Break Room Hate Mail - Famous for No Reason!

Wednesday, January 17th

Is there a celebrity that's rich and famous that you feel doesn't deserve it?! For this guy, it might be Tommy... (Minus the rich and famous part)

Some people might agree with what this man wrote us... but it made us wonder if is there a celebrity that you feel doesn't deserve the fame and fortune due to lack of talent?


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Your hatred of a guy who if you hate. For no re all know why big direct kind you could easily but the reason you hate us because you have direct contact with a your hatred of this man who sucks man beast upon and amazing on the highest of his country and has the right of people has caused this week's hate mail of the week. Point play I agree with a with his guys and you can't even name up audio working you can go oh yeah. Without him they beat nothing. Without him in this tune. They'd be nothing. That being said. That's been the feel like Tommy this guy but some other celeb want to pick right now calls to deduce that piece of liberty that is rich and famous may be little button that doesn't deserve this kind of backed into it doesn't. We have okay. Be exaggerate the break much to let's rock and it's expired. WC and that we letters every single day to us to accept physical letter with stamps and envelopes so these days we take one week. We read teal. This week's letter involves. Ridiculous to. Should be sir Richard stark. He is IDs gonna be in and we talked about today and Tommy who lost his state of mind. It's street just after ten minutes this season nobody's enough things he's one of The Beatles. Yes he's one of The Beatles because that Nike had nothing to do with the formation he didn't write any of the famous two time. And the guy that they wanted to Africa what happened to him but he's got to be the drummer they wanted to tell you what I went to see him perform recently. The drummer had a back up drummer sandy is sitting next to womb Jesus he's he's been doing this for years the biggest share mole these are the biggest scam artists of all time. People said about you need a dead and broadcaster award ticket scandal Arnold. Say it. Said sit back at Ole days hate hailed the week. TWC and how Tommy anyway. Work at a classic rock station in say things like you said about Ringo Starr the man is a member of the greatest. Music group all of all time. A group that your station. Devotes a morning to every week and true I'm a loyal listener a breakfast with The Beatles so for Tommy to say that Ringo doesn't deserve to be knighted. Or doesn't deserve to be this is not only stupid. It's a borderline. Terrible parents what's next Jimmy Page is overrated Mick Jagger is that the greatest lead man of all time with how dare you question anything to Beatles. Had ever done. Is Rangel the least talented beatle. May be but it's a little bit or most talented musicians in history. A man who still packs houses wherever he goes and he's I couldn't seventies. If Tommy wants to talk about weird sexual fetish is and other things he knows and that's fine but when it comes to classic rock shot his stupid mouth. For guy who has no talent and yes some interesting opinions about who to join his club a beatle mania George. All believe in a slow clapping George. Does he was right he's right he's after Pete. Apparently he played the drums it's easy is old guy answered and that play like I think about the birth intermittent ever invented yeah. Did it started to drugs play there was a Ringo Starr Beckett in the adult lives beat not a rocks. Can keep the rhythm T it's Alfred can easily and we put it gave me give me drums yet came out a sheet music in front and argued it give me a month. Our alliances were among a month to read that she'd music and I will play the drums I will nailed the drive so pretty house I'll get an instructor in one month I will lose. Each color and you total. All I want you to Alina great guy as into the drug started have Tommy. You too. Sleaze they can't even play okay. All of that exit 2226000. Tommy believes that Ringo Starr should not be even famous and little. Rich an alleged that we have a ton of this because a reality sure you're right the other reality show once a big ticket does it thousands who is the celebrity musician reality show star politician. Actor actress who you believe should not even be famous because I went tale is this to you it's just aren't. The old the boom going back a few years this is a little bit before your time. The big the benchmark of guy that had no talent that should not be around nobody can figure out why it was Pauly Shore. Pauly Shore was like the joke of jokes but. He was a leading man movies and comedies he toward packed comedy houses. Don't you like the guy and nobody thought he was funny. But for summaries of Pauly Shore was famous and rich. You watch what I know the fact connection but most people don't even know that back connection and his mother was connected to the comedy business Pauly Shore was always considered a joke. Nobody took him seriously it's like he got rich being Pauly Shore and he still like he'd at least is listed at every league high sky. Sox. Qaeda. Gotta go you it was one. Served under as the true did you guys say that word what my guys who Uga won't so your work. The man who is uber famous alleged that should not be uber famous alleged. George Cohen. George W sucks played simple George Clooney sucks in every movie George Clooney plays George Clooney. You see a guy he's quiet he's smug if he's good looking and that's it clicked. Actors can disappear apart right yeah you know we see is mud music Serb people. The April. What movie will you know we were watching George Clooney the whole time he doesn't deserve to make a start he has he's good dude but there are lots of good looking dudes. Any socks. George Clooney kind of sucks and I George Clooney Ringo Starr. Don't Pauly Shore and I'm. Here murder draw to get the hell edit. I did it does it does it be celebrity that should not be fate as these that we can go down like that Kardashian road with a six a lot yet said it's too on the nose and B I mean because they don't. Habitat literally do anything