Break Room Hate Mail - My Kid's Sexuality

Wednesday, December 13th

Every week we get dozens of hand written letters from angry people who want The Break Room fired.


This week a woman wrote the show to express her disappointment for not keeping a kid's secret in the family...


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After the letters we get for hate mountain but I think this woman who is upset with us and you and I particular. I should appoint its I didn't think about until after it was this letter was. Credentials so bad you are the breaker box classic rock and six by the BC and I we did everything wrong it's a more broad question she asks. Or in this letter it was two weeks ago. That we got a FaceBook message was from an aunt's a woman. Yeah she had her nephews over within fifteen to twelve years old to limit going and she would devastate our house for Thanksgiving. And she thinks that her fifteen year old nephew exposed himself on purpose to her she kind of walked in general when he was blown up she knocked on the door and accurate to get them to go to dinner and he said Condit and he was standing there naked or the at a railroad. To get into that I think you put that it it's tourist. So I'm almost positive that it's not a part of color of your editors sexually aroused by your hand. Wouldn't it stated reason you would be senator with a full blown moment do you job but I would slowly technically a from the rose teenage boys. Our digital out of this signify an odd man I would have a ball so we have a very sported a read on yeah. Spirited discussion at you know this to say that he ate comet fantasy Burkett well. We met a woman set that's actually talking about the spring they set I don't get people we get a letter. All week dozens of them tell us we suck they want us fired we played them for you read them for you we call eight mellow week sit back and enjoy today's email we. Dear Timmy slider is for you. And both dusty and timing. Could you be so insensitive. As to talk about the possible sexual situation and it teenage boy found himself in with it yet. This theory private moment a moment that if the child perch is talking about it could have affected him for life. The woman who told you guys the story is bad enough but I at least EU Kimi. Would have the common sense to not air affair and secret that might of happened at the hands of a teenage boy. Now amber and there is no exception. Never. Talk about the sexuality of your kids. An information in the wrong hands can ruin a kids' lives and most of them don't understand that things will get better you're a bunch of bullies and should be punished as such Irish I hope that you would use better judgment in the future can feelings of a child before you talk about them anymore concerned parent Bethany. So that we did anything wrong. So warm and so basically. We is said it was fine to discuss ago. Listen I understand your concern at that she's overreacting and us having really was overreacting. Blood and having read daily pickets Nadine or need now is Ellie we threw it out there and exposed and that side when it comes to eight parent. Talking to an outside source about what's going on there children's sex life and I think she might be right prepare since all the time and I I'm sure like when women get together and they talk about their kids. At their kids haven't a border assure a little clam issue they talk about a with a each other rats have they discussed but I think there's a very select group of people who you let in year. But as you're easing concerns right but Durban I feel don't comfortable would talk about viewers think as a parent it's not really your business right it is. Kid you're responsible for that child you won't have Boehner you own a little clam and and you're you're passcodes jailed that the opening screws up so. I think you have a right to do as parent the way you want apparent. That child a kids love life their sex life it's the most valuable secret information they have to think out. Holly girl's life as a teenager changes we got to be a little bit more delicate Ronald and it definitely picked up other late changes in teenage girl with people found out. Not quite up to date had sex with someone so that it can be never understood which saw other Fred's go through rushes through the magazine shoot two to 6000. Do you talk with friends other parents family if something comes up with a teenage kids and sexuality and restored we talked about is a perfect example. If the mother of stone we don't know what happened after we need to the break. But if she saw her try Turkey it was actually tried to bank his. Would you ask advice for someone because Steve. You don't always do right there. It's worse. What do you do is apparently got to figure this thing narrative is that it's a problem yeah you're responsible for this kid but it's a very complicated mission always is but you got to work through it you just can't stick your head in the sand. I mean yes and a semi going to like a friend or family member I mean. I do think Pitt maybe. Radio radio show not the best option all of this was exempt though this is not as mother yes still. I don't disagree with that either most of the stuff we did you probably should be telling a day putts. I don't I could seat. If decades found out that his mother was discussing this to other people it's easier to find out it gets back out we ask that you think. That kid up to the right to be upset that his light rose and he's read it is can't Gregor for the recipe. Like what I mean Palestinian ever then age you don't know. What you're gonna get sexually attracted to know what's gonna get you sprung at any given Mona especially that age drink you did you just coming to the you're just coming into your little man a good day you try to figure things out what your head your moderate every time. Fully connected yet. You know. Today I was a you don't understand what you're going through like you understand why you feel this way which feel this way. And what do you do so. You get up the cat out but I think it's an argument is why as to why you might keep this that secret because like the woman says the letter that doesn't fix anything Cuban everything is secret Italian and a bad build an hour a young rapists that keeping a secret they get a handle things in house using your bastards because like look at us as well prepared could judge read your original retriever does get a Boehner were saying it. You just have to kick flip and a forced to say this is that it is a scenario it let's say you. You have yours you son has cousins the same age okay. And he's on FaceBook and he sees a pitcher of his female president