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Thursday, July 13th

What's in store for Bills QB Tyrod Taylor? Sal breaks it all down with Duffy and Kimmy!


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But except Apache all of our sister station WGR 515 buffaloes at the top this morning can be in the big chair terrible time to Lehman of the board we have a winner. Doobie Brothers Chicago to its dairy let another carefully tomorrow he's up on the show. Thank you very much have a salad here everything Buffalo Bills that would be Stew but let's not to have. But liberals comes nation and it. Were two weeks away from being like a training camp. And there's been no talk at all sale of what Tyrod Taylor none which is everywhere for the Buffalo Bills going into training camp right. Taylor essentially when you break it down is on another she'll be kind of one year deal. Us Sean McDermott new head coach everyday with Tyrod was kind of set in motion with the GM was no longer here Doug Whaley negotiates the deal and then it's. I'm right so far. Yeah I shall mature has a lot do with it. It would give Sean McDermott Ashley Allen made clear what you're saying though. It wasn't like Sean McDermott didn't want him back again which doesn't really know what he had he is human person. When they meet to content when they meet diesel and the Nazis. Sort of I don't think that's completely correct Sean McDermott and his coaching staff. Are the ones that evaluated Tyrod determine if they wanna Max and he don't he seek out and do and I'll tell you this it's Aaron Taylor wasn't willing to researchers contract. He was coming back at McDermott was willing to walk away unless he came back on the dealings. Now add to that the Buffalo Bills traded down in the draft to get that extra first round pick from exe correct I ask you this question sale at that a loaded quarterback class yes it is that it. If I gave Sean McDermott knew buffalo bulls head coach Richardson and I sat down I say hey. How well do you want Tyrod Taylor to play football this year what do you think is cancerous. Because it plays really well and it forces the bills to continue to plead with him. It kind of might mess up a development but it could take next year he doesn't play well at all what now you're forced to draft this guy and started so he's kind of fun. Two sides of the coin here where you figure from. Lately not so I got nets. If you asked him that question it's out on a medium VP of the league all I wanna win and and I'll deal I'll we have him under contract next year for all by the way. His cat next year is mean this year it's not knowing which is peanuts eighteen million cat next you're still. Pretty much about average for starting quarterback ultimately will deal with a right now it's on the books anyway. I mean the the there's nothing precluding them don't lose that first round pick they could still draft a quarterback to develop and keep them next year. The Buffalo Bills always had a promise a problem quarterback lies with promise they show you just Ralph where you think they can make it over the hump it's another wasted season after it doesn't go well Tyrod this'll be his third season's starter in my right okay. This is the year where he shows you just enough to think he's the guy eight. It could be another week's season next yourself what would it be easy I take I want this you know what appeals panel. What could be easiest for the team to have Tyrod go out not play well so they can say we're done we can move. Note that the two senators who want the same wherein last year there are two things you want one of two things you essentially want to happen if your bills. OK to terrorists to resolve this finally. One is he's horrible he just doesn't play well and you know you need to move on the other is he plays great. Because then you have a quarterback is say we finally found the system this tactic to think that we can win with it we have a medic good contract and still under our control next year. The thing you don't want to happen is in the middle like he did last year which you don't know that's the problem. The problem is that he falls in the category of you did just enough where we still not sure because he did so made enough mistakes. I can guarantee investigator Sean McDermott a question he wants a win he he would love for Tyrod Taylor. To be the best quarterback in the league and say oh my god we still has rights for another year and we get so what does that play out next year and then figure it out Wii is still got to quarterback if we want. The bush parents at the pot just into Tom DeLay this morning let me ask you this question and armchair general manager sell pot yeah. Middles and again next year where all the road fifteen to seventeen to twelve stats whatever you have these 21 round picks you bring them back now. Dear to go way they rookie of the some veteran and removable cast off. I believe completely. The reason they made that deal is because they are looking to draft a quarterback and when he eighteen. To maneuver around the board with those 21 her ex. Navy Kansas city's horrible and you get a top 56 pick in you can use that one may be. You know the bills are good eighties that and if they're not maybe you can use those plus other ammunition to move up I think they know fully well. That those two for Chara picks can maybe get them that franchise quarterback however. They will give Tyrod Taylor every opportunity. To not have to do that. But they're fully prepared I think to move on after this year if he does not take enough steps forward whatever that. Ever that definition is I don't know. But he doesn't take enough steps board to say he's the guy. I think they're fully prepared to move on next year save on the salary and start a rookie quarterback or any computer men or whoever fifth round pick of the season. You don't think now let's say he does have another. Middle of the road season bringing people will be saying well you know this is a whole new. Coleman systems in place right now here we'll let it be it's gonna be a normal adjustment Freddie quarterback to it to go through and maybe you know this was another. Like you said wasted season because you can't really tell wary that when he's adjusting to all these new thing. I think here's the difference. Sean McDermott has more of a black and white kind of guy I don't think he's a gray area I think he's gonna have a determination dignity of the guys are not the guy and despite these weak week. That he feels he put in a place where he's that shouldn't happen. It put a system that actually happened that he feels he put it up a system with a profit accord that's gonna give Tyrod the most. Opportunity to really do well there will be people say that and I think that the thing that really could every Kenny is. What obvious injuries at wide receiver again as a bachelor threat to there's no doubt people off course say exactly what you do it. But I think that in this league and the best quarterbacks still carry their team in those. In those situations. If he's not the guy that can do that I think Sean McDermott in the new regime is fully. Willing to move out at the erotic artist that really was ready to move on this year McDermott want them back he's one of back at a reduced rate. But Whaley was ready to move on the erotic artist