Ask Joe November 22nd

Tuesday, November 22nd

The Novermber 22nd edition of Ask Joe - a listener writes in with questions.


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Amir Jo Stanley from Stanley lost assists for ask Joseph and Debbie All right so bots send us a message about red light cameras. That are in various parts of Rochester. He's got three tickets in the past eighteen months tour event. Or for not stopping at red light before making a right turn. However and both photos is brake lights are on he wants to know how easy it is to fight these tickets it seemed to have total cash grab by the city for amp. Why you have to follow procedure and you know they have they have pictures governor there's there are procedures set up the challenge of you bright and enjoy it I yet our. I've got those four out of Rochester but I've got them to other parts of the country. There are couple times I thought they are completely bogus. So. Yeah you need to. File the appeals and challenges because of that if you don't do it and other people don't do it. Go through however they have started have a look ahead in the remake of interpretation. And Chucky right. And how often does that actually you know appeal works for someone. Well yeah article here entitled or air and somebody has to determine whether or not. News did violate law. And it stopped and filed a lot chosen say you did the pictures back inclusive. And you should win. Amid picturesque conclusively showed violated a law soul. They can't do it otherwise to northern work. Chair and a situation like that too if someone. On let's say someone's business personal question your net on this as someone borrows my car and my card you know is registered obviously you know my name's ready Sharon of that car. I get the ticket and right in the mail because our. Our dad yes some of them are your target it comes to you. You have the great pleasure try to have. Mexican type person to report. And actually used to let the bar your card you're responsible for getting an accident your insurance covers that men here you're liable that it. You know regular defendant in the case if he's negligent god access. That's incredible I lol I'm never let anyone ever borrow my car ever again. So that's what you're actually comes from someone wants rename it on remain anonymous. So anonymous writes to us the following in the recent snowstorm we hadn't now last week Monday. There's lot of blowing and drifting snow and the city parking garage that he puts his car and was very poorly capped on Monday when he that you went into work. So much that one of the tight turns his car slid on the snow and into another parked car and a column of the parking structure. He wants to pursue a case on is it gonna be against the city itself is it against who manages the garage or not the city the towel company ever won. Well OK first dollar case against the city and also it's a procedural and other difficulties. You better have a bird a lot of damage is involved to file and as a client and do all sorts of other things I presume somebody is responsible for managing and maintaining the garage. And so that's the defendant would be the problem is is when you have restored in progress. They have a reasonable time to correct. That is a dangerous conditions and so storm bad self. It happened during the course was storm I would venture. They establish. They're probably as much like they have effective successful. And right right for her. Just thank you so much taken the time we really do appreciate it if you a question for Joseph. Make sure to enter and be able to your question next week and a BC us dot com's ask Joseph we just Stanley or Stanley law offices.