Break Room Hate Mail - Hipsters Are People Too

Wednesday, October 25th

According to one man, the Break Room has offended an important part of the fabric of Rochester's community.


The Break Room offended hipsters....


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We should have been accused of bigotry before Easter and people that have a point when you get into discussions that are uncomfortable in the user to be said that's the biggest show. Maybe look at the. Us hate mail week this week is complete idiot did you meet this until he gets his group of people because because people. This auditory. Sororities who law these people who headed up the breaker rest class act that he supplied to BC and so we Apatow talked about New York in New York State and Rochester is hipster capital RE AL cool people more so did in New York oil demand bunds and bunkers in fact Rochester is the top ten Ian. America person mode more meals yes men daytime talk show it's actually good for the city of eagle and a community run out and I. Houses he picks it up and there's businesses that it's good for the community and made fun of its credit unit sushi bar states. Be flooded answers that was the end of the discussion attend Alec too often somebody got really. Really ups are so upset. That they're threatening to boycott hipster board not only that there are also not very informed about what we do here because they broke the letter to a guy that doesn't accurately called. We sit back. We presented to you to this week's actual letter as they always are with stamps written sent us a very angry hate mail of the week. Chris Crowley program director of wc and this letter is to inform me of action will be taken against her station if there is not. An apology the inflammatory statements made against a community of people trying to improve their urban neighborhoods. Hit theaters as your morning disk jockeys called them. Are an important part of the fabric of the community and I'm glad there are still many like minded people that share the passion that my friends and I have. In this community. That being said the ignorant and offensive things said on your radio station about meat and people like me. That we all smell that were worthless. And network them. Not only is that wrong terribly corrupt places them. We are being discriminated against for our lifestyle and believes. And your bigoted morning program is leading the charge we face opposition like this all the time and we're not going to back down anymore. Here's your warning had your employees issue a public apology or face protests and boycott. If we can improve neighborhoods and change the way a city works we share as silken put a dent in earnings of your radio show ask yourself. Is it worth it stop bullying and start making a difference. A concerned citizen Nathan. Eight there I don't even know where to be oversaw old Nathan suck. Assists over that follow you boy though he Peter. You know Nate. You know even tucked in New Jersey was trapped as the two levity he hated it I don't even know where to begin with a stupidest of yours you won. You call this race isn't. It's okay it's a bunch of privileged white boys and discovered it like it to edit discussion role is it. Do little teeny tiny amount of blankets is mostly to its a bunch of god theirs and Nathan's. And and and high rollers and around. Just seem racist picture race of people. Are it is our. Eight missing for Dirk to go farther than but this is normal meals do all the signal any. Landlord got millennial read all yeah yeah. In your mind though every millennial as answer yes yes you know I everybody it's a 45 real idiot yes Seoul. That's the way it works really prefer it this guy you choose to live this way you it sure is to be mr. gates you. A foreign country you Wear tight pants grow beards make so it is going to be a Sissy boy right. Know you like folk music rain. You guys have both angry for different relations Jim mayor Tommy finger at what they like you were angry that at this letter. This story here this crap about this kid I've not being able to live my light sweet yet he's ahead. He named to the places where all these joints where they get to do Walden stuff great park avenue and ball is joint straight he's definitely real estate say we already basically. He even says we go to these communities that we crap a mop with sushi bars and and overpriced coffee he sensed it in the right. You set. I would open up an olive oil stood to sell. Boutique or get it a loyal. Your statement for existing the second stupid thing about this and no one has told base in key key to anything now we. But he but he added if you look at a wrong way mommy and daddy to audit he has valued. We were having conversational rights to be extra capital and how does that help shape the city can and I both being very complimentary. Tommy's starts making fun tubby is allowed to have an opinion about the way people choose. Two kids do it you wouldn't listen if you're considering how some light candles knock yourself out and here's the odd part. Part about this letter and if we haven't seen conversation about people who make over 250000 dollars a year replace hips tour with people who make over 250000 dollars a year and we said they all like to expect the worst of the closed they have names like Alastair. Yeah. He would be upset about that Jason would not be upset six tons of television tournaments father and feel. We 600 terrible things about all kinds of people living and dead and we only get letters from folks who are upset when we're talking about that so here's the rule and it should be live but I'd probably everybody you know everybody these illicit. If you're OK with making fun of people that Allred you Ingraham. You cannot be upset when the wheel lands on your group because if you fire that makes you altogether everybody. I don't know if it's okay what are. We have got to say take I don't know what to do is make hypocrite little bit what ever your chances. Yes but you're with. Begging for with the measures are sent out coma. What do we Republican dogs. In their bicycles. And their music in their food. We did and Ali goes slide around try to deal hip and got to show it at all. We did discover