thank god you run a radio station and not advice on how to raise children. Unfortunately your idiotic radio personalities think qualified to give advice on raising kids the fact that the word nerd. Describing a child can even be uttered on your airwaves. Is despicable to sort out some refer to which child in such way on top of that in the discussion I heard about how eager kid it's cool or a nerd. One of the Talking Heads of the there's no guarantee that markets will be more accessible is there something wrong with him. Does he not know how college acceptance or hard work leads to higher average salaries what parent wants their kid to be cool what pair cares about the click of high school. What parent goes out of their way to make sure their kids accepted by other small minded shallow children a pair who is also a small minded shallow child. That's soup shop encourage your kids to be Smart don't encourage your kids to fit in when it comes to parenting advice I suggest you have a sit down meeting with these quote. Professionals. To let them know that their words have power and that they should leave parenting to the people with kids Justin. Who'd just just at the door just didn't do it. He said something it is the parent should be concerned with popularity of the children. No parent is determined by their children. I. Lots of parents in fact anybody was to be popular Jordan appellate so what their kids popularity Ed you should be. Any key any parent who thinks how they're cute kids in school does it matter easy. Eric plea and said no I popularity I think captain of the football team or deed actually. I mean how they're able to interact with other kids and I didn't niche for themselves where they're able to crawl. Right. The most important part of going to school learning how to interact with the other people because the majority how successful you beat you will be as an adult. Is based on how we interact with a ping not house march. Yeah. We usually decay is a 'cause the most proms and school another make the news seemed to be the isolated loner dorks. Which is why he achieved concern Erica right there can't make it was like that I think you know I mean original column by. If you haven't dirty kid doesn't fit in its peak and the world for the kid. But he can't be the face of have a legitimate serious discussion and tell leak that your kids fitting it does not make his life all held a lot easier. At a lenient as apparently denied that even. Might add even so much speed their popularity but you just want them to have friends and people liked by others like that senior to me exactly a loser I find it was a group. Well somewhere where they fitted. Dress code word for OK but I had real rallying as narrow ways. If ugly and I think apparently would be happy if let's not say that the most popular kid's school but they have a bunch of friends in the musical debate club or something you know like it but they find like their little. There's talk. What is nerd would become a bad words mean Smart you are going to be earlier scientists. Started books or just came out. Nerves and keep. Probably cold selves not greatly. Competition or hurt you just also like one of the greatest movies of all time he only got by the two revenge of the nerds 23 or four those are all quality films based on. Nerds taken over again and again leave the stretch yeah. Torre and oh yeah. Were Ennis whose parents ups and them saying you're lying behavior parents you don't think about its popularity and your bad parent if you don't chew. It's a major failures apparent. Is that popular you feel like you failure can't. Feel like you can't just raise the loser Mel did your parents that way. Yes they were right but for the yours loves super cool. But I think you also might feel like a failure as apparent that the other way around a limited. Had a lot of friends and is good at sports is up but they're not at their fail in every class like that might also feel like a failure and I. Father would also. Natalie knows my father Otto is a loser he also would point out my loser Francis. Saw my father Tommy and this is horrible parent or so he would go. That gives Kono are weighing in on him he's no good. He's an exam without you we telling me the people I should like and not like I directing me around and I'm like. You're on your buddies are horrible men and utility who'd like annihilate but he did that and I bet you a lot of parents do that like they data pushed. They're kids on the people they don't even wanna hang way I suspect I'll I think it is because it's not gonna work like. Forcing can deduce that the they don't want to do Internet it's not gonna the second work out well for you like Yemen artists like when your mom. Has a new girl from her life you know and they have kids and so they wanna hang together they forced to kids they hang out as we wanna hang out that your. Asked this at this friendships different development anything. I just stick. Now let's try to just let it happen that way I just think you were terrible person. If you. We know. There early and now but of my parents told me I get the like that percent automatically hated dampers and remember because they're forcing me on yeah I try to get her to coming from where they see running in a bad Crowder that you could go to unnamed road it was even a bankroll my father in like any person just in general making didn't