Asking an Ex for Money

Monday, June 11th

Duffy got an unexpected message from someone looking for money... and he feels like he might owe this woman

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I haven't responded to worship as it would in the cities it's not denied to worry about. Quoted a total or all know about it it was very forward about it dolls that word late last week but yes your. ED buried this. That being said she has a legitimate point and paper for some and how long ago ones. You still feel like that person owes you a favor and that is the point and acts of mine is trying to make for some Montana favor yeah the breaker box is classic rock and a 65 to BC and that sort of went and this week. FaceBook just from a girly deed when I was 1819 years old she's like ancient history very very long time ago. Dude orbit well horrible horrible things but that's beside the thing to point your mom. She apparently isn't a bad way. Media her and her husband need a thousand. X and to what Michigan is a program for your item here's the thing as at least solid did she do for you that's now worth the thousand dollars twelve years later when I was eighteen and on the road and my car broke down in Kansas and eight transmission which it called a sign from god to stop talking and we had been broken up and and I don't know street job two and she western union the 500 bucks and we sing. Sing I apps lately save my you had a caller girlfriend from what are my ex girlfriend. What would you have done but who walked walked home from Kansas in Boca. Send a whale called up of ex girlfriend. Alls you've got men. In other option now the money saved my ask Peter back I figured he went about all the way back ago. I she brought up in a letter how I was in a time of the she let me the money. And how she is now at a time of need and she's calling back that fever in and that is what I'm save up again and spoke over a decade. I know his route avert a pop in and ask for money like this I. I think she does have a point given the money but I don't think she's it's out of the question is an idea judicial review she's just she's enhance. I mean I can imagine late thinking leg that's an option. At I it. I do somebody as solid a political twelve years later even I got my money back from it and having listened times have changed. Get your kids anymore I don't Europe or Nasrallah horrible act. This should be abandoning Kansas. I'm not giving you the money not no kidding might not responding to work I. If you let somebody muddy twelve years ago now and you were in a pinch you would think that particular you yes okay. I'm I don't know I think you got to back to your mind in inkling coup who's on the hook for this. Kind of thing let's say you like what what if you went way out a year waited to lend somebody else might I did. I told the story alone a buddy my aim was to start in a business I gave some cash much. I remember a lot. Thousands. Daily habit but I had a but I needed agers are so I get a tome says a baby back a week. Four years. No interest I finally got it back. I basically gave them a four year interest free loan you're telling me that if your wife kicked GO when you were getting paid which paid here which is no and you were desperate for cash that would not be the first guy you up to now. That I got to adding you know I mean less a man. Is it that given them money that the bush how it went down that's our main. I caches to you know been smarter richer area I can't think. It's such a Dix thing to do road guys like losing you do for people you don't. Which don't come back and go gimme gimme gimme a net economic you're joking you know I. I give I do for AD of people and no strings attached and let ago I don't rubbing your face it this is. Obviously a last resort guests and that's what's funny is it's easy to sit when you have the means it should do this but when desperation it's it did everything is an option play at thousand dollars internal life for a I don't have a thousand dollars period unity you know I know you it's like to do for that there's such message with my head with the situation. I miss her husband doesn't know she did not she's married she is in town anymore she date a kid again there aren't. You have to think that her husband would not be OK with his wife ASCII text for money no kidding. I'm asking this question to two to 6000 viewers and found your wife went to another guy that she gets it a law that relationship with. To help our finances what is your first reaction is that forcible. Tahoe okay that's doing it horrible that you listed unit known hello hello to try to do apart lungs better. That also. That means that she doesn't hold it right of the deal as husband react and he's still got this other kinda short list of people call when things go about like household finance here's a pig like he's the primary I don't know the situation if he's the primary at the family is only so many people she could go to like she goes to your parents now her parents know that this guy eight providing would it be better to go to ex boyfriend would you rather. Let's exit slides you're dead beat instead of your white's parent. It's the dumbest thing it's the dumbest thing because it's all gonna get out there. Rain like how how does what they show Bora come from. Eventually had to tell her keep her plan it's hopeful clinic would pay a and you just in. I don't desperate people do desperate things that I've done this is the most character may be crap I've ever in my life to go call open next what you've got a husband who may be it can't. Okay now the advocate that and she's it was something along the lines of mortgage today it's as big long pair multiple paragraph message out for I do feel for it to let. I'm not stupid but given that X twelve. No promise to just told one of Obama why I taught art. From Britain. Telling play Smart and get ahead of it that you know that we quietly when you get ahead of it now is that we have to trust Colin. Down the line which is well yes. OK you can never get ahead of it with generally agreed to delete got a. It that he detail this is my this is and killing it you can you know and Barry never show a tour. That's do you feel that worked out for you in the past. How is have all those things been