Ask Joe Nov - November 1st

Tuesday, November 1st

The Novermber 1st edition of Ask Joe - a listener writes in with questions.


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I'm here we joke Stanley from Stanley law offices for ask Joseph on WC not dot com hey Joseph is gone I've heard for a all right so first off thank you so much for joining us I do our listeners that W We've got a lot of great responses here and tons of questions put an end so thank you for your time. First question was jump right in here a listener who would like to remain anonymous. Writes I had aid worker's compensation case from 2001. That a just settlement on. And now I'm finding my injuries created far more long term health issues then were originally diagnosed and treated. Is there a way to revisit the settlement and access additional dollars for my medical care. Well okay. Would reduce settle the case that problem search queries to. Back in those days. That benefits for life so he should have been a very serious consideration as to whether he would do that. If you have an extreme change of circumstances theoretically you could reopen your case. But it is not easy and but the other workers' compensation law does allow some circumstances that you need to talk to lawyer. As soon as possible to do that and admitted that there are. There are also sort of legal issues that I don't could talk about but that's very complicated situation. Okay cool. Here's a question from Don and Webster he says he just opened a massage and facial spot in the spring. And part of his signing the lease was the continues see that the property owner put in a new entrants to the plaza one that was closer to his location by the end of summer. The property owner agreed however the entrance was just finished two weeks ago since then business is up 25%. And while Don is happy about that he wants to know if you can sue them for lost income. As he feels like his business would have been helped tremendously if they had opened the the new access point when they said they what. He says the Vietnam he says that the commitment from the property owner with dates you know he's got that in writing. Armed they're not specifically his lease agreement with the are in email form what do you think he should do. Well I sort of those deals fusion it spurs bargainer Garcia who always vision or get a lawyer. That are. Discussions of any now. If they're not part of the least about park police because. Mostly is that aware of say that produces all of the terms of release period so. It took a situation if you are are are concerned about. The adequacy of anything it has to be at writing to be documented it really damages should have been listed if it is violated. Because. It's always hard to prove how much your business what about up and how much you or your property would have been better it's better but. I was one of those. She really needs to get through legal advice that because once it just sign theirs. Although back okay he's probably locked into the at least you know turned rowdy out you know Ali you know talk about up and don't put it right share. There. But thanks Joseph really appreciate your time and everyone here really appreciate you taking time to answer their questions. I've just been asked joke on W CNET tech comic Jo Stanley from Stanley law offices.