Ask Joe - November 2nd

Wednesday, November 2nd

The Novermber 2nd edition of Ask Joe - a listener writes in with questions.


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And here are very knowledgeable mr. Jo Stanley from Stanley lost assists for ask gel on W This question comes Robin who was actually writing on behalf of her friend her friend Kristin is in outside sales and spent a lot of time in a car. She was an accident just last week wall on a sales call during company time she has a number calm of what might be called superficial injuries. But he'd go to urgent care and had several follow doctor visits is the company she works for responsible for all armed for all of her medical bills. Since the injuries happened on company time or is she on the hook since driving sales appointment is just part of her you know general day to day job responsibility. All our standards situations ought to. Lawyers for what gives you are on the jobs that it's a workers' compensation case. Periods are responsible for. Although the medical bills in the water observances that are payable under the cop watch your also offered cited no fault coverage on the vehicle. That you're and Peter old golf ball also might commit to play. Depending on our urgent work and so. We have these situations what you're working. It's workers' compensation purse that's no fault on the vehicle you're in and that maybe even your role. No fault coverage. And that's what of those they usually start to a lawyer about what you gonna hurt. In those kind of situations to picture page you're getting it right claims in the ever the right claims being made against everybody who may have potential. Responsibility. Fantastic. Here's a question for Ryan who wants to know how to get intellectual property he believes is his. And things was stolen from him back from his neighbor. Ryan says he and his neighbor started home brewing beer. Together about a year ago and had such an overwhelming response from Franzen can wait till they're their pony bruise. That he is going to open up craft brewery. Ryan says he was the one who kept track of all the recipes and brain processes. But his neighbor was overcome weeks ago and now all those materials are actually missing in. And he suspects is neighbor has all of it. And he wants to get that information back what can you do to force his neighbor's hand. On to get this info back over can you trademark the recipes as he passed some of his intellectual property as well once you should get those back. That's a complicated scenario somebody stole actual physical things for you more. He stole digital. Everett's copied to your. Information that. That's about. You know to break it you cannot be also Egypt filed a police report I would development he stole it negates all at W return it needs to retarded or is filed police reports but okay. Ultimately to the police don't do anything ever right so behavior information back and he would object to it. You can also storm had to restrain them or not using your. In preparation because it was it legally obtained it that it was your intellectual property. Biscuit and a very complicated and can be very expensive legal work I think. That they. If mrs. serious there's. That's with a lot of potential profit she really did start to a lawyer about what you should do. To protect your interest. Joseph thank you so much for your time and whoever won really really appreciate you putting your input here. Bomb popular great we cannot thanks again we all appreciate very much affect your progression through and really have. Question what people call and so hopefully you know we'll have more in here Jim a question for Joseph entered the BC not dot com eagle lancer.