The Bills Are Going to the Playoffs, Are You??

Tuesday, January 2nd

If you want to go to Jacksonville Sunday, be prepared for an expensive trip!


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Looks down the middle glances away. I'll let Jordan and including bank should do here now will be enough. For buffalo to get in the playoffs. Mean new angles to come back. It. Gels and then I that was amazing candidates Cincinnati. The Buffalo Bills of it of the drought and well Cincinnati ended drill hole mighty. It's delicate and any way to any dulled basically graduate of play except the fact that the bills one that I mean they once for Democrats it wasn't enough. You can win that game old you get what they came by sixty points that didn't matter if any dole doesn't pull that move. He's got to be the king of western you're still didn't we help them learn anything. We don't do that as a last night Buffalo Bills fans donate 37000 dollars to any adults motivation and helps out a sick kid to drink pinky via yeah. The breaker box classic rock that a 65 to BC MF we are back. We are low. I am happy to eighteen everybody and the question now becomes a viewer bills fan. To go. Order not to ago. I don't look at those. Whether at their go to Flemmi. Screw it may only live once it gets you pay it off did you pay it off please stick we generally stick it to these whimper senators at brick this up on Wall Street they got bailed out to be because of the vision to. That might include a brutal and remain silent in the ghetto could do to get to what I'm saying. Go have fun and I had shot pays off. I am shocked by the mountains bands that are going to meet mr. Jack's beloved seven guys and say yeah guys don't have a look at this guy's picture he's bust that requested one of them but I. At the leave keys to it's I took my money stashed too late for ticket might be in the sprint bought five and I've played ticket bottle of and yet tickets he's gonna get I was watch all sleep on impeachment. It's like a district and 2226000 are you going this bill's game on Sunday because this has become a thing in my house. I got home on Sunday night. The shooters in shoot me and that's it might be to death all hail no. Because RadioShack but we get this kid I've got to brought up the money or it's this giant argument with me you know Stella got hockey tournament this weekend so that will be what to do that alone and Connie was seventeen years the playoffs since I was there. Years old picked all happily. So finally gets to if you wanted to tell. I'm an optimist and Verizon that's a definite they snake and put that decision on UBS which is a no. The crow but it comes to the issue that is the worst possible time yet circles handset but don't gonna be his because. This is what the play fast it happened right there to volleys and that's never gonna change so does a man. You haven't done endless and the odds of them winning this game or low how they're out there are huge hundred doors underdogs. It's. So I. Great to be. As it. It's just another fourteen points is Laurie undergoes. A possible yeah he is the team concert Vegas is more human to Vegas. Asks with. So a lot of it at their fourteen point they're not fourteenth 100 he'd blow. Listen what is likely and get past this round right there up against the best to solicit user objects. Where is. It's a full week Steve's over by David this is that does Doug Maroney has done something down there it is defense and seeing their credit physically AFC south they play three tees twice a year that are terrible colts the titans' loss to south Texas what are the what are what does buffalo do. They played the dolphins and the jets that's the date split with the jets. Cats. Goal. These can be it about this doesn't just because it is the drought. Asserted there's seventeen year drought after result you IV did you look if you look at the future here. You don't know can't hurt to go on sale. You. Go see this horrible blow out. Its school by Doug Boras gonna Bengie over and do you know hollered. Well oh how we gonna get that done boom room. Right. And discussed it comes down Gina if you want to go I'm not stop you guys. GDP did you bills one to be familiar devices yeah it's 670. Miette you'll shine much these negotiations don't. I've been statute ten dollars and most every paycheck a gotten I've got just 6000 dollars you're kidding me. It's it's it's a seventy this money has been safe from hill's go back to the Super Bowls like oh. But only goes so far to make a run and rightly so how do you pick when you start to go now on what is for the Super Bowl strike that's on so that's not gonna happen. I mean the odds of that building Super Bowl team. The next ten years based on one based on their past based on what they've got. They can't even get a decent core. This and he got this radio jock was betting your past the whole list could be sodomized at this bridge at this. It feels like that it between product. I would say start with the iron top rank this is what's here now. So we've got I've never touched it I mean it's my evil I was broke I was a New Orleans. The misty ever know you the camera actually was used committed to get a brilliant but look at look at Playtex little box of success and dreams flights Jacksonville's by 12100 right now I am 12100. Next I got to shine a light on tickets it's