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Friday, September 14th


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And the people we don't. We're an equal opportunity offenders. Only an image on 96 by. CNN. Paint skinny here with your weekly break room it's my favorite selections of the show from the week. I'll take them break them all down free here beak is I can't all the time so there is that you might miss from the show in the morning. Catch Duffy Tommy and I earlier this week some are Monday's kicked up better than others. Debbie ran into a problem with something that showed up sooner than expected. And it had to deal with a knowledge bomb his six year old daughter dropped on them. Buddy the longer ahead I'll let him explain the story. Set to wanna hear weren't together it be you a bit in this scenario or you're dreading the scenario. And if you have time. Idea in your head when it's gonna. And rightly pew 101112 there's target and what it shows up and you've got yourself. Or brawl on. Does happen whites but why why can these not come to my wife is driving like me think it'd though little girl would go to mommy right. Same parts. Six and four years old the oldest daughter Stella six is back in the car and drive and bought tickets. My daughter looks at me in the rearview. He was daddy. I know what's sexy it's six. I don't want to try to change the subject. And I got a song and I wish I had. I wanna have this discussion at all one. Two would not like bill might like this is my likes depart. Tourist she's heard bringing it down what strategies and issues daddy daddy I know what sex is the bust sexism now second time I delegated its. It was Stella. What do you take sex it's. Six year old daughter looks at you about your little 68 leaning no and IBM ended very generous. Amused that a metric system to my daughter described in the ligament in his that would be great big secret program Bob Knight is stares at busy and at the five minutes. And then as showed up. My six year old. It is. To try and stick their tongues in the let's hope porn star ocean current on rhetoric somebody on her school bus hold what they say OK explain this to her. So of course here comes question to open style. Do you would mommy apps X. So what do you say why he again tried to change the subject I just didn't answer anymore questions is this is not is above my greatest parent is not my job. Right not to do this without significant other there because sheep is gonna get upset me devices that sit on my parents. Generation would say. This is in for little years that's what they explain it okay that's adult things that's not for little leaguers you we don't need to know that to your old should just shut it down. I say yes he had no other option aren't. I mean. The other option is his series have a discussion and how sex works and she's I can understand it so what's the point here it's going to be more confusing and what does she starts talking about that giant is and songs it's cool that's going to be great. Welcome did two and your long detention. If you shut it down might acre think like this is something that might not supposed to talk to my parents about. Old time later when your when your older that the owners. You've got a little years you can't in which he doesn't understand you to be and understand she takes me she sexy pictures adult B six or as an adult my nose is a store. That's what they don't want us each. Physical contact she is naked historic comes down and sticks its peak in mommy's Mel. And just what are. Yeah about as round up some tired upstairs. Crazy madhouse that is all over to place two to six house. Ager to ask what did you say is I didn't panic. Yes I don't know what to say here's who's your second design build child book you may mean there's a. Isn't likes of Katie book like where babies come from guess you have like information on books for kid out of line don't even. It still may even be a little too much for her even. What evidently the bed jazz music and about everything and there's like cock those of all of these books when mommy daddy love each other baby comes my daughter's blown past that she was it physical contact and make it's she. So I did some things. That. I feel cheated his apparent number no you idiot. Moved to move would be better. To do. Well. When Google had a touch your sexual about sexist. Sit Ireland in the Internet they were the desire to work. Don't I don't need to kind centric site. The other the other Mozart you're right I. I didn't see anything wrong I wanted to gather all the information of what people told their children who were now. Everybody's opinion is so different and the entered the possible. It came back to nobody knew what to say a lot of people at the situation that. Google it its edges it's yours group noted that the. Eleanor. Oh there's no answered his question somebody's got I've loved it now turns out. There's really no right way to go about that I think it depends on the maturity of your kid but I can't speak from experience because I myself am headless man okay with that. Sometimes though we get advice that people don't like and that opinion causes people become angry and when angry people boil over it turns out. They like to right hand written letters to us. Seriously it's super weird but people do sell sits they put so much effort into writing us we feel it necessary to voice their opinion for them. If you miss this week he now the week a Christmas loving man is upset the guys for being holiday heaters brought it to be seen in. Debt. Brand means it's and and go