Avoiding Bad News: Selfish, or Smart?

Thursday, June 15th

Tommy says leave me alone on vacation.. no matter who dies!


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You folks listen let's hypothetically now and let's say about a guy seventeen again let's say you spent five hours a day while I knew little group with this non let's say that you guys share a lot. When it's your job your on commercial break isn't true. You would give something bad happens that friend of yours which is described you wanna know immediately. Well again again I am except minister exceptions. He's a little bit to put her hall I'm hurt or used to do. I fail. Your family. Wife perceives you as vs what you all war with the dealer yeah. Have a break much it's just classic rock that he 65 wc and have so for those B we don't know. Get this. So all of my heart. Why isn't funny but it's ignorance at the chain smoker they over eater they believe is it easy genetic ball into the as a every Beck guys it you know what. I can't lose weight sued G that's etiquette is way to say area are as JC effect its genes blanketed Majid my grandfather. Hard to articulate it and try badges at its best architect was killed consumer father again in Ming. We Toma was ordered criminal. Grandfather I know it's my great great great you are and I. Dakota but so. For four years of trying to figure out what it is I went to the hospital thinking I was out of touch and go issue she. So they have made great heart monitor and hand if like old male if they find out what it is I have to have a pacemaker and all the stuff put it shot up. It's. So this heart auditor when my heart. Surged to a weird day there was a do it go off if there's a letter it will be repetitive beats its Long Beach for sixty seconds and I can tell. It started freaky guys out. While it sounds. Putting Madonna goes up you both stop and look leads you to drop like suit yes and there's something go leg something going wrong if that things going off so yesterday I am outside my heart monitor goes off I know you guys can hear them and I walking into the conversation can be what Tom meets held view. About to meet my heart my pay a bullet honor. She said. Hey if hat happens to die while I'm on vacation scenario we're coming out don't tell me don't call me don't tax me don't let me now be serious although I completely 100% seriously I. I walk can't get too serious face Tommy sake seriously if you guys do not. Right I don't wanna Knoedler get back or ruin my vacation. Which you've beat you bust and asked heart. Each other so I don't want to know any tragedy Lama on vacation for this thing I can do to help. Tell me what I can't always say is thank you telling me like Ike and I Siegel on vacation until he's house sitting dog dies and it. Now earlier. Three days into all week week's vacation in non refundable wherever you're gonna go. On a dog died. Next thing you know I. It ruins everything it this way you can't leave of my league it's gonna cost beat the stuff that I can tell that dunk of the justice dead in you'll be justice dampening get back. Weickel black. Would you wanna know. It's something wrong went. There's something went wrong with your house what you're gone. I date somebody called you that was house sitting in the needed something to Gloria Perez be done yes yes they did I guess I don't bet beatle wanna know something like really import that's I can fix. OK can I don't call this guy he knows what to do take care of it that I understand but dead. Just this death race are resolved I. But by the time I get back we'll be time to fuel your dead by the way and this has said owner from hold and then. And I can't bear Dowell. I gotta tell mile wide that it she's gonna be upset and it's a Sox fan and I don't MI vacation on a down note. What if I die the first day of weeklong vacation and you missed my seventeen years worked the other forever. That I'll go to your. Headstone allele treat yourself so my wife will be standing there my funeral and no seventeen year old friend. Had a he had to go I don't act is bulk bio Brack. But pain at the at a dead date. That dude. I IE I don't I. I had to come back it's selfish. It's extremely selfish they tell us also is selfish. On the people bothering me on vacation or interest trying to enjoy manipulating you know a little time to time. 6000 let's start to Jim Jim you're on CN deftly as I don't. That area you remember my debt with the guys that go at your computer field but you're. Back let other areas like propaganda about. And it apparently made the decision we're not an Israeli and they'll eat you survive Batman. We don't can't wait a year up yet or under your way to get a suit all the state police. I we went up that same August and so essentially what actually not yet he actually says I already mouth go. We're going to be at their tents that can be done right sure it's going to be like the other people you're saying that I'm under white putting up the you're white or even know who they're almost like a wedding marriage even remembered enjoy that plug your your other friend. And crack or change anything and it just going to. Like I mean I'm going to relive equation. Who would win. And are selfish and a group. Of sound economic it. And