Break Room Hate Mail - A Father's Advice

Wednesday, December 6th

This week, a woman wrote the show to express her concern over bad parenting advice... She claims that ANY advice is good advice if it's coming from a parent!


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I get the people that have something stupid don't wanna be criticized him but for some stand up and seek to got criticized his man who. Obviously did something wrong because he's a father at least try and this is all right we're ramp well yeah the break Webster's classic rock 96 by BBC about every Wednesday hate mail of the week actual musical letters and six old male who stamps NASA sent to us exit to our management -- aspire to that's why. And this off the story of Fred kidneys we talked about two weeks ago but I am it's heady crusher girl. What does that say would late Anatolia a decent write a letter with a all the things that you would like to do nor will like about her Ed. He got a letter signal the things like to do you ever did elementary school kid. It was creepy. Paris got called in the offense you bet the discussion was do we know how to keep your kid if some becomes the changing world. I don't think we were out of bounds at all but there is a woman who sent a letter to top management and and hold an. Exit back at present to you this week's hate mail of the week. To the management answer cock. This is in regards to your honor personalities insulting a father for trying to help his son by keeping him by east. The on segment which describes the son who wrote a letter that. Might inappropriate to a young girl in his class DJ's laughed and that this man should not be giving his son advice. What is terrible and short sighted idea to have come out of the mouths of so called. Professionals. We have problems fighting man to step up and be role models for their children and you know many live in the family home. Global in their own can't and don't take an active ball. And your employees one and that this man. Then shame in their message don't turn right. It's the opposite of what we should be teaching and no parent is hurt that you now let you should keep trying. Don't bleacher child and the problems they had in ray ban. And learn how long. And I thought that Jack this. Having a parenting expert on there to try and reverse the damage that was done and that. And if you need suggestions. I can pass them on a concern righteous Terry and Ashley. Shortsighted because you criticized the father forgive reason that strike. Seeing the law problem that IT eighty pizzas. Keep trying to keep it is even if that goes port totally disagree with that but this is missing he huge part of this humans. She used to that parents to give that advice and teach their kid that she shouldn't. That they are giving that advice is we teach their kids state that nation. He's something's up there thinks this autistic. Nikki Rocco he was at the school. That is creepy stuff that letter was beat address opportunities but says it was staff Pete wanted to do this girl whose idea to take place duties to answers I deal. It. Beat shocked enough that we ultimately up to new when he was saying right yeah. It still. Country. Obviously it right. Tell you how to reach your key and it wasn't exactly we're going to listen to them it is advice that well. It's that means the world beat the button and the problem. It kicked in trouble for fighting might keep sticking up for himself when I was a kid you beat top if you keep its awful. Other kids too sensitive execute we joke. Within. The apparent easy eighty. It is probably. Also going to be eighty dead heated doesn't fall far from me here. Ducks make ducks look at Tommy. Now we were the exception to we never had a chance but we never never had yeah good etiquette and much. We both agree though that you're different from your father's on now don't. Not really excited but we're not yet slick baby bit glorified it Demorrio insect quicksand the more you fight at this. Best you sync yet. There's nothing could because most basic stuff that have been instilled in our heads comes from meant just. Yes he knows what he's good what's bad. It's twenty years when you see your kids don't just in case which most of us men have turned out to be re written to his six to criticize these guys a lot of deterred his kid was psychopathic. Would you. Yeah that is news to I guess accuses together handle. Stuff that you were just a little. Countries. Should. Yeah but I guess nobody wants to see their kids fail. And every dad wants to have the right and a dad Tony give you an answer whether it's right or wrong did you as fathers relate. Well he's looking up to me I gotta give the kids something sure rate. Yes yes. The way we all do what is when does talking about the state mail we get to to do 6000 I'd love to hear a single focal Garrity and. Whitney your father admitted he made a mistake or what you have looked at George islets that I should not upset when I said the US should not continue that it's because if I old man being used to twist it all he does it take the layered great. We all you have to. Your seat kids at like wegmans Wal-Mart burger route yes too many of them if you wanna take them home because you see their parents you know these kids have no chance. But even these parity would indicate eagle these kids their screw there's nothing you can say these kids let's get away from the parents. Which is Erica yeah because who the hell knows if I'm doing right by my kids with what I would say that he sees. Money that it's so blatantly. Horrible raising children ninety distill lake yeah on that great but I know I wouldn't you you don't but. I don't know okay that's seen parents criticized other parents for doing exactly what they do and they don't see that they're doing the same thing. Your parents if you have children criticize you for raising your kids the way