they just did the thing is is being rich and jerks gala Pauly Shore as a comedy yeah he writes comedy and Ringo Starr's drummer George he's an actor but they'll blow I think it still suck yeah they had a skill set you media outlets we go to the phones. I just like agro denied generation where there's a lot of people were kind of famous for either being somebody's kid or like your articles in the end I get kind of grew up to the net so I. It's just the norm okay that's a point nine your kids may not know with ten tees and a DD 6000 jobs in the breaker Muncie MF I don't let. Cairo Oreo. Bottle literally has said incarnation they got in front of the voyage to beat a dead horse that I'm. But I'm not alone is the ball Lorenzo ball. All the software. The ball Brothers the basketball player. See normally payment because of the dead is kid has more talent than down. Any kind of suck. Its agreement going to be their job it's really a little time to appreciate it. Did you see that his two younger sons that are the NBA than playing in with the wing you right now while it's a hotbed for one. The ball communism. And let's not go OR two 6000 losing the breaker mansi MF elite body. And what what they had both army that can't bring that we got the cave man we won the starter I didn't. Withdraw their windows are actually lived in a movie that would if into the star all call and bed where he met his whites. Are what your name box. I'm sorry you went to Drummond school kids in school. No they don't hold this air wouldn't sit around the bonfire. And he's done but when it beat everybody started playing you Dick. And it is opening that you brought that up because it was one of the best you didn't move the event. All right thanks for that Lilly have a good lesson to everybody and tweets a company whose tweet us at WC a separate group from Pat White OJ Simpson. All Adam Sandler straight he keeps casting should not be famous let's. Erica and Rob Schneider. I don't follow Lucia but they've never enough I don't like that Rupert comedians and all your DE SP out usually I don't know I don't find them funny. But even those guys almost turned that into their own careers Rendell made names for themselves. But there's one show that I know women love. And I saw this woman do stand of years ago when you resist coming up and in a regatta in the choose funny. Marry at the issues are very weak median. And I and Tennessee on being this is and I'm not and I'm on its own DeGeneres she. Do you mind that she does not fawning. Her show is on watchable. Six steals to elect a mass audio. Of blame moms that don't understand little comedy well. And really. Paladins must be nice. Pyongyang actually see behind people all the time he kind of being young age don't be mean to people that's like Urlacher might. This chick was never funny and I know you're gonna say I need all female comedians and yes. But there are some female comedians that I hate because I'm jealous. Is that Oilers got inside their gut because the pace there. Don't go. Ellen DeGeneres as a guideline did a talent she's talented and she's talented being nice to that maybe that's which are jealous yeah. And he's actually kind. This at a talent which is footage of signatures to grow our writing and her comedies suck OK you know it is it's. It's more common lives Giuliani won't cool but he global. Keeping the mall on comedy you're not like any bright as its socket it doesn't appeal to know Dunbar are unknown talented. Moms who work fund goes to die sixty or wave that. Public to be a mother like to be a did you say you're a mob. That means you've got to like take here and be careful and it that the book about that you campaign fund and it is she's appealing to no fun woman she's two and in no fun show. When he watching TV Wiki documents just sit there it's at this is her since I was eight my pals Smart TV. Watch her own TV introduced. 8008 -- the weak guy writes a set at Tommy's said that Ringo Starr is a no talent that Ray Allen DeGeneres are okay oh assured no good yup with the seat people famous that shouldn't because they've got talent to get ready most are you send you sounded generous Pauly Shore a drug George Clooney in there and sucks Johnson a break from NC MFA Johnny a budding. Grow the morning guidance. I got one way I think our Tom Green. And and you never know anything. Man I had the forgotten he's got a I don't know are you very moyers and and I'd just be an idiot. I can't give less of him or hurt his name's Eva I. No I don't even know he's around detours he was just too with the last six months out and you know he's really TV shouldn't vodka. He's on the unit the screen or from TV and Internet on some. I guess you could argue a lot of those guys on MTV's shouldn't be famous but were like all the guys on jackass. That eBay. Did basically through rocker guy's head and they started filming themselves do burning themselves out of the bat that's a good one but I would argue though that those guys saw that you get a solid back and filled because it was the biggest thing in the world for but still lake. Is basically everything you and I did as nine year old. The dollar adults double when you see discourage me seem argument about the NFL the NHL does TSA keel but is it greatly skilled to put a midget into a shopping cart pushing down a hill and in through cinder blocks and a list capital people go to wake preview. It's got jobs ago that and that another tree coming in just on stay most he plays himself and his hair and the song forever sucks. Kinda gross famous is that guy from pull huddle house I really Johnson's. Find him to determine I can't think of anything you stem resourceful house though it was me on ER Chicago and coupled anger here in the united I don't know I like he's in I would I don't follow John stimulus is policies you really just it is Hanson be the get a great voice and it ligament they've reunited. He's on solar house now. Earlier that no that is that. Scott to the break let's see about he's got 88. Thought I'd what's. Your credit on okay remained stuck about note well that. Brother we got to learn. Return to. I get they get a doing all you do don't Myrtle Beach Friday boards for this event he he ran a