Beware The New Holiday Tradition

Tuesday, November 14th

Holiday traditions already suck for dads, this just made it worse.

Think of the worst thing your wife or girlfriend ever made you do for the holidays... bet it doesn't top this...


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It's a matter of time a year old yet. It back up the car and Boris though isn't it sweet bitch and having to do fall stuff with the family there with a few it something. It is cooked teaser doughnuts are saying your tree cattle corn will be to keep trick or treat at least or educate students advocating. When it comes to Thanksgiving and Christmas family activities you'd get nothing. Income and it sucks. But it cost a fortune. And the dumbest thing I've ever seen Malia and should've let that'd be easy to go to the army things he had rob Lewis Romulus is. You have to break its class act and it's not to be seen at our. The stupidest thing I've made you do Christmas lights last year travel go do some are sure you know it's a good look at it and it's not atop this. And guided bus to worse real boss or get it Robby this new York at the old army depot at the Seneca lake. Yesterday's audience clothes okay it's the public is no Remy senate Lola ordered Depp though it will go to richer white I don't think there's still bombs and where house. Energy is here up. The I realizes the full bus store at that it is a summary can drive there and got to tell Larry. Exactly a tiller now eight year to go look at white deer. As opposed to regular steer. A bit more than one white deer here there's apparently needs the world's largest herd of white OK white tailed deer ray is that tell white as a whole ideal thing all the air is light wait tears picture of the late theory there. Its list or it's like the other one but later nice and so in a bus for the holidays. Go look. People generally do you have readily and hope you see a way you guys because it probably no guarantees you are right the only bit this is actually the coolest of all they can do you took it to the army depot right Edwards closed the fifth 94 when 2000 night. There's still so our stuff. Arizona features military artifacts and goes into the history the army people it's critical for god but. As the coolest thing you'll do when it comes to Christmas and Thanksgiving activities because every. Oh it Sox. Well usually use usually my wife ago. I wanna go down a street as I heard somebody has criticized senator or Satan. And we got a good and history and Leo and I just look regulate this house is at a piece of crap to discuss mentally disturbed so I was myself. For us as does the my rifles still wanna go all she'll find out about out of a when issued this when you've never seen yet. So this is rich broaden town in Pittsburgh where she. Big beautiful mansion you put it looks horrible if she scrapped upper whole house we'll be just holiday stuff. But shall by by four insist every year we had to go look at that fancy lady's house once. My dad actually takes pride that. He will hit every house that has that been to the point where I remember being a kid and like diabetes or we just want to go home yeah signal horsing we have to see. Boosting your dad's dead a lot of broad stuff. Does it does do again I don't wanna look at powerless and it's like to go to my own holiday elicited only doing that it's the holiday lights at a specific activities like for exit from the two to do she's got to see the white deer. Well I'd be she'd probably be at this as yet so you black keys were to go seek some cracker dear forgets things. With a white agenda. Every year my wife insists we go to Q what's that place the rich people placed on the water ski yet trio SCSI Dewey Dickens themed Christmas if you're not familiar studio this it's all millionaires New York City in the surrounding it and they get. Columns on this waters yet Wesley Wright is Ryan is super high end and it's expensive his talent for stayed at night and so try it. An hour and a half of up just atlas. People dressed up like Charles dickens' Christmas saying character yet take my town and spend. Some lunch and I don't wanna spend because again high end. It thirty dollars fudge there at all what its budget Doug to us that. Leads. It's fun to reduce cumulative rear seats. And it's gotten bigger career just Narnia night who comes a league you keep adding glossy usage history my wife and I we Disco. And and my a stepdaughter moved back here and then she got a boyfriend then and we all went and am my stepson Billy was out. And he got across and on now or like recruiting goes down there but they enjoy it and you can't fight it no but I do get cocktails out of it and I don't want to drive home just. I guess my deal out of but it could have a couple of cocktails and you guys drive. His funniest part is like it's and he let me ask you this media outlets that particular it's hard it's freezing to its. The golden ticket to vaccinate their Cole yeah I'm miserable Mike White is the. Most of my wife always procedure there cattle car roller thing that goes on my errant 2 o'clock so old by then everybody so cold. She's the only one I hope they're listening to kind of like what into the restaurant to eat. OK as I can't stand under a frost that. He that we could use the same thing same way every year based on its coming it would talking about how weird this is the these things syringe to traditions. You can't break for some reason so once you go and look at said wait detailed deer and you'll be doing