gonna cost east somewhere between 3500 dollars hotel food we're looking at 2503. Grand to goal. To. Do not aids. I really don't need hotel. Go down the morning come back that night he can he get it. When a car especially at this web what if something happens to spend money to let you know five I don't look at the winner shot one on whether doctor amateurism biggest back to the door hit other evidence. I I don't know I don't be a little Sissy. That much money yet because that's probably only two nights hotel anyone at a hotel. So he went out Friday night the blows it up so not a 300 bucks it's 27 on what you want to. It's expensive and those ticket they're gonna tool on the second earmark that they get like it's Jackson built like first home playoff game since like 99 yet. And the evidence admitted apple fan bases or is like eager to get those ticket Levi down there and I blow half of my fun and I've been saving since I was seventeen. And the Wheaton. What do I do that the Foxboro the next week I would almost bled to death slaughter. Who's going to watch that here's what you do. Much running again about 2000 dollars which OK it was gonna crush a trigger for your treatment that he should get. Money. To also. Do some degree white. No one knows my bills. He's yet she knows that. That's what that is could just make that much more special or any shot. AV to see if they've got lucky and took some of that's in the whole pot but let's say he took a little bit of that money they got her something nice from a fun. It would be so much more her because she knows how much some money means to you. And how much you appreciate. Her letting you go one you'd have to bring home something to your you have to give her get mentally I can't because flight recording you come at a time which you get rejected jaguars Jersey big probably a by Sutton is she would like it around or you get something on line at you Jesus Christ and how much the when it's been married three times. And smearing him but let's hear this. There's so cold short. Clady gift. To the double like them they Katzman a go to church and a big old church lady has since his playoffs. 2226000. Phone number face west they're coming in to go not to go for Jackson delta is full array of leaders in Tripoli gift cards I can do that. That I would also uses typically give him enough for you to proper pace lets his company can always get us at BCF or the break from FaceBook page I go way. Currently it's costing me about 4000 dollar and again it's too much for my son and I need to go it's worth every every morning I put all the credit card or about it later I mean I guess that's got to be otherwise it was a much money that we've nearly a thousand dollar to its flights to Jacksonville which the bills. Bill's fans and so quickly rushed to book flights after the gate over going up like by the minute it was in trying to regulate a lot they've grown up of Florida Jacksonville was a recently she did ago. But the weather always was a nice is it's it's in north its image they get cold and stuff it's not that great city. I agree poll of like redneck idea that your socks having the most famous Jacksonville fan. These homeless woman who did a TV interview to your hubby Kevin I'll take tickets to anything yet but here's the other thing and a Monday to be out there. You only get so many I'm doing this honey out there color rely entirely different is this worth it that's what does this team is turning around a series. Freaking out this week because the bills a bit of the drought but. What if you do this and you see Heidi. And next year in the FC championship game or two years now weather possible three years now if you say I'm going to pick which is what you just went to Jacksonville but you could do this for ever. To yourself exactly rate. Let's say you don't go. And name they get blown out and what do you think next year. If they go again to maybe build to order I don't know let's say they don't go again you can affiliates such a schmuck if you didn't go. It isn't shady oaks Nadal always easier there's a chance to duplicate event he already was a lot of pain diesel dramatically it's hurt that's like this is that is that. That racist thing all black people get to Matt Anderson. X rays came back negative in break attracted to go but I'm certain yeah so he can be a 100% on Nadler. Would you field well let's they didn't go and they they get blown out terrible game would you feel like you should've gone to settle the that would I've Billy goat could get they get your your. It reopened for applaud if you don't go because of you know let this guy is game ever you didn't know what it's almost opposite lately if I win it's. We want to build solutions but I would be relieved if they lost because I went at it why. Foxboro what. This and these T the bills streaky team went five for seven they want for their classic yet right. It's just three games. To the super ball while OK it's time to read a dreamer games it's three hit. Dump truck that what the dreamer act which notre these it to somebody you I can't even begin to tell you how many things are wrong with which you said acts. Just might he stay tango now wouldn't say that they believe this game who would they play yet it would. Maybe in talks as they got the Byron so as to guarantee you what to buy cheaper to go to New England to a