Break Room Hate Mail - History Haters

Wednesday, August 8th

They say those who forget history are bound to repeat it... Tommy Mule disagrees!

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Those who forget history are bound to repeat. Nobody's forgotten about the stupid thing there are women who dedicate themselves to making sure that we know about one of the worst parts of our past them we'd actually see what it looks like our country descends into chaos and. We talked about two weeks ago. And so what it's very upset and it's all your fault because Tom DeLay doesn't love America I love America. I don't like this stupid it's it's not even I can abide by a hobby. It's a hobby. Yeah the break brought to class at a 65 BC about for eight week letters written by folks who want us fired or take off the air our sponsors to stop giving this money. This letter because we gently in regards to we break we talked about a two weeks there and it passed the civil war reenactment in our area as cement. The line of cars out to see this thing nobody watches. Kenny revealed to us what we had this discussion that your friend is turned on by guys that do civil war reenact yet her Arab lifer and as well I was just excited sexier now you'll just started killing guys who participate in civil war re and it is it's a marriage can one and I found out you said that. Yeah very upset with the use it went Olerud on how the series I'll sit back at it two days hate mail. Of the week. Deer management at the WC MF radio station. Endorse criticism of American history mice and told me about your disc jockeys. We're making fun of the men and women who keep history alive through civil war re enactments these men and women. Myself included spend their whole money. And take their own time to tell the story of one of the worst times. In American history a story that has as much importance today as it did 160 years ago they say that those who forget history. Are bound to repeat it should we are out here visualizing history. We're giving children and adults and entertaining in a real well I shouldn't take any errors of a war on American soil going to insult us well to how the DJs who say what they said. And you held what your company for employing people who insult us I'm going to continue to educate through entertainment. I suggest you hire people who can do just one of those things either educate poor inner Andre because that listening to your station it seems lacking in ball. Sincerely to hand. Hey I mean it was actually he thinks she's in the armies of delusional about like I. This whole thing it's it's a hobby we look at how hot guy but you're not helping anybody you're doing and you are you are setting. And Dick I pick up black guys I'd get a confederate outfits fighting it. Dell and easy I don't know about I got out when a giant it's been a money they'll let me play they will you do not only people in the stands. That would not be allowed back then you never see what is he like I saw mixed race kid. How that happened. This guy has he decent point and try to isolate the running deal at ya ya let's let's let's really don't let's give them life and you knew. TO be doggedly at it this guy has a decent point we know is that these folks don't get paid to go to. Disappear. Whether or not you find it entertaining. And ain't. It's an educational spirit there's a purpose to it just see in front of your face one of the devastation. Army into American history so seat and private rides like that okay. Yes but that was the actors in Hollywood actually looked on offense they're playing all our beat this is like the hot for October their slaves to rules served. So right I get it I I I had that I understand. But those are professionals. That are actually doing it. Guide jolt. The accountant right around speaking and he's leg. Some general is a joke you're seeing in front of your face to Faneuil hall cuts we. And we would must gets. One of the most debit it used. As devastating events in American history one in American history do you get something like that it's very neat. Kids finale and I can watch it on television anytime I want. Anyway Erica the death of Teddy bear any. Event it's just a few more today this is up what just subtle. He's out there you should consult people trying to bring us now I have been ringing at your end. A field somewhere to perform like nobody's looking at this stage nobody. Nobody goes the allegedly go is their family because they go they feel bad for the pathetic cousin. Has it in the confederate sat last time we talked about this two weeks ago the initial conversation. Is call up it's like all of these things. Yeah. Some of those confederate guys got black friends but don't make any sense Tommy. You make fun high school teacher for pre knowledge of children would you. I would actually that's his job well gave that dressed up and brought history teacher would be celebrated cup yet but. On trading July interest and educate told policy is any good those guys out there are just renewed you most like you one night but played engine ten. Bat battles to tell a pitcher Tommy and it's actually more impressive because these folks have no obligation of one of those guys had diarrhea. Or the records. It also fits right in demand wheel house guys love war history there's a reason why every guy you ever see talk about the outcome of the race doesn't slam what people want you know. Since I do you know anybody tell you the best. I guy get I get us some people that you ever hear that your. I got folks out that way and Italy and they wanna get rid of there's a reason why every guy you see on a plane is reading John Grisham novel Y the History Channel that is. When can wedding History Channel was not to jail for thirty years why every single will be baldness Cold War submarines or fighter jets makes a billion dollar Joseph Torre hello this stuff