by the way that like yeah act like you have to grieve on the stat I agree with that they I want agreed now I don't they usually except I'll agree. Great to grieve not you actually died I'll. And Malia and my father bringing people into. Nothing's going to change. Here's a bit Jimmie and they. Before that statement was made yesterday I would've said it's a good but the fact not only do you not come back but he's kind of planning for my depth. He can and it's got to play below its knowing it could happen yes. You're wired. I got him he knew he opened. She thinks the company regional cameo walked around you chain smoking you'll read your wired like a kiss concert on again. There's a possibility you could drop. I'm going to be I this happen to be years ago some on vacation. Visiting family. And my sister Lawler that time says hey the dog's not feeling well. I'm gonna take him to the event. And I'll let you know. Why tell that to my then wife is she sees it. All she could talk about all can she can take about for the next four days was that damn dog. Ike and that's all she did so it's likely we're sitting here just talking about. Another sale it's constant. Same thing it's still let's say let's have on vacation ain't Kenny tech Raymond has not really duel well. Rush to the hospital. Date don't know what's wrong in it I'll let you up to its focus finds it a vacation digger Jesus Christ I gotta go to despises again another host. You know I got a break another one and and NA go across the street or they die as I can never ending cycle around here that the people the bleeping. We two company and he goes to present a worker bus station you know history to show it to be symmetric from at age fifteen Tommy got what did you know looked upbeat jobs data it's awful damn broke absolutely. Off the world what does that do and she's. You keep comparing your house and your dog or family okay but you haven't said family I would want to know let's let's say about vacation and one of my relatives die what. The way I need to know that right then and there is nothing I can do I can't get back. He just made by Dave you ruin my big I would jump back for your CPU died with him there. I can't. By the here's the thing you're gonna if you if somebody doesn't tell you and viewing your wife from vacation and your clothes and all these. Fun and entertaining pictures on social media meanwhile had like dying in a hospital bed you look like six putts I did yours. I don't find it I'll take that I'll take that hit. I don't take that hate to enjoy myself lately. It's so hard to plan a vacation. It's hard to get your wife in line on a vacation where you bolt agree. At Indiana spent all that money and you get a get the time off and on the dig a million things you gotta do to get a vacation right yeah and I think it's the only ducks in a row. And Dan chuckle blood on the break groom has to drop dead. And I got to get lit up because. Passed on to log on spoon he covers to the hospital. Prayers in the speed Duffy strong hash tag. Prayers for Duffy. We had the studio and my daughter used a feast of the grow at a 2226. See guys that we're talking about I may have a genetic heart defect. Could kill me any moment slated to rob it dates with a ballot. Wait wait no I don't know I don't know but I bet you credits its birth. What is slowest heart diseases of all time I have this spot on and when something goes weird beaches are being monitor like a modern Tommy was going on vacation a couple weeks looks can be seriously well. And says it Patton Dodd is on. Don't tell me even if the answer to the emergency room don't tell me. 2226000. Years selfish prick I thought we're friends man we are for no friends we all look at a Freddy you bugging me on my vacation I. I don't want to be I didn't go out and I'm on turn to a vacation getaway here this should be detract drivers in the breaker Jenny how light body. And interviewed doctor. I'd. Back in 1990 my grandmother that the way. I'm my birthday of course but our parents were in Ireland signed and the back bothers mother and what I did it I called them. Let him know that is that okay he says. And goes you know what to do so like prepared you know relate to that he didn't want gonna rush home because there's little want lifetime are easy toward Ireland. Is that the way it worked was that they eat at home and then the the memorial service my grandmother. When he got home he is likelier. It is it like to have my vacation gets Roland. Is now my wife goes on high alert. And and that's all she's and it says some like all women all about things. Is you'd die in. I'd night we got to go badly you know about me is still possible to add yet dynamite by it seal like let's say I was oh cool ray you call me obviously as the and am I got the phone and I got a common line that. I'm screwed. Transcript. Call you Utica we had to go to the airport now he's gonna have to go buy a ticket it's gonna cost him the zillion dollars to get back into the same guy could do next Friday. You're also kind of nonchalantly talking about my death which is weird but just don't know. What bothered by the fact I could die at any moment. I hate we all can diverted nobody's get that you know my whole thing that this whole