Bills VS Raiders: A Post Game Monday with Donald Jones

Monday, October 30th

Are you ready to buy into the "process"? It certainly seems like things are going in the right direction for Coach Sean McDermott and this Buffalo Bills team!


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Britain made him hear from the tribe makes a Australia yeah deep body bags and self abort their guy. Republic nobody receiver because of the job Murphy shell our sister station night activity is BN Donald Jones in the breaker age day. Not here yet yet we'll get to the radio gaga here too. Here you are still in good Edwards. All right so Donald up tried. Please explain to me what they ask is going on with these bills this shouldn't be happening it's illogical. Technological. Eight. I got it earlier this year and that is being that different. Eaten the last time the game. Or it's. Not your. And the biggest thing is they haven't been and it beat them. The beat them at a very good he says its aid is every you know all the gonna keep your code of conduct a team you know the thing that. Uncle is making Utley everyday and a lot of it ultimately at the game of it on lots. That's just did Donald do you see that these young players replays the let's look at this completely on the leak from a general manager of a football team Puerto VOK with magna and you got. Got rid of your best corner and Stephon Gilmore. You got rid of your second best corner Ronald Darby you covered your third best quarter in key bonds -- work you do straightaway Marseille dollar this right Europe light backing corps is almost completely new with the exception of Preston brown beat the guy that you got to replace Zach brown was a pro bowler is heart he was played great pickup. Comes this topic for Boston College in Milan how he's. Get out of his mind Donald. Did you expect it was brand new shortly after the tape why it's happening at what to expect it to happen. And I'll. I'd I had. I got a radio show a little bit. I can't thank god North Korea. And they let me out yeah the ballot who is young and hungry. You know they brought all you want a cynicism. Should. Probably. At the ballot places and you're in order to. To help out would be the younger guys that play market and it. Yeah dead and then you have street right you know the better than he he played a lot. Played well yesterday but it's not better. We're looking really young guys to play in fact there it is eight viewpoint and you weren't dropping you know it and picked a different up where he played like. That he's adequate people to do well you know what you have got like a lot there's that. I really haven't had an agent you know these guys. The play Iowa I truly don't have an equities where it is the pay a lot like I'd like but it. It should be played well you know what you wait for a rookie moment to happen like up immediately if you know what it did have a happy yet so with the Japanese dot. Gotta be gotta give it to the coaches that I guess it's only explanation but again it's a rookie head coach summit summit last year his defense Carolina was total. He does not it makes any sense pitching maybe he does better with young guys that buy into his system you don't have a bunch of prima Donna's think they know better. At a very. I I will say this you have battery that far it. And then you have the better on the back in the EP so at the lie about the level would like it like I'm a model and the fact it deepens it a lot more simple that it would latch it lasted. And they were trying to do a billion they don't want you because you broke it you know what the coveted and everything doubt he had an agreement letting these guys play. That means that it that are present in front of him you have bettered behind him it kind of covered up him you know and it allowed and they do go out BP for you play. Out of cedar Donald Jones were bills receiver co host the John Murphy show on our sister station ESPN are the exit yet be a few year veteran on the back to it out of my face I don't know how I am actor Donald. Help us toll is a no regard. I don't know toddler. Around back there's like church manic and I've voiced our technicians Donald they're respectful Tommy has been driving me crazy all day. Ultimately I. Down your guide to seek Donald my but my guy right keys key decent man it's it's Grossman who has killed this franchise for years right two weeks ago you buried as deep agreement deserved. Oh today and dot your guy at La always. Weeks which is likely by redheaded stepchild kept. Donald Berry guy who had to. Fight and claw for everything that you had on draft did make team play a budget games the NFL. Sure there were people that outage vocal leak all this would be ecstatic going Welsh and a bit. All Todd yeah we tell Tom Muehlegg cult unbelievably annoying that ideas. That guy is the word. It into the other satellite. Elegance earlier but it kinda like if you have built a significant other and their lightweight you've presented it didn't do. This marriage anything that you are. It's system my that's an every marriage it was a. Right but note to our great democracy it is there have been ordered to stand up early to talk about it. I just like now and down he was saying now. You know he weighed in at home equity accusing them doing something for her to be wrong. You know and that these players. He didn't he doubted the another grown every week and I did that that accidentally leaked. Continue to doubt me. Roll every week. Other people used to hold a grudge against Donald from years and years ago talked to couldn't make it told he couldn't make it that you made at this. Yes there are people here in the media that I work with now you know manpower says that you say. Now. Murder yeah. You know riders. Writers about fluently you know they're people