Banging History

Monday, November 6th

Tommy wants all men to know that it's okay to pursue a woman purely because she's more powerful that you!

...He has one woman in particular in mind


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You Shockey a lot of discipline the most shocking thing shocking at all it's being patriotic to edit character treat there's you care about your Butler is its. Bone and a right. He would be blown up by it would most notable development all the attractive web rubble that's number one OK but there's other owners out there why deny yourself rather. Historic Bowe owners added you're saying that it makes it sound like you wanna bank AG of well there should stick with it but let's say. Take the home earlier with the setup an argument and you say that the breaker rust is classic activities X five WC IMF were off Mike the day talk a commercial break and all comes out. Let's go off about how EP had the opportunity. He would have sex with opening of Oprah wanted me. For some reason. Oprah wanted me you know you you've got to say no to Oprah she's a billionaire. She's gonna be a part of American history OK as being they'd the first black woman woman period. I actually I think she's like the richest woman ever on television black white were real well usually Judge Judy I'm not kidding now. But. Let's say that you shed some light impress impressive it's amazing I'm not sick as a fat black woman to rise to that level fascist and sexually attracted to go back to have sex Oprah she's a billion for some ball. Oprah can get your pants off in two seconds what they don't bring his. She's brilliant. She's Smart. And she's entertaining. And she she when she walks in no Rome she's gonna command that room as she got command of Boehner. Just get me like the nine India and I'd teacher's point of flute and it's snakes are coming out of basket yeah. Meaning. An ounce of your borders and nobody below you you cobra dollar should be over Oprah okay. You can appreciate all that stuff though without. Having net sexual attraction and yeah at least payments so it's actually try and sex of the famous person's so yeah so my wife's what does it do for you though that doesn't make you famous or power yet still does you would brag about heavy excise and the regular Joseph. Eight all in it is no nobody would believe you. And I believe that I wanted to pensions. You bad. We stand in between her cleavage her cleavage like Jai enormous OK but like that picture of that that shark they show you without scientist and jaws of the shark. There's X system on sale and there I guess how big cliff I'd be standing in as that big brown canyon but a big goal Oprah eaten these cell. Newsday let's see were single over the weekend Oprah was in town you better at some bar to bag corporately we came in on Monday told me I mean. All baloney. Aviators said I've banged open up our weekend. It's being mesmerized I would you feel more Hewitt guy at least hugging immediate Baidoa and Oprah's smelled like okay. Please raise them to okay and he plays that don't wise guy could get its standards and by the way. You better not be given at this and Oprah your house hopeful bullets a problem. She's a queen at the black community response beyoncé right now single B Johnson would be unsafe due I would get my wish it carries a sexually attracted to look that way. But it's ovary going to be bad mouth opens no ball well let's Cisco with this like that they had made that historically have made other women of Tuesday. Let's say for some reason. If it was possible. Eleanor Roosevelt the home earliest first lady of all time people suspected she was also has been correct. Emirates say I had a shot. I would be pissed off of it and jump on owner rose only because she's a piece of history. But again how are only issue is how would you get a bowl for a check. It's split your view but for fisheries history yes yes I do. Is that if I do my patriotic duty about a month old it is some weekends. It's just sort of lately you'd think you're doing her favor who don't are hitting them each. A vision that I am I behind me. I mean I generous and not always but I made famous by Evan I've never habit of I've met some oh my god that the persons of famous piece of American history that. People will be studying a hundred years from now you're pretty Clark's history beckoning and you get it eased up on man that's what's so theories like. Your reticence document history your religious seventeen year old girl are ten dollars he would remain confident fun. Shocking name W a Moldova mile per. Okay would you I don't know arose out so that he said Hillary Clinton is a huge part of American history that sort problems he would Hillary she. Well the touchy and met Albright. Is that secretary which secretary of state company don't like you do recently spiritual combat yet can of people have been Janet Reno secretary of state general or isolate it to turn generate a ride their US Janet Reno area just because your ID I thought I lovers ordering anybody that tall. She's like six something which she's just stayed they'll fessed up blitzer. To. I went all out in Rio. Shot might didn't know me and Craig Bellamy Tommy Reno. I guess where's the line you draw power then. Just anybody with a name Kelly how powerful historical or but it world fame yet might be like a council a household name public or a major piece of history. I think he should do it why why why deny yourself the Apatow parliament that persons shall 'cause. How he's now. All right 2226000. Tommy it's Friday would have sacked the Oprah strictly because of the history behind her exit he would bet he's turned right. How do you history in which makes you outbreaks recently that appreciates good history franks the breaker mansi MFA Frankie no I don't mind his. Guys say no evidence. For me is an Alley mean does that mean average person something like there's somebody history and