of bikini nugget terrorism summer show rate. You walked in and hand checking that out may duties. To discuss. A reader. And if your SB personally I'm leaving the next agency. But it doesn't fix anything. Well what these defects it's like you said you're going to work it out agency you work it out as you age and he guesses as obtuse cousin okay yeah I mean these are the scenarios that you build up your pellet okay. I could nip it in the bud here has test must be attracted to his cousin but. What if he takes it to the next level. I I understand which is safe zone to shipment orders to solve anything. Well I understand what you say analysts and I do believe that the best parents the ones to collect all the information used that and then make an educated decision as to what they want and do that because as I don't have that kind of time. Great if you have on the luxury of I don't sing not talked to yeah I guess the idea is Julie do you trust your judgment enough. To make a decision to have a discussion right there like this discussion I had I can meet the right one without getting outside help design. I've known people throughout my life that came from mixed marriages so they had step sisters or step Brothers and stuff again I can name five guys. And I worked with over my life. That it had really really strong feelings for their step sisters. And some of them tried to pull moved guys you know dues which shocked. You know if you wanna put it in my generation of mine at this is some problem being where your hate speech. Step sister though you're not related to but you're in the house yet and I always struck but yeah you're you're in the family portrait. I draw the Christmas card and on the bam the what would a guy. Latter which is a little missteps of them and later in life like what if you're liking nearly TI checkpoints of wiggle room no I think I don't. Divorce well I don't think you can compare step sibling Q cousin aunt. And all its own in house that it's very typical because the wait can I knew that it and I worked with this kid when I was young. He was. Bank in his step sister and house. Behind his parents back wild. Any we kind of the movies. Like yeah sure you watch you don't like it I thought it was weird Catholic apparent to get together because like decayed net thirstein out. Rates of apparent at the other does the cavs hope that they had a whole mark movies this is the first time went ahead. You know the whole mark crews are on and channel 1051. That's a different president told channel. And this is the first time in my life that you creek you know. It it's like. It did it's in a kids movie 20. It's like this but this can network what would tell me about would tell us about it as if he was get went over on his parents basically by nailing his steps so if you follow that scenario you find out this is on the house aren't you go to a buddy and ask what should I do what would you do it that's that's the question. Deliberate and I had a body that also had a mixed trembling maybe you could make is that guy would understand or at least an on going through. She's just don't know. Why kind of grenade is gonna go off in your house and your kids at any time race. Yes please let's go and it actually perfectly illustrate we're talking about here eight met the week wouldn't go back that'll. Yet you would bring big bank gadget to expand. Long story short who'd you discuss your kids sexuality with TH keep you have an issue do you go outside my house talked to friends family about it all right here at FaceBook my mom is the one Audi do. To my friends school that I lost my virginity. She found out I lost my virginity called. Her friend to ask her daughter was having sex that woman told her daughter the whole school knew the next game. News as that it may make a last years of high school miserable you gotta know who you're talking to you know it well you know your buddies and you know who's at the big mouth and who school. And you go to the cool gotta keep his mouth shut. You don't go to bladder mouse like doing mate I don't put your this play great that's why this that's so I can they tell me and I couldn't tell you Iggy. We just tell gimmick is nobody likes if this is and Francis I look at how how Kevin. But some of the best advice comes from people gone through this to guess that how do you know if somebody's gone through that situation if you don't I bring that out well not not something that personal. He's right it was gets worse with sex stuff that you yourself did not have to deal and for example single dads and daughters single mothers with science but the biggest one. It was a bit sun comes up to. Comes out. Rated rename their gang yes I would get but I actually his horror. Help with that then areas I am hot for aunt rose yes we're is that support group put. Credit these days support groups are all replace take you legitimately have a lobby in Washington. There's no lobby Washington and I find these steps that are hot and I don't know maybe QB started today. We are saying what I mean is that they got published a report that that would be a relief. My kids get well what I'm saying is just this capability and etc. for soccer softball to discuss our son or daughter comes to EU doesn't mean they're ready clutch everybody picture right sell. Sit there aren't parents yet you can't like put dad and an announcement. To have family. It is little Bobby's now gate as accepting as most parents might be with this now him there are still moments where you would go OK you're dealing with yourself as a parent these stupid as that sounds appropriate it was. You talked about a that's a touchy one. And as far as like breaking it to the family decay comes at the Mayo and get to see it break it's not aiming to make yet the rates are now I had to go Heidi we do this move forward hot. Hot let's say I have questions about myself how to like deal is apparently with us how to like be sensitive to eat child like this you watch Allen. Jeanette a Rosie O'Donnell recently and he's he. Number G-8 I think I would like sort of shows committee tallies put his jacket that Rosie O'Donnell is deep in sugar in and watch a Hallmark Channel. Creditors for executives who. He's acting instead is. Christmas isn't as Kevin were not backed out and he yeah just doesn't Hallmark Channel that for the holidays. It's like big kids like hey you singled to add a single mom and then they meet me at all. Huh huh huh huh credit over. Somebody that we did it's it's clueless is the movie thinking. Where the un is one of them yet. Day and it's called clueless. But does that that's good. No no it's not over it could to be clueless. He's made a career move.