which Obama. Chris says he loves Christmas Chris what is wrong with the U. Are actually not about just about community. Look if he knows these people that don't exist that one of these Santa clubs and wears these goofy letters and hang out my dad is a prime example like he he takes Christmas to the next well. It doesn't figured out Aziz we urge you rates about him might they be unique maybe anchor ebony unique I think he's dead. Is that a mile mandated which are what mark McCord guy chuck he says he loves Christmas chocolates up buddy. Eldorado at. Christmas art soak up near the bottom out article. Right real drag now. We got like 2030 people are trained to do with the snow and everything nice new house rules that we. We're trying to do the traditional and a Christmas dinner and I'll. So about five years ago we decided. When the plate when the album football career now in every collect their maturity and a a boost early into our case. And so we've been doing that for five years and now. That's only thirty. Welcome all over at an after dinner we all these people friends of friends drop them by insist that they are right now. Oh our income and an ally about it because. All of us. All the stress that built. Now it is an article for two straight out. Nobody has I don't know wants you know and bought you do on red sports. Praise Jesus. To Christ child is born Metallica liked. It's okay like Christmas. And appear man it's okay medic eyes Christmas spirit shines. But. Speaking of the holidays. Around the time kids start making their Christmas let's for San. But what happens when Sana start to get a little cheat. You won't believe what I overheard one mom is doing regarding their kids' Christmas list I'm calling it you wish list cap we talked about it earlier this week on the show. You heard some. We deal with this exact same problem death and so we're we work after the show I over here a lot of conversations going on in the hallway she's such a gossip and a woman network's year and you guys know or she has three kids two of them are younger probably like between the ages of five in ten and then bitch is like an older daughter. Oh she is saying how this year she told her kids. That. Siena is on a tight budget this year so they have to keep their Christmas list. Two she just like specific rules for her Christmas list. Each item has the and a maximum that writes that it can be cranked and the whole Christmas lists as a whole hasn't had maximum territory that did you hear the priceless. I did not what's wrong that while. So she was saying how. Her kids turned generalists and she heard John dropped to the floor because. Because of how expensive things were on the list so she set the list back to where kids and to that it's insanity due to revise these do. Path I'll opt out and make sure that it stay every big state. On budget and Canon. You receive problem that. What do you do rule. Only got to blame said he can't get spoil sampling little 10 she been out under Christmas like in and their critic talked of their friends able students and I didn't. Cap space that bikers and as well as some of the Santa thing. Well maybe senator as a lot of news much before we get to this Angela. There are two different lets people in this world especially when it comes to buying it street circuits in the disappointment before and and the disappointment after. Why you should subscribe to after Christmas disappoint. Yeah have to let your kids imagine what ever they want and understand afterward that I gonna pay the bill when you putt that I stuff. Brought their big disappointed when they open up the cheap stuff put them up front. Where you're not getting really nice stuff cause of sandwich as you well may be all depends do you blame it on trying to. I told about the disappointment of Christmas and Mike would get everything was a disappointment and home every year. I hoped and hoped educated and I get the cool stuff my friends and regulate the Lawrence stuff yet it was always not golf was my parents and the money again ray and every I was disappointed I. Of the fun of the holiday even knowing in the back I had that it was gonna be Boston. Was looking at all of the cool expensive stuff and hoping there was an outside shot that Christmas morning I was gonna open that appear like any anticipation of EP this year was better then. I'd say we Toby you're not agree there's. They like you meant that the problem lies. Your whole family always get disappoint like there was ever a time world was good that went bad. There was noises suck but if you've already been doing good particular let's even nail on it every year and you come up short day got to dial back their kind of their Dick the fringe of face I. You can all of a sudden impose these girls are here's what I would do. Went to the so records. Senate Iran. Related to connect stores clothing donated a big guy they caught him on our roof well some of a bitches who weighed on our roof and on her colon there. And speaking for when I was gonna devices and the announcing that so just because payrolls senate. Year old citizen of the secret spot like we so he he was robbed our sweet. But the Q he has to inspect next house military art. Security. Unity ticket are gonna be that deep a thinker. Are percent to aren't tech. One of civic life line they picked some way to Europe these are usually beginning here. Never let coming allay explain anything anyone's kid ever actually. Don't even let them and be around kids in general because they'll turn in all human beings who will tell their friends Sana had a heart attack and