you are and yet you are. Our park hipster don't answer you just describe yourself minus the bicycle. The bicycle pilot gets special coffee machine to make your specific type of beverage yeah called his name was Steve. We have one. It's public tying copies apartment heritage world become the my grandfather hipster. Maybe well maybe I am deed it were tight expect easily public or forward. Well I could have big pants to date as Kevin meaning. Now we know what I mean men they can't relate you know. And by the way they're the most you know they don't wanna be judged yet hamsters are the most George metal pieces wrap. The judge you when your music pioneer car how many adjusters you know that you have numbers with the new album I worked within eighteen. Burn down. Under performing hipster and a young hipster and all they would do is like they would break down the politics of why your music sock. While you're this sucked the next that they judged everything that wasn't hip that's a whole thing about Napster's. They're they're just judgmental pray I guess you say yes it's all about they look at the politics of every day. Record number on the old show was a recall of ago what did you play more Leonard Skinner brown managed Skinner the united. Braces jerks you know I tried depleted colts have tried to educate the people. That's what hipster wanna do. Wanna educate you on terror. What they're doing is they think they're doing it the best sounds like everybody else is what you get along and just do their thing exceed that which just describes excellence and judge people for that they do do. I know I have just got to budget calls saying Tommy nice guy I mean they at all or hips rolling your aim at judging other people and living saying you know everybody should live your away time do you. And the kind. Kind of bottom section now I don't judge. A mom which is. Which is in ditches. Which is supposed to do doubt for mocking this fun judging not cool. He met the week this week a hipster name's Nathan writes justice he Tommy said disparaging things about enters says we are being racists for. Disparaging hipster you're not a race of people can't be racist against after the game discriminatory not just let this way. He goes further to say that we don't fix this there will be a hipster boycott and protest outside our studios are. I would do. No. To see what they hipster boycott looks like. Right. Person ball inning gonna happen like his relive it and this airs we'll sketching. So the first person does that look like them cruise right by and a bicycle could shuffle alone a shopping cart they're gone. You gotta admit we get some. Sketchy as Mo Fo you also just describe yourself at Florida. Shopper card you'd guy who runs away from scary people run away. I honestly I walk across the street and get into the building is complete bust but what doesn't protest budget there's like but do skinny jeans denim jacket only signs particularly freak go entered don't forget about her chubby girlfriend's got. When extreme Belgian waffles all weekend protests are being laid on the Israel. Paid. That that whole group ruined the banjo all my guy just doing it I'll suspend it was fun to have music and country folk metal bit. As soon as these hippies got all of the Iran the banjo how often do you listen to anything that at the banjo and I have five tip from banjo tunes are mad at masking their current phone. Lester fled her skirt with the degrees. An analysis of the talking about Bruce Jenner Art Ross and special two great American to what you just make fun of a hipster breaking up I music that was marginalize nobody cares these are great. Southern Christian man the skidded. Kitty. Weirdest part about this extra letter write a letter of complaint all cancers I know now it's you are sure. Okay. Hips using you know due in them have something in common with your lust for food we all your hipster buddies are. Super should be Napster's so. You have something in common it's called sauce and we have eight ton of cancers I I flew to to do six Dow as investors look to break it called because by the late. All your had your buddies. Are also huge Jewish bag so they don't count is saying what does it mean these are my body's too. So she's aligned exactly what you have with your other hipster friends you're it is fantastic guidelines then the dish that hole. I. Sixers integrates into humor this is coming from it as well we had a chick on the Michelle she's just miserable it just tonight she's not all sisters desperate they are their music is miserable. And then third and plant and cashed. Kind of all are trying to haul at all there's not really wants to guess they like jam band they don't like anything they. Any certainty campaign and tell you need to do not like any commercial music is its not cool it's not warped. Hip music is in control but that you're elderly man eating like the five and just on gym and get on. It was a great Americana music or two but that you were trying to tell the other day it's great black music that's part of Americana. Jest if you're into. Again American made Esther. It's jazz didn't chipped up to China it all the hostages just in go to China peace let's just look at China. You a guy asked you about eight band that you Europe got sick or something that you like and you wouldn't tell him anything about did you he would want her Utecht caught him to like it to the story Ghana's Miles Davis right was he doesn't regret Tommy I. No let. Which is he where doctor King and I know I have that array when he got shot I say it couldn't remember who lives he was the grandfather and uncles Tommy loves Miles Davis a guy who used to work for the bills who Tommy did spot. IE Houston found at the time he was jazz band asked Bobby about Miles Davis in Tommy gave him incorrect information so this guy would not like Miles Davis 'cause Miles Davis was top. He's bitten the hipster that German jazz attrition and injury to a scratch because of that I guess as a retired and I'm an ass of the scenario you're in many ways you're jazz efficient out if you drop DA had added another letter that would give dumped if I said that these two biker club you is that it's Richard Otto. According to that check it.