The Big Foot Believer

Tuesday, August 14th

Tommy for some reason gets irrationally upset at people who believe in things he's never seen.

Recently a Big Foot believer showed in the news with a new sighting, and it sent Tommy into a mythological rant.

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Tell me if you've been in this situation before America you want something happened that you cannot believe with your own yeah you bloody shocked I cannot believe that just happen. Afraid to tell anyone because there's no way either going to believe you. That's the situation one person in New York fines and are now in fact they are so sure you're going mocked them. Put an end game on this thing. Me. But it doesn't change but they say they found opener and scientists claim they have proof. Sided today at one of the most mysterious creatures in human history is walking around our area you want her out what to do it's they. Look at the break that glass. He's not that you see that speak in nova. Pentagon spent some wildly different here. Ayers and coyotes and that's in drug get angry beats ya know we didn't see anything like this hold your asses because there's been a sighting but. A big foot in New York where it happened in YE a whole New York which is on the Vermont border. Are so wait it out yet well bigfoot country of that disk legitimate news story that showed up last night it's it's not it to Rick that it's about ten NBC. Oddly witness says. That they saw a six foot hairy creature stepping over a guardrail on highway last year's British so Barry got a big cold connected up just one witness what. Well it has an it was a nectar they called authorities obviously we newsmaker of the big foot where his pants may be an August cold water though is you're. Feels that it energy needs what investigators and I. They take a plaster casts of what they believe is bigfoot tracks are picture high tech we have to see this break we know hardly do this why it took place at the time it's wrapped by the way. Get a job as a bigfoot investigators s.'s take apart and they were doing a part. Recreation and they would investigate you guys have before you call this person crazy there is history of bigfoot sightings in this area that apparently go back hundreds of years because people were getting drunken hallucinating. On the dirty water but that's not the most interest in part of the story. On the witness. Is refusing to come forward publicly. Because they're afraid of the ridicule. They know they sound crazy debts they are crazy. And they don't wanna be one of these weirdos on the new jolt us all to save the reputation and I was like you Tom you know if you wanna savior it. Reputation yet don't make crap up okay and been reported as a real when you. Make him footprints that part of the story the fact that they're not coming forward publicly and gives his credibility in my instant problem. Yeah there are people that lead witness that you think of it which is sad but the brewing company saw guys aren't as world 15 peoples are all able to bigfoot one in 51 in five. Q what is big for ago. Which you live. In the mountains are well let's go open about like we've we have basically met this entire. Globe right with GPS and so like you gave night. So he nobody's ever stumbled on like big foot house something like that make up AA college I so where does he go to what do tiebreak itself. They have like a sub replaced out of Florida good music. It will to view. You know I snowbird and they're also to be likened this is bigfoot because realize how about a little slick but so did bigfoot I make jokes medium foot one and five people say they believe debates what to put that in perspective. That's a lot of people who believe that the big banks started our universe. How the universe started the Big Bang theory this a lot of people believe in the Big Bang theory that even big about this. We never stubborn that you don't even have a dump from the sky like one big foot dome okay. Did you use rest Ares or nobody's you know regulated at night by low we've been other noticeable is just there is a legacy bigfoot maybe this multiple TV shows a bigfoot hunting to try to get there. Still oh. It's that draws thousands of people across the country people believe he's six foot convention lots of bigfoot commendable to you what you don't let it. Talk about big topic you'd ever seal on make such a plaster cast right here to separate. Expert big tracker people totally annihilate the guys attract big foot. And you're saying there aren't yet they suck as they never trap one that he'd like meat beat up beaver otter but never scored via beaver pelt. He's not totally impossible that it would be BB disappear I see guys on all the gifts the big ticket to vote for ever. This is for years always spraying areas Spain. I've alleyways heat. Food will look for I don't know animal nuts berries squirrel raw it's easy to raw white tiger zero food and under so. You tell me that that this at this human being used kitty Romney never get sick but we never found a dead one like a let's say they get they get generations of big rate has served as civil wars of that fast or as it proudly served in Vietnam and I felt like dead boy and make it by one of witnesses that even like a scale no one of. Or just that this the skull. Something happened recently bought something haven't recently pointed affected bigfoot could exist yeah David Clyde Morgan you know and do not he's a guy from down south into our. Only stab agency aren't you took a month ago just under a month ago manhunt for days people searching high and low. And no one has seen him cents to what you have to look my point is that it's got a hold of Obama put his. Just should we. Just have it's just a month. Does this and OK but that he will be found based on what based on a bank dead the law enforcement will find him OK okay. Ed lavandera the first we could be filed expect it's gonna happen at noon if so. As saying that you won't find this guy eventually OK and or track of him something but. You got knocked it on this animal they do every so that means it has to be a population bigfoot its. Around the country right two got a rash around the globe I would just be here I think if you south of murder they could be in and Pickett we Chinese bigfoot dipped. Brent jet he's been so yeah mountains up their own aggrandizement adrenaline. So you guys up Terry and you know rice and in the spring rolls the point I'm trying to make it easier. Did you think to not find something if you're not looking for Roy yet they probably set a trap for the new dancing humane you can't cash trapped bigfoot. We're not because it's a it's a living