died. Nolan likes accurate. Actually regarding the kid you know Mike's Duffy turned into that I had a meeting this week. An honest accident turn into an HR meeting because Duffy is perceived as a day. But maybe it's not his fault I mean you can judge for yourself. Complication of working with the opposite sex is a it's it's that good it's animals there. I you know it's steer Annan's everybody's treating their whatever fine. As. Unfortunate awkward uncomfortable incident happen and it's not a navigate them explain and while I don't know all these posted to begin. Every situation you've been at that involves the latest on late yours right it's like and if I do this and everyone of them stinks if you do this is gonna happen if you do that. That's gonna happen and I believe it let it. Richard match. At Baylor is going yeah all our. Do you and walk up 2% say listen this is what happened and smaller crowd is that there were loaded pickle right now. Coca as a motor vehicle no no I don't know you're going to interview where are you pay the breaker C met yesterday. Everybody had to come back to work out works in the morning because these CEO mr. WC amount come at a time. So big all staff meeting hundred people has been meeting room and talks are 10. You know how it is nice to meet and its board room and then when it's done everybody's rushing out of the room is apparently can't so we're all walking down. Hand. I am kind of leading the pack them. And there's a girl who works well this doom all of two on for years Erica. She's standing and be in the hallway and she doesn't see his group comic so I try and slow down is to get round here but was behind me must not seen program. I get like elbow in the back by accident which causes me to fall forward and I am falling into this girl Erica cell. And I got a handful. Of purchased air. Number oh extra stuff free stop knowledge that was hit the problem. The survey thinks that's what lies. It's your fault the Jews quote no I didn't disclose any. Go. To move that presume it. Beatings and soul. I realize my hand is okay so you touched her book is right I got a handful like seriously I'll be damaging written right. It is that which is she's a rock wall it was a natural ever put it is trying to get over and it turned it that your balance. Yes it just happens and say it was an accident and I watched his it is likely what if is wrong with you I got pushed. Today I think it was Margaret awkward isn't an awkward moment. She has a relation not a cop a feel in the middle of a roomful of people rate I mean that's not the time you go to any of sheet date she wrote to no good. Yet to be crazy to think that's the time we gonna make the move to she walks away five they'll be deal under a high she walkway issue stammer or she walks away. Jetted jester suffer no I was looking shut up. I just saw her like thirty minutes ago no malicious ally do when she does hey what's up she looks the other way and walks upstairs you realize why she would think that way our. Because the late Thomas talking rated this in the I didn't do anything heavier saying did you get a feel you deadly got a feels the did you checker out issues walking away. Your decision is adjusting herself this is youthful yet. And how is is mindful my association with you to make nuclear creep that's fine I get it would it be to create synergy touch anybody yesterday. It is not it's really prove I didn't hold. Because I played the keys he would club because they're people I think the people think we would do something like that on purpose I know they don't just take a creek like Eric I don't. Touch people. Don't judge people I know you're not a creep it is perception lark creek but I say this reviewer not fly and Ellis is a business and by admiral go grab an racks and later okay wrecked grab a seat you do it I keep my as a myself you know doing. The reason why. Guys like this who make mistakes like I did look guilty is because the guy the cat knows Ken's the break away buddy. And I think so accurately is that president. While lying I think at think you want to see what the other white meat does. That would be the debt would be white meat if you're gonna be. And end a war or other. What was the cup side. Can take some call it. There we will or Coulter for what you said in a cause greater it's an he knows he does its purpose I ask you this is too cute I used to work with this dude though is a legitimate it was a blind comedian. And after the show like people with he would groped chicks all the time legitimately blind as a bat he got away would they thought it was cute. He was gravitas is include cheese and everything meant we can't tainting of the line you can't you generally can't and they get these. These blank guys that are all hands he'll overplay you and it was a one guy you know I'm telling you can help find people. Lying beyond. People you know I never ever said that it. A bigger you're agreement group whatever mood there's no there there is a terrible Ali Zardari. Since it could get it gets a little scooby stay at selling. Oh yeah. And I act. And. I really question the relationship between Tommy to appease some times. The gross things they Joba doing to each other is in most couples would probably be comfortable. There's actually a study that even proves that he gross things you do for your significant other. How far are you willing to push the limits because I don't go all that far. If some gross happens that your weight need to take. You willing to do. We go yeah they did did the study in the grossed exit to defeat couples if your three