hidden. Tell you what it's about this I tell my wife I did a good guy what are. Don't say because he does it's no woman should know that somebody's sniff around her man but this woman is looking for money bro. So I personable very sexy charming every woman should want this but she she's got a mile away. Eight games she's gonna come a view to view obviously if you give hitters you're gonna keep coming back why are you on her short list of people call I explain the situation achievement need money when I was a kid and she feels like she's but people's minds wondering what's going on mine wonder mole or if you try to covered at the mine that. But I try to bring it up the first players. But is it exactly it is eventually. It'll come up in some way shape perform all workable plan would like to meet your boyfriend had had this same situation. He told me about it election mean the next drove. Saudi coach nick Qaeda in Iraq and it fits the situation here usually get a boob job. And bigger. It's a save situation where I don't babies the older ones in the past for something in she's come on the in for it she's just desperate person looking for money. He tells me his ass not much salt. And. I have to. Say I have to you don't let Soviet base inside you don't have these X is coming around like you did. Chase Manhattan bank I didn't think I just what are you gonna drive through. I've spoke to as a minute that we're talking about a FaceBook message I got late last week an ex girlfriend of mine who won't be 500 dollars on my car blew up on the road when I was 1819 years golden we had stopped dating we wrecks and she wired the money. She wouldn't repeat this brought us the back had Peter back but she is now married they have a kid earned her husband apparently they need a thousand dollars Indy mortgage situation and I don't know what the hell's going on yesterday for the money and she mentioned in the FaceBook page how desperate she was on bear she was but. She let me just money so she feels like I. Idol two yes and I'm I didn't respond I'm not going to like giving you the money could McKinney lets your boyfriend same situation he keep his ex the money with that Bob. He did it without asking me that yes for which given permission to do. If he felt like it was something that he owed this woman I guess that would when it's not my money to say yes or now. Yes you there will be no negatives that go lottery champions and I'm going to be homeless with my child and husband. So I hope and Ho's gonna get your money monies were meant for you mile that Hogan. I'm gonna grab and how. If if you spell it. I guess I would have to endure it because he might try to do it anyways I say oh cool. That's an interesting thought and I doubt the majority of women feel that way and I actually oppressed by a low opened my jeweler here. Because if the same situation happened the other way my wife gave money to ex boyfriend I'd lose my crapping out there I came to you first yeah it's a signal. Lol now bush is gonna try to do it anyways what she's trying to do is like she owed that person tell old right I might. Give this guy money that used to date debt and take a casino situation and let's let a peace deal breaker rule. Yeah it's I happen to me that Tom if you might edit X. Boyfriend whatever reach out to her and she can't be woods at this is what happened you'll be angry with her for just kitty reached. To address. These audio is why I wrote why you why why your analyst okay how'd she controlled I don't know it controller. Taylor. Okay the minute Blake during the so folks the way I mean they did. Nick picked paralyzing calling here Lacey why worry you on his short list of people call for money but she might be on the shortlist. It might just be like the last resort. Amateurs get it can't reach out everybody a note she was on the analysts. Bracket imagine leg reached at multiple growth for two years ago hey. Hate to care lean that she's a hundred dollars member. Or taking out diet hop we called it a day we are sixteen. I'm gonna be honest with you and when I was on the road atlas you know telling jokes even as keep eating things come up the body entered my parents and money identical my brother had no money I. Mice might roster of people borrow money from all ex girlfriend's and it is gonna throw. Every time to amass is too due date. I can imagine one chick that would allow me money after we broke up I had three axes loan be significant amount of money to see you go way you might lead since early twenties we hear that discusses considered. Take fifty dollars a written elope with. Agree that it comedian with the exception of this like this the first and the big media asked the other local but I can imagine even going up to the next. I go to an exit asking for money is so humiliating. You wanna be wanna talk about humiliated so op. The end of senior 21 years old aren't my car blew. Hard times your car blow yourself. I was driving junkie it's true that wanted to go rivers who took ultimately going to park you rest it just walls and so. My car blew up I needed a new car and eat it like 12100 bucks for don't holy Christ also will I forgot that was an audio listen I thought it was thousands like call this early today obviously US or for twelve on her master for granted he was grant she gives me grant catch all extra cash and I go to a more dollars with fees and I'd be colder back hey you're a little short Heidi I had she met B Rashard did not. I felt like Powell he did the two dollar Tom are these women she got back take it back to work blight but you lack. By the way you save that like it's a great deal outlets. That's also one down left of deadbeat. I had made it all back you know until I did the right Dick I've followed through my word no kidding at three is supposed to pay back. Giving him giver you've basically got an interest free auto loans and I'm not proud of what I did you what you like what does bag use cars sales and a bag here pay here I just couldn't put. I did but I think it goes to the point of desperation everything looks like a bad idea all the sudden becomes available idea again the you can use because without these three women. Would scrap. I would have its group instead I sit on the road roll through and that you don't element of the west side.