Break Room Hate Mail - The Lemonade Cops

Wednesday, July 11th

"Hey, kid. That lemonade you're selling for 25 cents a cup is ILLEGAL! Why don't you pack things up and move along"

-Angry old John.

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Why can we not just let kids be kids anymore. Because you Gary Gordon Brown it has nothing to do would mean in fact it has everything to deal with an old timer he'd seen his writing this shows you. He has upset it. Allowed to sell an eighty technically they're not allowed to sell lemonade anymore outside their home total split everything if you have. The breaker much to classic rock many 65 to BC and appetite for the week actual letter sent from listeners who despise us when aspired to guard takes a stupid sent via snail mail with stamps and everything. Two weeks ago we told a story about a little girl in San Francisco. Outside evade giants game Gloria a baseball team she was selling bottles of water raise money going to trip to Disney yeah. Somebody outside who lived in apartment near a woman. Call please on the little bit because she did not met. To sell water yeah this is audio of able to try to catch her on film called in the police. This woman don't want a little girls felt the water. He called police and eight year old little girl you can hide all you guys who. You vote. Illegally selling wonder if that term. On my property and property and. While racial Barnhart loses his job. It's well. We fight out this discussion and hundreds I'd love an idea whether don't bother doing it promotion is become so common. For kids selling lemonade little snacks or whatever to beat. So I shut doubt and by local police department the country time lemonade is offering to pay the. I used for what ever will support a guest Jeffrey your kids the commercials pretty funny it's got a bunch of lawyers to anybody it's eloquent and so we'd in the room all agreed. You don't call the police a little kid salad stuff. That's what this is Kyle really let it sit back they enjoyed today's statement of the week. WC a math I'm so sick and tired of these whiny little wins complaining about having to follow laws. I had to turn you off when I heard you bleeding hearts going on about kids and their little lemonade stands over the summer the law should be shutting these things down. How much it costs to get a permit itself in Monroe County. Now I have to compete with the kids selling lemonade for 25 cent glass I'm glad that woman called the police on the girl selling bottled water you wanna make money. Do the right way this is the problem with the world today in a nutshell we only want to follow the laws but I feel like following you can't tell urge drink. Tough I'm worried about hitting some kid with my car when I see these things or looks I get from parents my drive right by. The limited usually sucks anyway how about. And tell your kid that the loss as you can't do this in law exists for a reason. Until then I'm calling the police on every kid I see trying to sell stuff in the neighborhood. And I'm doing it in private so you idiot you worshippers to ruin my life like you do to other people we're just trying to keep a society the way that it should be. A former listener John. Scares really mad kids. Lesson I just based newsletter that he works selling food at some kind brightness of the street Bernard dog and are there are so many kids out there are selling lemonade that it's cutting into the food vendor industry. A series at Miller is eliminated prisoners. Like a full strike people out there. They're better didn't hurt my kids selling cookies and lemonade out the string was Erin and understand because most kids. Just solid and a near hundred it and drive area and where there are no through trucks it. Compete where all of which could be there there was already spot taken he had dallas' guys in Johnny's and big disgusting meat truck. Make your kid followed the law what a stupid testing statement that is. This particular it is designed to people don't get sick eating bad food at some dude cooked up a girl's right he keeps tabs. The peoples of certain food to the public they got little kids in my with a right to get this even eight back in my day. Argument because children's lemonade stands have been around since the forties and ray. But let's say I go to deal little lemonade for God's. With a homer and hold on. And let's say you kid. Didn't wash his hands pays put his finger net Dixie got ready put its figures and I want to show little Kenny told the company's it's a whole different game study puts eliminated. And in maybe you went to the betterment didn't clean himself properly and so okay so now I have fecal matter. Inside my lemonade. I'd drink a lemonade. I get to try outs are a ged hepatitis. Who is paying that bill I'd like to know if that's ever happened in the history of lemonade stands. Two thirds of all lemonade purchases and with escorts. That's from the the department of lemonade. And I serious. I kids I got I guess we don't project eliminate I don't. I don't drink anything and he took up clutches and ought to be nearer I I also don't mean birthday cake. They're always worth taking it easy just blew out the candles aegis living is so not that page treated Super Tuesday. What does put the whole cake if you felt that it's duke it out all over the place like Ron Jeremy you are such a bitch and by the way yeah he does it do that it happens the Jeremy Boston likes it it looks like that doubtless it a money shot. Now I don't. Well I am for the lemonade stand on that against the women I I've for that little kids get out there and fight and how the world war. Okay there's a larger problem here with what this guy feels like we feel we want your kid to be an adult bright. Now and I got an adult thing you're selling something no but the fact. He wants a permit you know all the laws that group