game Murray actually that is nearly eliminate the flight buy the tickets sold more expensive outlets so it works to put this publish it because it'd really crappy seated to its stated that this so I IC took four I was back at raffles and stay back and you're not talking full row I am telling you get that cheap is once. My season tickets cost just over a thousand dollars for two seats for the season thousand. Two years ago IC behind beat the patriots game ball patriots gear he told me it was cheaper for him. To slide buffalo and get hotel for two nights and buy tickets fiber to the field. To buy a single ticket into my drive it and for regular season game that's your time like that what is the gain negative thousand dollars it effort decency he'd probably be honored with thousand dollars for. I bet they need to drive their new c'mon. Okay down airs at 434 grand go to Jacksonville about muscles and you get to see Tom Brady needed to get it to the evil empire watch of a better game because of 311. I mean I would think TC quite that yes. I thought also were brainstorming here I don't I have no encouraged by changing as we're taught what I did do re yes you know it would don't lock yourself then like a dunce. If it only 'cause we have a big cost me a thousand dollars to go to Gillette Stadium which is an astronomical amount of money to set my as super. You tell me it's over three g.s to go to Jackson mobile that's simple arithmetic broke. Waiting game because. It tick up as they possibly pull out its could be way more exciting to what. Now you're one step closer to the big dance that you're not going to 2226000. To go to go to Jacksonville might like to say you can go be spent bills at a six to 72 cost about 3000 dollars. Just sort of in two million. I haven't shown bones in my room. Hundreds of bills fans in Rochester that are making this trip I want I don't where's this money come what we've got modeling. A look at the pictures of these guys in the news last night millionaires man I'm telling you. Lake of tuxedos and Durbin. Walking sticks and members of the breaker but CNN we wrap our. We're happy barriers guys you know adopt either you or not I mean isn't used on the bills on gruesome super ball yes. By the turn into a super ball and it's a perhaps in other words words here is a bit and I mean you've been saying the war on nobody at the local all you can't parts built. It's. There are good you can gulp and duplicate I ago. Yeah I'm lying with a bunch of other parent never ordered or read that little botched a guy about. That's one idea and that idea is why didn't look at the city why did Orlando rent the car Bible reject. Here's your here's the real issue I have to be back on the air Monday morning to gain is gonna end around 5 o'clock I'll be out of the stadium and as you know he Revere we can't drive and fly. You're Lugar to voters I didn't they drive the bureau of Blair. Are slotted into Orlando drywall rejected here venturaland out. That your husband Orlando at all she really expensive to go. This like does it discount are sitting on what it. Flights out of Orlando are a lot out there or reject the bullet now and they're about to work or I go to war buyers are. Speaking of Florida cities apply and Birmingham as closely. And drug billionaire by a map or wherever it takes articles volume I Tuesday provided knocks on dropped out. Deliver a twelve hour right. I mean you laughed I'm sure their bills fans trying to do that same day. I guarantee you everybody just looking for the cheapest option I mean the message that get a great allies data Georgia Dave writes this it out FaceBook I booked a flight the second that that touchdown. Debate a such that when even before the game was over. I got a ticket a full seven out of college cheaper than I but he did you bought an hour later that's see to have the second and they just rally. And in. We erratic curry get all it like Michigan did you do over the the lift got to do over rent it earned us. Dave's the break Alessio. The first play out game in almost twenty years will be there last game because they're never gonna make it past the Steelers o'clock it's no have a great day. You stay on hold for seven minutes for that is still Notre Dame campus today. They just give it appears on late at night. McCain statements in Rochester new York and I would assume that Davis grown up and tablet. We cannot from here. You should like to tee closest to where you give it six trophies on his or secure services did it they should amend. Shouted elated and Alec Alder trophies in that case according to rapists. They also batches horrible hands rapists twice though so you tackle well he's accused repay it paid off to. Accused paid off to a bigger goal I yen could be doing that's what this if people didn't go to red days ago. This quarterly. Didn't notice on Sunday there like a lot of people fans of other teams that were kind of excited to see the bills make the playoffs we gotta think like there was as much hate towards the bills for those aren't there line is you know Dave the steel and. Threatening. Right I don't know if he's got a socialist and yeah. Horrible that they get in my day it's like every Selig but they are receiver wants a while and let the special kid under the field to score the touchdown. And everybody stops though that are run ending you know he's