write a parent like. It will be weird things that happened that you would do for anybody else because but because he got there. Like for example this is one that I know you don't cry gonna get grossed me because you pitch. Would you said on the show we will not have a full on conversation in the bath Ruble wannabes who's in the toilet now. So how we design a bathroom. There's got to got to him Tora there's a door in the door. The overwhelming majority of couples say they will have conversational and I hear you squat and operable or talk and what you Tutsi boy from leave my boyfriend that is his lake rules like when he's in the bathroom he does not want to be talked to. You'll watch videos on its own with the headphones and because it's like his time will write a pleasure having you gotta beauties of I would try to talk him it doesn't bother me but it already had him written that ass. I mean if you're tying him Carlin and the way outweigh what Laura Hokies had a toilet a youth if you like depth charges. Would he talk to you when you're at now now unless I want that separate. I it's a little man is the only ones I know that we are about the and I had a bad I don't care that bothers him automatic pilot and have a thing Brent. Another one in certain weeks you're lights at eight smell like it's your feet did you smell before you now. Has it happened oriental never did Davies and let's see your wife expects an Egyptian god you got to enjoy op. What's elegy this arm you go to the Arctic. And our legal five. So no no. Real. Artists in this. All these kids and hundreds of motor killer broke me I know which are not about to have sex and all that it be in my mind checking other people's bodies for people grown hair we you do body check freeway I gallantly doing you don't do that you know temple freely or anything iron. I do that Bobby Morton's exits yes I'll grow. Side doesn't recruit to our now at all. XP which TI throw it to here she's right the overwhelming majority of women sampled in this study said they enjoyed popping back temples throughout my god it's it's. Feel the complex Hollis. And it's Britain gives opponents such a bad. My wife beat him intelligence. Well she's got to deal I understand but should it be a full body check click once every two weeks Mowlds pimples all its applicant for whites got to look here at higher as body or from home she will make me like naked in the bed and she will deal. A woman and married mutual I. Now let's hear the I understandably these are the things that crop up that don't have recoverable in the when you're dating somebody like eventually. You're ugly hairy stinky husband you're gonna have to check for exits. But these are things that come with being comparable each other after. Like 1015 years. It's critical systemic failure that you want is to be safe for comfortable sixes hit back due to do six doubt it's not about the stuff. Couples all the admitted they do for this advocate other that are gross Tommy is yet to say he would do any for his white premiere you got a dual but I don't wanna deal and is thought to Jo-Jo how anybody. Hey Barack be adore you we took two doors open a bad group. That's. We go to cooler span. To try to at its best. I recently Salina digitally appreciative. And I try to think in my marriages or girlfriends or anything. Craig when I've had a checkered do share a toothbrush. Now why would you have to I Zelaya broke when I lived with the pitching changes he'll domain to 98 it was Africa sneaks. When we vacation she got a toothbrush so she used to virtual well hey you are like you're already in amount doing stuff that's what does ski. Skis yup a lot of my tongs in your mouth so I can kind of get around Reggie Bush well I don't underpin its. You end of that are you with tongue that's it tiger. Competitor. Tyler. The suns aren't my wife just need to make sure she smiles a comeback from Jim. Doesn't bother me I brutally beat if you're so consider if you pick you spelled good evening your prop too. You its night life but would you weigh smell you what you ask here. What I do that tiller I I would just go clean up when it's valuable for reform now really now feet now now dog. Guys work a day come almost feat that smile on her watch she'll plug why it does not publish for going to be some wedges and assume that they smelled this drag here as senior is at stake is the cleanup day as the last once a year he got one for force so far with a toothbrush thing. The last one and I know your problems. Check in the universe those voters while what I have to what are we eight slow. Look at the mirror and wild way I don't abuse some snot filled woman. It's grow boaters. I live in a dainty as women women have bloggers still going bullion villages that Poppins sports Miller yourself that we heard Manley the gross stuff sexually feature completely fine with it but it's acts like like OK you love and a timely that you think manly talk about it all the time. On this massive sixty dirty used to dirty places. You know again go. Theoretical me midday Janet to you okay huh ha. I can't speak instead of its own arm to apply it. Take your business. As much as any other mountain men with the delicacy to two exits are required. Anaheim as a required days it's like oysters and clams and you isolated right I like that its taste and accord to exit required. I said acquired said it required of all this Amazon you gonna get Egan of Egan a bounce beyond grammar yeah. Oh crap spelled. I miss well. It's a taste everybody needs to Tyson acquired at record low actually should be required we will play her