Bar rules 101

Monday, February 26th

What is the proper way to ask for cheap drinks at a bar?


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When a guy sit down next to be at this bar yeah in Lake Placid last week we were on vacation and did this might jaw literally on. Drop after an affair with a plea to restore our eighty give her that I'd never seen a human being do this before it was the most classless thing ever Ed if you have done this alone man. You meant. It's slightly that would plus. An email that it was beta two we got it's very fair I was right back on the way up there are two. It was like it like to head the small well it is a small rich asked talent you know it's you season that they did the Olympics they're rated down I told you that study. Tommy deadly but I don't know our original thought. So I'll let it tighten beat first men's Olympic hockey New Orleans correspondent Brent Jett to by the late sign with the Boston yeah yesterday he could cup run with the Bruins for the rest of the season brown. Acts to sit down at his bar 10 o'clock at night and it just eat and the staff and ready to let his game walks in with a date to be early thirties. Sits down at the buyer. Look Cedric menu looks at the bartender and says. What is your cheapest shot of vodka. Brown. For a second. Start to Edmonton what is your cheapest shot. Of vodka. And he goes that she was taken aback to one in my house have been set up. This one's seven dollars this well but it is said that her but receiver familiar imprisonment. By the guy goes okay. It will take to those and he does the shot of vodka and he then asks what she does appear soccer team orders those they have their drinks and they. And I could not only a bit Jersey human being on the planet that walked into a ball higher and ask with the cheapest alcohol easily you wouldn't put them away. There's like the cheapest thing would be well yes fetus give me your well but can it would be five EEL. Unless it's I was kind of in your belt where maybe you went to Lake Placid didn't realize things are gonna be is excellent event they were so now he's just looking for the best interest option considering arrows that are Copeland and it was horrible I. It makes sense that I don't want to go and Aaron. Have them rip me for guiding and shot a booster to get to go to the liquor store and it's been two boxers shot all right didn't go look at storm that's been to an asset that is on an optional now that now. Give yourself liking he made LAQ did arise yet he was in the area was a top shelf around. Is buyer Eddie did you use if you guys regular sheet he walked in in the first that you say Tommy is if you comfort she drank. What's on special care that is for I would like to drink cheap and cheap but. Amber. As ten to 2226. You shake what he's a cheap shot of liquor. I had with them. And you kind of know what it is if you're drinker you know it's cheap stuff news that you're in like had placed are not familiar with maybe over the brands and brands again I laid low end up high but this you said this is still seven bucks even at that. Well liquor they had. But I like aren't they got a whiskey drinker and I know basic whiskey lodge value is such. Snooty person and. I know is key right there I dig pitching on number whiskey nothing you said you were very impressed by him with Barry was Anderson. And army have been dropped so. I know that cheap stuff and I don't like I don't like this is not gonna cost is much is that it's over a minute sitter had a drink. Give me at a later okay. That will lower yes she's he can't we at least have outlook is based. I wrecked you know tricky but let's drink is that you just a tricky for the rest of the night some guys that shot. I haven't really shocked. Our god and replace it before. And I have ordered drinking ago. Meg getting change back here you gotta be kitten guess but it was ten dollars from that that is the pitfall and Errol let a window here out drinking and about how he figured out to deduce that tells you. Asked how much you drink is before ordering at a bar. Josh used to doing these uneducated dummies is coming up. I hit. Just like right now I it's. I understand howled his job and when I just can't tell the bloody 1990. Eights and you can drink yeah. I. I think what you are 21 years old and an act drinking age you have now understood. I can come to its place well we are ranked as we didn't then navigate around it. I just I didn't fare so my boyfriend have like we market to bar in the first thing yes it is do you have spat any specials like that kind of makes me a little bit embarrassed really that it's not automatically saying watts have been for cheap here there's nothing wrong with wanting something for cheek he wrote here no nothing wrong with no I do like I I I look for them before we have to ask the question I mean I I feel weird asking that to the bartender that he liked the bartender now thinks we're we're cheap. Most regular rest bars ago to have all the specials are there any Cardoso ally that is due for one there's or a bad nine or small the Obama has announced they can especially if you're drinking beer. And there's always something on special for beer. And in drinks if you're drinking well I got I just want a well mixed drink. What's gonna be the cheapest option anyway and she's gonna put the cheapest stuff in it yeah. I think it's inappropriate but I do you feel like the bartenders now judging us like we're gonna be the cheapest people the bar but I do judge bartenders if. They're young. In female especially. East meaning you judge them you tonight and I don't revising an older guy bartender goes I mean can embark. He's sharp noses stub he's been around now the kids are easily the biggest Dixie troop dampened their biggest days because of jerks what you and your boyfriend. You would McGill a guerrilla would you fancy. Craft Beers reduce strawberries are better inevitably going to go or fruit salad on the street. East and I are. At least it was something it was something I looked cute and I think I just not. Right now like I'm out I guy he now by I'd like that I saw a young Cammie behind a bar which most bartenders mind them doing Hugo to a go to more sophisticated but please go to the I don't go to Chucky cheese McGuckin cut there. He's fun. By us to do all grown men yet. It. Every Saturday. It's so I have a young QB behind the party and I figure you don't know it's gone as are make ask you questions. You don't know use that she works they're seeing all English Channel and excuse me too it's that that is somebody's bars ago. You know highlight my yeah I'd like whiskey and assailant I aimed at class