gonna wheelchairs at that. The bills that's as well did. Meandering into the end zone and everybody gets teary eyes like your. Tony knows this because they let him do this high school before he graduated did to 6000 to go to check. Out G three and 4000 dollars for flight. Rochester tickets of the game all that stuff again the people rate me on face about a way to have your 6000 dollars yet. That's not enough to go to the Super Bowl right now I don't know I mean it. This one crap game is 3000 what's that this super balls is much of the six grand mean it would probably get you anywhere is getting maybe ticket. I wanna spend money for because it's simple it's abundantly meaning in this you can stay at home but. I'm really the best seat in the house. Is your house when you get nice TV with a little luck with the Fed up kiwi Google at best seat in the house they might go out stamped it out but I've said it like this I. It would per my answer has been all that money and they layered assisting at home but it's experienced man it's actually around other bills I get a bunch of people that are actually my buddies are lots again. There's your experience I don't much people it just gonna drive to buffalo just to be surrounded by everything that's weird because it's just a cold day parking lot of now that going on not getting a partner at cant find like a big bar somewhere down to hours on what kind of dominance for human. There's just did spend only good thing of the basics of your. If you bodies have been on the field on special that the football game it's the very choosy Christie's in the breaker mansi and I take Christy how upbeat. But he. I. We haven't been a step a good example I mean it just a one I knew that could happen when you're holding the spot ought taken him down there. When that experience and then shut on him this since Hamas an old mother and dad get along and and not let that go down and I don't get it because who knows how old he'll be in that they'll still be adjusted. By the time they'll get that is suitable let it that solid. IP to basically stay tuned out for fathers and Experian okay are right there Yucca. Judah doing it for that you're doing it for dollars yourself your result Jeremy you're gonna go down alone. A decent alone don't like that generally bonus annuities that sucks my best buddies is ready ego he Siegel he's got no kids usually I don't Jimmy's dad. 3000 dollars ready to go he's ready to go ECB the phone to hijack the marijuana truck he used it. Does it let's go he's gonna book Erika and so that's that's always key drag and Nancy it's Monday. Now it's Tuesday to lose this is get the hundred or there. What do you wait times but you don't pull the trigger now as is gonna go up and up. And. It's going to be late decision which is which put them in man bowl 00. The ghost is just a mom I'm older Christie's the break pharmacy and Christy L article White Lake Jackson. You acquire that they'll have happened Allard that you need to go out. Belt it and took our eye on May thirty dollar bill yet they beat out an hour or not but aren't that he would spend the money out. Whaley and her or kid does it really makes thirty goes he seemed to peak. Again at. All. Or are cells that they did 45 rather ridiculous hot dog man I'll ask how. He would. And every penny he. But so dumb it's sixteen bolts do. When I was sixteen I went to go by a Corvette it didn't happen because I've been down that. No learning how did the miracle any all. Our news you know. You have to. In Kansas. I don't look at it now Chris go. Play call ivory sit up and do it because American Idol suntan a biblically Joni entities actually get the flight scenario they give you take all the four bucks that it wanted to right now what's up Eric. Okay well I spoke flying. Commercial either a couple of but he got a private pilot's license. Hey I know I like all those plates crashing. I'm off the everytime there on the news and thought they clip the high tension wires you dead. That Billy just like every they cranked the jungle. The interest are outlined at the right before. Now or are you in this body what do playing a more general split there people. While I wouldn't doubt that got in Jacksonville you got to land where you blame. There are a warrior with the other guys out. I can't say listen here I really appreciate the offer will be to death but it's great idea. I cannot let anybody listens to the show flight be somewhere that would defected to join us so you have a pilot's license. I have. Is operating yeah. It does is some good. Didn't say yes you don't budget numbers and letters out there retreats in Celek it's replicas have got a Wal-Mart. Avian shoelaces. I think our pilots slightly church 12 years. How many how many accidents the comedy emergencies. You guys. How does not like before. I can't bought you can't laboratory tears you say you didn't cracked Japan's at least twice about playing make up sparked public didn't you didn't shoot me all my guidance. Clinton went very well. Got a Little Rock so. Able telling us that takes the call on depreciate and as a media guide their portfolio British Tony I don't think any holding is Smart enough to temple pilot's license. But I've never met a Smart Tony's sullied put the plane in the river every day. His name toning Sully and beat me and mean I don't at least go fly a plane.