Book Club? Not My House!

Monday, December 4th

There's something coming to the Duffy household, and there's nothing he can do to stop it.... UNLESS he somehow gets his wife to agree to call the whole thing off!


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Lights at the best intentions what's the set but the hell is paved with real life issues. But. Best intentions holiday season to argue we too bad guy every does think there's something like wants to do for the kids in the neighbor that on the surface it. It's nice I didn't have to work. It's our and the only way for B. To not. To leave my wife and because of Tuesday. Used to blow worker got a screw it up on purpose you don't break much to classic rock music but the BC FR two is Miriam last week it was time can be off the about the story. And what a printer the one printer predict. So you know when it bites you keep using certain. Need a reason he used it. And justify spending money has run its icy to stack of tires on the edge count on some tourists are no no. Says children's book club Coca. Childress. Worst idea ever Friday nights every week 7 PM snacks and juice provided. And that's got my address on it that's it it's going to be my. So what little eight year old said read a book you'll break it down I don't. I don't know that sort of book club history to read the book yelled at to get a drink wine talk about I don't know what this is because this is a wine was book club this was plant without. Closed consulting leak might. All the kids over. Every week Friday night so every slam we punks every Friday night fish that's about it. She yeah she just figured you were gonna get involved but itself but it's a terrible. It's I don't work I mean would you teller now anyway that's I told I went with a I I don't desire if it. It's tonight you want to relax a long week and Friday and Ira just tried. Gonna be a kids eating snacks. Can drink he can't do any receivers came on Friday for the rest of the season will be spent the next. With my dogs and my bedroom suite for this packs but it does sound like an idea Disco fall apart fast he says that. As its kids in books in meetings and talking because they're not gonna. Little kids are not gonna wanna sit down and talk about a book. On a Friday night I think maybe she surrendered three yet India and I think he read a book will again. I ask you size or to Leo and so my thing latest. Hopefully this thing falls apart quickly. Like if nobody shows up or they just of the disorder run around and play. You know yeah he takes Obama on color love love. She will not an easy thing Erica she's very driven usually go that its upper she will go to the ends of the earth. Who picture Eddie that she has created wheel war and access so here's a goal of ago but here's the other part right that you Toronto it's only helped fallen beat light works can get stuck to the office late on Friday and we'll just take care patients estan. It's a lot about widgets until 7 o'clock which beat SCB. How's my and his Erica right now at a club. Are you wrote a book I don't yeah I am I book and read it but never have been like I guess they'll likely Selig. He got to talk about the book and I think it's 28 year old. Spot ran they came back at the book. There's only get out there's only one option for each year fail. Ominous doesn't drop the ball should get your car would pick. I just because I think there's a lot of weak points to this ball club where I don't think you're gonna have to work too hard to see this thing tank okay 'cause you know people are gonna wanna com. Or they gonna show blade or to kids don't want to do with this aura around him play don't care about the book. Here's the other problem it's just gonna be kids your house going to be kids and their parenting at least dropping their children sailor this is a great waited here why not it's their little alone no. This is a dropping gold. This is babysitting service on a Friday night it's a gift to a parent moneymaker right lately it was yeah just up and drop them off kids in a neighborhood fine let's go shop and let's go to dinner let's go get Christmas done. Is this to give basically running me a happy hour daycare. My wife wouldn't say no it's almost like he might immediately be kidding here I think people numbered your house before they're not gonna leave their kid there another neighborhood people and they know that my. Probably what emerges like. If somebody that they didn't know they're just meeting from the flyers they're gonna lately their kids there are you can I guarantee you there'll be other parent or lawyer for what's a drop you off with this thing funny and I'm glad I could have fired it's. Free snacks and book club. There's going to be parents that show up. I think the other man. Space somehow slam Jordy never get a breather on Friday night. You're setting yourself like you are nighttime happy hour daycare or Vegas stake here here's the other problem with his book club in my littlest kids and how long ago for. Arc. So it has a start seven Paul. Man we kids tweaking get a little love and in. Then come back albeit we could bang they go get the kids. And why would you not think this popular husband about right. Is she what she knows better but what he regionals and she knows you're gonna shoot don't let him down I have reason I'm ugly and I I have reasonable. Right and what I eat what he likes to Newton. Dustin no I don't worry about the show I'll see it taught me all I have no anxiety. And edit it out Friday night it's odd because it's stupid kid's book. Such an amount yet right now I don't know I don't know because the first was supposed to be Friday night Tyler had a thing so she hugged your kids caps have going on anyway the other fit. What do I get to stay at home to let the other kids in my house if my daughter has something go pushed him under the president of book club I'm trying to figure out. The easiest. Without getting myself in jail we'd blow this thing up. They need to blow this up this can't happen it's gonna happen in my. Just replay the brick and a background speculators that keep me out of chievo America. Probably Tunisia