Break Room Hate Mail - Go Royal Comets!

Wednesday, January 31st

Every week the Break Room sorts through their best hate mail letters, and reads the best of the bunch each Wednesday!


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You can't say physical letter. It's sad day these sports programs of these high school alma mater. Eight in the process accidentally revealed himself as each I creek. And it raises a couple of questions. What rules what it comes to grow again. Attending high school sporting programs about the breaker that's classic rock and as expired to see a map so two weeks ago we told his story. They like the top 25 high schools for athletes in New York State him and four of the top eight from Rochester Edmonds east ridge Spence report. And peeled and number one was stricter now this was. How could the schools were and athletics it was public at participated comedy. Odd sports were offered any survey based on the satisfaction parents and students that we made it very clear when discussing. Apparently a guy did not hear that he chose them I know he thought that this tourist whose alleged torture. There. And he got pissed they can't yeah honored to show up any gates creepy and actual physical letters sent by folks telling us how much we saw the tape that week we do it every Wednesday I sit back respect enjoyed this week's heat now. To the members of the break room. Why even give the fake new article about the best high school sports programs in the state any airtime. Victor number one and it. East region and fielder on the list anyone who watches sports section five note that all around Russia or get a has the best. Sports programs. When I was there in the eighties we were great and there are always strong athletes and great teams at the town to take pride in. My kids graduated from Greece Olympia. And I would go to their games compared to the rush Henrietta games I go TO there's a comparison. What I wrote that story. Either doesn't know what the hell they're talking about or what's payoff by those big money east side schools to say that they're good old royal comics. Branden. Okay well. Hard to believe that Israel. But he also accompanied FaceBook message with that strike got his letter that we read and yet again but if you do with a with the sports programs. A sports. Guy. High school yes yes we do it he graduated the late eighties I said he was it high school in the eighties says put in his late forties early and he also said his kids graduated from Olympia. Which means. He's rushed me sporting events not a parent she their kitten but it's an adult glory days taking place sporting event. In his forties. Two to 6000. When it's okay for a grown man to go to law school sporting event is that some caveats that would make it okay. Their wives if you keep obviously in all we Aaliyah when it. You just embrace health will get there. The body was kiddies play. It's okay if you're invited major city with your body watching the kid yes did you have to be invited if you show up at your buddies kids' sporting event in high school that's Weirton to do. There's also a huge when it becomes okay. If you're the age of sixty. Allowed to go to ice sporting events adult and enjoy it without Ariel matter of with some of the worst tractors grabber is out there going no this AARP's stuff yet on the ground but takes a Viagra and actually we jump project in the pushes. Yeah you need to hear these thing has not okay. I don't know why why is it become okay like after. Sixty every additional gun owners and I'm glad I'm not worried about that so much guys to get what the differences from like a 55 year old guy with sixty everio. Every high school as a group of old. Nice guys or guys live there at their town forever and those guys can't put on the school jackets and lots of ball games of the basketball games and that is appropriate I get leg board got old guy. But keep your eye on. Where you also affects the rules and whether or not so it was appointment if you have a small town for example dance they'll do were killed on towns like baton. Any high school sporting event that you like because there isn't much to do it is exactly cable get Netflix we are going to be like so bottom of in Dan's. Stacks and I'm sitting there in my age I don't have any kids. Grown ass man in his stand by myself just watch and global yes because it becomes a point of pride which matters small town like that can come up. Products and selling is that 1940s. In those towns is when it comes to our schools our values in it about Dan's. You know it's really like that Cornell. Like I like people like they're like paint the whole town goes to those radios Oldman is in order now they. For me but the thing is it's one of those things you're right at that point pride like they know all of the all the players all the stats almost acts that freaks me out there gonna go to school well you guys got ESPN eureka two sports Jones I'd stop look at him like cute guys going to. My exporting its if you haven't cal month danceable record up to is it could be outward dried honest. It is yeah. Say. I really go to allies of Hume in play football we've been given a couple of hours food chicken must. Debts should. There are also exceptions if you live in a regular size Rochester suburb where it makes right SA urine it let's say your doctor if it's a big charity thing if your high school basketball teams raise money to cure breast cancer and you can go. Have sent. Okay that's that's a case that has something attached to it OK also the biggest caviar. If there is once in A generation talent playing for what are your high school sports teams that LeBron victory Utley and turn it up Katie knows gone like division 12 get recruited by a couple big tent schools some what did you see once a decade let's be too ticking you're allowed to watch that kid plate but there are still on the fence questions. That we'll get to. In a little while Darren you say it's never appropriate for some without kids good as it looks weird especially for men. It's just too weird and we know a guy. Does is with the chicks. Yeah yeah yet he even traveled to. At a town. What's chicks play out as we know Lou kid in school you know what that is Jeff is the breaker TV Joe's the breaker but he about take Joseph away but it. Peterson's leverage our. As you know like once a year I played thrower Europe earn what you hear me in my game over watched you all order. What all new merged into emotional trip memory lane grew to lure you're all Joseph. Our Judy tried. OK 85 years old if you're attached to him I think that makes a proper yeah if you bring light to be at the but it should bring in senior along hole. How critical crazy jokes that note there it is there is by themselves. I guess of questions. All right so follower BI and army what are your brilliance birds call. It's it's not a nationally or when it was Jeremy obviously you want there doll and dog resort to Russia area. It's a safe as the only does that add up. Yeah bay in the gulf but it really region jets of the great group Muncie and that hey Jeff polite about it. A guy I got a buddy that out I made probably about 55 that he