that they raised you. Mass so I've ever like we had. The official parents of the old show out there the official parents and he'll show a and that couple came out to one of our events and they had their kids and won him his Denver real bonus particulars in nine years ago. And they're both smoke and inspire me. So the mom. Once put the cigarette averaged two is no ashtray were she settings. So she hands a cigarette and lit cigarettes smoked down of the yen rate. Too I'm guessing this guy and I agreed judge a.s or acidic it was nine chance cicada lit nine and anger these lit cigarette. And she goes scope put that out over there and addressed is this the last trader issues too fat to get up to put it out yourself. And these are the official parents of the old show. Now I don't not a parent I'd never rag kids I know I make in depth. Especially in public the way people when election. OK but that's only one facet of the touchy could be very kind of look behind closed are guessing if you that don't know. Throws so you say they can't boast that the examiner. Would quibble a growing child can't start that I don't have kids what that's saying is like our guy knew enough not that to evict. And Gardner who framed a I don't know I just I don't like this idea that anybody is better then a guy who's not looking out for his kid because I don't necessarily. It's true there are people that are handicapped because of what their parents and physically and emotionally whatever but to get to 6000. The week criticized daddy is keep bad advice will write this letter say to criticize man for giving bad advice at least he's trying Steve's in the break. I see MFA Stevie alight but it. Or arm or. Jamie director's job that aren't scan which again. Well okay I'm gonna hey. That my wife is definitely smarter. Let's hope that well down. Tom I called my boat or some kid burst your medals. You don't know what to do you and it. So she says that what should. Set it out. Thank god my wife put him in the room I'm I said at imagine asking for a soda. She did that it went terribly. He came home she was upset obviously get some before I do I walked in the door awards that would still. There a name. That you told Billy that this guy shouldn't is that my daughter's name but I did. Thank you damn tired LA ST I think that yeah. I know I know what I'm absolutely at. The hole well. You know the word. My dark arms down and sit her down. And they look. I worked on house knew and immature. Middle school boys are. You are head and shoulders above them emotionally. And you had the ball in baseball but you have the balls at it it out. I am proud of you are doing that government. You know how can tell by the way only when it happened it was so about it they're about a week's worth of all. Yeah totally yeah punishment to gussy particularly forget about radiation which took your credit Steve you realize you made a mistake. A draster would not a lot of guys would do that because decades idiot your view and won't you just that he's talking about you know let me get to your credit you did that but that's up. Very few men do that very few dead bullet just to I have made a mistake here and I did it. My other call one edit the only thing I ever learn from ambiguity that terrible plot. You -- let me. When you do something wrong. Apologized. And make it right at bat as you cat. Listen to know. Hi Steve calls but it element evident as it. Nobody's skirts and no I see here criticized. His father I got my daughter think I have made a mistake because if there's cracks the facade. That she's not gonna believe anything else but it father should never get involved in dating advice what would your daughter asks you that some religions came goal as Q mother that's with the mothers in the kitchen or B. I don't know from a guy's perspective because if you give the right advice it's get advice we don't know the right advice Wiegmann don't know women we just don't so like let's say you need other gobs of yeah. Oil men. Yes I did my best advice is stay away as long as you can't pay intervals because ice the role rapists and and solar is to buy some Cubans so. I don't have a you have a daughter she does that relate to as boy. And I wanna ask them out under. And you go in shut on you know is to do world and the last mountain and she gets shot down and back crime what do you do. Hey hang and go ask another guy out you keep asking guys out do. Uganda but it Graeme baby and she's fifteen tight seagate now all the sudden change in my make in this step up to teen pregnancy or Anderson roof. I finished you Tracy walked around with the with that have a gut half of the fifty juicy I don't know there's Federer in her second trimester two to 6000 Baghdad advice on display as we speak right now because we have a kid trying to sell them what's plotters of the breaker let's. Let's see if that tape rather a lawyer. Hey two quick disclaimer I just in case you're meant listening. 1011 you you're great father you do everything you can read and it really appreciate my comments. Test test. Now mind that my under the they have to do about a relationship advice thank god. An acute never Casanova mine its nuclear and sports and other younger I used I used played Little League Baseball for a couple years and I saw something royal armed. Potter eating really nothing really well for him but he. There right you have an idea I'd give it my all my dad gave me the typical you know go out there to your pastor drier and the ball which are both as a graduated that's all my old man. And you're talking about and in particular news site yet an -- take a whole baseball and Suharto it's you know I was really wrong back and use socket. All I. As with him. Now later honesty late well if you like you can quit connotation the public good can't I mean he should find out on your own a little bit too that he do you gathered you don't exactly.