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Wednesday, April 25th

When playing sports what will get you first, your weight or your age?


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While support will hear a discussion we have beaten that it would take it personally even that we were talking about them or anything like that. This is what happens I think with this week's treatment of the week you got the break group righteous class act and it's not that BC a map Patrick reed one. Masters 23 weeks ago in every discussion after now people like Patrick is that board came out of nowhere and we only did we come up with is the majority of people don't like him because he's. And it looked like a professional athlete to win their that's the Super Bowl golf master yeah. When he guy who out of shape whether it's deep wells or Bartolo Cologne or Patrick reed had six at your relief pitcher yes. When successful it reminds me eat I look like debt and I'm not doing right. Operate like Tom Brady your Michael Jordan he should be success but now I feel bad about myself 'cause I'm also that it. Com gentlemen I heard that Newton and he took it very personal. Why he's here to defend himself because he's been he's not here to defend himself he's been here to defend all of you fat. Athletes and others like can cleats again. It's the subject of today's hate mail of the week. Wc in that you may think that chaining it's funny. But I bought tickets sitting down. You're way doesn't have any bearing on what kind of athlete you walk. You can be heavier person and still be great athlete I in the top notch softball player despite act and I am. You might consider an elderly person I've been playing for decades and I'm still the shortstop on two teams a week. Also play basketball the YMCA in the wintertime and give an inch of young guys a tough go of it every Sunday. A lot of guys who think I can't do it because of my weight. Because there in for a hell of a surprise went on at the plate or tagging up from second. Sale you want about guys who waste their time in the gym every day the guys who watch what they eat in and getting hit by Abbas. But I'm just fine dominating the competition in the body that god gave me. And it will let you or anyone else to say I'm too fat to be an athlete tell me otherwise. A listener no more Michael. Actress. All nobody security threats being an athlete nobody was insulting fat and I finally sir if you plays on busted as beer good softball league let's do it. Now that you brought it all right now that you take it's personally when it's even anyway the fat Atlantic guy and he's back he said he's actually plays softball. I like he's run an America on. It is funny though some public Pearson but he plays those like directly to the words. And like the fact I surprises you I don't like us that gets way more athletic than I thought it there's a difference between being. Acts athletic standing in an outfield I'd be surprising for your size right. Exactly slow pitch softball yeah you're the guy you probably also playing city league with fatter older guys no kidding it's cool makes you happy. It's accurate as it. Athlete playing a bit of fat guys beat people pick up basketball game the most athletic the other fat guys doesn't make you would act. Moderate brighten up and he said he plays at the young in statement okay. You know we cannot let. Lebanese bank and all that up and the only times I see fat and joggers. Given a fat joggers I see these wide glide broads. Eighties boy robbery guys going down a job don't get Shiite sacked an OpenId to compete with so nobody you don't lose any weight. Now we follow all right and we we do it world is getting joggers I don't see appears all he has to be saudis. OK I feel public cut jobs giant C study people yet so they see a whole crap what is that John Newcombe Larry. Here pronounces see a whole budget scary joggers don't buy colossal layering. Sing us your monitoring events that are accident that backed by Wendell skinny bitch that's it what you tagging them. You see him I give us a while Selig is getting old jogger accents but she's jog jog you scam on me but. Which he did read my agents are always confident confident. But she didn't stay crappy yep this is the competition do it makes you see Palin as happily man you just slow jog. Slow job. This argument as to whether or not a jogger that at leader not just pop off offered a reason. A torrid pace it's actually it its contract I bet big you're not doing some pretty good. John you're you're not that I don't like it so the argument is you're in shape. I got the art. It is yeah out of shape you were trying to get back into shape I jockey and it would make sense that there are a lot of bad joggers because you know out of shape it into shape but. A lot of these people think that they're in shape because they can run so much they don't want Dorado lose weight like is this guy say and I dueling sports. Saw on English about a need to lose weight. Correct ally yes try to resort and say hey let I didn't play well in these days are fat pat Leahy he's in shape even know he's not. Accusing them out of shape and I can compete with aptly anybody knowing it. That's sports with the biggest athletes can softball is big right Aaron talk is all has to be number one. Which interest except that it gulf. But what golf is a sport it's more to steal her you know six of which have. He's near the club to a lower but would you have we don't guy who's like he's had stomach stapled surgery and we still that all three it states and yet. You can't tell me. Driving around that Clark entry computer all day is an athletic event now it's time but at the eighteenth fine it's cool and that's your cup of water eighteen holes. You don't have respect. For fat guys trying to get back in shape as of joggers on his that I can work men you worked for you man Britain's most of the time most people can't keep the way to correct. Yeah you audited all odds out of Cuba brought it up I'm proud of that dog and it you know brought my my tiny athletic body into the. He could kick kick. Rick fairly giving you know got a dollar and a U power book which is a step below jogging yes you are clearly you may works does. Yet days of rest there are other out. I think yeah it was always my efforts to him. It is like that. The dot but sadly it's got it right to city now angry at us for something we'd hate to say he's the fact guy for a plane again it was practically all ways we say there's more husky golfers now. A professionally Mike is axiomatic Mikey tell anybody. What am I looking like where you're at the plate the tacky every every week. Mean two GB and playing a sport and he figured that I'd be put it I've already clear snow. I had a decade of a committee here re create goals that he scored our show the highlights will ya -- are recreate. Guide you to Afghanistan exit at a board utility you're giving it to guys for the jilted. The cult like average about meat to school forced some good it's a again and again and again yams greens with the greatest of equipment but it borders and I think Barbara original point with the masters. Was how tough this is sport at this status can win it I kind of waters down your critical of your sport. As we committed wins kind of does it make is for a poll that caller I and yes. It took this personally. Factors he thinks he's if he thinks he's an athlete and he puts himself. On on par with every guy that's in shape it's like Jimmy stat. Mckinny's that is always worked on his whole I've always been an athlete rate yet so he puts himself in your dad's level even though you're dead trees a lot harder. He keeps his weight down he thinks he's the same guy. And being. Re Spitzer is insulted the year old man who actually works at. Yeah I mean I assure orderly and nice view yeah. Taking out yeah. I am sure that I don't be offended at that guy said the key could be imminent pick up basketball gamers that are Venus put him in this beneath the pizza what he can hang with him on the bed at about Bob again these are that it shows up. And I came and I get in and he's been about. My dad likes short people think that they're bad. And that's a lick your thing to keep our guys please exports like. No problem with him look like me are big factors coming up play it because trying to get shipped us a little bit W water don't look at you tell me your exactly because you're not I'm not an athlete that I write a letter is an athlete you're not and don't look at me it's a softball is a legitimate athletics take slow pitch your drugs motor drive bio watch general stand around moderates in Iran Joseph does that CM that they Jonah. Or. Morning. Yeah I don't know that that that that the couple and I mean wind when there's people sitting there. Watching other people lobby successful and there's there's that level of a bat or obesity despite feeling. Give give give the credit where credit stupid but the compared kinky being athletic in stopped all. Yet. Ali that. You leave nothing to appreciate. To try to teach avoid. The warning and out of fact guy. I'm ignorant what. Good. Matter hypocrite hypocrite or did you look at it as. Yes I would bet yes I. Tell you. I'm about the people who what you were going to bet there are a lot now Patrick's day. Given broad that. Is pretty he cannot snack in between snags. Deterrence that is a budgetary about it. It's oxman a separate track but I did you play any sports anymore. Now your go to guy and it's he beat to try to fix the company I appreciate her. There's just takes too fat for sports. There is such a thing is too old for sports. Any it's a little concerning when fat and old come together aren't that old guy yet because like I asked the major permissible but I'm still bank. Yeah they're hanging at least plan hockey league. When you see fat old guy you can really nervous because like where could die any second heart attack I can blow out broken hip could happen all these takes like I hear this guy writes is the medal I still played the lie and give these guys you know when we work with their wedding you didn't like QB we have you don't response over the guy's heart attack yes that's right. It's a stroke. There's nothing worse than really an issue. Idol show you now I'll turn on this kind your dad. Touched it and it's everybody's dad though ever I didn't know guy knows when hanging out. Everybody thinks that they can compete with the younger guy Michelle like how its release goes to be done as we should do that it's over. What if you give up we wrecked when you put any in my isn't just thrown in a box redundant but it's dangerous man it is but leaving gimme that'll push himself and hurt himself. He's not gonna stop. I am still shocked 226000 argument fat leads that you don't have more respect for sat joggers it's harder to beat skiddie talks funny. And I think getting your just hurting your heart your body and it doing it you're helping your health and Iran right. I tell you argue with you don't exercise. That and you jog our energy needs nearing your pounding on your joint figure that if you've been asking take all you girth. You girth jargon it gently jogger Sean hasn't seen a map H. More important. It's. The Olympic talk not a broader. Arc so amateurs don't. How would feel right. It's go to guys should she. Listen dole out six to about two. You can exports placed a bet that they are not. Used to send basically he has not budged since high school. It hurt poor little old but it might want sorted in a moment limits now. Gillick at army units to Jerusalem could not just haven't pitched. It's not it's the golf whatever it is I take care peace to make the prisoners are percent non. This major weight that you should give it up. Oh wait for sure Leach now wait wait before age 08 that we think like wait what hold you back to naturally like the partly physically can't do your stuffing yourself all the time you sit there and stuff that. Don't walk and say this to keep I've been fat that is ranked like Shia you still have. Have a competitive drive and you even your body can't do it like being a fact I know what he's don't think you can do it still wanna push yourself it hurts but you still too. PP I don't think there's a weight limit to going out doing at the age limit to deploy yet because your bodies just gonna say stop. Well did its death. Yeah there epic its ultimate stop bush take what more before it grew by an article too far this could be every idea brag about how are you bread. Are pretty early bird is. And as they're both better athletes are yet to air diverted the biggest one they've room. But he was he was hoping that side and also refrigerator Perry it was a big. Or so anyway he now has no teeth left but anyway it was. So immersed or outdoor. I've got it takes the company if you look at Bay Bridge if you look at that'll film. I probably played nearing Baghdad and it looked. Pretty much like everybody was fat has shape back then I there'll much of fat alcoholics that relate bank and hookers seem odd dogs. Others and big boys in baseball now to Ebenezer let's let them like the sluggers our guys that are in shape. We all those guys supposed to look like athletes back there on the east and efforts of the fact that she says it's law. El bambino. Was a stimulus baseball watch baseball games here on that when the cubs won. The first time. Commitment you know six rugged. I let's debate them but what is it five years ago today. OK but look at those old tiny pitches of those guys that did outlook that athletes. Don't disagree with the kind of my shoulders high in the other their heads are at a play girl that. They'll smaller booze and prostitutes.