think he was like. That kind of guy and I mean I can't cut it rape though could look it tell you were in school. Point but it didn't work he pushed and pushed and pushed and I pushed back and like any time you push your kid too hard. You're gonna get resistance it's just it's human nature. That I think each list although it may have been in the wrong way your father's heart was a great place. And I'm beginning from the bad pair for trying to mix in a control freak. And well how much control for. It had never met you what's not allow the cries of the our players right you're absolutely stellar the screwdrivers ago. Don't hang out to hammer the other part of this tape now the week should just do you dare you which could be what did well. Get on these and her dollar. He talks about how parents to care epic its popularity rate which adds her jacket pocket that's. If parents don't care advocates popularity what. Have teenage clothing stores that it existed that last fifty years right out its each it and and before that there was Abercrombie & Fitch before that. He was chest came back to scan. And members only it's been happening since the beginning of time you know you does not have eighty dollars for their genes. You do yeah and you give that money not because the GA Georgia can defend its skyrocketing value. If you can't as the popular stop the fitted. Did you think you'd ever wanna see your kids suffer an. It breaks your heart educate comes home I have no friends. I have nobody and it that would discretion united as a parent and you and effects that yes anyway possible though he'll throw money at it like you said you do whatever it takes to make that happen. And ain't gonna work. I select apparent. We're gonna just getting by we're cubicle. Just ever dreamed I was a guy who wrote those kids citadel a popular. But you know we have these exit David Justice children get a call parents spoke like that about how old you we would only shot that restores your parents and never exactly. Because of baton letter where financially then we'll edit broke I will always find ways kids to have cool guy stuff because. It it was this teacher. As it was during your face or so I was content of the show. It's likely to pork fat smelly kid. The excitement on the nobody I mean all our. Paul Patton smell left with about a mile track smelly thing was your parents' fault. America is the good reports soap 2226 that's mom made her own soap and will blubber. The funny part. About this but is he still do what is adults to get to the house yeah of course we do it Johnson like each other and in every other break judge to break let's get a giant. Good rough are real. Well are you get bothered I don't think it does serve necessarily about whining your kid to be popular. It's because you want the enjoy your time once enjoyed and are having a life and enjoy your time. But you're golden not to have them to be popular like you said pat I don't. Kept us boulevard dean did go to person it's just a matter of a you go to school doing guy do you do the best you you can get everything why are expecting bad daytime just cannot be yourself and happy medium moderation and everything. Urged sucks yeah we all day ever on all of thanks but I think that moderation people nobody. Such as a built a moderation wouldn't it be like the number one country normal consumer they're redeemed by moderation. We want all of it we went and on now though it. Message and John just with the jobless and that message that you gave me I'm 31 and I'm confused by that makes you fifteen minute people obviously there are no I did a popular treat people who respect when somebody comes at you express your experience. It. To the hole you want your kid to be popular say it doesn't matter it does matter as we all do is a little less popular in this. There are parents to take to. Yeah that one's fault parent hole don't know who moved to let parents like host drinking parties for their what I etc. the recipe for disaster to parents that drop a fortune to make sure that every kid to click it something's and it came from their kid and I'm talking about the parents adults are to try to sprint for the whole process parent exactly but that's when you consider your kid's ass is due to its friends -- what is the and it's bad. I think kids can see right through cherub a little taken a lot of relatives a kid what is his wooden. Huge to work but it parents bought all the right clothes they had money and they would have tricky parties that we haven't taken what would you ever ice two decades but we know Ronald Mariano. I read it makes you today does it seem to twelve years if he's still the same guy but. I he had friends but yeah right of buying your friends but I also think that can probably knew deep down they visitors using comfort and freedom. We do to lose booze and you're underage has a good time and we through a whole sheet pizza against his house one time instead for Italy to be. Our deepest counselor. Tried to over. Respect the pizza pie report. We have plastic table and we put two by four over the table and we had a weight if you want to pizza and got at least fifteen feet it just slowly slipped out the side. I can't believe you and that's stays exciting and you can't get that out. Yet the pain and a regalia. Pissed. Secondly do you look at key to go to waste. Know Tony I qualified for the high jump hook up.