that talk bad about all. You know you respect them we use the image that you might say so that would beat down. Despite whatever it been like now you know you use the dog we got in the but heady player whatever they want to ever produced that when you read these the big that people say about to read it they write about. Take that he agreed. I thought that was like Europe but. How fast is it didn't care what diesel. Factors it's a behind diapers thank yet to do it can be in the back to your mind when you see that person that I knew them every elect him as this little pathetic thing like all the sportswriters we know. Pretty pathetic sports writers radio caught a short pathetic sad people I agree with you I'm on Jonas on. I. I. It's pathetic Jones he's of the bubonic it's coming. I'm trying to get better than that it gave the dock bella. Well. Ago Donald when he's reach different had done it Detmer priority case. Good thing is good and implement political. And. Just like you know an acre right now I think it's a discussion we now have to start hapless built a 52 game Thursday night they could very easily be six to wake up on Friday. The word on the street Donald and it was pretty much foregone conclusion is that the bills are moving on from Tyrod Taylor after the season the gonna go up and draft a quarterback high. Is there anything Tyrod can do because the doesn't mean the playoffs and seventeen years let's say hypothetically the bills make the playoffs. Do they have to stick with Tyrod Taylor next season. Doubt it I think if the bill don't make the twelve basis that the character either of you who. If you date Peter rather than that it warcraft or ground building a better guy in front like any parent pillar. A boatload of money for quarterbacks he's getting paid what fifteen million dollar but not a lot of course has yet and I know. That. They integrated. Oh there. He so when you you have Rickey definitely. You know got to make that little indie you have. He's quarterback Tyrod Taylor and not think that would let me. I elected to open a whole lot of quality to want out so particularly that we keep current regardless. An and I. Tonight the big city you plan OK right now he's playing. As it is you can expect from power until he's never going to be a packet that you're never going to throw for 40500. Yards in the game. But yesterday it was. Tyrod Taylor what we can all expect the character you know a game like that. At across such into a little more on president did you maybe 200 yards and 82 bit eat. But don't expect in the light up you know that. In Tampa passing the ball yesterday it was a really effective game so an epic this keep. Right Jones before we let you go oh we do this thing at the end of every you know the time we talked to you were gonna ask you about what's going on the show today and I heard. That you've been doing so poorly teasing what happens on the John Murphy show that it actually came up on the John Murphy show last week we were tipped off to. It did you know what I brought it myself out at like I'm pretty. My old flaws double talk about final well I'll. So today on this on religion and Chris Brown so we'll talk about but the numbers we're gonna talk about the equipment that was Cairo. And what CD is prepared to bet they. In net gain a little like the colonel. There's simply glad it. You know they create all the people who would have been out there at least we're cut them off each turtle and that's not a division has been happening all year. At that point we come back to the hole it's you know that's something we're gonna talk about. I know my older electorate I think I. And those they get it be that guy that you used to hate. I went and then you guys gonna radios in addition to. It's gonna lose my hearing in day out here that day oh I want to Utley and butt out Edgar. You know I would never liked all the player out in not always been what they eat you better at this this under the city's dot. And that would be ready to do like it just cut so it's like what do you got fired today and multiple peculiar to a few doubt that. It will come downtown to east she puts it happens it's grow below its current and runner. Batter. This you have every right he has every right to do this is weakening hi puzzles and John Murtha show last week and skid and or for going back and forth about this raiders game Ed Murphy did not give. From what I heard in the bills did you expect he was going down all of you know running backs were defense data that and mark was like I don't see anyway that goes to in this game Donald was what was that a knock the bill's gonna win this game on Sunday you can throw that back in his face today. Meant just the outlook throwback to that statement last week. Web buckle up duplicate it and what it does that ought I'm not because ability needed to step up our city vehicle there haven't been days. I cannot sit locked up voting hours last week well it doesn't it. Might it would adopt what it of course it doesn't look about it enough that oh yeah outlook Brokeback is that there are like. Now the Kensington and on this show I know what did you lose. So you got angry Jones he doesn't mean we kicked up some negative emotions it was passed he was right about what happened over Merv is going to be an interest in your dog people don't know dog. I'm a dog at the like that those. Guys who you've gotten your outlook in Little Rock behind. Yeah. Commercial break and I'll be a figure out what's going on from I go to doing that you got to get. Get up is Thursday night game but. I. My people call your people we talk anybody takes the time and it will redouble Mark Eaton we knew we were at a the island did about it that night that Donald Jones doubles at receiver girls of the show I guess is stationed at about seven ESP.