Break Room Hate Mail: My Wife is Hot Despite What Tommy Says

Wednesday, February 15th

Is it okay to be attracted to (or not attracted to) a type that offends people?


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It's okay appetite. Yeah yeah yeah hi sexy I don't want to talk like a physical type at least one is OK to have real. But this politically correct world it's getting more more PC. And I today. Is not offensive to say you're not attracted to a certain type promote a student can't talk Munich and talking lake physical action as on time busted. The breaker let's see about 8 o'clock it is tied for eight we would get our hey don't idea case should do to the show this is these fiscal letter sent to news people rate these things out mail you got stamps everything we get it doesn't weak talent leave either. I lose a smell her her edit it and as we talked about it. Two weeks ago that really hasn't got fired up and we watch television you lead QB in the break man there was a really hot model. Who missed a figure. Oh yeah AA issued an amputee that you said one of your but the blues mean news you could not be attracted to one BC any part of great it's gross. A cripple that being said and I present you this week's eight. Dear WC NN I'm appalled by what I heard on the break from coming out of Tommy's mouth this morning usually well what do you think. But he's crossed the line saying that women who are missing parts of their body are unbeatable. My wife is gorgeous better than anything Tommy could ever wish you had the foot and BT I. Are blocking act and a few years ago. And exchange nothing. It gets hit on all the time and I have to keep mentally from its opening games until you are hurting people's feelings and that's what he did in my home. Shame on him I mean closed my address the Tommy can write an apology. And I also expected on air apology to write what had been wrong if we don't the simple request you'll be hearing from my lawyer how does that sound lawyer in closing being more careful with who you poke fun. There are people who deserve it and people who don't when you come across people with power who aren't going to take any let my wife and I you have to change your tune pretty quick Jacob. Is. So I did here that he did go dual lawyer really via and his wife went to lower half of and his loyalists to the gaming is you know what. That you only to stand on there. Is it true because laggards of the whales have only started walking towards lawyer who are that she's got stuck in a circle that. Galaxy desserts. With. But countries like right MIA yeah. Places certain that a right which is sort of Wichita boating accident yes of we saw them proper chopped off for bank of upper labeled no good. Let's bro if you fall off. I don't you don't know about navigational OK but if it's a boating accident the prop chopped a Lago couldn't sit fortunate caught a hot job she could have got a foot caught between the boat dock shattered it. I. And a relief is that gravity history books now it's they came up would prop anyway I just. Look at real quick he can't see somebody because Tommy says I don't like without this race than what would you want a link loose woman its most successful ball that's the same thing they don't take the foot of the particular deli set foot. These foot iron distributing puts it he says he's powerful I've never gone before Erica so there's. OK I know I don't agree with fuel security for saying so you are one of short term adults is six yes I think it's everybody's turn off like over the purses misses them. Personal woman meg can be miss okay. Hey I like we've had this discussion a rugged day I don't have this discussion again let's women in their doing these cells shouldn't in their seats so should that be missing thing does. Having that type. Make you bad per little weird way a tight three you were turned off by that's your type is women that have every. It hurts you won't date blogs are men who want deeper and that's why he's a blond with a small pressed it would be gases have their types. It's this kind of is amputees you don't let us know when it's I don't like what would block I could date a woman. I'm not a huge slot guy about how could you know we're dead OK but I got a huge that I would not up obligations to figure ever for whatever wood about. I'd much rather it got its hands on a blog all the fingers it's this article terror prefer blondes that open tournament reports domes. We know the world today. Where you cannot look at someone tell them based on the way you Lar. I need to know like this why can't I can't that is a huge. Written up and HR for stuff like that does that now scary to be type of what you're attracted to where they'll have gone. I love this a good thing erodes the relationship would have honesty honesty come in you feel pleased Geisel as I go to first day rate yet. And she's mrs. Sumpter. Brand ice sheet I I don't know any about the political blind date. And you she comes RA and she's either got picked. So I say I'm that interested you at the lie. Which is not supposed to be good for relationship. Orchids is say I don't like I don't like your hair 'cause it's gross to requests to list one can get off the reputation date with expectations. Relationship that your first ATP lets say what you want to give and I would be lit up but it would be an entirely be socially acceptable safeties that question would beat us and I are you particularly attracted each. Every okay is Eric of people that you do not fight detract. Oh god. I'd and nationality. The bottom Indian women look pretty rugged at least in its view of you you know Italian debt and that date at X seventeen layers discard what taking Cammie what you look for the first state to immediately which carries I'm not attracted the art. Yeah I. You say that cafeteria. UB policy that to a mom now OK and I not to block because they get man. They say no brother comes with a sword. He just finish is to go. Out. It has entered a phone call and he was on something about sword suck. While there's certainly nationalism on this okay go all machete under 2226000. Now Polynesian nice Austria Holland Asians are Batman with let me do this scenario in fact. Let's say you walk our walk up to. Middle class like G two G which is listen no offense but I'm just not release easily cuts. Or short and I don't like winning short cuts which are clueless where it was about a credit score two eyes he's creating. To beat critic hides a mile one most men would dig twice she sent about it like but if she'd saved to a black guy with a team ironies I would be a big deal you get saying we. If as I say I attract each eye so I'll be defense. Write anything to do that. I thank you because I don't find attractive because of some that you kitchen everybody technically human nature here taken out of the the equation. I mean people are naturally drawn to certain things. Just like with. Monkeys were not lions we have a brain we have do you visit your picks are appropriate it's not that. You're saying you should be fine with somebody just going up things what you don't like about them but if that was if somebody did that you will you be offended. Especially it was something you can't help like somebody them like Tommy's forehead. You'll you'll you don't date short guys get out animation shallow but I would ever go to guy I'd be like you know audits is not to work too short. Kate so complicated area anyway disease at him freak we're talking about a week tubby said he never did what it was easy amputated. Rent and a guy V I and not say I don't the mega data anybody that's handicapped. Any guy who has see white who's is the foot because of an accident was a letter threatening to sue has been abused beaten me it was late which it was but that right so. Say you are too short to date and is appropriate. Well it's this is it is a II like Ohio I draw for me to say I don't I won't date the full list. And but she won't date the short it's five that's what I'm getting way it is the lie where it's become effects of this old against the beavers that you too short but a lot of people got up. Some people might be offended at dud you're. Telling somebody who can't help that their short men you're not attracted to them writes I don't think you could really get away with any of it did you do 6000 I'll incumbent and. Beat offended. But nothing attractive not be some type can lead appetite Betty Moore let's talk to Jim AGB LA but it. Man this guy doesn't. You saw a huge balls down he needs are so what about your return problems and he and blah blah someone else. It would you tell people who aren't in this stage suddenly all of. And I got a deadly habit diskette erode in about his wife in the boating accident missing but I'm guessing used probably drive in the boat. Up to date at which you're right it is basic capital times where I. Believe that. But that's what's talks about like to believe generally and everything's fine until. It's like it will close all of our all of a sudden work if you look like. Relax but he is big daddy chumps chemistry that alone out and I hope that. Are you listening tricky is eighteen inch is it technical it's easier to. Click. I want it if they don't want without heat. You don't want without teeth. But it didn't move without teeth. I don't know I think you might go. Confuse both are dumber. Curious. Okay Russ great question but I wouldn't get along without these we see that guy yes because they're for slowed and shall call lawyers do it right.