of people who believe that this latest generation is stunted and you write lightweight title and the grown ups and several factors that politically adult and this argument can last hours and eventually times and when I get into it but so is happening because of that sort them. So bad at the perception that every 25 year old kid is still living at home and did they wanna teach little weight from every kid that cannot walk and talk your eight era. Shouldn't have to worry about food service permits you re you should at City Hall Adidas 118 and if you order is it to her hair net and those like but the gloves are saying. If you live on a quiet stream your kid should be able to play basketball or street hockey or hopscotch in the middle of the road it's a cart comes by that's what beat kid is all hunter it's our fondest memories of mr. Flint, Michigan. Program they are now finding kids for playing basketball in the street. It's nobody complains about kids playing in the road that if they catch kids play the road they are finding their parents. So when I lived in west from a little street there is mostly young families right Tyson collar rush hour especially in the fall. And I don't mean it was every kid was an issue in a bicycle us scooter one of those little motorized jeeps urges jerk around. Make him the holes previous McDonough street. It would take you ten minutes to go. A thousand feet to get the end in my blood because there's so many kids jerking around. That's what David kid has all the hi Danielle I was cool I Iowa's record at a boy but it's illegal I only hit two decades old ha ha. That's gonna please your kids are on to play anymore. Maybe you don't need to be industry to be getting yards for God's Syrian street hockey you you can you what's a driveway from its not enough. Lose weight. Maybe try you know spring trainer maybe do a couple of jump jump injection that India again a game Jersey you're going to be anti kid playing quite streak I'm not anti kid it is annoying dead stick like in my day you didn't do. Denied their just touched us Jacobs Steve Clarkson and a port saint Lucie Jupiter this that would clear Lou that record still stands today that was the drive that was industry. It was around there and play street hockey so let's Zito basket Duce back I do OK so there you don't show up. Why did you did you think of the shadows and paranoid chicken outlets it was obvious that race. Urban brokered so it's if you is wonderful childhood that you look back fondly on why can my kids because I can't demonic Romero Fuchs. Such huge bags all of a by the way it was a bigger respective day the scars are huge. Rocket for 55 Oldsmobile engines and dentistry for an IQ we just I athletic real was or Grover club. The idea that guys York regional thinking every kid they can speak now has to follow every law and beat adult all the time is hurting these kids and you cannot tell me that parents are Ronan yeah that. Could buy dad an I'll district parent I don't want apparent but about a straight. I see you guys that'll give you second or talk about it now the week he wants kids who sell lemonade to have permits. Go get a call lookup Sonia critical continuity broke it there's this group a FaceBook parents I follow they ago there were complaining about all of the places their kids have been told to keep playing or where it's one what was talked about our kids like kite and east side elementary school here in Rochester and the security came up told Katie had to leave because school wasn't session. On another dad. Talks about how the police were called his son and his friends from plain roller hockey it is empty parking lot of us to war that was closed on Sunday. We have these curfews at these towns op Ed places at once permitted teens and their businesses right. Well because you have a pension disrespectful wild animals run and around get hot you are vixen scooters you weren't disrespectful wild animal always obeyed and we obeyed yet totally. And when he was shooting fireworks I'll reach those fireworks off. Prayer and yet economy who. When you were sixteen. A little bit older I was in my lately team's thirty fortunately never really wants you all the Saint Lucia is we work. My kids but I gotta deal what it is out of a deal that those of my peers and what a deal I don't wanna deal you're not gonna wanna deal. When it when you become an empty Nester did you know I don't want a powering their crap anymore so why is it dumb what it hurting these kids you a reason these kids are being hurt if you're a star ballot to protect shall shot it's an administration a video shot up the helicopter parents. Now we just play any aria that helicopter just but many are but some invisible fencer and and 92 to 6000 tray is CMF originally talked about the lemonade stands there eject a body. Then you guys. I'm. Told the kid got to get a permit to sell lemonade but they don't have to get up fishing license until they're certain age right. Oh I don't know but it's let's go venture to this is selfish so a. And elegant bit you can take your children Phishing Nadal Lleyton do I think. Sixteen. But they are you don't have to pay for it didn't catch it bulky politician everything about you gotta get a license let and eliminate. I mean I guess it's a health and it is quite there isn't really a law on the books says that relate to event anywhere in the country that says I have my child that they ONEOK and a lemonade stand on my property. They have to have vendors. It says anybody selling getting the app vendors even on my property I thinks that every this every Vegas as again national I don't know I am weekly Terry did you call appreciate it who's gonna enforce. Its funny is an actual law I wonder if rice sales count because at least on every garage sales guy. A lot. You hurt the economy would about the economy being totally economy. And indicating the