planet's rental would you say it sentences. Yeah I don't keep things running did you shape or estimates he's. About how people could die connected anyway all gonna. Tweet coming in from at breaker bitch toys. Yes. I really little less. Yes that's exactly not what it is I just thought we were closer Fred this online guy seriously US and you're not. Talk like death in front of me right nobody there you'll come home like if you roll it's a multi say goodbye to your good buddy when I thought Richard good. To what he wanted to circle of love it that yes that's exactly what you what that you're gonna have as they. So while they would result like when pat finally checked that was beautiful man you know he looked up at his big disgusting murky face. And you know he was surrounded by love and now we'll held hands visited. Go by epic you know participant houk and that's in a better place you know but he knew we will love to band that is the biggest pile of crap Hollywood yes. It's not much for pat it's more for like his Stanley appear close close friend of the families do a lot of people are paying the event some hockey here and it's it's not that is vacation got. Rhonda you know Laden's seeming. So there's nobody eat your life if you indication that you wanna call that they would now nobody. Likes. And don't let's let's let's see you at the dollar business trip to when he went to estimate the position been OK okay it's. Yes I have to know about my wife and that's where if you like. Mr. Actually a few bad shifts cuts make it then yeah. And I you got me alone Charlie that's gonna make you an aide Jackie would but it. Hey pop up we're not like that all swished it and stopped. A camp like stuffy. Are you slush sir. Alex oddly relaxed and he had been out with an. It's an all apple patched what was your radio career like. I always which currently cost just basic nobody's got did you make you listen to bill well buddy bill bill. Or yard eight. I I learned I learned garden large degree what I mean I'm not. A desert who died. You know he's got a point there is not a literally built. But I know there and do it you're not hospital or new word rural Baird shade and now I'm not. No others Accenture tournament there are some better and I'd wanna. I'd want an all voted so market commons you know maybe she won last. Yeah apply it one last chance we get Skype. And it's got depth and based on a toss up they'll face because it's all one last facetime that's a great point like what is key final cut I don't. What if you know we only has a few days left in you can get back in time the CN yet here's my fear but that is my fear let them via. I race again bust my hands to get back here and they say you know he has little I pulled through to get out. Given the two years it's good you don't like that is Christ. Hello Ted does there's a V let's get a dime that he pulled through and you never showed up all. Or would that that would (%expletive) me off of you made it if you pulled through. You could you would get in my hospital this economic my hospital in minutes from it tonic. Here and you know what that entities we have the she sure looks okay. Our pressure that is yeah identify which you use your shirt looks super day. Regression to smother you are scared in my gigantic bosom we both know you don't have destroyed the smother it. Did you did you look to help you okay. To be in another tweet coming in from add James to FT Tommy has a plan to kill off the host of the breaker and hash tag dropped dead Duffy the Clinton. Boards its covenant from that church house rate serious question lies that's the smoke EPS are conditioned. Oddly to keep doing everything normally does figure out if the sexual booted it speeded up here I got this does this bring this thing on a general were. I actually disagree aware art iron but delicate keep living like we could for what he's doing Helton who aren't so lake Hart went off what was a cigarette the other day that might tell everyone's looking at daily. Woods just. It is. You kill your heart monitor. Ha ha how hard. Our hop. To Islamabad by the top he says that if I die. From the heart is bad news like about you were there I don't care does he want each of generally don't care. When meter vacation this situation to come home and more new. Richard and shot me on them for you what I think that your wife that you care you would want your weight to that I was there any media year. We should probably enjoy time off for good basis. We'll take what more before it movement Ricky the last I'd rather has a gallon that. Why it's. Them. Absolutely correct patient about the need to do this and ocean right. Aspect. I don't location review. Sick or I got blamed. The oh all right all right fine but I guess look rich as she got so good you know ritual aren't what's your drama quick fix but he. This is what drama queens and they're always looking for something. Attached until they get worked up about. The B have an issue out that's what you do hide that but this is even TU yet and it's we started this you don't actually talking about I have. Which is impossible to digital right now but among you go. Assistants. Jobs don't call right. A guy I don't label bad blues okay. Don't. Care of the vacation upon us.