aren't. Like the most amazing part is my wife had a problem something and and she came to me and said tees are the issues we have to listen. Yet and violation in in the end she would you say of overnight to even if you disagree whether she would or not too and I don't like this in my house. Was I gonna happen we at least have to pretend like he which is correct. At least I think kids got it she's like. This woman just confiscate their. Which way it's yours is. Errors and was hers as errors and you don't own anything and outs. Have no veto if the vote but no veto. We put them pathetic little countries in UN gets to sit at the net at a big hit economical of the cheers and backed it Zimbabwe's. Straight. Got a few bottles of bubbly over advocates say not to get a power. Is it something your daughters wanted. How can want to book club my daughters like what sounds but even wet but okay so it sounds like fun until it actually happens to be get a pay attention and do. Would all your friends are in the house he does what a play it's Friday night. Remember league. Fifteen years ago we really telling jokes entry to high five each other all the time. Reader. To those times you know it's gonna do then see aren't you happy now they upon to pull alcohol fifteen. Got it all in early boy yet you say oh you're don't drink it at fifteen and he has to get to be a manner lakers you're all done possess those taser gun to your welcome. 2226000. Seat guys there just DiCaprio quick. My wife has started a children's book club on Friday nights at my home without consulting me she's handing out flyers the neighborhood to invite everybody to come and greet their kids to read and all of my Friday night's forever argon plus might like usually it's on late on Friday it's odd couple and soon. That means I may be ready to whose book club which I am against. Erickson a break. And analytic. But he don't I don't I look. Hey Al just wanted to pursue limited to judge your neighborhood the sound off and shut up there anyway I just updated where they love brought out the head out like a lot. If you think he surely these super early book global parred bet not a great. To your point Tommy Eric your point maybe somebody abuses the book club. It could stop her calling doesn't show up they got their kids got to talk to one of the guys differently and may already be a protest the ultimate I'm going to get over four and a dad. Haven't heard it up beyond on the Niger where we're playing to determine the Saber let the kids. So don't quite get decided she cable and learned you she's your best so probably like some pitchers stay healthy so what you could do and this may be out I don't know there's everything's up thirty Internet. I wonder if there's any like people that haven't done this it's got our stories rate illegal. You know idea still is a club gone wrong right because like I tried to do this at the pitfalls are trying to host of children's book club kid I need a finalist but if any stories involved the people writing the book club exactly terrible I don't want those stories those stories I don't touches yet no touch I was trying to say that word thank you. It. Is the breaker once it paycheck he upland. Change won and it's quick it's started just stressed talking up as a little British schoolboy and welcome in the currency against him a bottle of Scotch and cigars when an addict. So when you see just Tommy Utley deliberate school what you need to have him show up at what he's wearing. Are you on the practice that other. Well welcome to put content could take a couple of photos but that's it took a book club he came to read a book. Stuckey takes but he did. Not seen any bad apple cups are that we'll say there's a list of books not to read a book club okay. Yeah no kidding me globally after hours maybe doctoring those books up there or do you bring those. Rule. Rule the KCE books album Curious George and high tension wires. It. It's the book. So. X there's like a how to started children's book club from. Parenting let's say he's hesitant to get a had a file grant which is how it started. This. A better way I. Even like the bride's. But I know that have been in book clubs they always bail after about three they get data that are Belichick I dated in Kentucky's yet this Marwan says she was doing a good book club suffered every drink one. After awhile they would just get drunk. Lake and then people Belden was going three weeks it was consummate that'll at the. Okay kids at a drunken battles. Ringo. To those two it's WC IMF brick group. Zurich's they could get much attention span after all weepy at school you can't yet read porno magazines OK first after that we was gonna hit it to go to jail. Debris through did you portal I would create like I mean how tough that day and daughter who is talk about sick of for a few minutes. Using only your daughter get sick of hockey league I know there's probably day she doesn't wanna got pregnant you mean I think that's gonna happen for every parent after week one in this Ridley got a lot of go to the book club. You're actually force a decade ago is always a battle no parent wants to fight and no. He's at that book club sales like homework club to me it's all their friends that are in the book they want to read I don't know I put with kids these days. And us open and poisoning the F and my buddies I know. And as I was always let those Horrow bottom feeders. You know it's changed. You would do. Ticket out of it before annihilated started each book club up insult to eat at home. Friday night's 7 o'clock like fun all the neighborhood read books and early this is gonna cost you. Is it's gonna be juice and cookies and pizza and he got a field is working on McCain winning this Jesus is gonna break here. Billy get the last word on CNN puzzled by. It's gonna turn into every week you're gonna have a different sleepover and their parents or to have a free date night. Yup. Mile sticky mobs that they know they'll place the call buddy every congressman the key sticking you know I have to root may be just reform. That. I can be degree or what the sticky hour. You moms get Toro Brett now I. Look at the.