Bills Linebacker Preston Brown Googles Teammates

Friday, October 28th

With the Bills roster depleted, sometimes the new guys don't have an extensive resume


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Joining us in the break room. Leads top ten tackles in the league right now and he is one half of the famous brown Brothers in buffalo the Rama an abrupt it is about these we've been pushed back its gonna talk. I appreciate you wait not Preston and how to go man. I'm going to that it. I could before we talk about this game on Sunday I have to give you big congratulations. Preston is now V I guess not. Owner but he's got his own T shirt from a good buddies 26 shirts dot com it was a it was a do it's got a picture of buffalo. It's got what looks like UPS logo on it to mean look at buffalo and it says what can brown do you like it. Preston. Is it okay for a man to Wear a teacher. That depicts him on the front of the. Home I think that is what we should like that that are. Do you like to have you do you have what are you planning on where to public. Our I had to look my dad. OPEC earned it won't all. So this happened to tell Roby are good but again those defensive back couple years ago he got his up precedent cal says not only leading by a bunch for him we also ball one for every member of his family and yelled at him when they weren't wearing that is that your style Preston. I am not a minute back into the picnic. At the my problem. We cut our president let's talk a little football patriots on Sunday all the ones Alexander your teammate. Leads the league in sacks he's got nine sacks on the season he had nine sacks and ten year career. Before today dress and be honest with me did you even know who he was before he side with the bills this season. No. Idea who law I Wall. Street this morning ball and our man. It's I got Google and about roll it. Now everybody. It do you have to do a lot for guys I mean how many guys do you have to Google that sign with his bills team. Pomp and you probably wasn't a big. Kid ourselves and on. Not a problem. Those older guy it's like I think western Iraq that he joked that you're. Like her fiance let's go out the reds okay seasonal guy he's not scared and how exactly I mean this is he one of these turned on the music I'm trying to read stories old guys or is he cool guy in the locker room. He didn't cool guy may look and so. From from Pittsburgh have been happening at least something about it all out there that don't sell my bonus like cooling gang and when. Did you might have been listening to Lou demands are all. I. Present it to my music who control of the music plays in the locker room where you guys are in the. Oh I'd like you to be doing it. And when there is an issue over what's claimed do you guys resolve that. Com. You develop might. Get a little sensitive part of slowed down. Aaron Williams negated it turned back a little bit. There aren't that works. I EU. Exact round Preston brown bills linebacker and a with a C in the breaker you and second round RD. He greatest linebacker should in the NFL right now exactly lead tackles you're not too far behind him did you have any idea that's had this kind of reporting it exactly was he was supposed to start he's injury replacement right. Odd hair black arm. Uninhabitable. That was where they met them. I saw out on the sound he has so. Obama. A lot. We don't result is this stuff can't be the offseason to vote buying it and you guys play on Mario Williams last week and that's big talk and mired in its nobody else bought into these Wednesday seems like everyone has bought Preston the difference between last year. This year is our attitudes on a defense. I'll in his great but he does come an easy day review rated get better. And everything that element and early immediately it's not a good plan. Not right now or Barca on the look at the site. You're got the plays a lot of fire. I want to do little word associations say a word for you you can be the party had right back our present. I Tom Brady. Well go on Tuesday you got guys c'mon he's a great it's about time he got to respect them. It's a look at that it's often meet the other guys try to pick and choose what he's no good that maybe maybe that psychological advantage is there something where you look at Tom Brady go this is what he does not do well. On that you overlook them along. One of the best cornerback. Ever agrees though what what it doesn't mean you'll be but a lot of that is. What I get. And that they do. That about. The bigger names on that there. They would use that key indices smell really good like tying Cologne. What do I say when you sacked him disease smell really good like high in Cologne. All of a I don't know whether you Mary's and it. Go with it except when you're down it smells really good I like Michael Montgomery mall smells like that. On a product he's gone. And impressed that you have been routed ability to everybody really did you see the paper yeah his mom thinks he's one of the fastest guys in the NFL. Well or a mom Tom Brady's moms at my side is one of the fastest guys the NFL. All of we are gonna have confidence that you're cute so we'll probably. Items or Amman. Why don't we ask that you are I don't I. That's pretty apparent when we talk tea in training can't be told us that story budget had member yes we got to the house Lipitor had already made evident. I'm sure there are time and your parents got upset with coaches I mean I think that parents for the cubs decided tell us what I said to be do and what they the ones that the coach is always right you listen what they say. Moribund glam all job you don't wanna do it. Make sure that it won't do they do something. It. What you Graham I was getting kicked out eighth grade basketball games. Yeah Obama grab all the definitely she was the hard ones. These are addicted dunk is it true I sent on a new two yeah. No order at all. I press. This flu bug sweeping through the locker room here in. I don't know I don't know why everybody. I don't know. Look at it. Keep. That at this I don't know I don't believe that you. IIBRA. Tommy has a theory that guys are fake in sick to did not have to get out of practice and not let me to tell sunny your thoughts on Tommy's conspiracy theory. Com I don't know we've got to get mad. Lane negated by you know out of brighter than I do or coal. Everybody rated by this. Guy. Eyebrow about liberals linebacker and head out with a stunning view you talk about Brady's note is there some thought that. Just him being there that may net number twelve Jersey site while before you're even ready to play that game I mean you know he's dead across a couple of guys like Joseph Montana. Joseph David Tom Brady. It's got to giving your had a dizzy it's one of the greatest people that litigated dozens like you got a little bit. While at the memory of my rescue efforts on the united map. Well. It is you know the great players got a book apparently changed on and so we got about it and brought them. I pressed him probably about climate and I get to lifting the defense on hold anymore we appreciate your time and thank you all that's inside scoop from our friends. Perry's ice cream lights is a bold Harry's piece seems pumped up braided do person's always ready go. I love it. Previous sex partners for a quick he's up a sack. Are done now that's the runs are going to fight it fight that he had a tournament. Let's Alexander is leading the NFL in sacks he is hands down the defense of player of the year at this point well Preston brown dude who he was before he showed up at buffalo that's plainly ten years at a pro bull pressed about it like you Lewis well haggard I guess is all by urine when you're in that league. That is focus on your job is it's so intense and big Kutcher and any minute now let me get a via U. There's but it finally did the man who's having hands down the best defenses as of anybody lead his team David Benoit view. Critical. So Chile's trade press and the reds that lead to the lines at camp. He's got a really bad receding hairline and cares Kelenna apparent. On his ranch. Rich guys that he's still rich contract. Magi but it's easy be relax and get millions in the bank that is true aren't yet. All right so we don't know what's gonna apple Shawn McCoy this week and he did not practice yesterday who polish people miss the flu but they should be able to play at take flu it flew that you think the Preston two weeks are gonna this.