Break Room Hate Mail - America Haters

Wednesday, November 29th

How dare the Break Room give a pass to these America hatin', left wing protestors?

At least that's what they are in HIS opinion...


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You can do a lot of digs this country people stick up for sure you'd be accused of murder are ignorant things you can be accused of sexual harassment again the breaking story this morning Matt. Matt lollar NBC fighter thing for accusation of sexual harassment brought what they opened today to this point but there are could have. Defended guys accused of sexual passion but it's seeming more and but the one thing that age. Ease lack of patriot patriotic what's funny you say that every country because we'd keep EU and I sit here accused. Work. He non patriot comedies ya how according to this he have a week we have we are liberal mouthpiece and break group. Anti American what I've never liberal Lipton it is microphone yeah. The breaker rutz is classic rock many 65 WC MF so weak angry letters written by you listeners and the the rules they have to be sent to us via well it all with a stamp on it does these things every week sums that are sums it doorman school. This one was set to management. We did a story couple weeks ago was right. Veterans day it was the airport right the war memorial veterans memorial and I the boots with a rifle stood up yet somebody broke the rightful awful of swiped yet it took. And they found the kits kids eighteen to 22 years. We had you paid him. That these were not anti American demonstrators. That these were stupid kids who had done its mettle too much as they say they found beer cans at sea bright and the kids still have the rifle in his debt. Yeah. We eat because we had that statement. Our very on America and we are liberal and dismantle that takes a medieval war and that subject of today's hate mail of the week. The management of the radio station WC and that I've been a loyal listener of station for over 40 years and I am no longer. How old not partake in the lib agenda that is infiltrated the media and now resides on your morning show Ellison to three people that Communist pieces of who deep base of veterans memorial statue saying the people who intentionally route to money that vets were probably just stupid kid it's. Eighteen and 21 year old they work they were adults who were making a statement against this great country that I'd love. I have friends that served at all be damned if I'm going to let two men who never won uniform tell me that people were looking to mess up our freedom and disrespect meant that made the ultimate sacrifice. Are good people when you're done pushing to leftist agenda may be LB back until then. I hope you lose money on your snowflake train depreciate if it's I American programming. I believe in this country I wish you were to you. A real American Anthony. First thing that jumped out and its other divers. But. He says I have friends that certain. And then he proceeds to call Tommy and I cowards. For not serving. Yeah Pacific and we also have prisoners are yes they have to eat and his serve fuel at your mother and father in both served. Yeah closer follower and or do we get to eight you'll also DB due to. You're. Right. 21 year old kid 22 overly was beat Auburn but he did those damn what he was writing it is ice at all. I don't end this is lake this was a Micah war protest. These cells like to. Of the dropped counties have been some he'd just jerked around we got to know their day in real school and I. I think and cool lives taking it yeah yeah. Cold baton go to would be cool what do that to Communists who try to take them system from the inside the village of triple go to I don't care BA about enough that you look like immediate. But so over the last few months has become there it's puzzling. But basically all hell lot this country but if you're it is being anti patriotic like who has been there gives us become don't you Harden right. And it's just the view just the idea that you don't like this country. Opens up to criticism from someone else lover leave it baby. And it seems to me to leave that I'm wrong but the people look at the most vocal ones. Have the least amount of skin in the game. And it goes back to what these guy are fortunate alleges the F up players taking in the that's been she aren't. Lot of folks think it's unpatriotic and economists. Folks doing it's it may be no disrespect. Did dozens of times we've talked about this over the last eighteen months. The most reasonable discussion hands down we've had. We're with men and women that served in the military and rational ideas from people put our own ass on the life and you have people that were in combat. Call the show applauding these players defending these players for exercise in the first amendment rights front and backs were against it. I can't off the top of my head and you guys tell me if I'm wrong remember a single man or woman that served being disrespectful. To the folks that we're taking you need to the National Anthem do you guys remember one. No. The folks have the right. Maybe there are so angry they could even meg Muster there's none. They're shaken sourcing and pick up the phone it's possible. But it see you know the have the right to go walk abouts disrespect veterans. Rarely go lop about people disrespect veterans they're reasonable. It seems the folks that didn't. Other ones that set decided they're going to be the patriot place like this guy decides I have friends that serve yet I never served your cowards for ever serve. I was a little much. What I see that the nine mile blanket and stuff like most like most okay this guys to stop you because you. I just find it interest and. Bet you're gonna go one blind patriotism this guy alone based on some that you think you heard which was it terrorism lady pictures hasn't got a Bible. Yes she's holding up a take it balances patriotism assault of the Bible and Richard. But something