Cuba bet it. I like my Jamison like Irish whiskey and a woman just switching now in his seventies practitioner looked around him are like senate lineup I see a lost bar as a iPad I actually had a plank on its over there it's in the second show coach is an important month I do you like as you can sit atop the sex health. Sure I'm on a stool I could stand. I never had a barge and it didn't delve Laker because you're dealing liberal like I drink it drink Katie drinks. It's a surely definitely I can't ice cream during the most simple thing ever to bottled it is classic what are you complain you. Are people screw it up it's usually because. They turn out to them but that attitude was. Assess not only success mount art Danner. Tell me what's what for pay what I want and is the bottle there would actually classic vacations Stevie Wonder ago from a bottle quicker. Got lots of the buyouts and much of the US men's hockey last Monday he asked the bartender with his date looks like he's in his thirties Nash wears on deepening what are his wife. I don't know yes what's the cheapest shot of vodka and he asked for the price you're asking price of changing a bit exit craft beer places. Jesus take your kids at. Half an hour need a manual over here in the. And that lets just where it used to be would you like to place we get a menu for why that was it now these craft Beers to sell. It's so wedding but so what I see which he with a price on which is good giving you need a menu for you year. In that order and state general reader junior and then up the best what is now. They act gives you a sample the beer you can taste it first. It's happened here already just drink it like a man so why did you take and I don't you to come now laying him what is this this isn't as isn't Coors Light. Where are you willing drinking and get regular citizens and particularly in London. Can we don't sit and be ticketed adult. He craft so it or hated just trinkets OK it's it's like eating a sandwich like. This sale would you just to be surprised I hit that they felt they looked at edict. We passed the two dollar beer in the world. To go out and it's still exists like where colleges and stuff that likely to dollar Dre appeared yet what are Michael. What do abide there was always two dollar draft beer but I noticed lately there haven't been that many inexperienced out. We completely done he's now the three dollar appearance the cheapest Oliver report as secretary of at the rest of nice to round out what shape drinking expensive. We shouldn't. 'cause I was theory is supposed to be a working man every guy big goal opera beer. We'll have like some of like those cheaper Beers kind of become popular with cancers instant exit door to an agreement the two. Pop up to I had jennies wanted to make huge signs over the last twenty years and talks Pabst Blue Ribbon as well. That came Michael Sutton a great beer again would people treat you that lake when I was a kid and and most to be listening to the lead at least expensive Beers bar jedi PBR so. Capsule was known as a redneck beer. For years that was the red Napier they made a country tune about it is called redneck. White Sox and blue ribbon Beardsley to great tune but it's all about that's led the working guy strength. There was a mean you measure be like some working guy you go in there doing yourself patch and Anderson Gunther doubt the and a borrower has made in Bonn. And his girlfriend Tiffany and her drink and it. We want to she'll get up. Insisting he added that something you haven't comment and I had a table and all you kids have done to appearance would and we didn't even know work him and be here right you drove the prices up because now it's hip to drink it perhaps when he used to just be that city's true there's a that you you basically drove but the price of and there's a bar in town each drink at all the time they called a patch near where it was shot skeet PBR two had to sit there and they're presenting new enjoy. Is it still two bucks yet if there's yet Qatar at present mr. It's Europe's here's stooped. I did it to six does it talk buyer's guide asked how much the cheap shot of whiskey and clearly we know a guy. We go to guys and the Internet do it is all I would too tightly spaced properly I would. That guy when you're gonna get your chance from the store about you are complaining about young female bartender and TDs in the breaker went CM half athletic. Hey look again though brick Roma side. It struck gold you I was I was incompetent or extra outlet night in July. And it's like a wet like a chain is a decent restaurant they're all. That orchestrate every time o'clock. Well I drink like Scotch in Oakland Levitt Jamison. Well I oracle elaborate yet and so they're having trouble finding drinks such as wouldn't have been troubled duke. So great on the shelf where I. Had to hang at like got out of my chair but wait fifteen minutes now I got out of my chair went over. Played two were the bottle it's. They finally got my. Can I do. And marketer look like which it looked like Jimmy sister died due to pressure to speak Christian meaning. He's so right seat I'd like I've done you at a restaurant question somebody get that nut job all I. How about TV's gonna didn't to an error at least I'm sure like nobody's ever ordered that we teach you could shoot. Gardner when he signed an order the same period and I know a lot of bad orderly and they got there for a reason that it's a bottle opener. Trinket it's that the bar is adept at the. What are you Todd is the first I've happened to you but 90% so yeah. It's a new bartender is that she's young and all you'd go yeah OK so what are your bird now when you drink. One laps. Equality. God yeah. It takes but it does it do. Let let it which they are to get this should pet and I iPad iPad scotched an Applebee's have edited TG eight for a two yard. Kind. But David a restaurant or apple T got tips let's see all of yard. But at their want it giant giant BP you'll highlight. What are the best place in order the best portraits have ever had in my life Uga and you know because how you do them right. Red lobster porter's you're great cocktail. They do they okay and you can get a really good Scotch. And a red lobster for a decent block mine and NATO can be on the seafood prices it's it's quite so you say. There are our killer. And apple yard. All I'm saying is if you get a drink high end except that I am. It's the Lois and hide it like it's nice is barely on the tops you know it's a debt default that is the shot that's not occupied half. These difficulties but by apple could afford if it is even though that is. You know I know is loosening and it moved.