Matta town he's a bit of Florida and I. You hormone doing it right. Actually he has a way more money and had a right. Eight days ago buddy of ago. Brit in a moment. All I try to put into the QB can come up with a lot like again but like she said the group closely so reality television total. All let's after her is the norm beat the blow of the tail lines can be really interesting tactic for like kids could be really kid's fifteen or younger because most of the people that your kids see on television. Had a talent and it's beat jerk it's. Let's say an assigned an a Tonya Jones had denied an up performing. Routine or that. Shell just issues in my opinion are gonna do some stupid in front of this camera exactly a regular fifteen minutes it's a bunch of guys we have our first woman Jackie Christie in the breaker on CM Christa aria. Are you doing this morning. So I'd be assignment Howell. He's a record producer of the facilities in China but he's arrested. Some guys that meet needs but I never heard of them and in all the cities like on this panel making modest job yet. But she's right but he just. No we don't Clinton. He sits there just giving his opinion that you or I could do it yeah. You pay to see him if he came to town but the say he was doing an appearance. What would he actually due to entertain you moves besides stand there. Initially that I think that's the crux of a right there like Tom Green better for worse will standard tell you would joke and performed some. He's just there to give his opinion it's but he par late detonate the genius guy he created. A niche for himself. I wouldn't pay two cents to see him at a comedy club were even out at the mall were over he was going to be over the like here. Chris and thank you for the call I really appreciate you actually really criticize someone all it does it gives a digital day. We also do repair. Listen to pay channel we have which which we have beats Phillies potential cities. Tonight many like movie critic. I goalie like he's a Siskel and Ebert did just got famous for just yelling at each senator about the movies they like or don't like ranked yep so. That's how they got famous yeah but we had to do the same fate. Brilliant take something that we each other we like it like about it like how do you criticize these they. We do other things. I tell you we do we do we put these stories. I thank your mom you said it lies my dad mother we make fun economies and rack. Okay visible on air first of lack of black Iraq. My current global music they like that. You know we let him Electric's talent black came in Iraq. Like Taylor Swift Justin Bieber it's what you care and they solicit and see. Writes the mere elicited she's stunning I think our people are getting obviously people they don't light rather the people that sound like Tommy announced hundreds of about it too much too just to be intelligently get used to work and excellent. We are gods so that the gods we would have these concerts every year summer jam digital camera and you see the backstage. Somebody. I'd seen these kids who perform. And it's brutal in its ruling like it takes talent to forget the singing transit artwork you're going through all the stuff in the background like. What I saw that I do not understand any parent want debt for their teenage Cha. As that of another guy who kind of had some success. But now he's just kind of bear peak in he's almost famous for failure. Tim Tebow. It's funny bills in the breaker that's really why Tim Tebow. Well no I think he put a Heisman. Any did get it to the NFL but he's really famous for failure like that's why I really know that anything was any other guy that. Labeling a couple of seasons in a phone leverages a million of those guys out there but for some reason this guy got the gift of we really like you discuss Wii is kind of like it is kind of charming. O'Leary and he's a Ringo Starr only NFL. A very. A couple men. Bill thanks buddy optimistic we'll take one avoid by. On this one is gonna make some people really angry especially after Ringo Starr the classic -- Asian made deck I agree Herman got the last word brother does a gallon. They would go our guys. Gene Simmons from Canada. But now but again he's. Over friendly any can do something like deja. Each head or does he hear anybody complain that based he's got the personnel it becomes a broader ask if it's going to be that close agents. Yeah I thought I doubt doubt. But he's. Not just sit it stands for their part to its original premise man. So that's your list and stick is being the good live in urban and put that make up near the terrible musician motel whatsoever. I think it caught it I cut you and European night in sickness of it's. Because of Peyton. Talk to find Jesus is more famous that Gene Simmons kids right. He's right musically. May be under way to close attention to him Ike as a musician he was as part of it is. Make sure you've sat on the show which a couple of decent week. Yeah I can irritate me about a month for the drums. May be two days debates. I'm gonna bring my drums for the and I accidentally fit as you bring the full set to spring a few lousy begin practice on us. On could it be tweeting in Tehran Times very excited about the drums soldier did you hear men it's it'd be like in a got to be debating. Fifteen minute drums that his job depends upstairs. And about noises. You're not good enough to play the drums that is Q3 pack out played do you sort of back to sit down your by the way you feel what they the only musician gets a sit on your astle time. And you suck so bad Apatow all the way in the back and they've. All drummers to write the hate mail to Tom Campbell did elicited a show. There's nothing worse than the drums okay I visited him 98 LA is as stupid does is cement to pick up these you know I can't get chicks wouldn't. I think if you let's say you notably the it's diarrhea and get it to go to graduate by the guitar to rural Manning thing rank on the beach get hold on it because sped up my drums. Plotted here I've beat the hell out of these kids baby. Everything you forget about these kids get a powder as it is and everybody else would love to participate your papers liberties we got a mama and drugs are.