this every year the rest your life because. Once your little ones grow up and they get little ones who ought to think the grandkids steroids elaborate what she's just too stupid as a young husband and stop to say we shouldn't do this but you. Is that what you go down narrowed as we do it every year reduce the same way we get the same thing. Is what we do tests just stuck we'll probably do some every weekend starting after Thanksgiving every single. SE weekend it was nothing I can do about it no nothing because it's all her time. 2226000. Funny elderly and next thing you get a Super Bowl. Yeah you're right financial ruin our summer. We're talking about his guided bus to work into the rock this army depot closed in 2000 but it's gonna bust to look at weight. The year when your typical what you see a white deer processing assault one are gonna wait to hear of OK I don't need to see ten more are not excited neck I don't need name be more minutes of wait. Dear SI well apparently Ryan what you do for a living brother. I'm chuck regular blogger. Thank you run all relate to your credit he's reassessing its. The public at their outlook and that it expects around I mean apple I would insert a slot but we use are right out and does there ordered India now it's in my honest I don't know but the consent to get it on August 30 state to bring supporters at least that he spoke out there or not. Sister paper outlet next period that do outside but. And virtually equal maybe issued every dot I got outs I watched president you might get to see that again this is in the clintons out. OC is that right just a device prisoner to five point. Yes I pointed out a definite. Just a thought Ryan and maybe folks Rochester take your drive redneck is called a radio show to talk about local weight zero for just. Good approach where I disagree I relocated back here but I did the Smart to take an attempt or other recognized as. But they got. I don't do that and I kind of Honda that are Kyra I don't see that but he dates I don't. An average. The human. Guys are Julia. I while I don't think these guys that department guy a and a demo of an amateur I was disorder Hsu went into the tastes like can you shoot like deer probably not only endangered let's ask him he's NC and take out. Oh. Good dramatic at the as an ordinary that they are we have. I don't let that light. Let general. Stern of the Superman this. Expect guys and it was about 90%. Of the kids looking up the windows. And look he's he's seeing it like being out there. Is that I don't have kept my parents had screwed you're actually purchased it you know that. Yeah you know he put it cheap here. So like if I wanted to eat white deer I cannot kill the weight your argument now. I'm not an. It's easy ladies shield around you one man I'm going to have to have. Then let their albino. You know let me read certain kind of like literally the winner. Yeah Olympic Alpine beauty like there's dogs led light really. The insides of a yeah. Don't thanks to all bloody with the accident date seeing is subtext of that guy on the bus Reagan no idea until they went deer when you go on these daily news going to be guided his read about the white deer before you get acidic they got. It it. Bush did a good day to. The kids. Soul. We watch Channel 8 at 4 o'clock area of human market's own me heaven on even so John touched on. He's the anchor of their yes he's a huge camera and her. And part of the broadcast is so such goes camera. And he goes around it takes photographs things. It takes photographs and everything guys don't wanna do so yeah it doesn't wanna do so I have come down stop turning on Channel 8 at 4 o'clock O. But my wife from all we're gonna miss what John's doing today shall we shall remember herself as he Ike. We'll take pitches at these waterfalls trade with her like four hours from here. Big goes this hidden jams on the way out and that the blood spill and it's a 200 foot waterfall. And it's frozen. And you gotta go look at I don't know these guys that they had to go look at it up because this coach goes it. He's like an annoying relative Vick it took some boring trip you know it was support the whole family but it's funny how it works my wife bicycle analysts are pleased to see bitch is not gonna do about it New Year's huge Dick if you don't wanna participate you're part of the Dick. It's Chris yes that's the worst Criss Angel and you go down this road there's no turning back these things are set in stone with two way if it's like the tablets down from now holy mount it this is a Moses carve. Down shot just to Vietnamese enjoyed Dickens Christmas serious note anyway. That. Marco before we move on this all started with the albino deer to our own Romulus guys call up defended the albino deer Krejci got the last word brother has ago. Say let's. Talk. About it out at you so much a part where you think eight pretty. To shoo in our whole Arnold beer. Money maker Europe. But he. Met by the rebel it'll it'll. Serve or were. Thank you cliff's question general questions and hunt in touch with state park impart some roller it's outrageous. What do ordinary people want around but it's a big part of troubling other areas perhaps more of a job cuts goes camera at this point. I'm not he be to a mere few favor like that are clearly what sport. OK look mistakes about it regional waited all day. Do you hold I don't care we'll tell that last year here but the guys. Here we go through a white kid different looks like you dear but it look it is though and.