Victor Yu Y want to backed off because plus a win and he doesn't think there was anything else and that's why. But that's just it I need to let Tyrod Taylor being a great NFL quarterback. Is different then this is the best we pat. I'm saying like that's all been wrecked this front habitable in my tire like these drought that 1718 years of the playoffs here sell his then. We're starting to bask that we had. He's not great but he's what we haven't hoping it'll be something well I write comes out and has a great for season buffalo right showed promise. Look at the next step exceeds that never takes the step out caught in purgatory here with him. Where they have been I look like I agree with that and I think it was just he's the best we have that was he's the president but we think he's good enough to make the playoffs having. I don't think he's ultimately Super Bowl champion quarterback I don't know I don't think they think that necessarily in the building unless he makes giant leaps forward. I think they at least believe they can get to the playoffs break this drought. With him at quarterback and that's good enough for them right now on the deal he's gone to go where they wanna go and then they'll figure it out next to a two for strokes. Set about you are sitting in for Tommy our sister station WGR 550 headed back. Just a little while you're hosting need John Murphy show our sister station the grasses there not at seven ESPN from twelve to three can watch him unless you're one of cells friends and mysterious. And as he practiced. Channel 51 a few of spectrum are Time Warner whatever that is now I don't know I did sell my eight. Wrong you know what an optimist I am I have my season tickets I'd love these team to death MI wrong to be extremely nervous about how the season is gonna go. Well. Tell me why you're nervous because most people who are not optimistic still are nervous because I think there's a there's a at least calming effect this new coach and regime has. That even people who believe they're not going to be good are OK with that because they think they're on the right track eventually watch an academic dispute that right if they get that he has a lot like talk to say. So I don't think they're gonna be that good I'm OK with it like I like the direction and I think with the two per Schroeder's I think what they're building is fine I'm willing to sacrifice a year here is what a lot of people I hear. I'm not in that boat I think their chin trying to win I think they've enough talent to contend for a wildcard spot in this league is all about attrition. And say healthy and things like that so I'm more of an optimist in you are because I think today. Are being optimistic about their own chances that's why LeSean McCoy Tyrod Taylor Kyle Williams Lorenzo Alexander are back. But if you are the one who thinks they're not to be good. Then I think at least you should at least settle one. Look at the long term picture in that might give you some solace to. Here's my problem there you say long term picture. Sell 31 years old what's his team every C I've heard this before I got this dance before we did it would Gregg Williams we did with dug around we did with the Rex Ryan Howard when it was shock retirement. Why now why does it work now with that hasn't worked all of these times why is this year the year where we found the guy. Well I don't know that's T do you think they have. I don't know I mean sale let's be real we can watch all of the table of Carolina's defense that they had what he was over there and Kearin spout off words don't mean basically old all shortly after. We have no reasonably at your here's the answer to that there's a you have no reasonably that you don't he's gonna have the probity. Now I'm closer to him and this team then probably anybody brought in here this week or two but he could talk to I I'm embedded with that okay. I will tell you the interactions I've had Sean McDermott. Time I spent around him on the coaching staff are on the team through offseason. Up meetings. What do you call atop the com mine mini camp OTA's those kinds of things. I'm excited for him I I think he is he speaks to me on a level that a lot of these other coaches have and I. I fare you guys look exactly it's an honest truth thank you and we're really pretty much in ages turned 4344. We were like the same guy right. I do think that. To me I believe the bills are in better hands and they have been in quite some time I do believe that now grit I am generally a positive optimistic guy and I'll I'll admit to that. But from the things actually I take story report in an example. Rex Ryan I covered his team for two years obviously. I was on team plane I was in a hotel IE was with the team every single that. Two years' time us on the sidelines everything game day not one time in two years or wreck trying ever call me by name. Okay now usually say that doesn't matter matters to people like me who I think that when you look at somebody talk to them every day. That maybe you're not paying attention don't care right. I meet Sean McDermott the NFL com by. I get introduced him by the PR guy -- point eight assists on this Sal what every sidelines we talk for a little while pace out when we talk for five minutes. Half hour later in an hourly see him in the hotel. Calls me by name. Comes up to me says on the buffalo we just are talking that every other time around I'm not only me other reporters things like that why is that important. He pays attention to detail he's invested in what he's doing. This is a little tiny example does that mean he can win football games I don't know but I at least no. The market ten guys on the field when JH IA is running for 250 yards and over time. SEC that would scare me telling the story is told me like you know Sean McDermott has the defense ready to be called he can't remember abducting and it's so popular that happened he got nothing but your David isn't. But I think it's just a small example of why I am impressed and think he is going to be better than what we've had and I think the entire coaching staff by the way is going to be better John McDermott to some really Smart. The first time head coaches 42 retired 43 now. Smartest thing he did. Was he said I know what I don't know like our conversation earlier in what Audi hired all the older veteran coaches of very very. Veteran staff they've guys were former head coaches like Leslie Frazier on staff they of many former coordinators on staff several of them. He knows what he doesn't know a surround himself with people who can help and it situations like adults Washington are sold art how'd you handle this as a what happened here. I just think for me those things matter to get to where this team needs to go there's just a different feel around the organization. I will be live above those training camp two weeks from today out there and it's hurt you listen to sell. Our sister station today he's running his way back to buffalo down and I do right now not about seven ESPN two of the threes a sitting in for John Murtha began the John Murphy showed checked out outsell we really appreciate him in and then. Hi I really enjoyed being here thank you very much in you know you're welcome any time you. Stop in when I'm on the radio or your caller anything like that I'll just all deductible and you probably yeah.