you think to do. Not offer me could be like ordering toppers something like that. Outlaws the larger the kind of. Exactly like it's a different type of hourly guided discovery could literally physically I mean and mean and drove me up and walk. Yet that that's that's turn Pakistan that the woman steps up and you know I can't you know she gonna take about one and it. I've really freaked out by the both you guys right now. It's going to be for dedicate to awaken more I think he has to be sodomized with a nightstick let's not thought that that deal. Here's the seat featured UK car. My eyes and how is sexy both W. Not only day if you try to talent out of first responders share. I do hey bill that's because she's gonna be saving your life you wanna say thank you. But they if if I kind of woman athlete physically. Plate not even attractive but she's financially stable actually know that they suspect Oprah never mind. Thank Texas cult gimmick financially stable she's a millionaire instead it has produced it to take a lady is treated at NBC separate group for. Smith for a guy acts above it all Tommy is a bizarre Monty star effort and there are Wheeler that we've we've had everybody wants to be cool. To that celebrity watch that are on that everybody wants the look. Give back to get a different I mean just because they're lazy I don't buy it up by as I hit it. As it is that you picked up history. As they should be teaches school hit a history. You know holed up in your history. Again just because you're intrigued by this person that if they walk in the room doesn't mean automatically go straight to like I need to bang historical did in that case let's say Oprah you use the example that's one that's why donated just in a mightily just don't. Albright quickly whoever whoever never right. I would love to have to do with these people talk about what they've been through all innocently this amicable glass still want to play in the opportunity detail and it's a you know. And when that big fancy bedrooms in the Oval Office pound and I would pick most men would not have to do. The desire to have sex with you don't know to the wine in the conversations are flown man to be prepared. 2226000. Tom he is attractive lady bird Johnson and Ella who is stock but I could get paid. Lately currently bird it's a bit at eight from what I'll say your Shalit you get tangled up and name on get entangled openly chases the breaker let's see about eight Jason Blake. And other cart. Yeah I agree that Tommy read out pretty. It the other. The woman they pick up their speaks for the president. Sierra heavy dependence on the line I don't know copies you can bet. Runner likened to. I wrote it means he seemed super intelligent thinking that the huge churn out. Every she's still bulky to yeah. You criticize who Jason's personality he's academy helped McKenna. And just the way to commit to crushed aperture when people are talking in you know she's articulate. And at least eighty I hate to sound about it. Is she doesn't yet have you ever rub one out too is a press conference maybe watch a TV and started stroking out. Yeah not rely LP a little brother out. Jason digital but he appreciated it looks just like her dad Mike Huckabee did that's the problem there a comparison. I see her dad's face and it has this can't go there and he's powerful and governor Arkansas. You really powerful man if you just governing Arkansas. A couple of times a year and you felt that that old Sherrill and GOP so I got back over to minimize the effect over pile which is his daughter is that she's tackled while. Carter who met the break but yet anybody. Burial. They ounces in the map but you receive movies you demand. There's a lineman Jack Nicholson says that. That they'll never know. The healing whose liberal assuming about what it's like to get it now from Ireland beat you now sir. Your command on opposite. I think that and that they like whether. What she looked like but it's just that she's more powerful than you know. I understand that I just tell by the way there's something about getting powerful woman in a submissive position where you and I'd like to get her on her and he's nodding your looking up that you. Is quite. And toxic and wait wait wait wait to get me to get under. Right Tommy you're really has changed and that if you give a little. You know knowing where Hussein zillions of say it. Birth hurt Sheehan do you really think that don't always an amateur next ridiculous situation geez she would be dismissive what you would beat it over a little over. On the man's you know OK and the members of billionaire you do 0% now got to keep sodomized. Oprah. Why am getting so excited to let you know are not getting excited in my. So I don't know I don't think you're set in the schools. Had not taken the roles in this argument that I'm pretty sure you're gonna go to she'll have meant or want to whip this out. Are on the line on the Oprah Tamer okay I'm I'm like aware that our army jokes who claimant who added that a city did they give the caller for. Us to. It. Accurate if she's never seen this chocolate chocolate you know she's most powerful one of the planet she's did that though that it is surprising dumps a little also now what about this gigantic thing. She's gonna freak out park Apollo wheels in a garage of a normal sized house makes every house would be. You calling Oprah's Jenna. A two car garage sale saying it's too distant pews XP eventually going Obama and had to explain that to. Add about that Oprah. You know she'd equate a Black America. Principle to put a PNC children Michelle Obama Oprah. She's like the queen she's basically that the president of like a marriage tester time. Yeah it is just America like you know the umpire who was also finally got nothing to replace or at the end nobody. Not the president. Audio blogs like America you'd be like. President of America he took his orders from a when you take a break.