teaching school they should teach that's what they don't teach that it should be required him biology we will play expected to administer from two. Again moving on from Tommy street penis because there'll be play any of that leader in the creek cap. So so Duffy witness editor event Thursday night was truly disturbing a free event for bunch of kids. Turn into a mother's meltdown and how to south speculating that's only happened on insert inside of mount. Injured Tommy can defend this one. I when did it Jerry catch you I'm not trying to I don't talk about it you know. I don't worry guy I owe it to about league giving birds and it is not a note thanks so much. Now hundreds of seats are. Besides that I have a new low in celebrities like to go out and threw things I went in wraps and chris' presence of Barton doubled in Pittsburgh pretty juror. Cancer style cancer you'll lag I heard told gone viral the kids are good did that a mole on the hospital as of the deceased cider. Two and so do the whole thing to me and they just a plant say has come our noble at Pittsburgh and princess belting beauty and beast branch is to show up at 6 o'clock. So there's a line at ease my mom's address I keep waiting now dollars a Mittal the prince of deceit. So you don't wanna add is in Pittsburgh is slam at 6 o'clock yeah remain that are spent and so five that was five minutes lighten people rest as they get the kids again it's like five and those attendance. It is bitch ho and these free by the way go cost nobody does but it should every week to your childhood cancer. Normal cancer like cancer cancer or worse. This mother walks up to them. And rhythm and who she's so this would be. And in the women running to charity there's a pick his walks to woman running the chair and yet she's got a kid she would settle 3540. Smoke shoot. It's coming smoke at. She walks up to this woman and she goes where is Peltz disclosed beat Hewitt six. And I'm sorry that her daughter's Wheatley for violin lessons she's she's definitely there's a lot of traffic for her marriage it should be out there. Really. I'm told people she drags her daughter out of the Barnes & Noble and Pittsburgh bill showed up two minutes later coal man this woman then goes on FaceBook and writes this letter light. The charity could because it sets that was eight was thirteen minutes late to the Barnes and Nolan. High energy campy stiffening given import customer service at calorie it was certainly the governor riskiest it was three pretty loose have been when you're in the right behind Anderson used to get what they want. Just recap. A woman. Got a face of a charity worker because a three appearance by princess was thirteen minutes that's a bad one but everybody's got lite got on the east side I. I know people in Pittsburgh I don't know we hugged him. Who did this it seeks to date. When he action like this happens when anybody we know it always seems to start at the sentence well I was transferred can't. Place. Well it's a two years and westside mama say let's say it was the the Barnes & Noble in gates. Reduced salary. A the book story gates and there's a whole bunch of gates moms wait for that princess. Bride and a chorus it's its gates princess of the princes is knocked out. And it wouldn't happen idea I've seen the list that moms to enter. Thirteen it's like to free event public site does not idiots and he's not he's probably too busy shoplift in addition. Written books and perky Katie and me ask Bennett a seller laid it wasn't an Isa and listen to them. I know the biases in this room and as I was recently it's biased is biased because it took it likable that you outline now we think she's a member now that you were. Warm pouring gathered here to read a young guy who gets a yeah like I get. Mad at me. You'll rain today the Great Depression. Was cut off twice as you see me to get psychological could hurt anybody's appetite and outs. Jesus Christ again he'll step up a pollute like eggs we couldn't. Like right. Leave it to a Tutu to what you're spotter at the lights get turned up besides these tickets. It's it's like you know it. You're like you know just we should workflow let's say we should have important things worked out mature and economics at my home didn't take it to me but it definitely Richard hoagland mother. We're an expert you have to admit that. Be branded do you wish on the east looks at what's where's the break here's what his unease side there's super anything demanding. As Earl rich and don't wanna wait any place that customers serve I am amazed league living in Webster compared living in Pittsburgh. Customer services even in just regular rest stories. League. It's over the it's off the charts compared to the two even with the cops. To sell a memorable MO Mike at the time my girlfriend's place got robbed or. And their shares came over like the amount of lake sheriff activity over some missing stuff put her house with a guy dusted for fingerprints. It's your girls again like they then I had to diversity detectives. She ain't going around looking for like where they would have gotten into the house and they command pilot did the city unlike at this level of of protection or service but because it's like a wealthy suburb in April we told these guys say. You've got to treat these people differently because they're gonna light a suburb off of a million complaint calls so you gotta be nice stone just to keep these shut him up because you're used to get what they want. Issue. Now because I am on the free ride on the gravy each night I don't know I can I on the gravy train I know