Banning Best Buds

Friday, April 20th

Does the term "Best friend" carry as much weight as you get older?


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He rage of men. Calling kids today soft. But they are based on something that happened at eight preschool. That's the four score yet yeah that. Pre school I don't know I've been there I did and that's before kindergarten three yeah okay out I already ever race sick and old school jackass. Acknowledge. Richard Hawley kids they saw just proven. That when it comes to interacting with our friend and we call might be a bunch of little bitches and it's all thanks this free school. Is decided something that we all these kids is gonna hurt everyone's in the Penn topic workshop preschool. Massachusetts. Has banned the phrase best friends. Why us. Why the school says that it excludes children makes other kids feel bad about themselves when one kid refers to advocate as best friend. Its own age another best read via this and everybody has the best for the opposite national Ted Richard aura. After her are her child was. Asked not to use that phrase in where he omen whatever and it seems that when these people were thinking hippie kind of places and yes it's absolutely ridiculous that the banning the phrase best friend but. Of course the shows up a social media I've narrowed it. Here is how bad it is bad that you need to be sensitive to let best friend happen now who's my best either I have a best and. But seat. We went with these folks will be outline something became very apparent what I every listening to show USA grown men and winds never tell bloody. That they work your best friend now but like. I think everybody knows the pecking order of the group I disagree ruin look at them a lot of people think that. That there are more important than they are to somebody and yet yet and the fact that you would never tell anybody that you are not my best friend. Kind of makes his school is doing okay. Spanish trail it's a social bonding though like hey that kid is still be friends somebody nobody's everybody just don't brag that there your best front. Everyone listening right now to think their best friend his best friend got. I want you figure out how you feel if that person was like well I mean eight. Best friend Jordan say that it may have went that would incumbent casual conversation that's my point you wouldn't calls when your best friend in front of other people you wouldn't say your alma later deficit I'm Leonard this guy as my best friends so and so would you do it we go way back another veteran would you do in front of another front. No no I don't know how my I don't know Richard Holbrooke rawness is getting answers okay who's this front. My restaurant and a US threat from so many. What it. Lot of what are your feelings right now a whole lot of your best friend your third in line to the ground. I third lied. You don't you don't you can if you're my best friend is exactly exactly tortured by best I've known him forever always series you to investments. Where a hall on Niger as well I mean I've. Pilot together that I am sure acted like it when I buy you those cocktail high. Maybe fifteen we've known each other for a long time like there are other guys whose advice to try to rejecting a crime not the states could nobody laughs and an Indian news coming close and. I it's not. I'd like your your good buddy whole hall good bye to a good week that's like their. It's like the projects of friends your eat everything that's a big ghetto or friend I value your for a job that he wore your best friend but that's my point is did you said you're my best that would devastate you really any would. Have you looked at usual you are not my best friend so. Don't tell billiards. Uncle but it kinda proves a point to school this guy. I mean galactic has figured that out why trying to navigate Lucas first of home. You're not gonna stop somebody thinking that that's might as friendly that's not gonna go away because it is naturally happens like because that's how you. Creates social circles of networking and friends is how the world war alana also feel like they're kind of doing it so kids don't get excluded an I don't know of that but there's little of that probably just still are excluded as I've set Spain right well not like putting a term job but I think our kids to. Are seeing is like. You know the outcasts or blood dorks are stuck it bluntly I think everybody doesn't like Q everybody doesn't have to light you always talking right now let but I mean but that's a great life lesson as you're not going to be aired. Everybody is such a fresh. Your right ET yet it's like pleasant but you'll most men can't hand to find some he doesn't. Give them put Michael teach you this OK you're what happened during your fifties and you don't you can't handle. Or better overall outcome the governor out that's not a criticism it's a fact of lights and the fact that we as men. Cannot handle the emotional. Devastation of not league's best friend we thought work what did you take a four can handle. Oh yeah. But but but when we were kids we knew like tickets and didn't like as we didn't like them I didn't hang out with their kid. Who parodies you know because he kept you kinda can't tell the kids that said you sucked right it just kind of data bases whether or not like you most of the time. While decided try to that would guys on ballot that was my best and and like Decker OK and so he on now what may what the reality permanent migrant. Come home and you do best friend every week and there he's cute but they'll also be a girl which sheets every right and my point is yes try stopping girls from doing and let out. I get Marcel almost for girls and it is for a Catholic girls like they like to make friendship bracelets and like they were really advertise who their best friend is. And maybe that'll help some of that kind of and they do that are now in Lakewood when they drop food drinks like they. They take so hopefully they'll in my best the and we've known each other forever be this is what they do yeah you'll never stopped grocery bill and listen I'm not saying you should too scared he's stupid to discourage the new best friend what I found funny where these guys who like this page in America when you would ever on FaceBook right. Well Bob Bloch is my best friend because she would hurt a bunch people's feelings if you follow. You Wear that as best friend it would hurt you took. Jeremy and the frequency of math major Rick how are you buddy. Paper get out. I don't allow that would hurt the feelings it's actually the child but one thing that could possibly come. Hey this guy that I thought I wedding. And it's not the person that you're talking to a. While Jeremy we've talked about this yesterday about Jimmy's boyfriend is in three wins over the summary just get a part time job and I said why not just help one of those guys can't do it aren't you Tommy. Since