Being Cool VS Being Responsible

Thursday, June 14th

Let the kid stay, or bring her home early - when is it okay to be the 'cool parent'?

Sounds like Duffy is about to get played by a 7-year old.

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So you gotta go to CNN. It's finally got it right where magic apply so here's the problem go every year details every disputed area but let's Chicago and Atlanta won't want to like 9:32 o'clock there and it's a school like from my daughters plus wheat too late to stay up so I told him two weeks listen. We will go but unfortunately we're not gonna get to state the program and there's a compromise to be sad and my daughter seven year old she. Walks away and accomplishing. Week ago here we're sitting having dinners meet to reason to use you know half my friend. Her dad is letting her ago in Steve all night. Beat guys he says that unless he Carrara. Only calms like once in a lifetime yeah. And that through that bush had met with school what you go to school every day. And it's almost the end of the years it won't even matter orca. That's not even a where's my director and Oprah you ready for this salute my seven year old. You know my wife is black. My daughter's apartment here about that illicit cholera is bi racial right decisions that you make skip. Three days ago my cereal comes to me goes daddy you know level let's see current she's looking often listen and I delight is that. As well she looks like me and I get to aspired to be someone who looks like me she's right though and she walks away for cheaters OJ play the race conscious. Are your hunk. And. To her string yes I know which tribunal solution but the race current top but my guess is that we don't know. And I got a seven year old Johnnie Cochran your I hope this is thick and stay article my foot down that you schools tomorrow in upstate back. Think part of me after those two argued it's just wrong when their logical arguments and maybe just this one time great I can be cool debts like that's the question is this 2226 ounce. Are you let it be cool dad. In spots. Or is a slippery slope once you make the decision as I know if I let them. If I were two things they argued stay the night final state until she gets upstaged that everything from this point on will be would you let beat stateless car. Licensed if aria you know and that's what's gonna so I worry that I have to be either not cool that more data there's no way to beat. But it's if you don't do that you're kind of being a hypocrite just based on things you said the fall for example for example we've had discussions about and parents pulling their kids at schools or things like parades sports parade today letting them stay up late watch the World Series. You know and AJ BJP you know whatever. Their favorite sport team is. And you've said that yet you'd absolutely let your to do that because your dad would have done that for you probably beat. Right says it's kind of like her Super Bowl. So you. Led the bills and a super boy you definitely noticed it was to assume yes or just because it's not your thing. Doesn't mean that you see in her as an opportunity for the white men a cramp on public OK that's it. See here's the thing you're not wrong there Kenny yet but this is her Super Bowl two day program right like. This raises our whole world would she misses her favorite musician even a top ten they just like this now. I hired downplay. It set the lead at a spread this is their favorite. One occasion I doubt it but at this like. It you know Taylor Swift is right if you do if Taylor some time she's going on tonight I slide there. This with concert my daughters are over the moon for and I may think about letting the state for that cause he's a superstar yes. This is percent to six got a level it's a little thing it's like my daughter is playing beat to just be part of the party it for longer sure so far edged touched but I eat I can't your hockey has gone jagr Astaro I need to teacher lesson as to what is more important to cracker Jack Lemmon in here which rules or regulations. I can't look at her. Ed change my mind party it is all right so what happens tonight when she puts on the fringe of racecars. She wants to stand and now it becomes a Tug of war that's just it so my my life he's lead from work and she's going to be all cool okay so. I know what's gonna happen tonight. If you're gonna try to play mommy gets daddy is my wife is more likely to buckled and hi Ari may I should probably likes music so. That's it she understands that more than you do and this is a mixed raced individual which also. Your daughters can relate to finally you know there's somebody like that yes has break in the a glass ceiling yet about the blacks glass ceiling of the because pop music is so predominantly white so much he's meant total control when a white man and you know that's ranked. Okay. 2226000. I could not have friends texting me. Due respect. Voluntarily can't you do it makes me miserable problem also pulled from your people. They're people other people's orator can meet their peoples are you allowed to pick and she was cool battered US to choose a side exit iTunes tool that now the rest of my life I might be that guy that you are criticizing the two criticized initial impetus is a one time and don't get so Q I don't think in the senate and in I don't think he can't be Scott's NC and that he's got a body. Morning guys they don't cost of I think he'd be called dead spots but I think you can