creature we do we track all kinds of apartment. In this world coming through Varma now doesn't it Kaczynski that might be racial slur based argument this thing is. And unity jealous yeah FCC at the all we need is for sun it says there's only five big foot such easy aid the world animals that eventually come across like at least ten of them say. I know how many big for things are positive that puts it there is no such thing as big fights about ultimately found my sleep we will have our first picture public of legitimate Dick you might have eulogy got probably some Harry hobo. Had slid it out of the woods probably that's what you sell runner crosses the weight and address to gonna cost him just messing with people are these just I just think he's like a disgusting no hope only gives you the bums out here. I heard a beta for change heard about the open door mission rent a fourth of one of those ties out what he's big strapping rate either got to make edits it could have faced man ran around. I'll talk about these citing alleged sighting of big foot that happened in white called New York earlier this week the witness did not wanna come for because they were afraid of ridicule but they say they saw six or old hairy creature climbing over our guard rail and highway they went a plaster casts of its tracks they had a big footprint so they say bears would get tackled forest. Everybody believes something weird that you're afraid to tell me about. Everybody to do to 6000 has he weird belief that you are afraid to say out loud and I'm not talking religion. Talking weird ass beliefs because if you open your mouth and you tell people this is what I believe. You know the debt ridicule to come back out Perot are you ready for this. More people in America. Believe that you can influence the world with positive thought. Then believe that vaccines. Are safe and effective to have I guess I just stay positive areas to better yes. And seventy almost 70% of people believe stay positive changes the world for better wake just over 50% of people believe that vaccines are a federal work yes even though they do is I guess they get that they killed all these horrible disease they used to it wipe out at the planet and his rock solid science yet that worked yes 20% more people believe that thinking positively even. You know any of the U test that's stupid idea that positive that he works I think of the horrible situation that happened on this planet where. Amen amen out choice but I don't go to stay positive I agree with you pulled my point is this yes and other alternatives work. What I try to make his that you're walking by people every day the only crazies are out but there's always going to be a couple of chip most a couple of suck as it's not a couple man. 55%. Of people believe that dream that's almost half can tell the future. Can tell you can predict the future. That is almost twice came out people who believe that started through natural selection like Darwin the thing which is again pretty solid science can. So everybody believes something crazy both of you have something crazy maybe you don't know off the topping your head maybe get big about it but if you said out loud everyone would laugh you out of the room and you will too because for. Turn it thank I don't think we're of what's yours like ghosts or something I'll get poses a big one. I think it's logical to believe leads but it opened my about the said that. Level says so like you know and this is the cover of religious thing that night my sister believe they every time you saw homeless person. I cast you for sending chair that was a that was Jesus. Testing he might take that was actually Jesus aided dressed up as a hobo are up four person asking for money was testing. It lets people in the butt to study suggests homeless or people Jesus is and how to dress up like one. I kept that Jesus existed a certificate data pretend to be a hobo. Umbrage at honey hobos and homeless people to do it at for a unit that she does like she would literally thought she was looking and in the eyes of Christ which is up or. Or person in his past par prison sentence she wouldn't give many moniker she wasn't sure so late. Kind of arrogant person you beta be Jesus on record you view it as you can tell them that. It's arts. That is us why would you there's a good vote play like seniors did you're lumping every crazy person in together what I use it logically lead you want to be leader secretary's buddies AG's there is still logic percent to you've never seen just something. Just made up crap what they'd upgrade that statistically what are the the only people here statistically what are the odds that there are some creature that has been discovered this plan being discovered species of things every day. I think giving its new look we only find that that got all of staying out Montana or something to work. They get bowl but it wasn't a well I'll tell daddy and I think it's a combination wolf dog that brightens as noble bang the dog yeah. Say no that's not what it was at a has to be like no big did the date I saw already wolf came down look at great. Bad steps some bitch and you get to have wolf approach. How that works like you're part of his break is really good telephone calls people telling you be things hanging up is they don't you have somebody want to bring up the fact that people think the world flat things like that that was his zillion years ago I know there are a lot of people today think the latter theory on why you know there is not Google it you idiot yes that microphone you're gonna be an idiot I get a Google that it is high three or being honest job loss was Sammy he plays for the Celtics every watt and was flat earth bully others a couple of how do you even. TV that's stupid they say that is that the round is saying is all the scam from the government from what purpose arguments I've never really looked into it. I don't know men can get a feel like ancient Roman dumb as. Even the Romans of the earth was round this. Like your. But I feel bad programs people really do know what's he got to do is you feel bad for all these are able to give you a sense of superior or attack your majesty collapse superior to an idiot that thinks that the world's flat I don't one up on your broad sorry fact that you think you're superior to anybody is just too stupid is believing him to block more I'll one up on Connery. Who thinks like. This earth is just a map are you think has got to labor DD and a giant mansion when they're watching you drive regular go up. We graduated to get down to South America you voted the brakes. I would assume relate embody we gonna debris and free medical that you summit.