The 'Bad Judgement' Costume

Tuesday, October 31st

Don't be the guy who goes viral for the wrong reasons this Halloween!


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It's gonna happen today may deal and you will be the reason it happens and that's why we're here to however well it's Halloween Berry and you may be working constant union might go to school constantly have to be conscious in this politically correct or are. Stupid things you'll Wear that will teach you on the front page of the DNC tomorrow. It's already happened National League likes who slaughtered you had an outbreak or much to clutch cracked many 65 WC MM IE first story and it's bloody. He just. Politically incorrect one politically correct and dangerous the other they're saying it's politically correct but I don't understand with the prime I don't I've not seen this story can I take a shot like Shaka. The Vegas shooter no close ago. OK not so the first one happened in Nebraska over the weekend that you showed up on the New York policy high plains a man yeah showed the ball. Did the he rolled thing. Eight. Briefcase look at satchel. And an eight holy submachine gun broker Lutz got on par with the big shooter and so apparently he was trying to be a character from the film the town that came back around twenty. Looking ahead of him moving nobody saw I guess he looks like someone choose a member of its say that it was a good I did to bring a fake machine gun tool mall yes I during the there Mark Ellis while we're used to it's happened at this monster National Mall well some people were dressed up just argue with like the only 100 constant contest the mare yet but it seems like he's a father or something he had his kids there button so all it takes a picture of this guy. And reports to security. Update. She never in trouble at the mall pretty neutral. Afterwards a picture showed up. I'm Diane Pollock I viral he's saying I didn't stop them from governor in the mobile G. Does Nebraska. And it looks lynch and does a hand tracks. With a submachine gun walk all the duffel bag he says eat it but it's the brits in the west. Maybe there will be different he's got a lot ministered to go giggling at the bank robber for Halloween NA. The place that sells a ton of stuff probably not a good I'd like that aren't even think you can dress up as like Bonnie and Clyde anymore with the mistakes of machine as the water. Our company. But this is a guy that kids custom Bartlett today it's a dumb one. What's more disturbing the fact that he thought this was a good idea the fact nobody stopped him. I think I'd get openings popped but it you've troop with a fake. It's a toy gun him I mean nobody can tell eaten and now I guess now the guy made a statement I quote him for an I didn't put anybody's life in jeopardy nor did I point the gun at kid RI that's cool aunt. Don't the rules I was at standards I was at the event with my daughter and my two daughters and my girlfriend I under style I managed over the coming from the same time. It's whatever because I mean it's a costume they Celek for a reason. You know the fact that he had a girlfriend and she didn't stop them yet his most girlfriends and wives are their to stop you from doing this yeah aren't yet. Bet no you're not knowing that. You can't do that I eat that's why you have women stop you from doing dumb things hopefully range got you troubled debt. The other one which I find an interest in Reno Nevada and its police boats early capital since trouble and are always. Officer Antonio Gutierrez. Thought it would be good idea to dress up his college can't predict how Africa so he's got to fro receive them out of black I've but he is that he's Mexicans are characters get to skin tone it doesn't look like easily Blackfeet she's got a big -- no news and Andy's wearing a sign with a capita Jersey on the says will. The Ol will stand for it either eaten in a I guess cleanup afford to Italy got into the depth of our agility O'Reilly you had a verdict and a question this guy say it's a racist portrayal Colin capita Ellis and I was pleased officer prominent players got to work and a collar capital exorcist kind of funny. But that's just it is like that is atom black trees yeah I don't hit. What the racist trail this is like look I Ebenezer cop and a whole kneeling as against the cops soul and Colin can't predict he's Jewish either so I don't think that that didn't on the nose would be he changed his name who's Kemper and extreme there one time. We have you know I don't think he does he's got me he's got I vs digital insult I looked on Google Doug's he's Jewish Arthur. So I don't understand this is a racist portrayal of count can't predict every dot politically correct if your top basic dress as but I don't racist. I would think that's the bigger deal yours is that it was a police officer that did it like any average person showing up like that probably nobody would even think twice