actually hear on YouTube has a told the kids going to summer gem the night in today listen brawl gonna take up where from school on Friday were on Mitchell by the pool. Now my kids are merely a outpost at the end of the year then we're going to be don't hunt stop there one of those schools. How has that that's what drew hit. A bullet. Today. I don't know how to do about them. I won't let him make them stable yeah. I ask you isolate your kids would rather be at school who took. At the pool. On a sunny day edit. A lot of cool anybody relied and its punitive award ability. To athletic. Can entertain easier to clue us in BR he's also an death hell house but that the generals. It stops make you know you. You wanna beat you you've got to lay down a lot some times its original line laughed. That's etched in how to use or you do the student plant I'm like you know you have lost what works for. I just what's gonna this could exploit there's going to be something else that happens nightclub and Scott's going to be summer jam on the news Jim. There will be debt not all night long dead now so you're going to be an odd to the music don't you go to bat. Aggregates average Agassi another guy your age and with the future rate look at him ago. But you all minority your held so we're together yeah you would make. There to sell us out on. I'm Ellen so nevermind. He can take care that you're about to get this. They should have a father's tent it's just trust they don't. So miserable ten couple of fear. Could poker tables because it's like the ultimate it's like shopping with your wife on steroids. Wright is a need at least would you like to be on your phone sitting on the bench she tries on clothes and it's like it's I have to be hyper aware of white children who do I yet or act like you're having fun and gives his daughters I salute. Have fun and I do a towel where that music on because they they're having fun while I say you don't but is that a lot of that. They take every annoying is that every guy hey under one roof you yes we get that every guy you don't want you know anyone is he like children around you. I've yet but our seats slammed with kids with a. The bed of the one thing I know that summer jam. Is that the the the moms via the get their mom groove on my daughter. Nobody that bad mom dance and they goes on that's should be bad they're they're used to hang on dancing if you idea bad Bob density getting go over there. Kiwis all seated at wedding. All cities to buy. I doubt all use kids back exists at all see bad debt debt dancing now trumps bad non dancing but bachelor did beds. Net which is lumpy or ordered people but these women think to really get I know is I think there's a dead the big canal and it. Those guys who thinks he could instantly Erica talk. Walt incision done opiates I summer jam the big concert tonight on my daughters love the the headline earnings Alessio car. Yeah like yeah yeah yeah. Yeah I think the yeah. My seven year old has been trying to scam means staying until she's not to be can't she quit the race cardinal IndyCar is biracial like my daughter is my daughter the other day daddy you know my level lesser car whether she looks like me and she's someone I can aspired to be how cute is that just stay amber always she's done she's old Johnny got Cecil was. I it's awful. Enters at CM FAA. And you are about it. Bigger players. They got a couple order but that door. Or one. Be it back. Dayton and how I think it jets are. Our speculative you know. You can date night. By. Year real sluggish you're gonna go a little remorse and that the cop. I'll. Oh. Your target a good or public debt out of it and it out. Let's see car concerts. Is this your guys year to get the money right yeah journey to do that thing yeah so you can't ruin a balance they have no leverage. Pat has all the leverage right now once electors day he screwed. I. Yeah I wouldn't I would let me out of the bag and you know repaired yet a lot of belt there's. They chuckled when you. Officer I would like to remind everybody that if you're gonna call the show please call should safely and furry be awesome dude do you used it. Like you telling me that I should let her stay. Yeah and I remembered that you Marty kind of played cool that role in the letters to helix sneaker at a school to go to an RIT game I took her at a school fifteen minutes early to gently against these girls hockey so okay of a disappointment for it to that point you can't like that women political sex with you girls hockey. Using your absurd. You can't do that just has a huge thing you want it heard and experienced hockey. More than yeah it's so you can't like picking issues what's more important but can't now. Yet again I think you kind of have did just you know letter the letter statements and by the way it'll be a memory for to be talking about this for an arrest or what they're cool thing okay. I wrong that I could get up early tomorrow to only get you anything like that happens selfish and I understand a yard three what I can be edited for do you feel tempered by the way a media a lot of stick for a couple of tunes and ego but it is she does. Buying three to engineer out of that was probably didn't play all of her assault with the sobs she loves it the end rightly be weak for cannot but it's. It's a whole lot but she's this chicks don't let the dining your company to lose that she has Schwartz who sees it I can't sleep he asked people all sound the same right. That yeah. Yeah. And yeah.