Bitch Voice Theater (6/15)

Thursday, June 15th

Every week we take all of the best insults in bitch voice, and put them all together to form a Bitch Voice masterpiece!


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We take all your bit voices can be does Tommy's mind you listener at herself would go it's always Peter we run back we have now on CF's. Amerigroup amount presents mentioned voice data storing Thomas Muller and accompanied by Patrick Duffy. Don't think there's still sort of terms scoop so consciously over and over Thomas doesn't visible. To you. Most Aaron Boone little pooch. This. Guy in the tickets it. Gives us. Expect great verdict yeah. And you know I should Vonage can't sometimes can't. Q why didn't you do need to she didn't. We didn't moon. Don't have some undersea oh. It's very good little ditch and everybody's fine. My son has a doctorate of Linux and my daughter today. So I go through that little ditch area. A little bit check champion real local mountain resort to platoon did. I. Will have both been pretty used to. Yeah everybody upstage even what are the ways in my announced. I think did little to the Wii's point and a little bit. Lynch and that concludes. And another rendition of bitching boys they had a solid work yeah we're.