Ask Joe: Company Computer

Thursday, August 17th


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Welcome to you ask Joseph where Jo Stanley of Stanley law offices answers your questions and gives you real world legal advice welcome back Joseph first question of the day Caro was hired for a new sales position at a recruitment company the company provided her with a cellphone a car. And a laptop. Currently she doesn't have a computer home. If she uses the computer the company provided her for personal tasks like webmail bank account information. Health care portals is turning a company allowed to access those records and view them if the accounts are passer protected. Well I'd say it that is interesting question legally speaking Europe to get permission to users of the buildup he. Computer for your personal business. And it in that discussion. Those issues need to be addressed and my answer would be. Any employer but it's gonna be responsible for. An employee using terror computer they're gonna want to have access under some circumstances. Whether their password protect it or not. My advice is to have your own computer and that's subject yourself to that kind of situation. So it's a two way street it's it's equally up to her two our tradition has permission to deuce. Second question today and back he has a question the bottom malfunctioning traffic light in her neighborhood. Oftentimes bolts signals will read green. She's communicating the malfunctioning traffic lights were town who says that it will be fixed but it begs the question who would be at fault it's an accident were to occur. Well this blog she put the town and notice generating. That they know about this condition and that clearly a dangerous condition. If an accident word or Kirby just to people like to declare invited to then with the talent I'm assuming that town that there's a responsible for the light and those cases do rapid Campbell a couple of those early years. And I would hope that the town would take care of that situation. Sort. Immediately because you'd be surprised it's how many situations. He can occur when mr. green lights. Hundreds now in this case they had passed. I don't get is subtle because you go through a myriad computer you know they show. Would that there was a malfunction and that you know melt touch so why it is bad because and you get to people not watch in order draw because it Rivera provided made paid each other usually get a high rated speeds of about good. Stuff to watch out for look both ways reminder not. Well that's what the law says that you're supposed to see what there is to BC and and even went ahead during an intersection you're supposed to proceed with caution that these days without people are working cellphones and otherwise you should proceed with caution every court. At all times good advice thank you very much Joseph talked to next time Rebecca brought.