picked he went to acquire. Oboe and all the game 01 really bad acquire. Eat broke it daddy beat off the stole all the income could be looked dark and. As a walk that let me. I think you brought up the caviar and due to a private school it might be okay is an adult to go to our dogs bred it's not a liberal oh I didn't scrolls what a quaint quiet it's Carney Finney all the schools they have these like athletic traditions he. There's an alumni network kicked out. That would be by yourself. You just hang in there yeah it is weird. OK maybe. At eight told me at the Arab world are ready to your income. Jeff at least give us a heads up to reject an outcry you know here's a rule injuries in children and give you may have kids some day. Any time you see a man by himself. Observing things keep an eye on bad dude. We know life. We targets could go to call. You know and I also think it's okay to rivalry game. Really delicate if you'd like a quite as his plane like the equator something is that win that draw more Q where you have normal strange old man on either side of the Jirga there than just. With their but I think a lot of people take that rivalry be very very seriously I don't know if I'm going alone so you know how much. Once you know much despised wage is based on where every sinner byters so I don't think I could go out and out she's you know give it real you know guys that led. I think I would have to have a minimum of two buddies who graduated with a went back that I again but to just take a regular there's stereo boys. Come on worker needs kids and kids. Stay home do you perversion in your basement did you did 6000. Now the wake up and defend his high school alma mater in it would seem to be his late forties early fifties claimed East Coast all the athletic events there. And it raises the question when is it appropriate for a grown man to be alone at a high school sporting event we came up what the rules earlier. Offense once note if it's okay. Bringing your young kid who doesn't go to that school yet to your alma mater. I can't answer your killer were he may be go to. Possibly cannot hear you. A lot of fathers probably want their kids look up to those athletes and you know be like them one day and I would point out all the single men watching the game is on the stay away from sick creepy old man will say this crazy gusts over there with the bug eyes I don't my daughter seven I took her to a decline as hockey game even that. That felt we really haven't I don't there. I say I didn't realize it's like got there like I was a little bit but it is understandable or computer and it finally. Yale alumni events might be the other player doing can be restarted and why. Games like that or like a homecoming. Is a game called homecoming where they ask everybody who went to the school to come home. A lot of college kids have come back for that college. Don't care you still pandemic and just kind of kid in school mode though I mean I had seen I mean come in there. Yeah I went there have been forty years ago and I'm there for alumni night to what stare at the king and queen c'mon. Alone alone and tell everybody like you could have been that you're probably Friday or Saturday night. Presenter dobbs cancel the output Friday Saturday night and kind of bar night out with my wife. No I'm sitting here alone watching. Kids. I. Yet but it's coming so yes let's talk. Is that what's homecoming to Euro. Coming hold its goal of which are as old as there is there are. Little bit here four years ago. I understand the attraction of York was school the deeply toppled field 34 years ago you're taking that locked in a minute ago when I can't choose IQ can I wouldn't feel the need to. Hello and I just just warning you what looks like you look like a warning curriculum architecture. To tie your shoes do. They. Attach. All men. Over the age of forty. Inch touch it and passing it we knew agent or you'll look at tiger likely to touch it lowers the recruitment Seattle Lori Lori. Well I mean. I am thirteen year old bat is liquor outlets and sports. And school seriously and I agree with everything you're saying it Turner's. All night in setting their by the sounds like totally agree with all that I have another. Saying that he has to do it that's really weird about the people that are always outside. When the camera went VE. Take your land. I look at those people and think that at least paying attention to those people clicking pictures. Please. I'll Lawrie gets a lot of local newspaper glory. Well now so I mean they might be properly newspapers. So you're just saying that all I've singers and there's fans. That are on the field with those big like professional lenses just take a page as the kids for the ourselves. Much professional aren't as far. Everybody is assuming that are already taking pictures from the newspaper. It just makes me say that at the same thing occurred so they're taking pictures so he's paying attention because. It was 2000 dooming their from the news. Mean I thought Tommy and I were apparently came to this they wanna keep your round of applause that's most parents I think I've ever heard in my life. We'll get that aren't backed it up employ ticket renewals and Fujifilm sent via. Two hours point really quick if you ever go to like like their members soccer tournaments and stuff like that there's like Abidjan league team to win once there are a lot of people walking around taking those pictures. They'll try to sell you. Literature so again I can you know that is shown some. Next thing you know your daughters what clams all over they're creepy I can't you're gonna check in Milan having gotten have you. Newsmen be too happy with cameras stated it's probably dig a family friends having argued. If your kids swimming new item in the precious memory of her assuming current I mean are you brought up something else. When a swimming. The only way as it may you love to go to this would be is if your kid or fatally Freddie swimming instead beat never. I can't sit alone in the sense of what your daughter and a bathing suit do laps that's what I'm saying really that's wrong. Ball. Course they demanded a patient or that set of a bitch out. I would say likened dangling a reception yeah it desolate still avid Tyler security should go bigger do you have somebody here. And if he says now Archie go preview OK yes. I hope. That guy what's been. Steve thanks status but it out we just don't know I would any ice it. Jim anywhere girls are scantily clad doing athletics you don't need to have guys in their low look him on the as the ones swimming that there S gymnastics. Published a nasty mean anybody can go to the track and field she's in shorts. Reached. Sure hurdles of movies or bounce up and down a track like I look. And you're trying to put all the rage outrunning he'll no one of these debates. Look at your belt right now. Particularly boat soon. FaceBook says he's coveted. You know it gets it easier for the replace it just ramped up it's sucks that you guys write about all this because a lot of these schools depend on the money from ticket sales to fund there sporting events in sports programs. I guess that's just less green. Eight.