it's hard. Old horror it is sounds like it's hard for the horse rescue. Getting noticed some other guys like I've you're gonna do no wedding it's funny but did go camping in years but I'm gonna go be in Steve's. Well it's Steve god I got Casey kind of the point of the school levels say this so my stepson is getting married genetics of the call brother really projected. Any scattered item which I think is brilliant. No best man that is area and eating anybody's lineup and that's it is delegates are answered he's got a lot of he's got friends and he's done it's it's who's a tight. That they hung I was that are buried yet so no best man. It's brilliant you write you write and everybody's they'll you've got to have a best and don't you don't pick I don't. Why but I wonder about that actually complicates things in the long run because. There might still be a guy who thinks he's more important in the rest of the Grossman I mean they are proven now yeah yeah I guess the other night name Juliette diet. I mean you still have to have somebody there are standing next you let out at the altar there out this kind of their there's a goal. I mean I'll cave maybe you got to stand closest to the gloom but OK yeah. Who will ruin it I'd get a set out to Hollywood tickets closest to the group that. Idol I do a complete its net. I was I was unity and have a wedding party and I was. Closest to you 'cause they snuck up at the camera were hiding in the bushes taking pictures my pregnant lights and we're getting because you asked me to take pictures I obviously didn't. Who is the pastor. Yet ambassador bill critics who worried about these stately I. Did you 6000 preschool in Massachusetts has banned the word best friends went viral yesterday your kid. Can't say this is my best friend excludes people guys freaked out is the puts the gauge of of America but it's funny because you wouldn't say that melody there should be triggered somebody's feeling dollar hurting guys OK so then why get mad at the school Scott is on C about face Gotti a white brother. Morning guys on at least a one of my best. One of my best friends later on about. Isn't straight at me and he you don't and even now do you have a stranded mean yeah. No your right hand but us. Like dental care there's nothing route that you'd better believe it but it. You know an is that how you you grow is men and you richer you know like so I'll get some nice touch rent a not to go up myself a little plug another friend. That's even more pathetic Scott I go out to. Show you my all oral I got it to its politics. Are not that I did. It's finally admit that you would have your feelings hurt you would be bothered by the fact you what not to do what's best friend thought she war. And I think it's even healthy would get that you would be jealous of that guy's best friend. Well a little bit literature presidents he's moving around without you. Not a you're not a part of things like Easter day you're not a priority anymore. After all the stuff that you went through after all the things you believe happened and the guys regional conflict but I you know. Him best friend ho. Yo ho that's revoked. Obligated because there is a changing of the best friend every couple years right. Ideas the season necessity like you might. You know grow part study just because you're not spending as much time together you get there you have kids you know you people are said no. You're friends with your kids friends schedule I got together and act I've begun to but right now because like I want romp over here so Maria you're gonna present I just moved here are two major life events that will change her best friend almost every ultimate involved Regina Belle what it involves the China are the kids is the big Willis the vagina okayed its won the sec. One I think is the job change. Yet well it's pretty decent chance or best friend resides out or he's at work right just strictly based on time spent. But if you end up working some holes you either might realize you don't have as much comedy is distancing him exactly did you start having someone else shall your life right there. There was a guy who were too it's really really good friends with and he left and then we hardly see each death. Occasionally in different directions but let us in you know the guys who you called me. Matter lab ran into the guy he never mentioned that you think you're dead. Because they're really like to show you academy do. When they're loud guy yeah. Yeah project. Located at sea bass they quiet labor. Market data I don't doubling its up. I don't know as our historical thing goes I think you just as adults I mean you kind you grow out of the hole best friend saying. But if you're ever in question as to who your best friend with that your group of friends really is think of best. There's a movie coming out a year bears that you wanna go see. And you want them to go would you because you don't wanna be a loner in the movie theater was the first person you call. That's your best. I don't go to another do you. You have a chance anyway I do that out actually went where when your body I don't like you're super troopers to come out tonight. Before or afterwards your best friend and dangerous spots are running jokes I will definitely be in the club well for turner. Would you say there's a gun to anybody at some point don't you have a problem my you gotta talk about something really serious became quite like it you can't tell anybody anything that you guys are. I really got to help Somalia. That's correct Rick. Nixon isn't. And I've never really confide in you liked it obviously gets you know what. Shoulders through news Brian the only time you drove it. Because it's basically it's of convenience are desperate to advocate. And as his cabinet before Bonnie can always get his to be seat map or the break from FaceBook page my dad is my best friend or Mo. Who lives there got bill press. I he goes on to their but I think that I won't blown out there are a lot of guys feel that way that when you get older father son becomes an everlasting Honduras talk to my father I know a few guys who have made their father. Their best men at their wedding that's creepy that's like what are you I don't know kind of like a new trend. What it that's the ropes weird that I guess gross. Gross was gross about it. Bring your bold is up there were two buddies to and you have to pick a best friend. Yeah true that actually teaching out of it I heard anybody steal the Celtics have got to Mormon rappers around and take the hill did pile their little Romeo and I can contribute best friends at your dad aunt for a time I thought ones I all honesty. Really really close we travel to get talked about everything needed to. Things went south but there was that I would have listed oilman my investment. It's rose to zero man he'd like incest. Incest what do you do your best friends. And have a couple of drinks are black I. Wake up my answers.