over and over again he didn't disrespect your contradiction nothing in the game right but I who serve this country and who served his country put is that's all I was in combat were to call the show you get very angry about the folks kneeling in the NFL I get that. If you are right to do that. I understand where that's your rat split. If you have a skin in the game. Here you. We'll have skin in the game brawl liberal he year. Our country whether I serve it or not. And I get like and so when you serve your country you're defending everybody in the country and as part of the deal and I understand that line item in my heading enter. I and I didn't serve my country so I just look at some added that it pulls this booze has been a jerk. Taking in my again they got a right to due to be able to dial some critically who jerk and LAQ and I give him a absolutely. I but I think think most people this country will not tolerate you. Disrespect the flag let. Tell me do you think I'm. Brawn with the most reasonable arguments come from people that actually put their asses on the line. Probably because they've experienced so that I can never experienced by the idol live no where I got to live in my world ranked two did you 6008 now the weak guy eight calls this a lefty shell. Button because we thought the kids that broke that war monument deep veterans memorial airport were seeking a political statement they were distraught stupid kitten when he was Vietnam narrowly losing a lot of war protest and they spray painted you know Dallack Nixon in April this thing it. That would be a state of Oregon okay this is of war protest is is an anti military's statement are none now is their man it was beer cans and bicycles and I'm bored. Looked like the man that's what. I think it's well placed a lesser company he can get it at the BC MF or break from FaceBook page T gonna defend two kids that defaced a monument honoring veterans. That's fate test and defended Imus and explain exactly. The study these yeah these kids because they get they did something I don't. Think they hate their country donate the military I think you're Borchardt around and dropped according to reports it's a bunch empty beer cans and you're not to Iran off completely out there in trouble and they are right I mean by. That's Riley. Everybody's looking for a political angle right you want to be mad at someone who doesn't agree with Oreo. Just miserable and it's fun now for some reason it's enjoyable. Who believes you noticed he doesn't get me know you don't get him you don't understand him he loves this country not late you what he said you live well leftist. Coming because I got to count him actually appreciate yes journalism Imus music duke transsexuals ladies of the bathroom. One uh oh it's online and that through. And patriotic that. I guess probably that whole thing is. Because when it's happening. It's this parade of military. And service to your country and that's when you're doing to break right is that it's veterans day weekend yeah every bit every football game itself flyover and it at the flags in the military color guard us or not there's and that's when you do sure. Which also pisses people. Listen I understand the anger I am I I agree with the neatly internationally in the either what I don't understand. Is this anger at his hatred. Listening. While boosting its own stocks. Easily I can elicit a work and you don't. I got there. You listen you're stupid. I think president Jimmy. John realistic your wife a giant and Elisa is and they'll listen over here a list of excellence not tireless and Melissa hallway right I wanna sit down watching game and I don't care about politics right now and the police did me wrong I just want to watch the game policies include just fly over on his stand up for Nash went and Elisa had some fun. Like an hour two hours three hours we just to the now McCain is gonna you gonna dealer protest don't want to be fans. This guy was the show forty years in the sincere met him and we use wants elicit the BC mapped out here in new defend to Communist sons a bitches who intentionally according again broke a lot you bet. Because what you up there eight year rate both saw what even hammer and sickle flag out roller blades very Communist by the way. And relentless Primeau wait till. I feel better on the publicity on the show for forty years you know it is easily but listen to a for 500 feels like four. Did did did 6000. Guy who never served. Tells Tommy caddie and I were cowards for having never served in the military that's it these are the breaker but see about hey Tony a light rather. Or that got. I don't care whoever ever and Republican that we a bomb as our the looting. I I kind of really cute. Damage to monuments so like looting it's really not all testing just you know taken advantage say at the brakes suddenly being in reference to that and I think he has more chapters Ian generating. Disable local and use our money. You know what are you football player or are congressman that's gonna use our own personal money. Going to Chicago rather like you know Baltimore have and if they put their money there and I didn't have a harder. And Obama in Baltimore. Or I don't know love zero summoned all this in order it and it just. Immediately make an effort with your world for high. Day I would have uttered a respect for everyone everywhere all. Public. I haven't even approaches of historical. On Apollo. We live because they drifted off. As if you don't listen you got more if they extended it I was singing about pornography that went in these talks. You want to stop screamed at somebody. It's cup on American things go to scream. Oh. Yeah. Guys call me economy melt wanted to do nothing but yet McCord well he's wrong. Right. So I did two years of military service in military school still because she did graduate. This is to military school I think it's a stolen education how it should take education with QB pilot for which you do it done attitude.