these interesting yeah dad and that Torre should end. We can learn from. Not Bob from accounting written on his bull you're from. Are we got defend not odd fashion mart dropped. That's witnesses but you're in the wrong part of the country confederate happening with Tommy ran a Florida is our sympathies or otherwise you'll also at the plate races part of that team you've got to be a racist yes. This is Mississippi Burning was a movie you think you guys played the guys to tout it down their eggs are out to check. I. Gets yourself. Jacket account you don't it's what you expect H and if you wanted to open don't think you're doing some good actually not doing it by the way Iran and Downey's horses. And you just wing it. Says the rest. If we use horse or. Horses since we read the breaker routing the feels good to lure victims. So much I hated it I expect the arrogance of these people actually think they're doing something good for the community and they're gonna teach me aren't as you teach me anything. It's forcing it'd go right exactly you wouldn't even know is happening at a bus we talked about it. Now I don't know and I'm not so popular buzz don't look. Material why don't care people are they don't go oh god oh god I wish you turn your waist and his son a dress like UN being decision in viewing this type of thing especially because guys who graduated. My school with fought for the confederacy and this is important it's every not important. What happened is a pour what you're doing is nothing it's called. It's called playing army I guess it was like bodies in a backyard that's all you're doing this is one of the most important times in American history to remember Lleyton a division of the country brother against brother two groups and we David everybody's together and now two groups of people were fighting for what they thought was there a way of life and it's more complicated than that I give it. But the trying to make its. Declined living in today stalwart fire there is a lot to learn for what was happening in that top American history or Donna has secession so true or false. This is the most divisive political and social time in your doll like out now adult life. Me. Not what's on what's wrong when jokingly. Are realists everybody's playing nice. I mean charmed one over talked our Google can't love I say America he ducked it talked through American on what was the bar and now it seems than. And Mike it's like anybody ever IC black people white people to ever ever people walker we talked yesterday about the kkk is dropping out flyers with chocolate bars it doesn't even or even a clients give me candy now this is it to Tyler general downward. Planned attacks in the free press something that happened during the civil war potential influence foreign governments that destroy any contact is is just starting to sound familiar at all it's jumps like you that. Overreact. To her overreact Acela American history. Over reacting to mr. I just I don't know why you hate America is my question Tommy red are no he ought to go play Cold War. Huge play that every day yet you covet like supposed to get done and nothing gets done at the ticket six. Week we're talking about it man. He was upset with Tommy for the comments he made about civil war in actors which Tommy has decided to root source for the last at minute Mike is on C a map Mikey sec eight is on CNN PPL. They looked up AI caddie once again you're right. I mean everybody's they're going to do this reenactment yeah you know what they go for us to issue there must get and drink Budweiser yeah. They don't go quick they don't teach nobody knows that what they keep. It's and I got to try it's it's it they're just jerk around a field would Budweiser and and it can't have dull. Did it exists is educational TV it's making an argument that David's piece of garbage because he was in saint driver right only for the paycheck. I didn't twist this around. About it but that's a lot of good I go to Hollywood thing in American history what's. That's the worst period in American history. That. Here's had a I don't even know what they're doing it right like a pilot watched to see other you know this is like technically how this war 'cause they do it's. Specific battles that go like this is the battle of bull run right now a lot of different but similar to god hates Hillary and tiger or do you that's all I can speak. It sucks. So I. I don't you don't it right. Or. Also because. I hate them by just thinking you know what they're not they're not educating anybody typical kid Jirga site ever appear kit. Always she London to get away from Earl lady for a couple hours. Pete is the Albany a good reason that you noticing that project to today and looks an awful at the legitimately was where. You know some country's military minds of all time that's what a guy's foot Woodson. Bruce and I like that don't army rev yeah of course it would just like that where I thought was cool. To Brooklyn. But I think back to be at a kid and learning but that's so I think about the visual things that they that they took it to you and showed us I don't I don't know like that's what I that's maybe it's wrong. Maybe it wasn't the most accurate portrayal but that's how I vision envisioned things. You failed ice Tom misery okay. How we gonna talk about education and one Hokies should be educated I don't enough of education actually don't know what it is you could. Graduate. So there are a high school. And so. High school. Leo it's you know it's a tough time back there must face questions as well. Did they break it when Arnold I appreciate your but it gets down relax we. If that's all imports more words like that blows OK I would pick we have some civil war reenactment listeners. The article again kicked around like this it's okay who doesn't understand there. They're they're looking at kicked her owner and full costume.