if you are gonna see this. Here in town and its second B Capra who was going to be. The drunk judge. The cool. It. Rentals and should teaches skills and we get the orange jumper to pray you get the fro. Saying medium and people on black plays or not but still younger you're getting at white people dressed up is that judge. It's such an easy custom right you put the fake. Tackle monitor on her ankle right. And one handcuff on a Murti scene around. Already seen two people that posted on FaceBook that they want as the judge general ma'am one as competent. I'm begging you for your own good please tell us they know what to do it don't change your skin color is that's what's gonna you to yet repair. Silly sense of Boca. So we're not like only the black faces its litigation fro well. I'm from an LL but she is a public figure she's she's got arrested for DWO six and a news furrier and you can't say oh it's already out their brought us such toys I don't would be bothered by that if you didn't do the whole GG rooms so the two women I side that dated. We're not in black face but they are obviously. They hit a tanning Booth. It and I get like this kind of it's hard to tell but you can tell they were you could tell that they were in a tanning Booth is straight and just as bad as black blouse no of course not you change your skin color to make match constant. But surely everybody that lives in a summer and again to. Just go to the reason you could set it can't you just be going so holy for the cost him kinda got a sandwich no you can't lead among for a guy. So just a detained militants had at the tent poles with Bernard. We're talking about the cost him his caddie gets in trouble today and listen if you have H I feel the -- going off to school checked about a backpack right if you have a teenage kids could change on the way to school this could put you in the news tonight make sure you know which kids can have a lot before they get a what you think it will just keep good frontrunner that would be offensive. I mean with all the political stuff that kids might not fully understand what it's like it abolished from guys funny put they'd be orange wig on something as soon put something as simple as we just a cap critic or judge TC Astacio Beckett what you learned that I don't think most kids. Are indeed there are those things are not the unit they're really watched the news you don't try business almost like he Saturday Night Live he's it was a good cartoon character to kids don't think kids are aware of what's going on Colin cabinet I don't know I don't think they care are high school teams that are taking e.s and and a few and I just I think to myself when I was a kid Alibaba was put politics really put those kids know about content like if you didn't know like I. I don't know I would I would like a meteor like pop idol or something like that I did a different world. Figured you had three news stations didn't get up at six and it's 25 and that was the end of these kids are bombarded with information I'll just one and here's the thing. I mean parents can attest to this. In their social studies history classes now they're using current events to teach what's going on your kid is where this. Discuss that and pay attention Scoble acute care yeah try to use you as a gauge get this there are into. Well honesty. When stuff like discos down nightly TV keep its trouble that he addressed skate eat or showing up Sosa yankees no big deal can generally take a stand on I mean everybody's consumed. Every man can get behind scanning fifteen KJ you know it's gonna skate skate bro. I'm fortunate. I look at it well bra. You don't it's that those big girls gonna get sent home for staking custom before. Kind of an appropriate oil out politically incorrect cost him. Yet he's still an ash Sheikh and and cleavage she asks yet and sent home record camper next at San I don't know man icy day. I guess Colin can stay cleavage has to go I was gonna be the rule out credit. I don't look we live to I think it depends on where you go to school. I know this game gain tolerated I mean I know it is on the west side like and knowing gates says that in this is how they go to school. But many said they got standards for a. I think you'd be surprised the little tolerance that any high school have for anything that's mightily controversy because all it takes is one parent complain or take a picture and send it to ten NBC and now I don't know it's particularly so sequoia is on the news I. I mean I itself Santa because they're just kids so in the cave once a dress up as trump or Hillary or whatever. Who cares. I mean I understand like an orchard daughters as hanging out and names sewing and meet around the room by. Stars editors have to Jess king is letting go to him which Lawrie about a mile season African Nazi or holocaust survivor what do you care. Because it's not about what your political feelings are it's about how it looks