Ask Joe August 2016

Tuesday, August 9th

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I'm here and Jo Stanley from Stanley locked offices for asks Joseph underneath him that dot com. Joseph can you tell us about some construction and injuries Andy usually major or minor in nature. Welcome. Yeah most. Construction and accepts. The ones I get involved in our major amid construction work is dangerous and every day they get minor bumps and bruises but it's. The ones that I am involved in them and the reason that there is global law. That protects construction workers in this status because. They suffer significant in. Amount of serious injuries and the laws that affect prologue time to protect construction workers. Now I know I didn't know that there was a lot to protect construction workers so how did you and your firm. Come to the experts in this specific area. Well it is I don't know experts is the right word is that it in the we're allies and New York kid is the there's two statutes. To protect your workers and they have been developed. That interpretation of the rules have been developed by the courts determine what situations are covered in which are they're very fact specific sites and some pop one statute in fact imposes liability iPod owners and contractors without fault too so if you're hurt doing specific during the it doesn't matter. If it's Europe had -- yourself or horror what the circumstances are it's an absolute liability statute as we call the other statute is there's a more. Standard have a statute where negligence is involved. So. That statute to compose a look at some liabilities is sort of more dangerous work it's the elevation related risk. Work for the ball stalls and falling objects. Thank you so much for doing your work and of course you have any mark information. Even like to ask John Deere is a submission box upon monetary BC MS. Dot com thank you so much for tuning in Joseph did you want to add anything else. Now now and it's actually just say be safe because construction work is dangerous and you know. We who we don't you don't ever want to be a client that's what I tell people. But if you need somebody you've got a call well I don't we don't know. Yeah stinks again for tuning and asked Joseph don't forget to submit your questions to judge an easy enough dot com today.