I am Albright on somebody else's coattails bullet that element. And I'd hear questions gleaned I'd love to hear from actual pits are people not mr. I snuck into the back of it how does on the one indeed jeunesse. CNET news so you're not you think you're one of them you like you miss it you're not you not even close medical or rather it used to be their necessities. And I didn't move was. There are isolated it's for the good guys that you look out. Do you see what's happening in my over exaggerating to UC do you see was sitting in the book to food huge thing as the what is more important place to live with a people who live around 2226002. Els and a break from page now she's from us. Editorial what's happened. On our. I was until boots Janelle. There's them high and Robert bootable so you can go efficient yes exactly can I see you argued that you go hunting boots is that it's for mom Janelle. If I'm wrong but you know stories you from Pittsburgh are amendment. Or. A 1000% sure she should tell you from Spitzer. No we've not run. What you've been very. Good at it okay. So let's hear it you think women you know women like these everywhere it's regional to the test like. I'm here what I would like to make sure that you knew that you're Pittsburgh are you gonna make. You can tell you now you know yeah of course you can tell which will not know the high Enders on either get does that fancy clothes on an occasional dress fancy. You know they aren't you think there's some gates woman became all the way governor. Rick Green at odds are true. Two topics of the collectors say yeah that advocates given case is committed to the heat. Application exits. You know you know to put out well. He was free I touches that are you know I mean it's funny because I sent a pair of expensive boots depends what goes well the gates for what you can't do this as even as she agreed with the statement true Bill Gates who could afford. Putts. It's going to be knockoffs. To beat. Fair I've seen many mother meltdowns growing up on the west side but maybe it's different type of meltdown. I all moms are content at their own way and there is actually crazy when it comes to protecting their children and I get that. What I don't get is when those roles are reversed and talk about protecting your parents from being you know a little upset them. As an adult I've subconsciously done it Duffy and Tommy have done it and maybe you've done it too. We wish a man would have done that for his mother before she called and it's to management about our shell. I had to have an testing conversation with one of our bosses. I explained here in the break room. Where does he think about having to parent your parents return. And that eventually one day and guess that would. Not just taking care of them and having to keep your parents for things they shouldn't he or signature right look at. We got one of the worst complaint calls never gotten here roll so much so that somebody came down I told cameo but yeah so what did you hear yesterday. So. The person that came attacked me is kinda concerned that more so wanted beaded know what this person said I'm a woman had called. This person and she's a sixty she's yeah she's like I think she's a grandmother got and Maggie so apparently. She way is listening tour show known car and with upset at how we swore all the time or at the way we spoke to people and about things. On clearly should never listen to the show before we don't. Outwardly so where we know us mask it a little bit we don't say like the basic swear words but we do say things that I could see six year old woman kind of final radial why it's navigator nine united over. So that she was driving when they with the kids in the car and was upset that you know we were talking the way we work. And management had asked her well why I mean why every listing which kicked in the car and she went on to explain that she'd just gotten this new car. And her son had set the car to cool you know I was presenting all the stations on the car put it on the map and the radio air. You should be fine you're good to go Annika. He said it's on CN Matthew should I had a rock she's from this and she sixties you easily the woods up now she said he listens to dish out there this is his favorite shell and he's sixty year old mother with the grandkids in the car would realize that what we do. Now it's really on the sun in my opinion is that it has scheduled a more progressive than a bookstores of future you know your mom and dad. You know what your mom and dad can handle and I think you would not big point you're like you would be shielding your mother and father the people that shielded digs for meal for things that they would not be. And finally what is she here and it's a damn man. In the and it's got little ones and a guy that not even understanding what they're yeah. There yet. My daughter's bloodless. Sure nearing get it she would she would chose to take in the the trolley and I means you why. Shouldn't you don't know who we CT accurate tech habit that's a slate evidence. Mrs. and we don't like their guy. So sure does that do nothing she was cool and he ended up gorilla I think she's like I don't really know what do you son made a bad decision and it's our fault let's see what she realized what happened she kind of laughed about it was okay I'm sorry takes it would take care of it but. Sheila parents from things they should not see you never take that position but switched to personally. There are times or my mother bought a house over what it something's up in television and I will change it because