to people outside the school I can't layers of big man listen I guess I agree with you I agree with you they're just kids do stupid things if they do stuff like this. That being said. The school last to account for what people are going to stick it just address what possible. That's an impossible thing to control or what people think. Did you 6000 talk about offense probably cost him one night in Nebraska shows up at a mall he would be rolled with a machine gun fake machine at copper Nevada dress up as Colin care critical design saint will stand for food both national news stories Dodds of the breaker mansi MFA Donny how about it. I regard. Cabinet. Georgia TC notre. And I like what you need to be terrible sign so here comes with church. These kids don't get that Joseph politics but it's a minor. I'd. Do the talking points of reference from the TV show from 1967. Let's talk to him groomed to become did you ever couldn't he couldn't. You have written your political leader who bet that. I guess it's easier to pull another adult solo. You need to real. Calm out there wondering why is it really is. Somebody who meanwhile looked like talent jeopardy. I guess it depends on what you're doing whatever I said I don't think if you're changing your skin color it's racist I don't understand what's racist about it I mean if the guy was a black trees like get it but the at this I don't understand. I did don't get immunity kinda looked like somebody is not racist I mean I would. A black guy always stop it so I don't know. And murderers and. You racist duplex pacers say it's not racist to put Jersey and from one. Don't they get racist I mean even if you wanted that. Are you putting a black face right now they're gonna work. Not putting act and what I'm an entry. Here. Next year. Credit default on their body not all listen with the all of that history with black face and the terrible things that happened back in the day. I don't know how you argue that it's okay did you black base. I just remain but they also give a serves and fired funk. So maybe you're supporting that. And I saw early on white guy in buffalo back in 1978. Much sooner or the great captured my policy. And I hammered today he's got a race is X or modify mortgages of deity of audio display that are your eyes can repeat and thank you know as ruler. I hope we insist that. Don't like these old and its sister message because it is it's a Halloween don't do black played. Yeah he's got kids I. How did you read the you're gonna do black every year or three minimum lessons are socially acceptable amount of black spot. Every year we ought to be trouble for it shocks people book yeah. College ball he had Al Jolson and jazz singer and it was you know minstrel shows I just don't I don't know why people it's like throwback Thursday we were thrown that we back. People like wanna die that they'll look at you like it. Why is this the fight you wanna have. I now. There really lose either they just because. They think it's dig America next if you're if you're gonna put black face on today you know let's say you're gonna goes to judge a you're never gonna change a person's mind so you can scream at a mall you went in in your white faced. But they have a right to do that and have fun way that the way they seeing your brains in now. They have a right to do it appears seniors when the drama and here's the problem shows up is because this has happened obviously Jesse old four or five years ago can what is Michael. Order and can't I don't think I understood burka what black face was that being said if they have a right to do this. With your face shows up on the news or on social media and it's shared a 1002000 by thousand I can have her turn at trying to you lose your goddamn job people look at you differently so yet. We Watson right but understand that if you do something like this you're putting yourself in a position to be. You are. OK I have every you know Irving has a consequence in and even your freedoms you know. I think that this way it's mean even if you're import is in. When Kurt rainstorm needed to hole they would like Tammy Faye baker would put that amendment does not that same. Tuesday. But I've never gonna yelled at guide don't do that it is but they didn't they haven't that that's his business. Brain and I get the laughter and see what happens if you have a black plays he ran into some blank beep you advise a bloody not to do it she was on a you know how to write a blood and he wanted to do I always did Beckham watch satisfy. Just ask yeah. He doesn't listen he's a grown ass as if you're grown ass man. You would put on black face on nonstop. I may sit back watch the fireworks. You know what's going on here man I Taylor said if you want except your black face on what comes with a good and bad. I mean there's they'll be people than all laugh and be people that'll be horrified. And somebody may Nike team that. He's a hell of a custom.