car. The cameras it's lethal run derby and agents of the spew and I ice cream cake all of the the pace you grandma just concede that page I don't like him. Good but Ariel. Argo things. I bite on it that the guy you know the guy that wrote a letter saying that emigration of being a lot which OK I bakery it to an extent but. How great I am I was you broken whether he's been speeding maybe jokes rock. At all these kind of being a hypocrite. That's what's so funny right the people get the angriest about stuff for the ones of the biggest hypocrites that you can't hear you right and I've never broken a law might like with target alone and legitimate with a straight face. I've never driven drive numbers behind him. It just to take it you know and like you're saying Tommy. About. Take a step away from kids are not allowed to stop in a parking lot a store that closed out Sunday. Well you don't want these kids gone around 280. At all on dot draw eloquently. In all more serious stuff while you take things. Oh wait around for them to do keep them occupied outside. And they're gonna find something to do and sports is gonna be that they shouldn't be you'll. John you're a percent right thank you for the call I really appreciate to that point right if you take a lady it is the stuff kids are allowed to do we were allowed to do your forced into doing horrible stuff behind people's back this is what happens when you started in four Shara liberal on us and always get through the factories in the Tony and that sort of try to search factory edit out of borrowing and -- are tremendous owing to shoe. And so did she clear route every Tibetan. But with a renewed their mortgage or whether to declare a prisoner of militant Bristol has a job I'm. I. Does that hurt your kid. The world is your playground he has with the only we Iran while all of us know what a stop to this final run into people's yards to get only playing at construction sites and Molotov cocktail. I was just right these businesses would ever kick us out too well there was church around the corner from my buddy's house recently hockey and they had eight. Sliding glass window attached like this what we smashed at the five times. He never told us to leave they've just replaced the win it was weird about how this is what they knew you're going to hell so they sit dislike guy dealer. Feel that this is gonna burn in hell it is just weird how the patience of the innocence of youth has completely changed the last 2030 yours but I it is not a paranoia and Arab. I bikers in dealing. Snatchers and touches analyzed it and nothing to do that it is everything to do with cranky or go to Carl in particular this year dark you stick a blaming. Tier is on CI a maps AT. They got manner. Oh yeah actually eight. You know I cried similar to the that we never had problems you know reduce streets kilometers them. But we actually at home around the corner from us. For light. Despite months out of the year they were Democrats angry weekends we are huge parent. Well. Well it was three except that neighbors. And people target on their houses driveways most of somebody call the police on that actually they got you down. Live here doing it every week's year run it's a dirty flea market idea are everywhere you look at ten dollars this exactly what I how much crap do you own. I I don't know I would imagine at that point they were. Buying stuff explain what you change in net debt major credit LLC and like it is like yet. That's BS did some legitimate to me it sounds like aggressive just got a little out of hand now but if you're buying and selling garage sale and EU they had Trader Joe's backed up in my bank governor crappy tend to eat that's the goal but it resilient we can. Spiegel does speak to kids it was like to have my play I kids and I'm cool. I am just what you. Zell and I never I never yell at them always I don't know he's the only drive respectfully have dived and never run over kid. America I never over Q you also admitted it like pat on the back for the Atlanta Kansas that I needed to kids. Alia that I am not raising because the bicycle Hala. Well Lucy because he was and is super super late hit. Important budgeted to 6000 people fight about the guy writing test hate mail saying that all kids that age appropriate always call the cops on the JC to get the last word brother by the gallon. And what's up. No I think they'd get a wrote the letter is now reasonable time he's thinking about that in Europe over everybody oxygen. On the. The people know that there's people that sell wrote site. National Stanton Prodi's co producer. And it's true against foreigners ordered chicken eggs. You know on a tighter road. Politics. Is always in your sir you're going to iron and hit his concern as a child. Trying to make some money you know to go buy some poking my taxes on that and are selling lemonade. And you can you know worried about the Salmonella from the chicken makes it a refrigerated. Keeping an out or the pro still is probably you know not. And the commodity under the rules and regulations are ours is not. You're not concerned with that we've got a look at. Yeah. Jason who. I did I. I know you're good Aaron is a day I wonder if that is legally allowed to sell those vegetables and receive all of it. Excuses about the time the era baser put your corn out there and intimate as yep our like in the folic pumpkins and stuff. And how that works I don't lead pumped in the nobody having you solemn. My point is the same same thing that I guess to a viewer to enforce that law and every little talent you're just couldn't pick there's like seven people. I brought the economy what you at this everybody ought to be voted I can assure forget or don't subversion or you know Wayne county could collapse. Yeah items like the dust bowl. Could barely rescind earlier in part I've got out we got to move on I appreciated.