I know upset my mother and the and it's dirty filthy when. You don't debts could ever have so workers on the promotion elected during Coakley. Alice is in the breaker Bayless going. I earlier example of something Erica hike apparent I was living with them are short while you not doubt. And I was downstairs watching the dead all my sixteen girls. He was Adobe dot I did think his Walken dead crab Dolly actually talked about this before because my kids accidentally saw it dead pool is a comic book movie and that is extremely graphically sexual and dirt is time to come out. Lot of cups and of course my dad walked in right at wanna. Six where did you go off. Aria. Yeah I don't know why am watching that with his granddaughter. Your whole Dallas. In answer to your strategic all of your old men. I. 81. So your 52 year old woman with. OK to be watching. Yeah exactly I don't. Mail it really bears that actually. Like how about that X you don't want a lot of. Ellis takes the call I appreciate. So my my Brothers bother. Tall man frank I'm. So frank served in World War II he served in over you know fight the (%expletive) ranked so I went frank sees any Asian they're (%expletive) Any age champs so they can't go to Chinese buffets they can't go to Chinese restaurants. ABC's NH enemy wants to run him over you take these plea let's that he thinks every and oriental. Is a Jack you can say Asian person on retirement. Soul you can't so that they come on TV. He he he gets this so what does he get in their face Ali and that is negative he's issued does your best in ninety gates' thinking. He session on back door who heard -- for the guy it's it's I again on the same time is it justifiable I don't your answer what you get but you can't take them up because he gets mean to the people that link interface can you be upset with CBC exit no agency. I talk. I understand but it's still kick the Chinese of they would him because you're going to be in Paris. What he's token sum at the cook. He's got up cigarette like him he's. Given what for an amount. Custom night and Pollard. Uncle Sam did. Let's keep your parents as an adult for things they should seat into the break right Danny what's up like. Keep your parents about keeping your coworkers and that's why you guys do what they're honest baby sit on. He's pretty much giving it minds old men and we're dedicated. To the I can always. A dig a mess of dumps they're basically called a good if we don't fat tummy again a fight to get changed my diaper. We are to get the moves toward. It's up man is that as you still has just that you do they say it's all identical text manner they would grade. Sure my chest nothing ever like Shrek and by the wreck the thirteen year old Demetrius after the certainly it's you do go plants the big movements and. Speaking of people bitching about our show we'd do you have an outlet for that we call it. Bitch voice if you have a problem is somebody year just on a mock them. The best we do that. It's voice if you didn't catch ours this week he can hear it again here. Amerigroup love presents mentioned Laura slid up storing Thomas Muller right then accompanied by Patrick Duffy. All the other of his characters and when do things differently so. Negotiated to do everything rigs aren't that stupid. Dot unlikely that it Boyd says they. It deserves a dual dude it's a wave of this dog it's a little news. Would you like he's going he'll be considered during the two into little letter to use it easily able these. I do. They'll be adequate look at sort it would be sixty I wouldn't be used to bugger. It didn't didn't. And I. Okay. And beans cabbage. That's a little pick doesn't have a little book form wanted him to go to three feet. Units was turned the and that concludes this rendition. Of bets voice they had sent. And as always we like to wrap up everything we do with a little creek. Every Friday with clay of Korea and I'll leave you with me here until this time next week it's a creep cap on this week's breaker and it's been. Yeah a man and then. Smaller. Jet prayers and love it. But I had a rocket crotch. I'm sure it did cops. Netted beats basically it's stinky cheese Anaheim as a required tasteless like oysters and clams and feel. Qualities and comfortable in my Kenny he didn't like Kenny G string on. You people into yes I have. I think it's seven grit sandpaper. Tennis and themselves from the pick carriages. Like to pay. He paid then. Hewitt opponents of tight shorts and sit tight white shirt signal that they Tennessee can't finish. Or. Difficult means. Good bench him until you look at. Their candidates speak in Spain and none of that was like all suave believe that any human. Can allay their nose in a tuxedo. May slowly removed it I liked it were done of course it doesn't want to mr. heaving Susan's. Fell into my hands that is going to be any any they might move me. Editors had Italy's gist who Faye accidentally April boo. That to me and that's like right from the owner time I realized that he might write a pop up timer meant that I would. I would be hopes of torture and today give examples community. You know doom variables public may say he's I. Could be yet to death do I want me some god damn British pounds ancient quits pitch. Quit I think with this so I do welcome. At the Poland surely we have tested OK my specials. And I got to know there's there's all these two sorely needs I need to way to help me really. You're you're an idea guy you like these to us now to be my association where we're at decisive meeting who you ask him a good estimate while Christa. So good to be creep.